Chapter 4:

The next morning came all too soon in Regina's opinion. She was feeling tired from visiting the Astral Plane, but at the same time highly energised, like she got zapped by the Energiser Bunny. And now she could just go, go, go…she didn't understand how that could be the case. Then she remembered just how insistent that Emma was to make her strong enough to defeat Zelena in her battle that is to occur in a couple of hours. ' Wow, we slept in later than I thought we did. There is only two hours before I have to try my hardest not to kill my only sister. When Belle told me that Zelena was my sister. I didn't believe her at first, I mean why would I? Mother never mentioned having a child before I was born. And then there is that note that had said Rumple had found her first born and how powerful she was.

I had always thought he meant me, but I guess he meant Zelena. Was just a means to an end with him? The more malleable daughter of Cora. The one who was far easier to manipulate into killing the one I loved most. All to enact his curse. Could Zelena be Rumple's? I mean my mother and him did have a sexual relationship before she met my father so…but that senace we did implied that Zelena's father was a simple gardener. But that makes absolutely no sense. Considering Zelena could use magic since she was a baby. Only products of true love can do that, unless Zelena has two magical parents.

The only way we will ever find that out is if Rumple were ever to truly open up about his time with my mother. And tell the truth. I guess we will never know the full truth about all that. Then with that year in the Enchanted Forest, when Zelena had managed to get through the blood magic protection spell over my castle. Which left little doubt that she was blood related. It is such a shame she is so damn jealous of me. We could've had a proper sisterly relationship. Maybe after this battle and I win, Zelena and I can start to bond like true sisters should.

If she chooses to take a path to redemption that is. I hope she does, but I also am not going to get my hopes up about it. That would be unrealistic of me. She is going to need a reason to want to be a better person. If I didn't have Henry or Emma, I know that I would never have even bothered trying to not be what everyone thought I was. I would be still be who many still think I am. I would still be the Evil Queen.

Oh I don't know, I should probably just focus on today and worry about tomorrow; when tomorrow comes. For now, I should get up and make Emma and I some breakfast. I know that Emma will be starving. She is like our son, a bottomless pit. But I am so damn comfortable in her arms right now…' thought Regina as she laid in bed still snuggled in the arms of her true love.

"Regina…what are you thinking about so loudly…"asked a sleepy Emma, who had pulled Regina in close to her body. Once she felt like Regina was about to leave her embrace.

"I was just thinking about today and Zelena. About how much I would like for her and I to be proper sisters. But then I thought I should worry about tomorrow, when tomorrow actually comes and just focus on today. Then I thought I should get up and make us some breakfast to fill that bottomless pit you call a stomach…" replied Regina teasingly.

"What? Hey! I am not that bad am I?" retorted Emma, finding the comment about being a bottomless pit a little unsettling.

"There is nothing wrong with having a healthy appetite. Henry is the same. So don't get your knickers in a twist over it. I will still love you even if you eat me out of house and home." Replied Regina affectionately.

"Oh yeah?! Come here you, I will show you just how bottomless I can be…" said Emma flirtatiously. As she rolled on top of Regina, leaving a trail of kisses down Regina's body. Looking up briefly after each kiss she placed on her body. Gauging how Regina reacts before placing another light kiss, growling softly as she teased her about her word choices. Wanting to keep the mood light and fun. She stopped her teasing once she reached Regina's warm mound. Instead of taking it to a more sexually charged level, Emma crawled back up Regina's body and kissed Regina lovingly on the lips.

"Emma, you shouldn't start something you aren't going to finish." Said Regina suggestively between kisses.

"I would, but we don't have time for that right now. We need to get ready for the battle. Come on, sexy let's get some real food. Then we can have fun in the shower afterwards I will take good care of you I promise." Said Emma enticingly. As she pulled Regina up off the bed with her.

"You better keep your promise now Miss Swan." Said Regina with her voice dripping of sex. She definitely loved this insatiable side of Emma, so eager to please her. Which was great because Regina certainly couldn't get enough of Emma. And she never wanted to tire of this need to feel close to Emma. Though as Emma said they did need to get ready for the battle ahead. And time was ticking away from them.

"Oh don't you worry Madam Mayor I always keep my promises." Continued Emma as she began to walk down the stairs and onwards into the kitchen. She began pulling out the ingredients to make French toast with maple syrup, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and some blackberries to go with it. Regina helping with the prep work once she realised what Emma was going to make. She whisked the eggs with the milk and sugar and hint of nutmeg and vanilla essence. While Emma sliced the strawberries and heated the fry pan with some butter.

Regina passed the bowel with the bread soaking up the batter over to Emma, so that she could start cooking them. While Regina got their morning coffees made. They worked together effortlessly to get their meal ready. Exchanging warm smiles and light touches here and there as they went. Until Emma plated the cooked French toast, spread the berries around the plate and poured the maple syrup all over.

Once ready, they brought their plates and cups of hot coffee over to the dining table. Regina took a bite and moaned in delight over the taste of the indulgent breakfast. "We will definitely have to make these again, I am sure Henry will love it." said Regina as she ate her meal.

