True love begins in the astral plane;

Chapter 1:

Emma, Henry and Hook had just pulled up in front of Granny's Bed and Breakfast. Since Emma had been driving almost non-stop since New York, Henry was naturally passed out in the backseat of Emma's yellow vintage volkswagen beetle. Hook had been asking her questions annoyingly the entire seven-hour long drive. By the time they arrived at Granny's Emma wanted to shove his hook so far up his arse he would be begging to have it removed quick smart and not trying so hard to 'win her heart.' As he once declared he would do.

Emma didn't want anything to do with Killian Jones. At the moment he was just an on-hand babysitter for Henry. Not that Henry needed to be babysat. He was now almost thirteen years old. And could take care of himself, though without his memories. Emma just wanted to make sure he was safe. Considering Hook wanted to impress her, he would more than likely entertain Henry if he thought he could get the slightest chance to be with her. Which was the only reason she wasn't fulfilling her current fantasy of disembowelling the pirate for the time being.

"Ay, Swan do you want help carrying the lad upstairs to your room?" offered Hook, while giving Emma his best winsome look.

"Hmm, I should be alright. And you wouldn't be much help with that hook of yours. How about you go ahead and let Granny know that Henry and I plan to book a suit for awhile. Once I get him in the room, I am going to head over to Regina's mansion let her know we are back and that Henry doesn't have his memories. Maybe she can figure out a way to get them back. And I am sure she knows what is going on or at least has an idea." Answered Emma, as she carefully lifted Henry out of the bug.

Hook, nodded his accent then walked ahead like she asked him to do. As he did, he thought maybe he could entice Tinkerbell to join him in his own room at the bed and breakfast for a night cap. He looked around as he entered the diner trying to catch the eye of Granny or Ruby. Emma was doing the same while struggling to carry Henry's deceiving weight.

Ruby, upon noticing Emma enter the diner immediately rushed over to help her carry the still asleep Henry. "Good to see you back Emma, you do remember who I am right?" said Ruby as they made their way to the nearest lounge chair in the back.

"Of course, I do Ruby. It is just Henry who doesn't. Which is one of the reasons I didn't just rock up to my parents' place. Besides, Regina deserves to know that we are back. And be forewarned about Henry's memory situation. What do you know about why you guys are all back?" replied Emma.

"Not much, just that a year has gone by and we are suddenly back. I will give you a heads up though. Your mum Snow is pregnant. I didn't want you to go visit them and be surprised by it. You deserve better than that. Least I can do since I was supposed to be your godmother once upon a time... Just give me a second and I will book you and Henry into one of our suites. With an open-ended booking for the time being." Said Ruby.

"Thanks Ruby. Regina is still Mayor here, right?" said Emma as she waited for Ruby to set up the booking.

"As far as I know she is. Okay you are all booked…come on let's get the kid into bed." Replied Ruby coming back over to help carry Henry. The two women lug the awkward teen up the stairs, then once they reach the suite's door Ruby helps Emma balance him for a bit while she unlocked the door for Emma.

"Thanks Ruby, I got it from here. I will probably see you later for something to eat or perhaps a scotch after seeing Regina…" said Emma as she took Henry over to the nearest bedroom. Once she laid him down on the bed. She removed his shoes, then pulled the doona over him. Placed a kiss on his forehead. Followed by heading over to where the room's stationary was kept. She left him a note saying she was going to visit a friend who had information on the case. And that there was money to get something to eat in the diner if he was hungry.

She then left to head on over to Regina's mansion. As she opened the gate, she was hit with an onslaught of memories. This time, she looked at them through a new point of view. It was like she could see all the moments shared with Regina through the Mayor's eyes. It made her wonder, if the memories that Regina gave her at the town line were an act of love for more than just Henry's sake.

When the visions faded, Emma closed the gate behind her then walked up to the front door. Just as she was about to knock on the door Regina opened it, with one of her eyebrows raised and a hand on her hip. "Miss Swan, care to tell me why you are here?" Questioned Regina.

"Hook came to New York. He told me that my family was in danger and needed my help." Replied Emma sheepishly.

