The Enchanted Garden:

Chapter 1:

After coming back from her second adventure in the Enchanted Forest, Emma just could not get Regina in her full Evil Queen glory out of her mind. She always had many a fantasy staring one Regina Mills. But lately they seem to include Regina's Evil Queen persona. She very much wanted to fulfil one of her fantasies one day.

Though with the pinecone sniffing excuse of a thief still hanging around the mayor put a serious wrinkle in those plans.

Still a saviour could dream. However, with this mysterious Ice Witch about, perhaps it will not happen today. As Emma studied the map of the woods where the Ice Witch was last seen, he was distracted by the distinct 'clack, clacking' of Regina's designer heels.

"Any new sightings Sheriff?" asked Regina as she joined Emma at the desk that housed the map spread across it.

"Not as yet, though with my luck lately who knows?" replied Emma, not daring to look Regina in the face. for fear Regina would see how much she longed for her.

"And what is that supposed to mean?" retorted Regina, taking note of Emma's reluctance to look in her direction. Regina missed seeing those not so subtle looks the blonde would give her. The adoration and unwavering belief in her ability to do good. 'Though with me being so preoccupied with helping Robin save his wife lately. No wonder Emma isn't able to look me in the eyes. She doesn't want me to see how jealous she gets whenever he is around. What of the pirate though? Isn't Emma dating him?' thought Regina as she observed both Emma and the map.

"Just that, every time I go to find the Ice Witch I seem to find myself trapped in a frozen tundra that I just can't seemed to get out off. Though when I look out into the distance I can see this beautiful looking garden with bright colourful flowers that looks so inviting. It is just out of reach, that no matter how many steps I take toward it I never seem to be able to get to it…Have you ever come across something like that before?" responded Emma, as she finally looked into Regina's eyes.

"No, not here in Storybrooke. I did hear about something like you described back in the Enchanted Forest while I was still the Evil Queen. But I didn't take too much notice. I always thought it was just a made-up story the servants told one another to make their lives seem more interesting. Perhaps you can take me to the location where this occurs and I can see if I can figure out what causes it?" replied Regina.

"Yeah, okay when did you want to go?" answered Emma with a hint of hope in her voice. This could mean some much-wanted alone time with Regina. Even if it was only for a brief trip into the Storybrooke woods. And the bonus was if she did get herself trapped, she had Regina there with her to get her out of it. Instead of having to wait for one of her family members to notice she wasn't there, to come and find her.

Once upon a time Emma counted Regina as a part of her family. Lately she couldn't be so sure. Though Emma dearly wanted to have Regina be more than just her best friend and fellow co-parent. She hated how hard it was becoming to find excuses to be able to go see Regina at her office at town hall. Especially with Hook still stalking her every chance he gets. And her parents pushing her into the direction of any willing male who she wasn't related with, to go out on dates. hoping she would find 'true love' with one of them.

Emma knows her parents mean well but they just haven't grasped the fact that Emma was actually a lesbian. When she dated Neal all those years ago, she was still in the denial phase. When Emma felt that she had to date boys to fit in. to be accepted. Even now she felt that pressure to do everything she could to make sure her parents wanted her still. With her little brother in her parents' lives, Emma often felt left out. The same nagging feeling she used to get while in the foster system. That now that they had little Neal to raise like they never got to do with her. That they will forget all about her.

And tossed back out into the world without any family once more. Even Henry preferred to spend more time with Regina, not that she would ever begrudge Regina the quality time with him. She just wished he would ask her to join them in reading their comic books together. Our when he is out learning to sword fight from David. It would just be nice to feel needed or wanted. Where Emma didn't have to be the one to instigate it. Or didn't come from the unwanted attentions that Hook laid onto her.

On occasion Emma has said 'fuck it,' and will just have one drink with the pirate. To have a bit of company that wasn't a crying baby or a drunk Leroy in the Station's jail cell. Only to regret it later when she had to fend off a rather drunk Hook who thought her agreeing to having a drink of rum with him gave him the green light to get into her pants. The times when Emma was able to bring some take-away lunch to Regina in her office. were times she cherished. She could enjoy the intellectual conversations that wasn't about work.

"How about now? I have some free time today. No council meetings I have to attend to." Replied Regina. with one of her gloved hands on her hip, while the other one tapped onto the large wooden interrogation table.

