Chapter One:

Emma was a mix of excitement and nerves in the lead up to Christmas, which was only two weeks away. The reason she was excited was because this Christmas marked the first holiday she would be spending with her entire family including Regina and Henry; the two people who made her feel like she actually belonged somewhere. But she was also nervous because she had her whole family to buy gifts for and while shopping for her son was easy, she had already bought and wrapped up his Christmas presents ages ago. She had no idea what to get the rest of her family or what to get Regina who she has recently started to build a tentative friendship with as fellow co-parents of Henry. She even got Regina's help to teach her how to cast a concealment spell so their overly curious eleven year old son couldn't find his presents before Christmas day.

The one thing that concerned Emma about inviting Regina and Henry to spend Christmas with her and her whole family was she didn't know what would happen when Regina and Emma's mother were in a room together. The two haven't had to interact with each other since that god awful day Emma's mother tricked Regina into putting her mother's cursed heart back in her chest, killing her. And as much as Regina tried to deny it, Emma could see the sadness and pain in her eyes that Regina did her best to hide from the rest of the world and would only let show when she thought no one was truly paying attention. Emma knew the loss of a mother was not something someone could easily get over, even if said mother wasn't the most caring or loving of mothers. She knew that it was definitely going to take longer than the very few months that have since passed and she worried that Regina having to play nice with Emma's mother might be more damaging to her healing than it was worth.

So to try and make Regina happy in the lead up to Christmas and as an early Christmas gift Emma gave up one of her weeks with Henry to allow Regina to have an extra week with their son because Emma knew that it was something Regina really looked forward to each fortnight. Emma didn't mind doing it as it made Regina happy and that was all that mattered to her. Even though per the arrangement that Emma and Regina had set up with Henry's father Neal early on in Henry's life, they were meant to both each get a week with Henry once a fortnight while Neal got weekends.

Talking about the arrangement, Emma and Regina were worried about it. They both really liked the current arrangement they had with Neal but Neal had a problem with it. Lately he has been really trying to show that he was a good father and deserved more time with his son. What was really shocking to Emma and Regina when they found this out was the fact he was actually following the co-parenting rules that Regina had set out for them. This concerned Emma and Regina as a change to the arrangement meant less time with their son and neither of them liked the thought of that.

However when it came to following rules Henry was constantly breaking them and refused to listen to any of his parents. He was still reluctant to accept that magic was neither good nor bad but instead neutral and it was the person who used the magic and their intentions with it that made it good or bad. And even though Emma and Regina really couldn't understand why he was so hard-headed about magic having to be either good or evil they both agreed not to use any form of magic around Henry, including to do mundane things around the house.

Emma had some last minute shopping to get done before she started work that afternoon but her first stop was to pick herself up a coffee and bear claw at Granny's before heading to the shopping centre. She had just sat down at one of the tables near the front window to wait for her order when she heard the tingling sound of the bell over the entrance that let everyone know a new patron had entered the diner. Emma looked in the direction of the door when she heard the tell-tale sound of Regina's high heels tapping on the floor of the diner floor. From the gradual loudness of the shoes it was clear that Regina was walking towards where Emma was sitting. "I see the taxpayers' dollars are hard at work." Regina taunted with a smirk as she blatantly raked her eyes up and down Emma's body and If you were to look carefully you would have glimpsed a brief appearance of Lust in Regina's deep chocolate brown eyes before she blinked and it disappeared.

"Very funny, but as you can see I am not carrying around my badge and gun which means I am not working right now." Emma replied as she pointed to her waist while giving Regina her signature smile. "Anyways, I just stopped by to have my coffee and bear claw before I headed to the shopping centre to complete any last minute shopping that I needed to get done."

"You are the only person who still has last minute shopping." Regina laughed.

"Well shopping for my family is hard, okay!" Emma said.

"I am sure they are." Regina said with a saged nod of her head.

"Anyway, are we still on for lunch later?" Emma asked.

"Yes, 1pm as usual." Regina answered before turning to the waitress that had walked over to them to deliver their usual orders. "Thank you." She said, taking a sip of her coffee as she scanned the diner. What Emma didn't know was Regina had deliberately left her home earlier than that morning to get her coffee fix because she knew that Emma would be at the diner just after she finished her morning patrols. She did all this because Regina enjoyed the banter she shared with Emma anytime they were given the chance. Also with each passing day Regina found herself falling a little bit more in love with the amazing woman that she was lucky enough to be co-parenting a son with.