"Of course, he did. I dare say he told you it was me who put your family in danger?" retorted Regina, exasperation in her voice; tinged with a little resentment.

"No, he wasn't clear on what the danger was. And I never assumed it was you. I came to let you know that Henry and I were back. And that Henry doesn't have his memories at the moment as there wasn't enough memory potion for both of us. There is however still a little bit left in the bottle I was given. I was hoping you could figure out a way to make more? At least enough to give Henry." Answered Emma as she shifted lightly from foot to foot in nervousness.

"Well then you better come in and we can see what we can do about that memory potion. And I also hope you would tell me about Henry's life over the last year?" answered Regina as she let Emma inside.

Emma followed Regina into her study where a cosy fire was already lit. They both took a seat on the lounge closest to the warm fire. Emma handed over the bottle that contained the almost empty memory potion. Regina held it up to the light, opened the lid and took a whiff to see if she could figure out some of the ingredients used. When she was done with that, she sighed in disappointment as it seems it was going to take her using her potion set at her office to truly figure out what was in it.

"First of all, I want to thank you for those memories of him growing up you gave me. They mean the world to me; you know when I first gave Henry up all I could do was hope against all odds that he was given to a good home. I am so happy that he got you. Because you gave him the life, I knew at the time I could never give him. So, I am eternally grateful to you for giving him the best start in life. I know how hard that was for you, I can feel everything you felt in the memories you gifted me." Explained Emma, then taking a sip of the cider Regina had poured for her.

"What do you mean you could feel what I felt with the memories I gave you?" interrupted Regina, voice full of confusion. She never intended for her feelings for Emma to seep into the memories. Let alone expect Emma to thank her for them. She was completely baffled by it all.

"What I mean is that I can feel how much you love Henry. And how you struggled to overcome the things your mother drilled into you. So that you could be the best mother possible for him. How you went out of your way to make sure he had everything he could possibly need. Sure, you might have over did it a little but that is alright. Far better then what I went through in the foster system." Replied Emma deliberately leaving out the part that included a feeling of longing that no matter what she did couldn't be quenched.

"That was the idea to let you believe it was you who raised Henry, see him grow up. You still haven't mentioned what happened in the last year." Responded Regina getting frustrated at little bit as the tiredness she felt from the long day at town hall and the stress of not knowing who cast the curse and who was causing the people to go missing. Not to mention the fact that no one has seen either Neal or Rumplestiltskin.

"Well, it worked. The last year has been good. We have this great two-bedroom apartment in one of the better school districts. I even learnt to cook few new recipes that Henry enjoys. Don't worry, I made sure he ate decent meals and plenty of healthy vegetables. He is doing well in school. A straight A student to be exact. He made a couple of friends, but he still likes to keep to himself for the most part. Reading and playing various video games. I join in with him when I can, but with me back working as a bail bondsperson again. I don't always get a lot of time.

From what I could see, he is happy. Though there are days it seems like he is missing someone. I could never figure out who it was and he couldn't tell me either. I felt it as well, like there was a missing piece. At first, I thought it was Neal I was missing, but that wasn't it. I realised when I took the memory potion Hook gave me it was you, Henry and I were missing." Explained Emma with a small smile on her face and hope in her eyes as she looked in Regina's direction.

"I glad he is doing well in school. It is nice to hear he has some friends. I always worried about that as he had trouble doing that here. Though I guess that had more to do with me being the Evil Queen than him. Even under the curse the children didn't like me. And they took it out on Henry. Being known as my son had its drawbacks. My hope is once he gets his memories back we can work to fix that problem here in Storybrooke. Perhaps come to a fair arrangement? Joint custody sound fair to you? I know we can't exactly make it legal as you signed for a private adoption. But at least between us we can work out a schedule that will benefit all three of us." Replied Regina.

