Chapter 3:

The following morning came far too early for one Emma Swan, whose head was pounding like crazy. And she felt an unexpected warmth behind her. She snuggled backwards into the warm body behind her. "Mmm, please keep still. My head is screaming at me." Mumbled Regina as she began to stir from Emma's movement.

"Not that I am complaining but why am I in your bed?" asked a confused Emma. Last thing she remembered was waiting for Regina to give her a set of pyjamas to wear to bed.

"You passed out while I was getting you the pyjamas I promised you. And I didn't want to wake you, so I took off your heels and tucked you in. You still have your dress on from last night. I didn't want to invade your privacy by changing your clothes while you slept. So, I just put my own pyjamas on as best I could as the alcohol in the wine we drank last night had hit me hard as well. Then I got into the bed and spooned you from behind. Aside from my pounding headache, I had the best sleep I have had in a long time. Thanks to being able to cuddle you." Explained Regina.

"I slept well myself. Thank you for letting me stay here with you. This bed is so dang comfortable. How do you ever get out of it in the morning? I feel like lying in this bed all day. But only if you stay in it with me." Declared Emma.

"As lovely as that sounds, we better get up; our son will be back home soon. How about I make us some breakfast?" replied Regina, as she reluctantly rolled onto her back then slowly got out of the bed.

Emma groaned at the loss of Regina's warm body. But perked up at the idea of eating breakfast cooked by Regina. "Fine, I will get up. Will there be bacon?" replied Emma as she too got out of the bed slowly.

Regina rolled her eyes at Emma's request for bacon. As if she would dare make a hot breakfast that didn't include bacon. That would be blasphemous, like mother, like son. It would seem. Emma picked up her heels from last night and her phone. Regina held her own phone in her hand as the two of them left the bedroom and headed on downstairs to the kitchen. While Regina started getting the ingredients out for a full Australian hot breakfast, Emma got the coffee machine ready to make them a coffee each. Having spent enough time here with Regina on previous family nights she knew where to find the coffee beans.

She put some into the grinder, then took the milk Regina handed to her, pouring into the jug used for the frothing wand. She then made Regina her preferred cappuccino and a caramel latte for herself. She passed Regina her coffee as she sipped her own gratefully. Moaning at the taste of the caramel mixed with the smooth velvety flavour of the coffee beans. "Wow, that smells great!" said Emma as the delicious smells of bacon, sausages, grilled tomatoes, eggs and toast drifted her way.

"It does indeed. Mmm this coffee is great, you are definitely getting better at using the coffee maker." Replied Regina as she began to serve their breakfast. Taking it over to the family dinner table where Emma had just finished setting with their cutlery and various condiments. They sat down at the table, enjoying their food and each other's company. Emma checked her phone and she noticed she had many missed calls and messages from David and Snow. Wanting to know how she was. So she sent him a quick text; 'Hey dad, sorry I didn't text you last night. I stayed at Regina's place last night. We had a good night and shared two bottles of decent red wine.'

As soon as she had sent the text she got a call from David. Regina looked over at Emma as she answered her phone with concern and curiosity on her face. "Hi dad, yeah I am alright. Was too tired to text you once I dropped Regina off at her place. So I crashed here at her place. We are just eating some breakfast together before Henry gets back…What do you mean Elsa called looking for Regina and I? Alright, yes we will meet her there. Thanks dad. Love you."

"What did he want? Is Henry okay?" asked Regina once Emma hung up the phone.

"Henry is alright, he was worried about me since I forgot to text him to let him know I wasn't going to be home. And he also wanted to let us know that Elsa called for us there and she wants us to meet her in the woods. Where the 'Enchanted Garden' she created for us is. We should probably go see what she wants" replied Emma.

They took Regina's Mercedes, after both had a shower and changed into comfortable clothes. Emma had to use her magic to change into a pair of her skinny jeans, singlet top and red leather jacket. While Regina chose to wear a more casual style of her pantsuits. Though with a comfortable pair of boots at Emma's suggestion. "Emma, would you please pick a song already?" asked a slightly irritated Regina. her lingering headache getting the best of her.