"Alright, let me grab my jacket and we can go." Said Emma as she stood up straight after hunching over the table. Regina waited patiently while Emma put on her red leather jacket and grabbed the keys to her yellow Volkswagen or the 'yellow death trap on wheels.' As Regina so affectionately calls it. The two women walk out of the station and pile on in to Emma's car. Regina lovingly taps the slightly worn dashboard. while Emma was busy with getting the old car to start.

Once the old engine roars to life, Emma puts it into gear and gently pulls out of the station's car park. With winter on the horizon and the added ice on the roads from the mysterious Ice Witch spreading ice wherever she goes. Emma didn't want to cause an accident on the slippery roads. Even with the new tyres on the car, she didn't want to be reckless. Especially not with Regina in the car with her.

As they drove Regina is the one to break the unusual awkwardness that had recently sprung up between them. "So where is that pirate of yours lately?" enquired Regina, the thought she had earlier still running around wildly in her mind.

"Most likely down on the docs on the Jolly Roger drowning his sorrows over me rebuking his advances again." Said Emma as nonchalantly as she could while concentrating on the road.

"I thought the two of you were dating?" asked a confused Regina. the fact that it seems that both Robin, Tinkerbell and Snow all lied to her about the true nature of Emma and Hook's relationship. They had been telling her all this time that she should give Robin a chance since Emma was with the pirate. Regina was definitely going to have to give them a piece of her mind if it turns out that Emma is still very much single.

"Whatever gave you that idea? I thought you knew I was a lesbian?" returned Emma, as she pulled up in front of the trail in the woods. From here on in they will need to travel on foot.

"It's just that…no never mind." Responded Regina, a frown upon her face in embarrassment.

"Come on out with it. Who told you I was dating Hook? Was it my mother?" pushed Emma, wanting to find out who was giving this beautiful and loving woman bad advice.

"Yes, Snow is one of them who told me you were with him. But since you said you are only into women, her pushing me to be with a married man makes a whole lot of sense to me now." Answered an exasperated Regina. She was getting sick and tired of everyone else dictating her love life.

"Urgh, seriously?! Why can't she get it through her head that I have zero interest in dating men? What do I have to do to convince her kiss Ruby or something?" continued Emma just as exasperated. While helping Regina through the forest. Cursing quietly to herself about refined Queens and their determination with wearing impractical shoes. Then, while she was busy helping Regina over a loose root, Emma found herself getting caught in the frozen tundra once more. Only this time she dragged Regina along with her.

"Emma! What are you doing pulling so hard on my arm?" declared Regina rubbing her arm where Emma had gripped it accidently.

"I didn't mean to, look see through that blizzard tunnel? The bright garden on the other side?" apologised Emma while directing Regina's attention to the aforementioned garden.

"Hmm, how is it possible that it appears on the other side of a tunnel made of snow and ice? Is that where the person responsible for all this ice is hiding? And is taunting us with it, tormenting us with the hope of getting out of the freezing cold? I wonder if we try and walk towards it together, we can actually get to it?" wondered Regina as she tried to use her magic to scan the garden.

"Who the fuck knows, let's just try shall we? I am freezing my tits off in here." retorted Emma, while trying desperately to warm herself.

"No need for the attitude Miss Swan, come on then take my hand we will do this together alright!" said Regina, not bothering to hide the frustration in her voice. As her magic was going haywire inside the blizzard and with Emma using her magic as well trying to keep herself warm without knowing it. Regina was feeling that undeniable connection to the blonde, she has felt since Emma touched her arm when she was trying to get the hat portal to work.

Regina then grabbed Emma's hand and began to walk forward.

The freezing wind grew stronger and stronger. With each snowflake stinging her skin. "Whyyyy is itttt getting worse?" questioned Emma her teeth chattering from the cold and her struggle to see properly as the harsh wind was blowing into her eyes. As she was practically dragged forward by Regina.

"I have no idea. And my magic isn't even making a dent in this at all!" replied Regina as he still struggled to put one foot in front of the other.

"Just stop for a minute please. I can't see with all this icy wind." Begged Emma. She let her hand slip out of Regina's so that she could get her bearings. Upon feeling Emma let go of her hand, Regina stopped trying to walk towards the garden. Regina turned to see why Emma stopped so suddenly. As she did so, she noticed that Elsa was watching them from within a short distance from the two of them her arms outstretched causing her icy magic to entrap them.