"That sounds fair enough to me Regina. I am just happy you let me into his life. I know before I made it seem like that wasn't the case with how things were before Neverland. I am sorry for how I treated you and let Henry treat you. It was uncalled for. I just, ugh; I let my parents get into my head rather than trust my instincts. I should've learnt from the whole Archie and your mother debacle. It's hard to explain, at least for me it is. But I doubt you want to hear my sad life story." Continued Emma, as she turned her head back to staring into her glass of barely drunk apple cider.

She was too distracted with trying to get Regina to understand where she was coming from. Emma didn't want her to think any less of her or get the idea that she wasn't on her side. Emma felt it was very important that Regina knew that she believed in her. That she always believed in her. The only problem is that Emma often let her need to gain her parents' approval to get in the way of that.

Regina took a large sip of her own cider, polishing of the last dregs of the amber liquid. Before noticing the flower tattoo on Emma's wrist, since the absence of the tattered brown shoelaces; it was easier to see. Intrigued by it, she just had to ask Emma about it. "Your tattoo, what type of flower is it?"

"Oh, that…the tattoo artist told me it was a Lyon flower, but I am not to certain of that. I got it when I left my last group home. Why do you ask?" answered Emma distractedly.

"Curiosity really, Tinkerbelle told me a long time ago that the person with a Lion tattoo would be my soulmate. She used some pixie dust to lead me too them, but at the time I wasn't ready. Not then, I was too engulfed with my rage and hatred towards your mother. My mother, Rumpelstiltskin and of course your grandfather. The dust led me to this man with a lion tattoo on his forearm. Though I didn't go in and see for certain. Much to Tinkerbelle's anger and disappointment. She lost her wings over that." Responded Regina as she got up to pour herself another glass of cider.

"Do you think he might be here in Storybrooke? The man with the Lion tattoo?" asked Emma, her jealousy getting the better of her.

"I have no idea, but I am not entirely sure I want to find out. I don't exactly want to be forced into another relationship that was dictated by someone else. The idea of a soulmate sounds nice. However, I am just as happy to be able to see Henry grow up. That is enough of a happy ending for me. For the time being at least. We have enough to worry about with whatever is going on with this new curse. If romance comes along the way with figuring out this current magical situation, happens to so be it. I will deal with that as it goes.

I just want to find out who is behind this curse for now and get Henry's memories back." Said Regina as she took slower sips of the cider. While taking note of Emma's reactions to her words. She watched as a mixture of emotions crossed the blonde's face. Jealousy being the most prominent emotion. And a strange longing was the next most noticeable. Something she could relate too. As she had been longing for Emma to take notice of her subtle flirtations, her need to spend time with her.

"Well, I should probably head back to the bed and breakfast. I don't want to further intrude on your hospitality and I am pretty sure Henry would be awake by now. We should all meet up at my suite at Granny's tomorrow and discuss what we should do next. Say around lunch time? That way I will have had time to see my parents and find someone to mind Henry." Said Emma as she got up of the lounge she was sitting on.

"Alright then, in the meantime I will take a look at the memory potion see what I can come up with. See you tomorrow then Emma, drive safe." Agreed Regina as she walked Emma out of the study and then out the rest of the way out of her house. Emma then walks down the footpath, then the front gate to get into her bug. She put it into gear then took off towards Granny's bed and breakfast.

When she arrives she looks around the suite for Henry, she found him in the lounge area of the suite playing his Nintendo Ds. "Hey kid, have you been awake long?" asked Emma.

"No, I only woke up about twenty minutes ago. Saw your note. But I wasn't hungry yet so I thought I would wait for you then see if you wanted to eat at the diner before it closes for the night." Replied Henry, once he pushed pause on his game.

"Sounds good, I need to soak up the hard apple cider the Mayor gave me." Said Emma. Henry put his game away into his jacket pocket then went with Emma downstairs into the diner. They took a seat in the nearest booth. Ruby came over with the menu for them. Knowing Henry wouldn't know the menu at present while his memories are gone.

"Good Evening, here are your menus. Can I get you some drinks to start with?" greeted Ruby.

"Hey Ruby, we will take two of your best hot chocolates with whipped cream and cinnamon." Answered Emma.

