Chapter Two:

"Good morning Emma!" Snow greeted, trying her best to conceal her giddiness at the prospect of Emma finding her true love. "Did you sleep well?" She asked as she made her daughter her morning coffee.

"Ugh, is it really considered a good morning when you have a hangover?" Emma answered warily, rubbing at her eyes to wake herself up. "Is that for me?" She asked at the sight of the hot steaming coffee sitting in front of her. She hoped it was for her because it smelt heavenly to her alcohol infused brain.

"Of course it is." Snow said with a laugh. "You are the only one in this family that drinks that much caffeine."

"Well I need the caffeine as it gives me a boost of energy to handle the day ahead." Emma told her mother as she snatched the mug and took a long sip. "Not all of us are naturally happy first thing in the morning." Snow just rolled her eyes at her daughter's dramatics as she went about making her family breakfast.

"So I take it telling Neal the news about his father didn't go so well?" David asked from where he sat at the kitchen table reading the daily paper.

"No, it actually went a little too well which is good as he seemed to take the news better than I thought he would or at least he did in front of me. I have no idea what he was like when he got home after work. Though we did both get rather drunk at the Rabbit hole later that night and that might be saying something about how he really felt. Yet in saying that I don't think he really cared by the end of the night when he went home with one of the barmaids. He seemed pretty happy then."

"Wait, you got drunk two nights in a row?" Her father asked, concerned. " I thought you only went out Friday night, are you feeling okay?" David asked, reminding Emma that she hadn't spoken to her parents in the last two days with how busy their schedules had been and this made Emma feel more shity than she already felt. She loved her parents and the witty conversations they shared with her, especially at work with her father. She didn't know she missed them until now.

"I am fine. Neal wanted to go out to get drunk on Thursday in preparation for Christmas Eve when we will have to spend most of the day with his father. Then the next day you guys said you would look after Henry after date night so that Neal, Regina and I could go out on the town like normal young adults and bond as co-parents. Which reminds me, how was date night?" Emma asked, munching on the chocolate frosted pop tart that Snow had placed in front of her.

"While we will be returning to the subject of your alcohol problem our date night went great! Who knew your father could be so romantic when he wants to be?" Snow gushed, causing David to blush.

"Who would have thought that Prince Charming could be romantic?" Emma teased with a playful smirk. "Talking about Prince Charming, how was Henry last night? He didn't cause any trouble, did he?" She asked.

"Your dad has his moments." Snow answered with a wink at her husband. "Henry was the perfect little angel last night and we love any chance we can get to look after our beautiful grandson."

"Do you have any weekend plans?" David asked as Snow served him his breakfast.

"Well since the kid is with Neal today, I was thinking of going over to Regina's place to see if she needed any help with her Christmas preparations. Then once we got that done I might see if she would be interested in teaching me some more magic." Emma replied as Henry clomped his way down the stairs. The smell of his grandmother's famous cooking gracing his nose.

"Morning Henry, did you want a full breakfast or only bacon and eggs this morning?" Snow asked as she returned to the kitchen to serve her grandson a plate of breakfast.

"The full breakfast please Grams." Henry replied, still a little sleepy. "I am really hungry." He mumbled as he sat down at the kitchen table.

"Of course you are." Snow laughed. She knew all too well about Henry's bottomless pit that he called his stomach which he inherited from Emma and David.

Emma dropped Henry off at Neal's place after breakfast even though she did not like the place Neal was staying in as it was once the house that a cursed David lived with the cursed version of Princess Abigail who was now living with her knight Frederic. "Hey Neal, how's the head?" Emma teased as they walked inside, making Henry look at them both weirdly. He couldn't figure out why Emma would be concerned about his Dad's head as it didn't look bruised or hurt in any way to him.

"I am a little worse for wear but I will be fine…" Neal shrugged before kneeling down to give his son a hug and grimaced as the brightness of the sun outside shined in his eyes, hurting his hangover. "Hey kiddo, how are you?"

"I am good, Dad. But why did Ma ask about your head? Did you hit it again?" Henry asked, concerned as he softly patted the back of his dad's head.

No." Emma laughed. "He didn't bump his head."

"Oh, did you drink too much of your happy juice again?" Henry asked with a disappointed shake of his head.

"Maybe." Neal said with a blush. "Why don't you go set up the xbox for us to play Elder Scrolls Online while I talk with your ma."