"Calm your beautiful tits, I am just looking for a song to get us in the mood to deal with whatever it is Esla wants with us. Here we are 'The Chain ' by the legendary Fleetwood Mac." Said Emma as flicked through Regina's collection of cd's she keeps in the car. Once the song starts playing Emma begins to sing along. Bringing a genuine smile to Regina's face. 'God I love this woman. With her singing off key, with everything she brings to my once boring life.' Thought Regina wistfully as she too joined in with singing along.

Soon enough they arrive at the edge of the woods. They can see the outline of Elsa, with her ice magic trailing after her. Beckoning them to follow her lead. They get out of the car, walking as close as they possibly could while walking in the thick woods. They tried to catch up with Elsa but for some reason they just never could. All they could do is follow the ice trail she left behind. Which they soon discovered led them to where Elsa had moved the 'Enchanted Garden' this time. Having had to move it deep into the woods after Robin and his merry men discovered it, not too long after Regina and Emma left the last time they were inside it.

Emma had to on occasion help Regina avoid getting her foot caught in the twisted tree roots scattered all around the forest floor. Avoiding a few hunting traps as well along the way. When the entrance to the garden finally made its appearance, they entered it hand in hand. This time though the magic surrounding them felt different. It still compelled them to tell the truth, but this time it also seemed to come alive. More so than it did before. It was like it wanted them to properly experience everything the garden had to offer them.

When Regina and Emma reached the centre of the garden, Elsa was waiting for them. "I am glad to see you made it. I wasn't sure that you would get my message." Greeted Elsa cryptically.

"What is all this about this time Elsa? We already confessed our feelings." Asked Regina impatiently. Emma took one of Regina's hands into hers to help calm her down. Letting her know that she wasn't alone.

"Yes, you did do that. I just thought you might like to know that it was still available for the two of you and that I had to move its location. Your ex pinecone sniffing thief and his friends found it last night. Speaking of which, how did your date go last night?" explained an overly excited Elsa once she got to the topic of the date that Regina and Emma went on the night before.

"It went great! The food was delicious and the company even better. Definitely the best date I have ever had." Replied Emma just as excitedly. The atmosphere of the garden was boosting her mood.

"Yes, it was wonderful. And it is a moment I will cherish forever. I had never been on an actual date before. No one has ever made me feel as special as Emma did last night." Said Regina with a bright smile and love in her heart as she looked over at Emma. Not really paying all that much attention to the other blonde.

"I am glad to hear that. I will leave the two of you be. I have made sure that this garden is both sound proof and made sure no one will disturb you while you are here inside the garden. Have fun ladies…" said Elsa with a coy wink as she teleported herself out of the garden. Leaving Regina and Emma to themselves. Neither of them were sure what all that was about with what Elsa had told them.

"Well what should we do now?" asked Emma nervously, she knew what she wanted to do. Though she wasn't certain that Regina would be up for it outdoors. Sure it was slightly secluded, but still very much outdoors.

"I don't know about you, but I really want to kiss you right now." Replied Regina, before grabbing Emma by the collar of her jacket. She held her close before crashing her lips onto Emma's soft pink ones. After Emma's initial shock, she eagerly returned the kiss. Deepening it as they allowed their hands to roam freely over the other's bodies.

When air became hard to come by, they pulled apart slowly. Resting their foreheads onto each other's, basking in the other's presence. The strong magnetic pull, they feel between each other. They then began to slowly disrobe each other piece by piece. Until they were finally completely naked. This time Emma was the one to initiate the kiss, grabbing Regina by her arse cheeks. Making Regina yelp in surprise at the bold move.

Regina then grabs Emma's arse cheeks in return with her most seductive smile on her face. They begin to kiss again in earnest. Emma then lifts Regina up in her arms in a show of strength. Regina wrapped her legs around Emma's waist and her arms around Emma's neck and shoulders. As they deepen their kisses, Regina begins grinding her needy wet centre over Emma's impressive abs. Seeking any kind of friction. Emma who was feeling the same need for friction moved to gently lay them onto the soft forest floor. Which had various flowers and soft grass.