Regina loved finding new ways in which her son was like Emma, from the way he talked and acted to the way he dressed and presented himself. Regina was over the moon when she discovered that getting to know her son better everyday was also helping her to get to know Emma. Because every time she learnt something new about Henry she could bet that the next time she saw Emma she would discover that Henry got that new trait of his from her. For Regina the more she loved her son the more she fell for Emma and she really did hope that her feelings weren't all one sided.

But even if Emma felt the same way there was no way for Regina to tell because as much as they often bantered and flirted, it was close to impossible to tell if the flirtations were just that or if there were actual genuine feelings behind it. "Well I better go before the mall is jammed packed with fellow last minute shoppers." Emma said as she grabbed her drink and walked away. 'God damn do I hate to see her go but love to watch her leave." Regina sighed as she watched Emma walk out the diner with a slight sway to her hips. 'She's got to be the Devil with the way she teases me. Showing me what I want but can't have. Pure torture." Regina thought as she picked up her coffee from the table and made her way to her office. She wanted to get as much work done as she can so that she can spend the full hour of her lunch break with Emma without having to worry about overdue paperwork. Though even if there was overdue paperwork, it wouldn't matter because spending her lunches with Emma had become such an important part of her day that nothing else mattered as far as Regina was concerned.

Regina was halfway through sorting out the mess that was the Sheriff's department's end of year budget spreadsheet when she was interrupted by her assistant who was pale white and looked like she had just seen a ghost. "Ah Madam mayor…the dark one is." Joan gulped "He is demanding an audience with you and doesn't look like will take no for an answer this time." She stammered. Her assistant usually could handle the villains that lived in Storybrooke and paid Regina a visit. Both reformed and unreformed. But something about the dark one always gave her the chills and she didn't trust him at all.

"Thank you Joan. Why don't you go take your lunch break now." Regina suggested, knowing that the dark one made her assistant uncomfortable and she didn't want anyone in her office feeling uncomfortable while at work.

"Of course, Madam mayor." Her assistant gave a polite nod before leaving the room.

Regina was quick to compose herself into her Evil Queen façade moments before Mr Gold barged into her office "Regina." He greeted "I am here to discuss…"

"I know why you are here." Regina cut him off. "And the answer is still the same as your last visit. Neal still doesn't want anything to do with you but he has no objections to Belle joining us for Christmas." She continued before he could get a word in. "However Neal has agreed to let you come by Christmas Eve to see Henry if you so wish." She told Mr Gold Regina as she did her very best to contain her contempt for him. But it was hard, she hated him with a fiery passion. Rumple was the one who orchestrated every horrible thing that had ever happened to her. ' You are so god damn lucky you are my son's grandfather and that I am at work and need to be professional .' Regina thought angrily.

"That is not right! I am his grandfather, I have the right to see him on Christmas like everyone else." Rumple snapped.

"No, actually you do not. You only get to see Henry if he wants to see you and if it is suitable for Emma, Neal and I. Because we are the ones to decide when and where you get to see him, not you." Regina corrected him. "But do not get me wrong, if it were up to us, you would never see our son ever." She told him. She would allow him this small favour in the spirit of Christmas, which was all about forgiveness and spending time with family and loved ones. Regina knew that while she could never forgive Rumple for their shared past, he was still technically family and Henry would want to see him. Regina would do anything for her son, including being civil with his paternal grandfather. But anything beyond civility was completely out of the realm of possibility.

Which is saying a lot considering they live in a mystical town full of magic.

"Fine, I shall take what I can get for now. However, I promise you that this isn't over Regina. Not even close." Mr Gold warned as he left the mayor's office in a huff. The not so subtle threat lingering in the air long after he was gone.

Regina slumped into her seat as soon as the door closed. She hated having to put on a front, a persona while around people she hated. Especially her Evil Queen persona as it was the one that drained her the most. Nonetheless she then pulled herself back together like she always did because she was a Queen after all and a queen can never be caught slacking.

The moment she sensed that Rumple was no longer in the building she sent a quick text to Emma to warn her about Rumple's threat.

Regina; Rumple has just visited me at my office and threatened me. He wants to join us for Christmas. I told him not on the day but he can come by on Christmas eve to see Henry if he so chooses to. So let Neal know and be ready for his retaliation because knowing Rumple, it is not going to be pretty.

Emma; He did what?! That rotten bastard! Ugh I will tell Neal, but he won't be happy about his father's threat which will drive a wedge even further between Belle and Gold.