"Okay! Bye Ma, I love you!" Henry called as he gave Emma a hug.

"I love you too." Emma responded as he raced out of the room before he came back. "Something wrong?" She asked.

"No, I just forgot to tell you to tell Mom that I love her too." Henry answered.

"How do you know I am going to be seeing your mom today?" Emma challenged with a raised eyebrow.

"Because you spend all your free time with her." Henry replied as if the answer was obvious which made Neal laugh.

"Okay Mr Cheeky, have fun this weekend with you dad and don't forget that Regina will be dropping by on Monday to pick you up." Emma told him.

"I know, ma. This week is Mom's turn then next week it is your turn." Henry said. "Don't worry, I got this."

"Well then I shall leave you too to it and will see you next week." Emma said as she tickled her son causing him to shriek with laughter before letting him go so he could set up the xbox. "I will see you at work on Monday and please try not to feed him too much junk food or Regina will chew you out again."Emma warned with a little chuckle as she remembered the slight warning Regina had given the both of them about not giving Henry too much junk food, especially close to bedtime

"Yeah, yeah, don't go getting your knickers in a twist over it. I can handle Regina.." Neal said sarcastically.

"Alright then, but it's your funeral." Emma replied just as sarcastically.

Then just as she turned to leave Neal flipped Emma the bird in jest of her comment. "Real mature, Neal." Emma laughed as she got into her car.

"You know it!" Neal shouted as Emma pulled out of his driveway."

"Idiot. "Emma muttered to herself as she drove to Regina's mansion parked next to the other woman's Mercedes in the driveway 'You got this! It's just Regina, you are going to be fine!' Emma hyped herself up as she walked up the footpath to the veranda and knocked on the large wooden door. She briefly admired the Greek style columns as she got her nerves under control and tried to regain her cool, calm composure while she waited patiently for Regina to answer.

"Miss Swan…Is Henry alright? Don't tell me there is a new big bad villain in town wanting to curse us all?" Was the first thing Regina said in greeting when she opened the door.

"It's lovely to see you too." Emma said. And Henry is very much alright, I just dropped him off at Neal's house."

"It is always a pleasure to see you, Miss Swan. I am just confused as to why you are standing on my front veranda at ten in the morning on a Saturday if it has nothing to do with our son."

"How's your head? Are you suffering from a severe hangover like both Neal and I?" Emma asked with a small grimace of pain as the sun's reflection off the numbers on the door sent shocks of pain to her eyes and head. "I would assume so considering you keep calling me Miss Swan."

"I did have a hangover, but not anymore. I brewed a recovery potion last night before I went to bed so I could take it as soon as I woke up and it does the trick every time." Regina told her as she gestured for Emma to come inside. "Also I call you Miss Swan because it is fun for me and I know it annoys you." She laughed, leading Emma into the kitchen where a spare vial of the quick recovery potion was sitting on the kitchen island. "I have one spare if you would like." Regina offered after she observed Emma eying the vial for several moments.

"Oh, okay thanks." Emma said took a seat on one of the bar stools in front of the island bench, grabbed the vial and drank its contents in a single gulp. "Ugh, that tastes disgusting…" She groaned as the awful aftertaste lingered in her mouth.

"Well, I never said it tasted nice. Here." Regina handed Emma a glass of freshly pressed apple juice. "Drink this and it will get rid of the bad aftertaste."

Emma took a large gulp of the juice and moaned in appreciation of the sweet and tangy flavour of the beverage as it washed away the bitter aftertaste of the hangover cure. When she finished the glass of juice and using the napkin that Regina had handed to her she wiped her mouth clean of the small dribbles that had missed her mouth and rolled down her chin "Thank you Regina, I feel much better." Emma sighed while she got up to put the wet napkin into the garbage bin nearby.

"You are welcome, Emma. So, what brings you here this early on a Saturday?" Regina asked once more. "And please do answer this time."

"I came by to see if you needed help with Christmas preparations and to ask you for more magic lessons?" Emma said but it came out as more of a question than an response.

"I was going to arrange the outside decorations today. Well, as much as I could by hand. But with you here I just might not have to use magic to reach the parts I can't get to using a ladder…" Regina trailed off midthought, folding her arms across her chest. "We can do some magic lessons while we decorate too."