"Coming right up." Said Ruby, with her big wolfish smile on her face. She could smell the Mayor all over Emma and it pleased her to know that once again Regina and Emma's magic had connected. ' I wonder if now they are connected enough to project to the astral realm together? As the Apprentice once told me long ago, that when two powerful witches one of both light and dark magic and the other born of true love connect with their magic. They will travel to the astral realm and will put right the balance within all the worlds once more.' Thought Ruby as she made Emma and Henry their hot chocolates.

"So kid, what do you feel like ordering?" asked Emma tentatively. She had a feeling he might have some questions about this place that she just wasn't sure how to answer him.

"I will get the chicken parmigiana with sweet potato fries and battered onion rings if that is okay?" replied Henry as he read through the menu.

"Sure thing bud, I think I will go the crab cakes with steak cut chips and side of cob salad. Got to try and be sensible when I can." Said Emma.

"Hey Ma, do you think this place has a place that sells comic books? I was hoping to get the new Captain Marvel that comes out this week." Asked Henry after they gave Ruby their meal orders once she brought over their drinks.

"I think the general store should have it, if not I will ask the Mayor tomorrow. She is a comic book reader and should know where to get them." replied Emma trying to remember where she saw Regina buy the comics for Henry when they last lived her before Regina sent them over the town line.

"Why is the Mayor coming by tomorrow?" asked a curious Henry.

"She is helping me with the case I am working on. And some others will be coming by who will be helping as well. Why don't you have a look around town tomorrow, I know there is a library under the clocktower. Maybe you will find a book you haven't read yet? And the librarian Belle French is nice, maybe you could keep her company?" said Emma, as she ate her meal.

"There is a library under the clocktower? That sounds awesome. I will certainly check that out." Replied Henry, as he too enjoyed his meal. After they finish eating they head on back up to their room at the Bed and Breakfast. Emma sets her alarm on her phone so she can go visit her parents before they need to all meet up to plan the next move and find out who is behind this curse.

When the alarm went off, Emma woke up reluctantly. The sound of the buzzing alarm annoying her enough that she was tempted to throw her phone across the room. If only to shut the buzzing up. Instead she reached over to the bedside table so she could turn off the alarm. She unplugged the phone and rolled out of the bed. Almost stumbling in her attempt to stand upright. In her still half asleep state she then knocked her knee into the nearest corner post of the bed. "Ah fuck! Seriously?!" groaned Emma as she rubbed the part of her knee where whacked it.

Emma then rummaged through the clothes she brought with her, looking for an outfit that would be just right. She wanted to get Regina's attention. If she could make herself more appealing then whoever might off caught Regina's eye, then all the better. ' What was with the dream I had last night?' thought Emma…

' Flashback…Once Emma had fallen asleep, her soul travelled to the astral realm. As she walked over a misty bridge, she looked around, the twinkling of far away stars being the only light against the pitch darkness. After what felt like an hour, Emma noticed that Regina was also in the astral realm. Walking towards her from the other side of the misty bridge. They continue to walk towards each other until they reach the middle of the bridge. "Regina? What are you doing here." asked a confused Emma.

"I was about to ask you the same thing, Emma." Replied an equally confused Regina.

"Um, where is here exactly? It looks like we are in outer space, but we are walking. We can talk and breathe. We shouldn't be able to do either of those if this was real space, we would be frozen solid and floating." Said Emma getting slightly agitated.

"I think this is the astral realm. And only your soul or spirt can venture into the astral zone. Which is why we aren't floating or frozen solid." Explained Regina.

"Okay…that makes some sense, I guess. But why are we here though? Like what is the reason?" asked Emma, just as curious as she was when she first entered the realm.

"Honestly? I have no idea. I have never been here before nor have I known anyone who has either. But while we are here, we may as well take a look around and get to know each other better. If there is one place where we can have total privacy and not be interrupted, it is here in the astral plane." Replied Regina. She conjured one of her signature fireballs into her palm. As a test to see if magic can work in the astral realm.