Regina; So Belle isn't happy with the imp either? Now that is interesting. On a completely different and more important topic, I was thinking we could try something from Prince Eric's new seafood restaurant for lunch? Think you could swing by and order us something on your way over for our lunch break?

Emma; Sure thing, will see you soon.

Emma smiled to herself as she sent her last message, she really did enjoy talking with Regina. No matter the circumstances. Emma got back to work with a heavy mind full of worries about Regina and the threat that Rumple had made. She was so worried that she could hardly concentrate on her work and time definitely wasn't on her side with it ticking by ever so slowly. "Hey, I am off to lunch and will be back in an hour." Emma's dad David said as he poked his head in her office.

"Sure. Got any plans?" Emma asked.

"Nah, just the usual lunch with your mom. Nothing that special." David answered with a shrug.

"Okay, have fun and tell mom I said Hi."

"Will do, kiddo." Her father called with a wave as he walked out of the sheriff's station.

On the drive to his wife's work David tried to come up with a convincing way to get his wife to ask their fairy godmother, Blue, to grant their family a Christmas wish as he believed that it was the only way to bring true happiness to the one person that mattered the most to Daivd and his wife; Emma. Though their daughter hid it well, she was clearly lacking happiness in her life this holiday season. Now David had to come up with a good enough argument to present to Emma's mother so that she would have no choice but to say yes. Even though she didn't think Christmas wishes were ever a good idea.

Now, usually David; the ever devoted husband and father he was, would take his wife's no as an answer and leave the matter alone. However, not this time. This time the matter was too important to David for him to accept anything but yes as an answer. He may already know how he was going to use the Christmas wish…which isn't the point he will make to his wife.

While other people may think it odd that a father would want his only daughter to find love and happiness with an ex villain still on their path to redemption that he would use a Christmas wish to make it happen. He didn't care because as long as his daughter was happy, he was happy. David knew that he had to do something because he could see the great chemistry between his daughter and Regina and he would hate to see it all go to waste. He would hate for it to become nothing more than flirty banter between 'friends' and longing looks shared when they thought no one was watching. Which is why he decided that his family needed a Christmas wish to help the two lovebirds discover that the happiness they had been searching for was within each other the whole time.

Halfway to the school David noticed the first signs of snow which made him beyond happy. He always loved when the snow began its annual ritual of blanketing the town as it told him Christmas was near. The moment David parked his car all thoughts of snow falling and Christmas vanished from his mind as he made a mad dash for his wife's classroom and arrived just as the end of class bell rang. "David? What are you doing here?" Snow asked curiously after she dismissed her class. "Is everything okay?" She wondered as she made her way from her desk towards her husband.

"Snow, I need you to talk with Blue about Emma." David replied, cutting straight to the point.

"What about Emma? Is she okay?" Snow asked, getting worried that something bad might have happened.

"Emma is fine, as far as I am aware." David answered.

"Oh, okay." Snow sighed with relief. "Then this must be about her and Regina then." She said as led her husband to the staff room "Have they finally admitted their feelings for each other? I have been hoping that they might do that soon."

"No." David said as he tried to keep up with his wife's fast pace down the school hallway. "Which is why I think we should get Blue to grant us a wish to help Regina and Emma get their act together about their obvious feelings for each other. I am getting a little sick of their not so subtle longing looks at each other when they think no one is watching them and I think you are too. Even though they do remind me a little of us when we first started dating." He continued with a wistful smile upon his face as he thought back to what it was like in the early days of his and Snow's relationship before they got together.

"We acted ridiculous before we started dating if you remember." Snow laughed.

"Well they are getting kind of fucking ridiculous too." Daivd said.

"Dav! Please watch your language around here." Snow scolded.

"Sorry." David shrugged sheepishly.

Snow just rolled her eyes at her husband as they entered the empty staff room as most teachers were on outside duty. "Anyway, you are right, we really do need to get those two oblivious idiots together already. So, I will have a talk with Blue tonight and see if she would be willing to help us. But you can't stay long before you must head back to the station as you know how Emma gets if she is even a minute late to her lunch date with Regina."

"Yes and it is something I never want to see again." David said with a full body shiver causing his wife to laugh.

"Then don't be late." She told him as they sat down to eat their lunch together.