"Sounds like a plan." Emma got excitedly to her feet in anticipation. She then followed Regina up to the attic to bring down the Christmas decorations and lights that are placed outside the Mayor's mansion every year since she learned about this realm's customs. Which she got from watching one of her first television series that depicted Christmas celebrations that made her long to have a big happy family of her own to spend the joyful holiday with.

"God, why is everything so heavy?" Emma complained as she pulled out the large, bulky boxes out of storage together.

"Because the decorations and lights need to cover the mansion." Regina told her as they started setting everything up which they did working together. The day went smoothly with the only issues being Emma struggling casting the new spells Regina tried to teach her. Emma was quick to get on Regina's nerves by constantly insisting that she felt like she was at Hogwarts and that Regina was like her Professor which had Regina groaning in both frustration and exasperation. But the moment Emma got one of her spells right Regina felt just as proud as a professor would when one of their students succeeded.

When night fell, Regina invited Emma to stay and have dinner with her before she headed home as a way to say thank you for helping decorate the mansion. Regina made the two of them a hot chocolate laced with vodka as a pick me up and a way to warm up quickly while they waited for dinner to cook. They both moaned in pleasure as the warmth of the hot beverage gave them feeling back into their cold hands. "So what are you cooking for us?" Emma asked, sitting at the kitchen bench to watch Regina cook.

"Braised squid with chorizo and mojo sauce." Regina answered. "It's a dish that is kind of similar to the one my father taught me to cook back in the Enchanted Forest. Cooking was one of the many activities I enjoyed doing with my late father whenever mother was away from the manor on business."

"Really?" Emma asked, intrigued.

"Yeah. I have a lot of fond memories of me cooking with my father." Regina smiled wistfully. "Anyway, a few weeks after coming to Storybrooke I had once again found the simple pleasure in cooking which helped a lot during the lonely years when the dark curse was still in effect. After I adopted Henry I found a small measure of happiness when he would allow me to teach him how to cook meals just like my father had taught me."

"That's cute." Emma smiled.

"It is. You should see Henry in his little cooking apron, he looks absolutely adorable in it. I have some photos that I took when he wasn't looking. Remind me to show you later." Regina laughed.

"Would you like a hand with anything?" Emma asked politely. She wanted to make herself useful in some way as she hated not doing anything while someone else was cooking or doing any type of chore around the house. It was something she picked up and learnt pretty quickly while in foster care, the more you contribute the longer the family you are with will want you around.

"I don't know." Regina said, unsure. "Do you even know how to cook, Miss Swan?" She asked. "Henry has never once told me about your cooking abilities which makes me think that you do not have any. Which if that is the case you are not allowed in my kitchen because I assume that Snow or David do most of the cooking and I don't know if I can trust you not to burn the place down. I mean you probably live off takeaway food and other various convenience foods when your parents go out on date nights."

"Regina, I absolutely do not live off takeaway or other various convenience foods while my parents are out on dates like you think. I have actually been cooking for myself for years before Henry brought me to Storybrooke. I even took home economics at one of the better schools I got the chance to attend during my time in foster care. Which I enjoyed a lot, I might add. I liked to continue the practice of cooking whenever I was given the chance while I bounced from foster home to foster home. Also the girls in the group homes that I stayed at loved my cooking, thank you very much. Surely the kid told you I cook for us all at the loft. I mean who do you think taught Neal to cook?" Emma asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Well alright, damn. I guess I can trust you, just try not to burn down my kitchen." Regina teased in her attempt to lighten the mood.

"Ha ha! You are so very funny! What would you like me to do?" Emma asked with a small smile on her face.

"Have you ever prepared squid tubes in your home economics classes?" Regina asked teasingly.

"Yes, I have actually and I am pretty decent at it if I do say so myself." Emma told her with a confident smirk.

"Great! Then you can score and cut the squid tubes into strips about two finger widths wide." Reigna directed as pointed towards the area in the kitchen she had set up for the squid tubes.

"Sure thing! Will that be vertically or horizontally?" Emma asked, wanting to get a little more clarification to help her impress Regina with her skills and knowledge.

"Horizontally, please. Here, take these while I work on the preparation for the sauce." Regina handed Emma one of her chef's knives. The moment their fingers touched briefly something strange happened, there was a zap of electricity shared between them then suddenly Emma could hear a voice in her mind that sounded bizarrely like Regina's sultry yet firm and authoritative voice.

Which couldn't be possible, could it?