"So, I take it magic works here. That's good. Well, it would be if I knew how to fully use mine. I only know what you taught me when we were in Neverland. And how to project memories into a dream catcher. I want to be able to help magically with figuring out who cast the latest curse. What happened in the Enchanted Forest when you guys went back last year?" Asked Emma as she sat down on one of the lounge chairs Regina had conjured for them to relax in.

"None of us can remember what happened in the last year, the last thing we do remember is when I ripped the curse in half and sent us back to Enchanted Forest. And sending you and Henry over the town line with altered memories. So, trying to figure out the ingredients of the memory potion you were given is essential to figuring out who we are up against." Explained Regina, as she swirled the apple cider in the tumbler she was sipping from.

"Yeah, how is that going by the way? Did you make much leeway since I left earlier tonight?" asked Emma. As she sipped from the glass of bourbon on the rocks she was given by Regina after she had conjured them.

"I have at least determined what ingredients are needed to make more. It's about as far as I got before I passed out. We need seawater that has been enchanted, hair from someone who has been returned to who they should be, a drop of wolf's blood a dragon scale, petals of a forget me not flower that has been magically grown and water from lake nostos. It all needs to be mixed together then we can give some of it to Henry so he has his memories back. It isn't safe having him walk around town too long without them." answered Regina.

"That sounds equally disturbing and complicated all at once." Retorted Emma.

"Yes, but the only problem is not all those ingredients can be obtained in Storybrooke. I am not sure how we can get the water from lake nostos. Since that is in the Enchanted Forest." Continued Regina, trying to rack her brain as to where they can get the magical water needed.

"Can't we get the nostos water from the town well, where Snow and I came back through?" wondered Emma.

"I don't know maybe that will work, but I can't know for certain that the lake still has water to get." Said Regina.

"All we can do is try…"said Emma as she started to fade out of the astral realm.

"Emma?! Emma?!" shouted Regina as she too began to fade from the astral realm. End flashback…

Emma then took her chosen outfit, her leather mini dress with black leggings and her favourite leather boots. She then laid it out on her bed, before heading into the suite's bathroom. She has a shower, then walks back into her sleeping area. Puts on her clothes then heads on into the kitchenette area. And makes herself a bowel of cereal from the selection of individual serves available as a part of the bed and breakfast.

Just as she was eating the last spoonful of her breakfast, a half asleep Henry came out of his bedroom area. "Morning Ma, is there cereal?" asked Henry as he came over to the kitchenette island bench.

"Yeah, they have all the good stuff. Lucky charms, cap'n' crunch, count chocula, fruit loops etc. Take your pick." Answered Emma. As she placed her now empty bowel into the sink. She poured water in the bowel to soak. She would wash it later.

"Nice they have Apple Jacks. Good luck with the case today. Will I see you for dinner again?" said Henry as he poured some milk onto his cereal.

"Most likely, be safe alright. There are some unsavoury people around town." Said Emma as she put on one of her light jackets.

"I will be safe Ma, don't worry. Love you." Replied Henry as he focused back on his breakfast.

Emma left him too it, as she left the bed and breakfast. She walked out to her bug, then drove of down main street. She then turned off at her parent's street then continued on to the loft apartment block. She parked her car in the nearest parking spot, then went up the stairs at a brisk pace. Then knocked on her parents door. Snow opened the door on the second knock. "Emma? You're back?" asked a shocked and heavily pregnant Snow.

"Yes I am back, so is Henry but he doesn't remember. So you are pregnant? How far along are you?" replied Emma as she stepped through the doorway once Snow let her through.

They took a seat over at the dining table. "I think around seven months, though we can't be certain. As none of us has our memories of the last year. How has Henry been though? When did you get back? And how do you have your memories?" replied Snow.

"Henry is good, has good grades and made some friends back in New York. We got back last night, Hook found us in New York. He had a memory potion with him. He tried to kiss me at first but I wasn't having any of that. So I kicked him in the crotch. Don't go getting any ideas about me and him alright. I am not interested in dating a pirate. Has anyone seen Neal at all? I saw Regina last night when we got here, as she deserved to know that Henry and I were back. And that Henry didn't have his memories. I owed her that much, since she gave Henry and I such great memories." Explained Emma.