Once Emma was able to see properly again, she turned to see what Regina was looking at. "Elsa?! What are you doing this for?" shouted Emma, swallowing a mouthful of snow as she did.

"I have been observing the two of you. Both together and separately. The two of you belong together. I can see it, many people around town can see it why can't the two of you?" replied Elsa letting her magic ease just a little bit so that the two women she has trapped can answer her.

"What are you talking about? What does you trapping us in your icy magic and the garden on the other side of this have to do with whether or not Miss Swan and I have feelings for each other? What game are you playing here?!" asked Regina while giving Elsa her most dangerous 'Evil Queen' look she could muster. With her heart pounding loudly in her chest.

"I am not playing any games your majesty! I simply want you and Emma to be open with each other about how you truly feel for each other. The garden you see, is enchanted. To reach it you both have to first admit to yourselves what you feel. Then with your feelings in mind, hold each other's hand and walk towards it in unity. Once you step inside the garden, you can only speak the truth. If you lie or remain in denial my ice magic will sweep through and freeze the garden and the person who lies." Explained Elsa.

With that said Emma and Regina did as Elsa told them to do. As they both wanted to see that garden. As well as hear the truth about what the other felt for them. When they finally reach the Enchanted Garden, they see a bright meadow full of various plants and flowers. Of all different colours. As Regina and Emma step forward into the meadow they are engulfed with the magic that is infused all around them.

"Wow, this place is beautiful…" said Emma and Regina at the same time. Shocking them both that they were thinking the same thing.

They slowly walk around exploring the place in its entirety. using the time to collect their thoughts and nerves. Neither one of them entirely ready to hear any possible rejections. Or if the best case scenario were to happen, then what? Where did they go from there? And what would Henry think? Would he be happy for his two mother's to explore their true feelings? One thing was for sure, that the truth would set them free. Set Regina free from having to feel obliged to entertain the idea of being with a married man, of being a step-mother again if she did remain with Robin. Did she really want to tarnish her hard earned good reputation? By being another man's mistress?

Then on the other hand, if she were to admit to Emma how much she was in love with her; and Emma returned those feelings. was she really ready to be in a relationship with someone she considered an equal? The obvious answer was of course she was. The only problem was whether to tell Emma that?

"There is no point beating around the bush. Regina I am in love with you. I have been since Neverland and the whole thing with me travelling into the past. I honestly didn't know Marian was Robin's supposed to be dead wife. I love every part of you Regina. Evil Queen you, Madam Mayor you and especially the woman who is the mother of our son. I have believed in you since you told me you loved Henry. The only reason I stayed back then was to make sure in my heart and mind that Henry was alright.

I have never had any intention of taking Henry away from you. I only ever wanted to get to know you, to get to know Henry. I know in my heart that we have so much in common. Both had to go through hell growing up. Forced into relationships that we didn't want. I want to get to know the woman standing before me. To figure out if former villains can get a true happy ending. So, what do you say Madam Mayor will you do me the honour and go on a date with me?" confessed Emma, not wanting to delay from telling Regina the truth any longer.

Emma then slowly walked towards a noticeably stunned Regina. Not knowing what else to do she attempted to reach out to Regina. Offer her some comfort or anything to help her come to terms with what Emma had told her. "I…um…goddess this is difficult…you know I struggle with this sort of thing…this spell is so damn frustrating…" said Regina as she struggled to find the words she needed.

"I know. It's okay if you don't feel the same as I do. I can make do with us just being friends and co-parents." Said Emma, trying to ease Regina's mind. Not realising that her being so understanding and wrong all at the same time was frustrating Regina even more then the spell did.

"You being so damn understanding and accepting is not making this any easier for me. It's not that I don't have feelings for you. The trouble is that I do. And I just don't know how to say it." continued Regina. As she struggles to put her feelings into words the spell that Elsa cast began to cause the snow and freezing cold temperatures to breach the warmth of the garden. It was like it had a mind of its own and it wasn't going to let Regina avoid telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

"Curse that Elsa and her damn spell! Why do I always have to do what everyone else expects or wants me to do? I just want to be able to make my own damn choices for once. Is that too much to expect or ask? What is it pick on me day today?" stated Regina with a strong sense of insecurity.

"Regina, I can't answer as to why it is you haven't been able to make your own choices. But I can say with all honesty, that no matter what you decide I will always love you. Nothing will ever change that; do you hear me? Absolutely nothing and no one will change my mind or heart. If it helps, I think Elsa should have kept out of our business. I know in my heart I would have confessed to you sooner or later." said Emma, wanting to help Regina through this.