'God, How is Her skin so soft?' The voice in her head groaned. Which to be fair; it could have been Emma, because she did love the feeling of Regina's hands. However it definitely wasn't her thoughts she heard when she began scouring the squid. 'It just has to be sinful how good her arse looks in those skin tight jeans!' That stopped Emma in her tracks because she was the only one wearing jeans. 'Wait, what am I doing? I shouldn't be checking her out!' The voice in her head said as Emma turned around to face Regina with a look that screamed what the fuck?! 'Oh shit! Now she is looking at me funny. Quick, focus on making dinner. That way she won't be able to know I was checking her out!'

Emma was completely bewildered. How the hell could she hear Regina's thoughts? Actually, that didn't really matter right now because she just realised what this meant. Regina found her attractive! She was so happy she was over the moon. But Emma quickly schooled her features before Regina noticed. Even though Emma knew it was wrong and that she probably shouldn't do it, she couldn't help but be tempted to listen in on Regina's thoughts. It didn't take her long before she broke and started actively listening to what the other woman was thinking while they continued to cook dinner together. Regina's thoughts initially had a smile brightening Emma's face as most of them were based around her and that made her feel all warm and good inside. But it soon took a turn and the thoughts slowly went further and further down the gutter as the two kept sneaking cheeky little glances at each other and smiling privately to themselves whenever they caught the other looking.

The various sexual fantasies that were racing though Regina's mind were rather graphic and had Emma blushing a deep red which she hoped the other woman hadn't notice. ' If only I wasn't helping her with dinner. God, her thoughts alone could get me off.' Emma thought while they finished up with the cooking. 'And if her thoughts alone could get me off, I can only imagine what it would be like if Regina actually did to me half the things she daydreams about.' Emma thought as they sat down in the dining room to enjoy their well earned meal.

They ate in a comfortable silence for a while before discussing their plans leading up to Christmas. When the meal was over Emma thanked Regina for having her over for dinner and helped her with the dishes and while she was putting away the cutlery she heard Regina's thoughts again 'I am so fucking tired but I love Emma and her company too much to ask her to leave so I can go to bed.' Emma thought it was best if she left and let Regina get a good night's rest as she wasn't sure how much longer she could hold out before she asked Regina if she was interested in living out one of her many sexual fantasies with her.

Once they finished putting the dishes away Emma hugged Regina goodbye before heading home to bed. Emma was now really looking forward to Christmas Day as with her newly crafted plan she hoped to have her dreams come true. She planned to get Regina to stand underneath some mistletoe and use that as an excuse to kiss her without the fear of rejection. Because she did not need that thing rearing its ugly head during a time that is meant to be unforgettable.

And just maybe she might be brave enough to ask Regina out on a real date. If only. But until then she can still dream. When Emma entered the loft she was greeted by a rather eager mother. "So, how was your day at Regina's? Tell me everything!" Snow said enthusiastically.

David and Emma glanced at each other and both rolled their eyes at the overly excited Snow, who led them over to the lounge area so they could talk more comfortably. "Well, for starters it was great. When I first arrived she gave me a potion that quickens your recovery from a hangover, which was nice. Then we spent the whole day hanging up Christmas decorations around Regina's mansion while she taught me some new spells. Some I still need a little more practice with. After we finished decorating Regina invited me to stay for dinner and we cooked together before I went home." Emma explained, yawning in exhaustion once she was finished.

"Oooh! What did you have for dinner?" David asked curiously. He was secretly just as excited as Snow was to hear about Regina and Emma's day together, he was just better at hiding it than his wife. David was glad that his daughter was getting on so well with Regina that she was able to spend the day with her because he could see that his daughter's true love might be Regina. Which if that is the case it meant that the wish was working the way it should. 'I wonder what part of her true love Emma chose to carry around with her on her journey.' He wondered to himself as Emma continued to talk with her mother about her time with Regina.

"Um, I think it was some kind of Spanish dish. I don't really remember what it was called but it was really delicious." Emma paused and a thoughtful look fell upon her face. "You know talking about dinner, something strange happened after our hands briefly touched while we were preparing the food."

"What happened?" David asked, doing his best to hide his excitement while beside him his wife was buzzing with anticipation.

"I can't explain it but it was really bizarre. One moment everything was fine and Regina was passing me a knife to prepare the squid then our hands touched and all of sudden I was able to hear her thoughts." Emma said with a confused frown.