Half an hour later David gave his wife a quick kiss goodbye before making his way back to the sheriff's station to relieve Emma so she could go on her lunch break. Once he got inside the station he took off his wet, snow-covered jacket and spread it out on the airer in front of the heater to get it to dry faster before heading to his desk. As he was about to sit down he noticed that Emma was still hunched over her desk looking pensive as she stared blankly at the mountain of paperwork that was sitting on her desk. "Emma, is everything alright? You seem a little perplexed about something?" David questioned, concerned.

"Hmm?" Emma muttered, looking up from the stack of forms to her father who was standing in front of her office door. "Oh yeah, I am just worried about Regina. Rumple paid her a visit earlier and threatened her when she told him about Neal not wanting him around for Christmas dinner at her house."

"That does sound worrying." David said as he entered his daughter's office and closed the door. "Have you figured out what you are going to tell Neal when he comes on his shift?" He asked, taking a seat across from her.

"No, I have been sitting here for the last ten minutes just staring at this huge stack of paperwork that I should have got done instead, trying to figure out what I should tell Neal. I mean I know I will have to tell him the truth as he hates lies just as much as Henry does. But how should I tell him? Should I tell him face to face or should I write him a note to let him know that his dad broke yet another promise to him about changing?" Emma rambled as she slammed down her pen in frustration and disappointment. "No matter which way I chose to tell him it will still completely shatter his heart. Neal was actually starting to believe that Rumple had changed this time. How do you think I should tell him?"

"That's definitely a hard one, sweetie. But I personally think you telling him yourself in person would be best. Just try to break it to him gently and hopefully he will take it well and not want to kill his father which will cause everyone unneeded trouble this close to Christmas." David advised her.

"You are probably right. It's just, I feel kind of awkward around him now. He keeps giving me these longing looks like I am going to suddenly want to get back together with him after all this time. Which is annoying because no matter how many times I tell him I just don't feel that way about him anymore, he still doesn't seem to get it. I mean I've got used to working with him here and we work great together at work but we just don't work in a relationship. Don't get me wrong I think it is cool that he is willing to stick around for Henry. But I just hope he will get the hint soon that I don't feel the same way as I did when I was seventeen and not all of us find true love on their first try…" Emma said, unintentionally blurting out her thoughts.

"So is this you telling me you have feelings for someone new? Has someone finally caught the eye of Emma swan?" Her father teased with a knowing look on his face. "I mean it must be if the very idea troubles you that your ex-boyfriend who hasn't quite got over you is still hanging around. But on a serious note, you do know that I am here for you if you ever want to talk about that sort of thing or anything for that matter, right? And this isn't me trying to rush you into trusting me or anything because I know we have so much to make up for. But, yeah, I am here if you ever need me." Her father rambled, chuckling awkwardly as he just realised where Emma got her inability to stop talking when she was feeling nervous or frustrated.

"I do have feelings for someone, but it doesn't matter as the person would never in a million years feel the same way I do." Emma told her father.

David could see the defeat on her face and hear the sadness in her voice and he had to try his best not to laugh or blurt out that he knew who she was talking about and that she was wrong, Regina did return her feelings. "Hmm, well that is their loss because you, Miss Emma Swan would make for a perfect partner and one day you will make someone very happy."

"Thanks dad." Emma smiled.

"No problem, kiddo. Though I do wonder, how do you know for certain that this person you like does not share your feelings?" David asked, curious. "Have you told them?" He asked, wanting to see if his assumptions that she has in fact not told Regina about her feelings for her were correct.

"No, of course I didn't tell them!" Emma answered.

"Then how do you know?" Her father asked.

There was a moment of silence before she raised her eyebrow at her father. "Isn't it a little odd that you are so invested in my love life or lack thereof?"

"Not really. I am just trying to get to know you more and that includes any special others that make you happy." Her dad answered.

"Okay, whatever you say." Emma shrugged. "Because the person I like has never once shown any indication that they are interested in me romantically. Now I could be wrong and god do I hope I am wrong but I have been throwing so many hints their way and they either don't get them or they aren't interested in me."

"Well like I said if they do not like you then that is their loss and someone's gain because you are a total catch." Her father told her which made Emma laugh.

"Sure, dad. Only in my dreams would the person I like return my feelings."

"Talking about dreams…if you could have one wish, what would you wish for?" Her father asked randomly.

"That's easy! I would wish for a family. For as long as I could remember I have always wanted a family of my own. I mean don't get me wrong I love you and mum and it is great to finally get to know the both of you. But to have a loving partner and child? That is a dream come true for me. To have a place where I will always belong with people who will love and support me no matter what? That is my dream." Emma answered. "Do you know what I mean?" She asked awkwardly.