"You are right as usual when it comes to dealing with these sorts of situations. I do tend to let my impatience get the best of me. Like when we were in Neverland, had I listened to you more we would have found Henry sooner. I didn't want to go after Neal, because I didn't want to hear just how much you love him. And I certainly couldn't stand how the pirate was constantly trying to get into your pants. And you are too good for him. So, I am glad you aren't dating him. I am uncertain if I am even worthy of you myself…" said Regina, trying to delay outright confessing.

"Since when would you ever not be worthy of me? I mean, I am just some lowly petty thief and bail bondsperson. I don't consider myself a princess, I never wanted that title. Like how would that even work here in Storybrooke? You are a Queen and way too good for someone like me. What could I ever really offer you?" retorted Emma, who was starting to feel the effects of the spell. With Regina delaying on outright confessing, Elsa's ice magic was violently swirling all around them. freezing most of the flowers, trees and various shrubbery.

"Emma, you already gave me the greatest gift of all. A son to love and care for. You don't have to offer me anything. I suppose you do offer me unconditional belief. I know that much. You didn't have to give me the benefit of the doubt in regard to this current situation. Yet you still did that. Even with hook telling you otherwise." Said Regina as the blizzard started to take an even stronger hold over the garden.

"Regina, um what are you trying to tell me? The place is really getting cold with all this snow blasting around." Asked a curious yet slightly concerned Emma. However, with Regina continuing to dodge the question of Emma asking her out and confessing her feelings, nearly all of the garden they were in was frozen over. With only Emma not affected by it. though she could very well see the effects of Regina's delay tactics.

Instead of answering Regina began to panic as the ice was starting to make its way towards her body. igniting fireballs in the palms of her hands out of shear instinct. Every one of her protective personas was screaming in her head to find a way to fix it, except for of course. Her Evil Queen half who, was the one doing all the panicking and was yelling at her to just engulf herself in her magic and just escape this enchanted garden. This was mostly because her Queen half was very much afraid of being rejected. So, Regina did what her Queen half wanted and teleported herself to the very edge of the garden. Which clearly wasn't her intention if the frustration and anger wasn't so obvious.

"Seriously? I can't even leave this place. Did you take lessons from my mother about trapping me in a particular place? Why can I only leave with Miss Swan at my side?" fumed Regina as she flung her fireballs in every direction around her.

"Regina, that isn't how this works. I told you and Emma what it is you need to do. Why can't you just tell her how you feel? Why do you need to beat around the bush?" asked Elsa after she teleported herself to where Regina was currently standing at the edge of the garden she created.

"I have never had much luck with romantic relationships. My first love was brutally murdered in front of me by my own mother. I was forced into a marriage with Emma's own grandfather. Got told by an amateur fairy that my soulmate was a man with a lion tattoo. Only to have his formerly dead wife be brought back when Emma went back in time. I know I told Emma that she was just like her mother after she brought Marian back. But I, I was just so damn frustrated at that point. Plus, my memories were seriously conflicted." explained Regina, waiting for the other shoe to metaphorically drop.

"What do you mean your memories are conflicted?" asked Elsa, confusion and curiosity setting in equally.

"I have memories of how things went down originally that lead to me casting the first curse. And I also remember how it changed when Emma went back into the past. Emma and I met. She was under a glamour spell, but I remember her clearly in that red dress. I saw right through the glamour.

Normally I couldn't do that, but with Emma the rules of magic are different around her. Bits and pieces are a little blurry as I did take a memory potion during the first curse so I would forget that Henry's birthmother was the saviour destined to break my curse. I only took the potion so that my confused feelings about the saviour wouldn't change how I felt about Henry." Said Regina. Resignation clear in her voice.

"Wow, okay I did not know that. I just thought you and Emma had this insane sexual chemistry that needed to be resolved. I also figured that the two of you had feelings for one and another and that was the reason you hadn't done anything about the sexual tension." Said Elsa, a smug smile on her face as she knew she was right about that part at least.

"Thing is something did happen between Emma and I before I had her sent into the dungeon underneath my castle. I won't tell you what occurred because Emma doesn't remember. I don't fully either, Rumple made sure of that." Said Regina shrugging her shoulders in defeat. As she wasn't sure how she could fix the memory block about what happened in full that night.