It was magical to say the least. At first Regina was laying down on her back, Emma hovering over her gently. Holding all her weight in her arms and legs. Wanting to be sure that Regina was alright with her being on top. Regina gave her a reassuring smile. "You can place your weight on me, you won't hurt me; you know." Said Regina with slight confusion in her voice. She didn't know where this reluctance was coming from with Emma. Regina was sure that Emma was fully into it only a few seconds ago.

"Are you sure? I don't want you to be uncomfortable." Replied Emma, wanting to be certain that the beautiful dark-haired woman beneath her was comfortable with the position they were in.

"I am sure Emma, I want you. I need you to make love to me, right here in this enchanted garden. I love you Emma and I want this more than anything." Replied Regina. That was all Emma needed to hear. Then Emma lowered herself between Regina's legs, her own wet needy centre meeting deliciously with Regina's wet heat. Emma then kisses Regina passionately on the lips. Then along her jawline, neck, collarbone, down onwards to Regina's hard dusky nipple. She takes it into her mouth sucking on it, while flicking the tip with her tongue, drawing a deep moan from Regina. With one of her hands rolling and pinching the other breast and nipple enhancing the pleasure she was receiving.

She lets it go with a reluctant pop, then trails kisses on over to the neglected breast. Giving it the same treatment as the one she just let go of. At this point Regina has been reduced to a panting and moaning mess, as she arcs her waist and hips trying to encourage Emma to give her the much-needed friction. Emma however was having none of it. So, she used her free hand to hold Regina's body in place. "Patience my love. I will get to it eventually." Teased Emma as she slowly made her way down Regina's taut body. Leaving a trail of kisses in her wake.

"Urgh, please Emma I need you…" mumbled Regina as best she could with her body wound up so tight with just how sensitive she felt with the attention Emma was giving her. Regina had never felt so desired, so wanted and treasured in her life. And Emma hasn't even made it to where she needed her the most. Emma was enjoying every inch of Regina's body, the smooth contours, the luscious curves, the toned abdomen and large bountiful breasts. She was going excruciatingly slow as far as Regina was concerned but she was loving it regardless.

Emma continued with her downward trajectory, until she finally reached her ultimate destination. She used her fingers to part Regina's wet folds, revealing the hood of Regina's clitoris. Emma then leaned in, placing gentle licks and nips around the bundle of nerves but never actually stimulating it. She was just simply enjoying being able to taste Regina like she was. "Emma…Please…I…mmm…ohhhhh!" was all Regina could manage to say as Emma took her clit into her warm and inviting mouth. As Emma licked, sucked and nipped at her clit, Regina clutched onto the grass for dear life as Emma gave her the most intense orgasm she had ever felt. Just as Regina was about to tumble of the edge of bliss Emma inserted two of her long fingers into Regina's pulsing core, thrusting them in and out, curving them at just the right junction hit that soft spongy part that had Regina screaming, bucking and moaning Emma's name like a mantra.

Emma without realising it had a little bit of her magic sparking on the fingers that were thrusting in and out of Regina's core, sending Regina to new orgasmic heights. With wave upon wave of pleasure overwhelming her senses. Eventually Emma brought her down slowly, as Regina rode out her intense orgasm. How many she had she lost count. All she knew was that Emma knew how to bring her immense pleasure. Something she was eager to return. But first, she needed to catch her breath. Emma then crawled back up Regina's body, kissing her lovingly on the mouth; allowing Regina to taste herself.

With what strength Regina had she managed to switch places, so that now Emma was the one on her back. Regina leant in for a lingering kiss, still able to taste herself as Emma deepened the kiss. Regina then trailed kisses along Emma's jaw following the same path that Emma had done on her. Working her way down the blonde's strong athletic body. Paying extra attention to Emma's small and perky breasts. Teasing her hard pink nipples with equal fervour. Causing Emma to moan in sheer pleasure.

If there was one thing Emma enjoyed most when being made love too was having her breasts stimulated. It sent intense bolts of pleasure to her wet and needy centre. Regina made sure to give each breast and nipple equal amounts of attention, allowing her magic to spark along her fingers, lips and tongue. Intensifying the pleasure Emma received. Regina continued down Emma's body, making sure to explore every inch of it. taking note in her mind every erogenous zone she found.