"That is Interesting." Snow agreed with a mysterious look upon her face. 'She chose to have her true love's voice with her, that is different but I like it.' She thought as she figured out why Emma was able to hear Regina's thoughts.

"What did you hear?" David asked, earning an elbow to the ribs from his wife. "What was that for?" He whined, rubbing his sore spot.

"For asking our daughter such a silly question! Our thoughts are private for a reason and Regina's thoughts are for her and Emma alone." Snow scolded her husband.

"Well." Emma teased, dragging out the word to taunt her father. "Her thoughts were pretty dirty and when I say pretty dirty I mean x-rated thoughts." She said with a dreamy look on her face as she remembered all of Regina's sexualised thoughts about her, mainly about her arse, breasts, hands and fingers and what she would do with them if she ever got the chance. Which will be soon if Emma has a say in it. "Suffice to say they had me blushing up a storm. I am surprised I didn't chop off my fingers, I was that distracted listening to her thoughts…"

"Care to share?" Her father asked with a smirk which earned him another elbow to the ribs but harder this time. "Hey! That hurt." He exclaimed.

"You deserved it." Snow shrugged.

"Nah, I won't share her thoughts but I will admit that I enjoyed the domesticity of just being with Regina. Didn't matter if we were cooking or cleaning the dishes afterwards. I enjoyed my day with her and I hope I get another chance to do it again" Emma yawned.

"You must be exhausted, why don't you go on up to bed and I will find a way to contain and entertain your father…" Snow suggested with a kind smile while David continued to smirk.

"Yeah, but don't do anything I wouldn't do if you catch my drift." Her dad said with a cheeky wink.

"Okay, gross guys! Way too much information from the both of you. You two have fun, but please don't be too loud with whatever you do and I will see you tomorrow morning." Emma said while she got up from the lounge and headed for the stairs. She made sure her hands were covering her ears as she walked up the stairs to her room, just to be safe. When she reached her bedroom she barely had enough energy to get herself out of her tight jeans and even tighter shirt before passing out in the most uncoordinated position humanly possible while only in her singlet and underwear.

The days leading up to Christmas Eve seemed to fly past and by the time the day arrived Emma was glad that she had let Regina have Henry an extra week as it allowed her to be able to remove the concealment spell a day early. Once she removed the spell she began to wrap up the many gifts she got her friends and family. Emma made a note to herself to remember to stop by Granny's sometime that day to drop off her gift to Ruby.

When Emma finished wrapping all the gifts she then carried them with her down the stairs and sat them on the dining room table in a neat pile along with all her parents presents. Having everything in a neat pile made it easy to transport when Emma teleported herself and the presents to Regina's formal lounge room. She made sure that she left early as she wanted to be present when Rumple visited Henry and she also wanted to spend time with Regina before their son woke up. "Emma! I am glad to see you arrived in one piece with all those presents. But why didn't you text me? I could've helped you!" A concerned Regina greeted as soon as she saw Emma materialise in front of her with all of the gifts.

"I didn't want to bother you as I knew I could handle it. Besides, it gave me the perfect excuse to be here when Rumple drops by to see Henry." Emma replied with a shrug. "I definitely don't want you to have to deal with him alone." She added as Regina came over to help her place the gifts under the Christmas tree that was decorated to perfection.

"That was very smart because I cannot promise that I would not hit Rumple if he tempted me by making threats like that day in my office, especially if it was towards either you or Henry. I know that Rumple is Henry's grandfather but when it comes to the dark one you never really know what he will do." Regina said, refusing to mention how excited she was that Emma chose to spend time with her even if it was only because their son was staying with her.

"While I do not think Rumple would ever hurt Henry it is always best to be cautious. Anyway, what were you thinking for breakfast?" Emma asked as they headed to the kitchen.

"I don't know yet, why?"

"Maybe we could cook breakfast together?" Emma said which sounded more like a question. "Hopefully it will go better than that time Neal and I tried to cook together. It was a complete disaster, though the dinner we cooked that night wasn't too bad."

"It was pretty delicious." Regina agreed and it was then that Emma remembered that she could hear the other woman's thoughts as they echoed through her head 'How great it must be to have Emma Swan be in love with you. I could never had ever imagined myself being jealous of someone like Neal Cassidy, but I am because he got to be with the woman of my dreams. If only! How I wish Emma would return my feelings. But she's probably dating Neal. I mean it would make sense, he did help create Henry after all. And who am I kidding? Emma would never return my feelings, look at her! She is clearly completely out of my league and way too good for me. Even though I know she believes that she isn't as good as everyone makes out for her to be. Which I think is just ridiculous and I should know because it is simple. She is the saviour. I am the evil queen. She is the hero. I am the villain.'