"I understand what you are saying Emma. But I still think you should take a chance with this person you like. You never know it might be the start of the beginning of your dream coming true." David told her. "What's the worst that can happen? It's not like Regina can go back to hating you." He let slip accidentally on purpose.

"Who said anything about me liking Regina?" Emma asked and it was David's turn to raise his eyebrow at her with a knowing look on his face. "Fine! it is her." She sighed, shaking her head as she wondered just how often people tend to underestimate the former Shepherd that is her father.

"And like I was saying, it is not like Regina can go back to hating you especially if she wants to continue to be in Henry's life." David replied with a rather proud smirk.

"I guess we will have to wait and see won't we?" She asked as she glanced at the clock on her wall. "Well I better get going, I have got to pick up lunch on my way to the mayor's office. Oh, and can you please make sure to catch up on your paperwork today? Because if I ever want to impress Regina I might start with getting all of our paperwork handed in to her on time for once." Emma said as she grabbed her jacket and eagerly left her office and made her Prince Eric's Seafood Lagoon to pick up their order that she had placed ahead of time so it wouldn't cut into her time with Regina.

She hoped that during their lunch break they could figure out a way to deal with Rumple's wrath because they both knew how dangerous Rumple was when he let his anger control him. Even though you would think with how bad it went for him last time that Rumple would have learned his lesson by now and had a change of ways or at least had better control of his anger and dark magic. Especially if he wanted to continue to be with Belle, because with the way he was acting it wouldn't take long for her to finally start to see him for who he truly is, a power hungry monster. Then after that it won't be long before she realises that she wasn't going to find her forever prince that she was searching for underneath all his darkness and love for power.

Once that all happens Belle will finally understand, just like most people have; that Disney got the real story all very, very wrong. But that wasn't really surprising because much to Emma's bitter disappointment, Walt Disney actually got a lot of the stories wrong. While on the subject of getting things wrong; one of the biggest things Disney got wrong was the continuation of employment of one of their writers. Now Emma doesn't know the writer's name or anything about them but this person really gets on her nerves. They had one simple job; write a children's book for Disney about a little boy named Henry Mills, but they couldn't even do that right. Instead they published an incomplete book which pissed Emma off beyond words. whoever wrote Henry's story was so Goddamn lazy and no doubt very small minded that they didn't even bother to tell the whole story or even half of it and it is very clear to the readers that the writer gave up way before they ever started writing.

But Emma suppose that she should give the writer the benefit of the doubt, she could only imagine how hard it must be to write a story that includes a villain's perspective especially someone as complicated as Regina Mills when you would rather spend all your time with the heroes of the story and never actually have a conversation with a villain to get their perspective on anything. Which in Emma's humble opinion is stupid, if you are not willing to talk to a villain then do not write stories about them. Because at the end of the day all you are doing is making yourself look dumb and uneducated.

Stupid book. Idoitic writer. Couldn't even get one thing right.' Emma thought to herself as she parked her car and entered the Lagoon where she was greeted by a smiling Eric the moment he saw her. "Hey there Sheriff! What brings you by my humble restaurant?"

"Hey Eric, I am just dropping by to pick up an order to go for Regina and I. We thought it would be a nice change to try something different for our lunch." Emma replied cheerily.

"Great! Well considering you ordered ahead it should be ready by now. What name did you put it under?" Eric asked, eager to help one of his favourite people.

"Swan-Mills." Emma blushed. It wasn't the name she was meant to put for the order but she was so distracted at the time of ordering, thinking of what life would be like if she was married to Regina that she typed in her dream surname and had already pressed enter before she realised her mistake.

"I will go see if it's ready for you. You just wait here a moment." Eric smirked.

"Sure." Emma mumbled, still blushing as she took a seat by the counter while she waited.

Meanwhile over at the fairy convent; Blue was busy tending to the flower garden. Although it wasn't very often that she would spend time in her fairy form anymore, not since they were all cursed to the land without magic. She still felt compelled to follow the routine that she had as Head Nun of Storybrooke's local Christian church which included the continuation of catering to all three factions of Christianity. Not that she really had any faith in her new realm's religious beliefs as she thought it to be silly and nonsensical. It was while she was carefully watering the rare and delicate flowers in the garden that she sensed the presence of one of her many charges. "What can I do for you Snow White?" She asked without looking up from the flowers.

"How did you know it was me? Actually, never mind. I was hoping you could grant me a wish?" Snow answered as she nervously fidgeted with the pockets of her pale pink cardigan.