With every moan, mumbling of her name and shouts of pleasure she pulled out of Emma, Regina would double down on the spot that caused it. She eventually reaches Emma's clit, she leans in and licks, sucks and nips around the bundle of nerves, then she takes the nerve cluster into her warm mouth. Bringing Emma to an intense orgasm, as Regina continues to stimulate it, thrusting two of her fingers into Emma's wet pulsing core. Making sure to curl them so that she would hit Emma's g-spot.

As Regina kept thrusting in and out, her magic would spark without Regina noticing that it would join with Emma's magic in the process. Their magic began to join completely making them both feel whole. Like they had been searching for their whole lives incomplete. Until now, that is. Now both halves of their souls had been reunited. And nothing and no one could break them apart. Not even Zeus himself could tear them apart. Bringing Emma to her most intense orgasm she could ever remember being on the receiving end of. Regina crawls her way up Emma's body giving her a passionate and loving kiss on the lips. allowing Emma to taste herself in the process. When they break away from the kiss, Regina rolls off Emma and onto her back. A huge, satisfied smile upon her face.

"Wow, that was amazing. I love you so much Regina." said a slightly breathless Emma. As she sat up onto one of her elbows, so that she could make eye contact with Regina.

"Yes, I think I may have out done myself. I love you too Emma." Said Regina smugly, feeling proud for being able to give Emma as much pleasure as she did. On their first time no less. She definitely hopes that there will be more where that came from.

"Did you want to go for round two here or at one of our places?" asked Emma, she very much wanted to continue with their love making but wasn't sure if Regina was comfortable with staying in the garden or not.

"I think we should move this over to my place. We will have more privacy that way. Less likely to get interrupted and I am not sure how long Elsa's magic will last here. Besides a bed will be far more comfortable than the forest floor." Replied Regina. As she sat up a bit.

"You are right, a bed would be best. But I also think we should take advantage of that huge shower I saw you had in your ensuite bathroom." Emma agreed. Regina used her magic to reclothe the both of them then took Emma's hand in hers before teleporting the both of them into her ensuite bathroom. Regina and Emma take off their clothes slowly, giving the other a chance to watch as they slowly take off each article of clothing. When they were finally naked again, Regina moved to turn on the shower.

Emma took advantage of Regina's closeness, pulling her in for another kiss, allowing her hands to caress her delicate curves. Leaving goosebumps in the wake of her fingertips, they break apart from the kiss briefly so that Regina could check the water temperature. Finding it to be too her liking, she took Emma's hand in hers and dragged her into the shower with her. Emma, then pulled Regina into a warm and loving embrace.

They kissed once more, deepening it as carefully as they could so as to not accidentally swallow any water from the water cascading from the large showerhead. They only break away from each other when their need to breathe becomes paramount to their survival. Regina, taking control of the situation; pins Emma to the cold tiles at the back of the shower. She kissed Emma along her jawline, then back to her lips as she let her hands do all the work of bringing pleasure to Emma's chest and wet centre.

She teased around Emma's clit, drawing out loud needy moans from Emma as she let the pleasurable sensations consume her. Magic sparked on Regina's and Emma's skin reaching out to each other with their magical connection. That naturally enhanced their physical and emotional connection they already felt for each other. Emma, not to be outdone; used one of her hands to tease Regina's clit as, Regina did the same to Emma. Both began moving in tandem, kissing while they brought each other to mutual orgasmic bliss with just the clitoral stimulation. As they slowly began to come down from their mutual high, they then inserted their wet digits into each other's vaginal openings. Thrusting in and out at a steady pace. Making sure to stimulate the other's g-spot. Relishing the feeling of their lover's walls pulsing around their long digits. To feel the hot water from the shower hit their naked bodies. The feeling of hot breath in their ears as they vocalise the sheer bliss they feel as they work to give each other the best orgasm they can provide. Until they finally fall over the edge that they had been nearing for who knows how long. They scream out each other's names. Then they held each other in a steadying embrace as their legs felt like jelly beneath them.