"Can't you create a potion to counter the memory block?" asked Elsa.

"It's not that simple. It was made by the Dark One, with the intent for Emma and me to not change the timeline any more than she did by going back into the past. The only way it can be reversed is if Emma and I share a true love's kiss with each other. I don't think we have that sort of connection. It all depends on if Tinkerbell was correct about Robin or not." Answered Regna dejectedly.

"Well, there is one way to find out, go and kiss Emma. If you share a true love's kiss you know that Tinkerbell was wrong. Besides, fairy magic only ever works if the head fairy approves of the use of the dust. If say the dust was used without the head fairy's approval. it would lead you to your worst match. Not the person who would be your true love or soulmate. So, I wouldn't worry about that forest dweller." Said Elsa before making herself invisible.

'What is with the blonde women I know not liking Robin?' wondered Regina to herself before she teleported back over to where Emma was anxiously waiting for her.

"Regina! Where did you go?" asked a frantic Emma as soon as Regina's signature magic had dissipated around her.

"I just needed a chance to think for a bit. I didn't mean to worry you." Replied Regina, while avoiding eye contact with Emma. As much as Regina was interested in testing the theory that Emma is her true love. she wasn't ready for that sort of declaration. But the idea of dating Emma well that was something she wanted to try.

"And what conclusion did you come to?" enquired Emma, curiosity clear in her voice.

"That yes I will go on a date with you Emma. How about we go out for dinner tomorrow night? Say 7pm at Sebastián's down by the Rabbit hole?" replied Regina, hoping that her agreeing to that date would satisfy Elsa's spell.

In response Emma stepped into Regina's personal space. Then leaned in for a chaste kiss on her lips. Regina eagerly returned the kiss with a passion. deepening the kiss much to Emma's delight and surprise. When they break away from the kiss, Emma held Regina close to her in a loving embrace.

"So, I take that kiss was a yes?" asked Regina with her signature smirk planted firmly on her face.

"Yes Regina. Sebastián's sounds great." Replied Emma, with her goofy smile on her face. With that admission at least for the time being Elsa's spell was satiated.

"Well then, I think we can head back to our respective jobs for the rest of the day." Since it seems that the spell around the Enchanted Garden has calmed down enough to let them leave. Regina and Emma leave hand in hand as they walk back to Emma's car. When they reach the car, Emma holds the passenger side door for Regina; before walking around to get into the driver's side door.

She gets in and drives them back out of the forest area, dropping Regina off at Town Hall, before driving onwards to the Sheriff's station.

Emma parked in her designated spot, locked up her car then walked into the station with a noticeable spring in her step. Something that David, who was at his desk adding his reports into the station's database, noticed. "So, any new leads with finding Elsa's sister?" asked David, choosing to let Emma's seemingly good mood slide for the time being.

Knowing that it would be best to let Emma come to him when she was ready to tell him what was going on with her. 'I wonder if Emma is seeing someone. Could that be why she has a new spring in her step?' thought David as he waits for Emma to answer his question.

"No new leads with Elsa's sisters' whereabouts. But I did figure out why I kept seeing an Enchanted Garden in the forest whenever I get trapped in one of Elsa's blizzards. With the help of Regina of course." Replied Emma, a bright smile on her face when she mentioned Regina.

"And? What was the reason?" quired David, as he leant back in his chair.

"Elsa created it to get Regina and I to confess the truth about how we feel about each other." Replied a nervous Emma. She was worried about his reaction. As he seemed to be on board with Snow's insistence that she take Hook's offer to go out on a date seriously.

"Okay, so what is the verdict? Is Regina with the forest thief?" asked David, slight amusement in his voice when he saw the joy on Emma's face when he joined Emma in calling Robin various not so nice nicknames.

"Regina isn't seeing the pinecone sniffer anymore. And Regina and I are going on a date tomorrow night." Replied Emma.

"That sounds promising, I am happy for you Emma. I truly am. Your mother will be as well. We just want you to be happy and find your true love. If it is Regina, then I hope it all works out because you deserve happiness and so does Regina. She has earned that right. As have you." Replied David.

"Thank you, Dad you have no idea how much it means to me that you can accept my feelings for Regina." responded Emma, relief clear in her voice. David smiled just as brightly as Emma upon hearing her call him Dad. She doesn't call him that all that often. So, he was feeling genuinely happy that he was able to make her feel safe enough to say that simple little name that means the world to him.