"And what wish would that be that I would be granting you?" Blue asked with slight irritation in her voice. It wasn't that she wasn't happy to grant Snow a wish as out of all of Blue's charges Snow asked for the least. But it was more the who Snow was making the wish for that she wasn't happy with. Blue knew that whatever the wish was it would involve Regina Mills and she did not trust the former queen nor will she ever trust the former queen. It did not matter how much she redeemed herself because Blue knew that Regina had been trying her best to restore all that she had done wrong since the curse was broken because Blue has never liked the Mills family bloodline on either side. But in saying that she also did not truly trust Snow's daughter Emma either for that matter.

Of course she knew she wasn't being nice and was being hypocritical because Emma was the saviour and all but blue herself wasn't as completely good as she always claimed to be which in this moment it showed. However; she was a fairy and it was her responsibility to grant the wishes of all her charges, regardless of whether or not she liked or agreed with them. "I would like for Emma to be able to follow her heart and find true love without the fear of failure. Maybe add the ability for Emma to be able to have a piece of her true love with her while she journeys to find them." Snow said, shifting on her feet, clearly uncomfortable with asking Blue for anything.

'Typical human with her silly ideas that finding real true love is just so easy." Blue thought to herself with a roll of her eyes. "And do you have any suggestions on what piece of her true love that Emma should have?" She asked as she continued to water her flowers.

"Whatever part that Emma wishes to have with her on her journey." Snow answered.

"While it is possible of course for Emma to have whatever part of her true love with her on her journey as she wishes, it will take the right amount of fairy dust and the correct potion for that to happen." Blue told her with a thoughtful look upon her face. "Which might take awhile to brew together."

"How long does it take to brew? And how do I get Emma to drink it?" Snow asked, clearly excited that Blue would grant her this one wish.

"It will take about two days to brew but she is not to drink it. Is there a teddy bear or something that she sleeps with?" Blue sighed.

"Um, I think she still sleeps with her baby blanket when she stays over at our place which she is doing at the moment while she is looking for a place of her own." Snow answered, confused.

"Good, when the potion is ready you will need to wash the blanket with the potion then just before she goes to sleep ask her to make a Christmas wish, she has to do it even if she thinks it's silly. Then the next day; voila! Her wish has come true."

"Thank you Blue, you don't know how much this means to me. I am beyond grateful" Snow told her.

"Of course you are. I am the best." Blue muttered to herself as Snow turned to leave the convent with a jaunty bounce to her step.

"Ah Emma! I am glad you are here and you brought food that smells great." Regina greeted as she directed Emma from the door over to the lounge suite off to the side of her office in front of the fireplace that had horse ornaments on the mantelpiece.

"It does smell good, doesn't it?" Emma agreed as she placed their food on the coffee table and took a seat next to Regina. "I hope you like what I chose for you." She said while she began to sort out the takeaway.

"I am sure it will be great. I trust you, Emma. I might not trust easily, but with you? I find myself being able to trust without hesitation." Regina told her which warmed Emma's heart.

"I am glad that you feel you can trust me because I too feel like I can trust you as well Regina and you know that I don't trust easily either." Emma said with a smile, picking up her fork to start eating.

Emma was so every grateful that Regina was complety distracted eating her lunch that she didn't notice when Emma subtly squeeze her jean clad thighs together to hide any signs of arousal at the sound of her letting out a moan that was pure sex to Emma's ears as the flavours made love to her taste buds. "This is absolutely divine. You should taste this." Regina said as she held out her plastic fork towards Emma.

"No, that is okay. I don't want to mix the flavours of the fish but I am glad you are enjoying it though." Emma answered as she shifted into a more comfortable position on the lounge.

They ate quietly for the next few minutes before Emma decided to break the silence and get right to what has been bothering her since Regina told her about Rumple's visit; "So what are we going to do about Rumple considering Neal doesn't want his dad to have any involvement with Henry?" Emma asked curiously.

"I don't know if there is anything we can do aside from letting Henry spend time with him if that is what he wants as we know from experience that trying to deny Henry the chance to see someone he loves doesn't work and he will find a way to spend time with his grandfather whether we like it or not." Regina answered, before taking a sip of her drink and continuing. "Also having Rumple as an enemy is a bad idea. It is always best to be on the right side of the dark one but in saying that it does not mean we give in to Rumple's every whim as that would be impractical not to mention dangerous. What there needs to be is clear boundaries set for Rumple when it comes to the care and wellbeing of Henry. I will not let Rumple use our son as a stepping stone and bargaining chip to get Neal to talk to him." Regina told Emma.