When their heart rate calms down and they catch their breath, still held in the other's arms. The now lukewarm water falling down their bodies. "Mmm, that was wonderful. I don't think I have ever come so hard like that before. Or felt so loved by anyone really." Stated Regina as she moves to turn off the water. Then steps backwards to reach for the big fluffy towels nearby. She gave one to Emma then wrapped one around herself. She dried herself for the most part before tying it up under her armpit. Then used the hair dryer to restyle her hair to a more presentable fashion. Emma however chose to towel dry her hair to get the most of it dry and let the air finish drying the rest. Only making sure to brush her hair for the time being.

Once they finished drying and changing into a fresh set of clothes, Emma summoning some from her wardrobe at the loft. "How about we go pick up our son and go out to dinner together as a family at Granny's?" asked Emma. As she walked over to where Regina was sitting at her vanity mirror fixing her makeup.

"That sounds lovely. I am almost ready, why don't you summon my car back here while you wait." Replied Regina as she continued to finish getting ready. Emma nodded her head in acceptance. Then went outside the manor to do as Regina asked of her. She closed her eyes in concentration then flicked her wrist to activate her magic. Summoning the car onto Regina's driveway. As soon as the car is revealed from Emma's gold and white smoke, Regina walks out of the manor and stands beside Emma.

"Good job Emma, I see there is not a single scratch on my car." Said Regina teasingly.

"You look nice today." Replied Emma flirtatiously.

"Thank you dear, you look lovely yourself." Responded Regina just as flirtatiously.

"Thanks, let's go pick up our son. Shall we drive or walk?" said Emma as she held her arm out for Regina to take if she chose to walk.

"A Walk sounds lovely." Replied Regina as she took Emma's arm. They walk arm in arm, enjoying the closeness they feel. As they walk down the streets, some of the town's citizens look in their direction curiously. Then look away with smiles upon their faces when they see the heart eyes in their beloved Sheriff and Mayor directed at each other. Their general closeness warmed their hearts. And any remaining nay sayers felt safer upon seeing the mayor be with their sheriff. In their minds, a happy Regina makes for a better living for them.

Hook and Robin watched them from afar as the two women they felt they were entitled to be happy together as they walked down the street arm in arm. Big happy smiles on their faces, oblivious to the looks and opinions of those around them. Robin, at least with his so-called code of honour knows not to try to interfere; but the same couldn't be said for the pirate. Who Robin had met up with to commiserate about Emma and Regina coming to terms with their feelings for each other. Before either of the two men could have convinced them otherwise.

"You know mate, you can still have the Mayor if you wanted. You have that whole "soulmate connection", don't you?" said Hook, deviously as he drank from his flask.

"Hmm, I don't know about that. Fairy dust can be wrong, I had a talk with both Blue and Tinkerbelle about the dust. Wanted to be sure that Regina is the one I am supposed to be with. I have a code you know and I have my wife and son to think about. Regina has her own son to think about as well. And according to Blue, since the dust that Tinkerbelle used was stolen; it meant that it would take you to the person you are not meant to be with. It would take you to someone who would take you down a dark path. I don't want to be responsible for Regina going dark again. Me not going dark is just an added bonus." Replied Robin, as he then contemplated his fate at the bottom of a glass of scotch he was slowly sipping.

"Yeah, well that doesn't mean you and the Queen can't have a little fun no?" said Hook as he waggled his eyebrows.

"I wish that were true, but she doesn't want anything to do with me. Not now that Marian is back. She isn't interested in being the other woman. I guess I should just resign myself to my fate. I am stuck with my previously thought to be dead wife." Said Robin morosely. Downing the scotch back in one go.

"Well I intend on trying with Swan, I know she will come around my way eventually. Just got to keep asking and hanging around her. Work the good role model for the kid angle, hmm yes that might work." Conspired Hook, as he looked out the bed and breakfast room window.

Meanwhile, Emma and Regina had made it to Snow and David's loft apartment. Emma lets them in with her keys, still holding Regina's warm hand. A gesture Snow notices immediately from the kitchen island bench she was making a cup of tea on. "Good afternoon Emma, Regina. I see you both are in one piece. Did you forget what a phone was for?" greeted Snow.