"You kicked Hook in the balls? I am glad to know my daughter knows how to defend herself even when she has no memories. No, nobody has seen Neal anywhere nor Rumple for that matter. Where and when are we having the meeting?" replied Snow, doing her best not to let it seem that she was a bit disappointed that Emma wouldn't consider dating someone. Even if that someone was a pirate.

"The meeting is at my suite and the Bed and breakfast, since Henry doesn't have his memories it made sense to stay there. And the meeting is around lunchtime that way Regina can make it during her lunch break. So if you can think of anyone who might be able to help figure out who is behind the new curse, bring them along." Replied Emma.

"Interesting that you didn't think that Regina could be responsible. She did cast the last curse." Said Snow, sarcasm and curiosity in her voice.

"If she had cast the curse don't you think she would have her memories? And not only that but she would have Henry with his and living with her. She was on the path to redemption since Neverland. So I was more then willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. She wants to be good for Henry. Casting the curse would be counter productive to doing that." Stated Emma passionately. Emma was determined to defend Regina no matter what.

"I trust your judgement, if you say she didn't do it. Then she didn't cast it. That does put us at a loss as to who it might have been. I will call your father at the station and let him know to meet up at your suite and the bed and breakfast. We should invite Blue and Tinkerbelle, they might be able to help. And Red should be involved as well. Her inner wolf can help us track whoever it is that cast the curse." Suggested Snow, as she got up to make herself and Emma a cup of tea.

When Snow brought the cups over to the table, the two of them sat and talked for awhile about Emma and Henry's time in New York. That she almost agreed to marry someone before coming back to Storybrooke. After awhile, they left for Emma's suite when it was close to time, bringing lunch with them.

Regina was waiting for them outside Emma's suite door, full of nerves and her potion making set. "Ah, good you are here. I brought my potion kit so that we can try and make the memory potion together. Hello Snow, how are you feeling?" said Regina nervously.

"Hey Regina, I am glad you made it. Here let me help you with that. Is anyone else coming?" said Emma as she took the potion set and placed it on a nearby table. Then joined Regina and Snow in the lounge area as they waited for everyone else to arrive. About five minutes of small talk later David, Ruby, Blue and Tinkerbelle arrived at the same time. Emma greeted them all, conjuring more chairs for everyone that didn't have a seat.

"Alright, now that everyone is here we need to figure out who cast the curse that brought all of you back to Storybrooke and find a way to get all of your memories back for the last year. Now, before either of you fairies suggest that Regina cast the curse, let me just say that you are wrong on many levels. For one, she would have her memories and she would have Henry with his memories. Since neither of those are true, that means she didn't cast it. Got it?" stated Emma passionately.

"I agree with Emma." Said David and Snow at the same time.

"So do I. Besides the curse requires sacrificing someone you truly love. And as far as I know Regina hasn't shared true love with anyone yet. No offence Regina…" said Ruby.

"I wasn't about to blame Regina. We buried the hatchet back on Neverland." Said Tinkerbelle. All eyes turned toward Blue as they waited for her answer.

"Look, I don't blame Regina. I know in the past I haven't been all that supportive of you Regina, but I believe you have been trying to be better. You are not your mother. Which is why I agreed to come. I want to help all of you find a way to get our memories back and find who did cast it. I have an idea on how we can lure out who might be behind the curse or the reason the curse was cast." Explained Blue.

"Okay what is the plan Blue?" asked Snow.

"We call a town meeting, then we accuse Regina of being the one to cast the curse. You Emma and Regina will have a fake fight during the meeting. The more dramatic you make it the better. Grumpy will then spread the news about us being able to make a memory potion. That will at least lure out the person behind our memory loss." Said Blue.

"That isn't a half bad plan. We should at least try to make the memory potion first and have the meeting at town hall tomorrow morning. Gives us time to fine tune the plan and test out the memory potion." Said Regina, impressed with the Blue fairy's plan of action.