"I agree with you Regina. There should totally be clear cut boundaries around what to do and what not to do when it comes to the care and wellbeing of Henry that Rumple needs to follow if he wishes to continue to see his grandson. I just hope Neal will back us up on this one."

"Neal will if he wants to continue to spend time with Henry. No one is going to use, abuse or mistreat our son. If someone puts Henry in danger they lose the right to see him. End of story." Regina declared vehemently.

"Please don't get involved in the mess between Neal and his son, I have enough to worry about as it is." Emma pleaded.

"I won't but I think we should be more worried about what Christmas day is going to be like with all of us together under one roof because I am telling you now there is only so much of your mother's cheeriness that I can tolerate before I am overcome with the urge to curse her again." Regina warned, changing the topic to something less stressful.

"Yeah, I know what you mean. I am tempted daily to want to curse my own mother when her sickly-sweet persona takes over. I spend most days imagining what creature I could transform her into. Could you imagine my mother as a talking ferret?" Emma said, stifling her laugh while Regina on the other hand burst into laughter, not caring who heard. 'Good job, Em." Emma thought, mentally patting herself on the back as she drank in the sound of Regina's beautiful laugh like it was the elixir that gave her life. To make Regina was in Emma's opinion one of the highest honours a person could ever accomplish. She loved the sound of Regina's laugh, it was one of her favourite sounds even if it rarely ever happened.

They spent the rest of their lunch laughing and sharing funny stories from their childhood until it was sadly time for Emma to head back to the station and actually try to get some real work done. Emma had just arrived back at the station when Neal walked in ready to start his shift. "Oh, Neal, you're here! That's great because I just got a rescue call from Old Mother Hubbard, her cat is stuck up another tree and you know how long that can take so I will be out of the station for a while." David said as he raced out the door.

"Shit." Emma whispered to herself as unlike a completely clueless Neal, she could read between the lines of what David said and figured out rescuing Mother Hubbard's stupid cat was her father's way of giving her and Neal a moment alone so she can fill him in on what the plans were for Christmas and the Rumple situation.

"Hey Em, how did your lunch go with Regina? Neal asked politely.

"Lunch went great! if only it was longer than an hour." Emma complained in good humor.

"I hear ya! What did you guys end up having to eat?"

"Oh, we tried Prince Eric's Seafood Lagoon for something different and I would definitely recommend that you go there if you have a love for seafood." Emma said super excited.

"I will have to put that on my list of places to try as I love seafood. Anyway, I was wondering did Regina say anything to you today about what the plan is regarding my dad?" Neal asked.

"Yes, we did talk about if we should change the plans regarding whether or not your father should join us for Christmas after he paid Regina a visit earlier today and have decided that we will be sticking to her original plan to invite your father over the day of Christmas Eve but he is not welcomed to the Christmas Day lunch or dinner. Because to be honest no one wants him around during Christmas and the only reason he is invited over Christmas Eve is because we cannot deny Henry the right to see his grandfather during this wonderful holiday season which is all about spending time with family and loved ones. Especially knowing how Henry will react if we ever denied him the right to see his grandfather" Emma answered as she sat behind her desk..

"That is very smart as we wouldn't want to have to report a missing person after Henry ran away because we tried to stop him from seeing his grandfather." Neal teased, but there was some truth to his joke as they both knew that Henry would run away to see his grandfather if he was told he couldn't anymore. "If only we could lie and say my father was busy during Christmas but we can't as he hates lies and hates those who tell him lies even more. You, Regina and I have all felt the brunt of that unique trait of his and honestly, I don't know about you and Regina but I am in no rush to go through that all over again ever."

"Agreed." Emma laughed. "That was definitely one of the worst times of my life."

"So how about we go to the Rabbit hole later once my shift ends and get totally shit faced in preparation of having to spend time with my father. Maybe we could play some pool and find someone to warm our respective beds?" Neal said with a suggestive wiggle of his eyebrows clearly unaware of Emma's devotion to Regina.

"Going to the Rabbit hole later sounds great and I look forward to it but I am not sure about finding a random hook up though. I mean you are free to do that if you wish, I am not stopping you. It's just I can't as I am still living at my parents' loft and that would be a little too awkward for me." Emma replied, pretty proud of her on the spot answer as to why she couldn't hook up with someone.