"Hi Snow, that was my fault I kept Emma fully occupied so she didn't have time to even look at her phone let alone text." Teased Regina, her signature smirk on her face. She was definitely enjoying this opportunity to embarrass her former step-daughter.

"Oh, alright then. Did the two of you have a good time at least?" said Snow with a clear as day blush on her face.

"Yes, Mum we did and Regina stop teasing my mother." Said Emma with her own smirk on her face. She knew all too well just how much Regina loved to tease her parents any chance she got.

"I am glad that it went well. So what are your plans now?" replied Snow, wanting to get to the heart of the matter without being to direct about it.

"Well, aside from going on more dates. I was hoping that eventually Emma, Henry and I could all live together at my house as a family. I have nothing but good intentions with your daughter Snow. No need to worry about me potentially corrupting her or anything like that. I love her far too much to let anything terrible happen to her." Declared Regina, while Emma took a seat at the dinner table. Her goofy smile she inherited from her father on her face at Regina's words.

"That is good to hear, I am more concerned about you Regina. If for whatever reason things don't work out, you have David and my support. We won't let you go down that old dark path again. Not if we can help it. As for Emma, we won't let her go down a dark path either. You both have our love and support no matter what. That is what family is for you know? To have each other's backs in our time of need." Declared Snow passionately, she wanted both Regina and Emma to know that she supported the two of them being together. She didn't want to be the one that got in the way of true love.

"Thank you Snow, it is nice to know that I have your support. We have come far enough over these last few years, I would hate to destroy what little progress we have made." Said Regina, just as passionately. Emma of course was quietly listening to the entire conversation and had joyful tears in her eyes at just how much love and support she had. That her parents accepted her and Regina's relationship. It means the world to her.

At that point in the conversation David and Henry entered the kitchen and dining area of the loft. "Hey Mum's. Can we go have dinner at granny's tonight? Just you me and Ma?" greeted Henry after giving both of his mother's a hug each.

"Yes my little prince, that is what we came over to ask if you wanted to join us at Granny's." answered Regina, happy tears welled in the corner of her eyes at hearing him call her mum.

"Great! Can we go now? Can I have one of those milk shakes? Please?" replied an overly excited thirteen almost fourteen year old. Who was still a big kid at heart. No matter how old he gets he still had that boyish enthusiasm when it came to food. Just like his blonde mother and charming grandfather. The quickest way to his heart was through food. Preferably the delicious greasy food that only Granny could provide.

"Calm down kid, we will get there. And yes you can have one of the milkshakes, but that means you have to eat the side salad that comes with the meal you order alright? Can't go too crazy with the junk food we don't want to make ourselves sick with too much sugar and grease." Said Emma, conscious of the fact that Regina was listening to what she said to him.

Regina was impressed with how Emma was able to compromise with Henry. She was fully aware that Emma did it with her in mind. But she was impressed all the same. Bringing a bright smile to her face. As she knew deep within her heart that this was her family. Emma, Henry, Snow, David and little Neal. And on the rare occasion when Rumple remembered that he had a grandson he and Belle were included as family as well. Thanksgiving and Christmas was going to be a rather interesting affair this year. Even though it was months away, she was able to see in her mind how that would turn out. A little crazy, a little cheesy full of hope speeches and magical hijinks. But this is her life now. And she wouldn't trade it for anything.

"Thank you Snow and David for keeping an eye on Henry for us. We will head on out to Granny's now, I hope for the two of you and little Neal have a wonderful afternoon and evening. Come on, Henry, Emma lets go stuff our faces with Granny's delicious food." Said Regina not able to contain her love and happiness in her voice.

Emma and Henry got up out of their seats at the loft dining table, Henry with his overnight bag in tow. "Hey Henry pass me your overnight bag I will send it to your room at Regina's house." Said Emma once she had put her jacket back on. Henry nodded and passed his bag over to Emma who closed her eyes in concentration, engulfing the bag in her own signature magic. Proud of herself with getting the bag to land on top of Henry's bed.

he three of them left the loft together. Regina and Emma holding arms once again while Henry walked slightly on ahead of them. When they got to the diner, they took a seat in one of the booths. Regina and Emma sitting opposite each other while Henry took the spot next to Regina. They pick up the menus from the holder on the table. By now all three had memorised the diner's menu, considering how often they frequented it alone or together with Henry on their respective weeks with him.