The rest of the day went by smoothly, with only the regular chase to catch Pongo being the main highlight for the rest of their shift. Regina, however found herself bogged down in meetings and paperwork. So that by the time she got home she felt exhausted. But tonight, was her night with Henry. So, she made herself a strong cup of tea for the gentle caffeine hit. Then changed into her comfortable clothes.

"Henry?" called Regina from the kitchen loud enough so that he could hear her over the noise of the Xbox game he was diligently playing.

"Yes Mum?" Henry called back, putting his game on pause.

"Can you come into the kitchen please? There is something I need to talk to you about." Replied Regina as she began the preparations to make Fideua. one of hers and Henry's favourite dishes that Henry Senior taught her to make in secret.

"Sure mum, what did you want to talk about?" asked Henry as he took a seat on one of the barstools in front of the island counter where Regina was chopping up the ingredients.

"How would you feel if Emma and I were to start a romantic relationship?" asked Regina nervously. She was a little worried about his reaction and not entirely sure she should be asking him this without Emma there with her. But she wanted to know his feelings about the situation beforehand. If he were to react negatively, she would have to call Emma and call off their date for tomorrow night.

"I would be completely fine with it, as long as it made you happy. Who knows maybe she is your happy ending and we won't have to find the author after all?" replied an enthusiastic Henry, with a big goofy smile on his face. that Regina clearly recognises as one that Emma had on her face when she said yes to their date earlier.

"Do you mean that Henry?" asked Regina with awe in her voice. She wasn't expecting his enthusiastic response.

"Of course I mean it. You deserve to be happy mum. And so does Emma. So, who asked who?" said Henry knowingly.

"Emma asked me. We are going to that French restaurant down by the Rabbit Hole tomorrow night. Do you mind staying at your grandparents tomorrow? I know it is still your week here with me." Replied Regina as she continued with cooking their dinner.

"Sure I will stay at the loft. Do you need help with dinner?" replied Henry.

"Can you set the table? This shouldn't be too long." Said Regina as she tossed in the cooked pasta into the paella pan where the rest of the ingredients were being heated. The delicious aroma of the pasta dish circulated throughout the mansion.

Henry did as she asked, enjoying the aroma of the meal in the air as he did. making his stomach rumble. When he was done, he returned to the kitchen to see if there was anything else he could do. He noticed that his silent gesture of help brought a rare smile to his adoptive mother's face. And he swore to himself that he would strive to place that smile upon her face every day.

Once Regina had finished cooking, she plated their meals, then added a portion of the leftovers into a Tupperware container. She put it away in the freezer for Henry to have on a night she needs to stay late at the mayor's office. Then joined Henry at the family dinner table. that was located just off to the right of the kitchen. They enjoyed their meal, Henry talking about his day at school. After dinner they ventured into the living room to watch a movie on Netflix as they usually do when it is Regina's week with Henry.

While they were watching Penguins of Madagascar movie, Regina came to the realisation that if the romantic relationship between her and Emma goes well they will never have to switch weeks again.

They could watch Netflix together as a family. This brought a bright smile upon Regina's face. Her heart brightened with the idea, filling her with warmth that she hadn't felt since the moment that baby Henry gave her a chance to be his mum.

Meanwhile, over the other side of Storybrooke…

Emma had just walked into the loft after her shift had finished. Snow and David were in the lounge area, watching The Notebook for who knows how many times. She hung her jacket on the coat hanger near the door. Then bent down to remove her boots. She wanted to grab a quick bite to eat and head on up to her loft bedroom before Snow were to notice that she was home. Not feeling ready to have a conversation with her about her budding romance with Regina.

She tip-toed over to the fridge, opened it as quietly as she could. She was thankful for the covered plate on one of the fridge shelves with a small post it note stuck on top of the cling wrap around it. "Heat this, I will keep your mum distracted. Sleep well, love dad xo." Emma smiled at the note, ever thankful that her Dad was able to understand her better then anyone. Aside from Regina that is.

He seemed to get that Emma liked to work through things on her own for awhile. And that if she needed help she would ask.

She heated up the plate of leftover spaghetti bolognaise in the microwave, then took it up with her into her room. where she could eat and watch the next episode of Orange is the new black in peace. while she internally panicked with many visions of 'what if's' of how the date tomorrow night will go. Emma ate her pasta, then passed out not too long after with Netflix playing in the background.