"Yeah, that would be very awkward. Anyway, I better get back to manning the phones and doing my paperwork or a very attractive, very tough badass blonde Sheriff that I know will kick my butt which I wouldn't mind but we have to be professional while at work." Neal flirted in a way that Emma didn't know if he was being serious or sarcastic.

"Whatever you say, Neal, whatever you say." Emma said, shaking her head.

The rest of her shift went smoothly and after work she headed straight from the station to pick Henry up from school. "Hey, Ma." Henry greeted as he hopped into the back of Emma's yellow Volkswagen beetle car and put his seat belt on.

"Hey kid, how was school? Learn anything new?" Emma asked with a smirk, having noticed that Henry had been talking to Jefferson's daughter Paige before she arrived and she wanted to tease him a little.

Henry groaned as he threw his backpack into the backseat of the car. He knew exactly what Emma was doing. "Ma, nothing is going on with Paige and me! We are just friends!" Henry insisted with a roll of his eyes. "I don't know how many times I have to tell everyone that." Emma heard Henry mutter to himself while they drove to Granny's Dinner for their regular after school/work hot chocolate and chat that they have been doing for months, ever since the curse broke.

While all this was taking place over on the other side of Storybrooke in Fairy Convent Blue and her clumsy assistant Nova were busy brewing the potion that would grant Snow's wish. Once the two fairies got the potion to the brewing stage they left it to stew over the heat of the campfire for the required time needed while they went off to play with their friends.

After work Emma and Neal met up at the Rabbit hole as planned and while the two of them were out having drinks, Blue stopped by the loft to drop off the fairy dust laced potion with very clear instructions on how to use it. Once she was sure that Snow and David understood, she shifted into her fairy form and left to frolic in the garden with the rest of her friends.

Hours later the pair decided to call it a night with Neal going home with a woman that looked surprisingly a lot like Emma and who might have been a convent fairy, while Emma went home alone. As the only person she ever wanted to be with was Regina.

No one else.

Lucky for Emma's parents, their daughter was so drunk when she got back home that she didn't even notice her baby blanket was missing from her bed. Yet what no one knew was that during the night while they slept, the essence of Blue's potion drifted throughout the house and made its way to Emma's bedroom. When Emma awoke the next morning she was completely unaware of the changes that were happening within her body and went on with her day like usual. And everything was normal, until lunch time.

Emma excitedly left the station during her lunch break to pick up her and Regina's usual lunch order from Grannies on her way to the Mayor's office like she did everyday. But the moment she opened Regina's office door Emma felt the change within her. "Hey Emma, how are you?" Regina asked as they sat down on her couch.

"I am good but I would be better if you would join me for some drinks at the Rabbit Hole tonight." Emma said with a confident smile This surprised her, she was never this confident around Regina. Not to mention that she had been meaning to ask her out for drinks for weeks but could never build up the nerve to do so.

"Well, of course I will join you. I would do anything to make you feel better." Regina smirked. "What time were you thinking?"

"As soon as you knock off. We are celebrating the end of the working week and the start of the weekend!" Emma cheered. "And don't worry about who will be looking after Henry for the night. My parents have agreed to watch him so that we could get a chance to be young adults and bond as co-parents with Neal. He will also be there. But don't you worry! He always leaves early so it will be you and me for most of the night."

"Good, that means we can perhaps come up with a way to deal with Rumple going forward into the new year."

"Maybe. But I was thinking we could do something a little more fun." Emma wiggled her eyebrows playfully which made Regina laugh.

"I don't know what has gotten into you but I like it! I can't wait to see what the new you is going to be like to get drunk with."

"You will see tonight and you might even like it." Emma teased as she left Regina with a wink of her eye and a suggestive sway of her hips. She's teasing me again.' Regina groaned as she sloughed back against her lounge. 'I swear to god she is the devil with the way she keeps showing me what I want but can never have. Only the devil would torure someone like this.'

For some reason when Emma got back to the Sheriff's station she had a splitting headache but she was really looking forward to drinks with Regina and decided to ignore it. She continued on with her work day and pretended that her brain didn't feel like it was melting. Another thing she ignored was just how acutely attuned her senses were to Regina when she met up with the two later that night. By the time she noticed she was already drunk and brushed it off as her being in love with Reigna.

Most of the night was a complete blur for Emma, all she could remember was glimpses of herself drinking, laughing and dancing with Regina and Neal while catching Regina staring at her. What she didn't remember was stumbling into bed and hugging her baby blanket while she mumbled a silly little wish to herself before falling asleep.