Ruby came over to their table to take their orders, she already had an idea what they would order. But she still had to go through the process, nonetheless. "Good evening, what can I get you guys?" asked Ruby, her trusty order pad in hand ready to take their order.

"Hey Rubes, can I get the chocolate frappe with the double bacon cheeseburger. With a side Caesar salad and fried onion rings." Replied Emma, with a smile upon her face. She was just so damn happy to be spending time with both Regina and Henry as a proper family.

"Sure thing Em, what about you Regina? and Henry?" replied Ruby as she wrote down Emma's order.

"I will have the broiled seafood sampler, with a side of coleslaw, mixed vegetables and sweet potato fries. For drinks I will go with my usual cappuccino please Miss Lucas." Replied Regina politely.

"I will have the same as Emma but with the indulgent chocolate milkshake please." Ordered Henry as politely as possible while still being full of excited energy.

"Great I will put in your orders and bring over your drinks, have a good night guys." Replied Ruby a bright wolfish smile on her face.

Regina and Emma laughed at the story Henry was telling them about the crazy hijinks that little Neal got up to. It seems that he has magic as well. "And then Uncle Neal, he managed to summon his favourite teddy bear to his crib. The look upon Grams and Gramps faces was hilarious…"said Henry before he took a bite of his burger.

"Did it float from one end of the loft to the other? I have seen little guy make his toys fly through the air whenever I have babysat him. It's like he waits until Snow and David are not looking to test out his magic. Up until now I don't think they knew he had magic." Asked Emma, amusedly.

"Yeah, he likes to do that it's funny." Replied Henry.

"I don't understand how they didn't know little Neal has magic. He is a product of true love after all. But I suppose since they don't have magic themselves, it wouldn't be something they thought their children would possess." Said Regina, joining in on the conversation.

"What about me? I am the son of a product of true love shouldn't I have magic?" asked Henry curiously.

"You are the Truest Believer, which I believe is your gift from Emma having been born with magic. But since Emma and your father weren't each other's true love. So you weren't born with magic like Emma and your Uncle. However since you are the Truest Believer, that makes you the best candidate to be the Author. Once the current one is relieved of his duties that is. Whoever that is, I guess only the sorcerer would know that." Explained Regina as best she could.

"I guess that makes sense. I am happy just being the Truest Believer and the proud son of the former Evil Queen and the Saviour. Oh and the grandson of the Dark One, as well as the great grandson of Peter Pan. Also if you squint Hook is my step-grandfather, because he was with my grandmother Milah for a long time. So there is that. I am so glad you didn't give in to Hook's advances Ma, he is such a slimy stalker." Said Henry around bites of his salad and sips from his milkshake.

"You never said anything like that about Hook before Kid, what changed your mind? Not that I was ever interested in him. It's just that you seemed to enjoy spending time with him before." Asked Emma, as she too ate her salad and drank from her frappe.

"Well before it seemed like you might have been interested in him since you did spend a lot of time with him. And I didn't want to get in the way of whatever bit of happiness you seemed to be having. The same goes with Mum and her being with Robin. I didn't want to interfere with her happiness. You both deserve to have as much happiness as is possible to be had. I am just glad the both of you came to your senses about who you truly loved. Which you know is each other." Explained Henry, who had that look that says 'duh' like both of his mothers should have known that they belonged together all along.

"Yes Henry, your mother and I do love each other very much and we want to continue to see where this new romantic relationship between us goes. We can't guarantee it will all work out. But we will try our absolute best to make each other happy. But no matter what Henry, the three of us will always be a family." Declared Regina, with her genuine smile on her face and love in her voice.

Emma nodded in agreement with what Regina said, she couldn't say anything as she had a mouthful of onion rings at the time. But one thing she knew in her heart that this is what she wanted more of for the rest of her life. Family moments like this with Regina and Henry, if they were lucky perhaps more children to raise together. Anything is possible when magic is involved. After they finished eating they went back home to Regina's manor.