"But not as good as the meals Henry and I have made. You should see him when we cook, he is just so cute."

"Henry is adorable when he wants to be." Regina nodded, clearly lost in her thoughts as she didn't realise that Emma was doing most of the cooking. 'How great would it be if her, Henry and I could be a family! I mean I love that little boy more than words and Emma completes me without even knowing it. That woman makes my heart sing with joy. She makes me the happiest woman alive and this is when we are just friends, just imagine how happy she could make me if we were dating. She would make the perfect match for challenges me better than anyone I have ever known. She believes in me like no one else has, even when I do not believe in myself. She has saved me countless times, even though her parents and my own mother tried to stop her. I just want to kiss those lips and pull her close by her muscular arms and …Oh no, no. Nope. Do not go there Regina…Do not go to the sexy place again especially not while she is right there.…oh fuck now my underwear are positively ruined…'If they are ruined now, could you imagine how ruined I would be after one night with her' Reigna thought with a visual of them having sex which made Emma almost tripp over her own feet but thankfully Regina was too caught up within her own thoughts to pay much attention to Emma's clumsiness.

"I am glad I am here to protect you then." Emma joked as she playfully flexed her arms like hercules.

Regina shook her head clear once she realised that she hadn't responded to Emma's joke. "While I appreciate you wanting to protect me, I don't think it is needed." She laughed. "Not that I want to be rid of you." She reassured her. "It's just that it is Christmas Eve and I don't think Rumple will want to upset Henry or Neal this close to Christmas. Oh! Speaking of Neal, are you too arriving together for Christmas dinner or?" Regina asked anxiously.

"Ah no, I will be coming with my parents tomorrow and I think he might be coming with Belle. Oh! By the way, just so you know I am not dating Neal. I got over him a long time ago. We are just friends and co-parents now. Nothing more. I am very much single. Just so we are clear." Emma told her, knowing exactly where Regina's anxiety was stemming from. "Also talking about Neal, I still can't believe that my seventeen year old self fell in love with him. Can you believe that? The only thing that I don't regret from that relationship is the birth of Henry."

"I agree." Regina laughed.

Just then the sound of the doorbell ringing echoed throughout the house, letting everyone know that Rumple had arrived. It wasn't long before Henry came running down the stairs to greet his grandfather. "Grandpa! you are here!" Henry exclaimed excitedly as he swung open the front door and threw himself at Rumple.

"Aye! Henry! Merry Christmas!" Rumple laughed joyfully as he gave Henry a loving squeeze and carried his grandson into the house. "How was your sleep?" He asked as he gently placed Henry down on the floor inside the foyer.

"It was good! I am glad you are here, Pa. I've missed you." Henry told him.

"Of course you have, I am great!" He teased. This had Regina and Emma rolling their eyes from where they were watching from the hallway out of the way.

"Pa, you are silly." Henry laughed as he with a bright smile on his face led Rumple into the formal living room.

Regina and Emma followed them quietly and Rumple gave the two women a brief nod in thanks, as he sat down in the nearest armchair. Once he sat down he placed the gift bag full of Henry's presents in front of him so that Henry had easy access while he placed the bag that contained Neal's gifts beside his lounge chair. Those were to be put under the Christmas tree for tomorrow. For the next half an hour Rumple and Henry exchanged gifts before they spent a few hours together just talking and playing board games, enjoying the rare moment of quality time that didn't include any plots or schemes.

Meanwhile in the kitchen Regina and Emma were busy making desserts for the next day while Henry and Rumple were playing in the other room. What they didn't notice however was the blue fairy that was floating in the kitchen doorway working her magic to get a garland of mistletoe to appear above their heads. "Stop moving" Blue muttered, annoyed at having to move the mistletoe numerous times to follow Regina and Emma who seemed to be so lost in their domestic bliss that they hadn't taken any notice of the mistletoe hanging overhead.