They talked more about what they had seen or heard that seemed odd around town. Like not being able to cross the town line without being pulled back by tree vines. That some of the towns people had gone missing and they had seen some flying monkey's around near the woods and edge of town. Eventually most of the group left leaving Regina, Emma and Blue to work on the memory potion together. They mix the ingredients together then placed it into the potion mixer that looked similar to a chemistry set.

Once the potion had finished brewing, Blue took the potion and gulped it down in one go. She looked like it might of worked only for her to throw the empty bottle at the nearest wall. "DAMN! That should have worked." Shouted Blue.

Emma and Regina looked at each other then back over at blue.

"Um I take it, that didn't go as you planned?" asked Emma tentatively.

"No, so we are back at square one memory wise." Replied Blue exasperatedly. Well I am going to go back to the church and converse with the other fairies to see what we can come up with. I will see the both of you tomorrow." Said blue before turning back into her fairy form, then flying out the nearest window.

"Well that got weird." Said Emma.

"That it did indeed. Well I better go as well. Give Henry a hug and a kiss for me." Said Regina as she too left to head back to town hall to work. Emma then decided to head down to the dinner to have a drink. And that is where she stayed until Henry got back from his tour and time spent in the library. The two of them sit down to eat dinner together before Henry, with the help of Ruby, took a slightly drunk Emma up to their room.

Where Emma promptly passed out. Finding herself once again in the astral realm.

' Well here we go again…thought Emma as she walked around in the astral plane's version of the bed and breakfast. Emma then walked out of her suite and down into the diner. She could still feel the buzz of the alcohol she consumed before falling asleep. She poured herself a scotch from the astral plane's version of Granny's stock. Then grabbed the bottle with her. She then continued to walk around Astral Storybrooke, letting her feet guide her where her heart truly desired.

Which turns out to be Regina's place. Emma wasn't sure why she allowed herself to get drunk. There wasn't a real reason that she could think off, except maybe from when she overheard Tinkerbelle say that the man with the lion tattoo was seen in Storybrooke. If what Tinkerbelle said is true, then he could be Regina's soulmate. Regina didn't say anything to deny what the fairy had said. Even though Regina had told her she didn't think that the man with the lion tattoo was her soulmate.

While Emma was standing in front of Regina's front door, scotch bottle in hand. Regina was standing on the other side holding the decanter of her hard apple cider. She could sense Emma standing on the other side of her door. She didn't understand why hearing Tinkerbelle say that the man with the lion tattoo was in town. Had her heart fill up with dread. She knew deep inside that no matter who he was, he wasn't who she was meant to be with.

She doesn't want to let what anyone else dictate who she should be with, it is her life not theirs. So Regina decided there and then to throw caution to the wind and let Emma inside her house. Emma of course wasn't expecting that so she stumbled forward almost falling flat on her face. Regina managed to save her in time. By catching her in her arms. The decanter still in her hand intact. Regina then helped Emma to stand upright on her own. "Emma, are you alright?" asked Regina, as she guided Emma over to one of the lounges in the nearest living room. Regina then took a seat on the lounge opposite.

"So…Regina are you going to look for that man with the lion tattoo?" asked Emma drunkenly.

"Why on earth would I do that? I have no interest in letting someone else dictate my love life. I had more than enough of it from my mother and Rumple dictating my life for me. I want to be able to choose my own destiny. Be with whoever I happen to love and be in love with by my own volition. The fact the person I am in love with happens to be sitting on the lounge opposite me is a welcomed bonus." Replied Regina confidently, though slightly slurred.

"So you love me? That's what you're saying right?" asked a bewildered Emma.

"Yes you idiot. I love you." Replied a slightly annoyed yet amused Regina.

"Good, I love you too Regina…" said Emma as seductively as her slightly drunken self could manage. Regina's only response to that was to get up off the lounge she was sitting on and walk confidently over to Emma, straddle Emma's waist and kiss the blonde so thoroughly. All Emma could do was kiss Regina back just as thoroughly as her brain short circuited from the shock of one Regina Mills sitting in her lap and kissing her like her life depended upon it…'