"Emma you are more then welcome to stay here tonight if you like." Said Regina warm and invitingly. Once they had walked back from the diner, Emma was lingering by the door. Unsure if she should come in. The new status of their relationship was still in the beginning stages. Sure they have confessed their love for each other and have consummated their relationship. But still they have only ever been on one date. She didn't want to push her luck and risk there not being a second date.

"Are you sure? I don't want to intrude on your time with Henry any more than I have already…" replied Emma, her insecurities shining in her voice and body language.

"Of course I am sure. As I said at Granny's we are a family, I want to spend as much time with you as possible. Besides I am not done showing you just how much I love you yet Em-ma…" replied Regina adding a seductive purr at the end of her sentence dragging out how she pronounced the blonde's name.

"Well then who am I to refuse such an enticing invitation…" returned Emma with an equally seductive timbre to her voice. Henry stood at the top of the entrance landing listening to his mother's flirting with each other. He had a big goofy smile on his face. Though as soon as it looked like they were going to kiss right there in the doorway he felt that it was his cue to head on into the entertainment room. Play some Xbox with his noise cancelling headset on.

Regina grabbed Emma by her leather jacket collar and pulled Emma in for a passionate kiss. Which Emma eagerly deepens, her hands make their way under Regina's shirt. She then cupped Regina's breasts over the bra she was wearing. Regina moaned in her throat at the sensation. Causing them to break away from the kiss. "Bedroom now…"said Regina, barely able to speak the words. As she was overtaken by her desire for Emma.

"Yes, please…mmm…lead the way." Replied Emma just as breathless and dripping with desire. The two women stumble their way up the spiral staircase, barely watching where they were going. As they were too busy kissing and touching anywhere on the other that they could reach. They finally make it to Regina's master bedroom and stumble through the door. Once inside Regina then quickly uses her magic to make the room soundproof. So they could be as loud as they wanted without disturbing their son.

Once she finishes she turns to look over at Emma who had moved over to the large queen's sized bed. She had already removed her boots and placed them neatly by the door. She was just beginning to unbutton her jeans before she would take of her jacket. As she was working the rather stubborn button she sensed Regina staring at her. "Like what you see Madam Mayor?" said Emma her voice dripping sex and desire. Her green eyes were fully dilated with a come hither motion as she tilted her head in Regina's direction.

"I very much do Sheriff Swan…"said Regina seductively.

"Then come over here and get it." purred Emma. Regina willingly and eagerly obliged. As she pulled Emma into a heated kiss. Emma deepened it with enthusiasm, letting her hands wander along Regina's clothed body. In her impatience Emma unconsciously used her magic to remove all their articles of clothing leaving them both deliciously naked. Regina moved them both onto the bed, so that Emma was the one on her back. While Regina settled in between Emma's legs, her hips and mound pressed against Emma's heated one. Regina leans in for another kiss.

Gyrating her hips in tandem with Emma's as they kiss slowly and intensely. Emma moved her hands to help guide Regina's hips to get as much friction as humanly possible. They continue to rock their hips bringing each other to an orgasm that rocked their worlds. Their combined magic sparking all over them. Encouraging them to change positions so that they could thrust their sparking fingers into each other's wet and needy centre. They thrust in a steady rhythm, using their free hands to hold each other close as they bring each other to another mind blowing orgasm that has them collapsing in a sweaty heap of tangled limbs.

When they came down from their mutual orgasmic highs they snuggle in together under the covers of Regina's bed. This time Regina welcomed being Emma's little spoon. She enjoyed the feeling of Emma's strong arms wrapped around her, the feeling of Emma placing a loving kiss in the juncture where her pulse can be found. The feeling of love and safety, lulled her into a peaceful and restful sleep. Emma following her shortly after. With the thought of being able to hold Regina safely in her arms was something she could definitely get used too. What tomorrow may bring for them, well that was tomorrow's problem. What mattered the most was how they felt for each other and being able to raise their son together as family.

The end.