At least not until Regina finally looked up while rolling her eyes after Emma had amused her unwillingly with one of her corny jokes. A bright red blush dusted across Regina's cheeks and she suddenly couldn't look at Emma which Emma noticed. 'Why is she blushing?' Emma thought as she first gave herself a once over to make sure that nothing was showing then she looked around the kitchen to try and figure out the cause. Emma couldn't help but laugh upon seeing what had caused Regina to blush and avoid eye contact, mistletoe. 'She is so cute.' She thought with a smile as she leaned in to give Regina a kiss on the lips, seizing the one chance she had been waiting for.

Unknown to the two women as soon as their lips met a bright rainbow coloured light started to leak from them and began to form a bubble around them encasing the entire town and all of its citizens inside it. Once covered, the strange bright light then swept everything up in a large cloud of smoke and deposited the entire town in the middle of the Enchanted Forest. "Ah mums, why are we in the Enchanted Forest?" Henry asked, puzzled. He was absolutely confused about what was going on but was also excited to be back in the Enchanted Forest again.

Rumple was the one to answer Henry's question as Regina and Emma were too lost in the moment following their kiss to hear him. 'At least they have stopped kissing.' Rumple thought with an eye roll. "What just happened was Regina and Emma shared a true love's kiss which broke the curse once and for all." Rumple smirked with a shake of his head.

"Took them long enough!" Henry exclaimed with pure glee. "But, wait a second! I don't think I completely understand. I thought Ma broke the curse when she woke me up with a true love's kiss. You know when she kissed me on the forehead as she thought I was dying from the cursed apple turnover I ate to prove that the curse exists? Why didn't we all return to the Enchanted Forest back then?" Henry asked with a furrowed brow.

"That is something we would like to know too." Regina said once her and Emma stopped looking longingly into each other's eyes.

"It is simple. The true love that Emma shares with you is the familial kind and while it is enough to break the curse, it wasn't exactly the kind of love that was intended to break the curse. Which in other words means that the curse was broken but not completely broken." Rumple explained. "Do you understand?"

""I-I think I do." Henry replied as he continued to ponder what he had been told and gave it time to fully sink in.

"And why didn't you tell me that the kiss I shared with my son did not break the curse all the way?" Emma asked, annoyed.

"Why didn't you think to tell either of us that a true love's kiss between Emma and I would have broken the curse for good? Why didn't you think to mention that if we were to kiss it would result in every single one of us being brought back to the enchanted forest?" Regina asked. I mean was that not our end goal from the get go?!"

"Again the answer is simple but instead of answering I shall ask you a question instead." Rumple answered. "If I were to have told you all this, would you have ever kissed Emma?" He asked with a taunting smirk.

'Of course I would have! I would have kissed Emma either way because I love her and breaking the curse would have been an added bonus. But knowing she is my true love is definitely kissworthy.' Regina thought to herself but refused to give Rumple the pleasure of answering out loud. "So, you do love me Regina?" Emma asked as soon as her brain caught up with what was going on around her.

"Yes! You lovable idiot. Of course, I do!" Regina replied with deep conviction and a look of pure unadulterated love on her face.

"That's good, because I love you as well." Emma said with just as much conviction as she pulled Regina into a deep and meaningful kiss. That night was the first of many that Regina, Emma and Henry spent together as a family. They spent the night in Regina's mansion, not yet ready to contemplate what being back in the Enchanted Forest was going to mean for them in the future.

The next morning an overly excited Henry got out of bed and ran to Regina's bedroom as fast as eleven year old legs could carry him and was quick to jump on the bed that his two mothers were sleeping on. "Merry Christmas!" He yelled at the top of his lungs as he bounced up and down on the bed.

"Merry Christmas Henry!" Emma laughed as she grabbed her son and started tickling him.

"Someone is excited this morning." Regina teased as she joined in on the tickling. Emma and Regina shared a moment while their son was catching his breath, they just smiled at each other. They were happy to be together and to see that Henry was as happy as he was. They laid in bed for a while before getting up to make breakfast and start the day.

Emma, Regina and Henry spent the first half of Christmas Day together as a little family before Emma's parents, Neal and Belle came over for lunch. They stuffed themselves full with delicious food throughout the day and when Rumple arrived for dinner they exchanged gifts. Everyone felt the joy and happiness of being with their family during the holiday season, especially Regina and Emma as having their own family was the one thing they had longed for.

No one was worried about what was to come next for them and the rest of the citizens of Storybrooke. Why? Because that was a problem for tomorrow.

The end (for now.)