"Yes, the kid loves my French Toast. I used to make it for him on the weekends sometimes when I wanted a break from pancakes. As much as I enjoy eating pancakes, sometimes I just feel like having something different. But I think next time you should make it for him, he would love that. He really loves your cooking Regina. So don't worry as long as you cook all that delicious food you make you will always have Henry and I on your side." Replied Emma with a bright and goofy smile upon her face.

"Naturally the way to get the Saviour on your side is through her stomach, same goes for our son the one with the heart of the Truest Believer. Oh whatever shall I do if I ever run out of food…" said Regina dramatically and affectionately. Loving the bright blush upon Emma's cheeks.

"Hush you. It will take more than a shortage of food to get rid of me. So it looks like you're stuck with me." Said Emma, continuing on with the affectionate teasing banter between them. Emma knew that Regina was nervous, so she was doing her part to calm her nerves. They continued to eat their breakfast, then washed the dishes together before heading upstairs to take their shower together.

With the hot water running down their bodies, Emma made good on her promise. And got down on her knees and worshipped Regina's wet and needy pussy. Teasing her clit and entrance into her warm centre. She took the bundle of nerves into her mouth sucking hard, causing Regina to moan in pleasure. Her knees almost buckling at the intensity of it. Emma used one of her arms to steady her, before using her other hand to thrust two of her fingers inside her centre, making sure to hit her g-spot on every thrust. Emma continued to stimulate Regina's clit with her lips, tongue and teeth. Enjoying every sound that came out of Regina's mouth as she brought her to an earth shattering orgasm.

Emma got up off her knees and held Regina close, steadying her as she regained her composure. "There you go, I have got you." Said Emma softly into her ear, as Regina clung to Emma as her ever present nerves got the better of her.

"Thank you Emma, I needed that." Said Regina once they had gotten out of the now cold shower.

"No need to thank me Regina. You know I would do anything for you. I know you have this. You can beat her, I believe in you." Encouraged Emma as they finished getting ready. By the time they had finished getting dressed and ready for the day, they had thirty minutes to get to main street. They got into Emma's car, Emma used the siren so that she could get them there in time for Regina to make a dramatic entrance.

"I thought I told you that black was MY colour." Said Regina as she put on her red leather gloves, a little piece of Emma that gave her the added confidence boost she needed.

"It looks better on me." Taunted Zelena as she started the fight by using her magic to hurl one of the public garbage bins on the footpath in Regina's direction.

"Is that all you got?" taunted Regina as she cast a quick deflective shield to avoid getting hit by the garbage bin. Regina shot fireballs out of her hand, one after another in quick succession. Which Zelena easily deflected. She hurled her own green energy balls at Regina.

Which crackled as they flew past Emma's head almost singeing her eyebrows if she hadn't discreetly put it out with her white energy blasts. Emma cast a large protective barrier over the gathering crowd so that they didn't get hurt or caught up within the battle if Zelena chose to use them as canon fodder against Regina.

Regina and Zelena traded barbs while flinging various items at each other. In the middle of all the chaos, Hook could be seen trading blows with Robin. Who had come along to 'lend a hand' in the battle if he thought Zelena would need it. Hook though, just wanted to get Emma to think he was a hero and make a good impression in a last ditch effort at getting Emma to want him romantically. Even though he knew he had no chance once word got to him that it was Regina and Emma sharing a true love's kiss that broke the curse and gave everyone their memories back.

He figured if he couldn't get her as a lover, he would stick around as a friend. Even if that meant that he had to listen to Emma gush about the Queen. He would take it, as long as it meant that he could be around Emma. "Bloody hell mate, enough of those damn arrows. Can't you fight like a real man? Or are you too much of a coward?" taunted Hook, as he defected arrow after arrow of a seemingly endless supply of arrows out of his quiver.

"Why? Finding it too hard to keep up with just the one hand? Or is it you are a limp dick after hurting yourself one too many times with your hook…" taunted Robin.

While that was going on, Henry who was safe in Snow and David's loft apartment was watching the fight unfold in the 'Once Upon A Time.' Book. He watched as mother and aunt sent blast after blast of magic at each other. Each blast having a varied affect on them and the town around them. He was full of pride when he saw that Emma had sneakily added her own magical blasts whenever she saw an opportunity. Distracting Zelena long enough for one of Regina's light magic spells to land on Zelena.

He noticed that Emma would cast a protective shield over Regina at the last minute, rendering Zelena briefly stunned when her magic would bounce off the shield and redirect back at herself. Then while his aunt was distracted Regina would send stream after stream of light magic, forcing Zelena to go onto the defensive. "Since when are you able to use light magic?" questioned a frustrated Zelena, wanting to try distracting Regina with whatever insult she could think of. So that she could get back on to the offensive.

"When Emma and I visited the Astral Plane the first time." Revealed Regina, knowing full well that this information would send Zelena reeling as she was not expecting for Regina and Emma to be the fabled pair of magical lore known throughout all the magical realms.

"Well if you think you can defeat me, you are going to need to find a stronger spell." Declared Zelena full of bravado, she knew she couldn't take much more of the strong blasts of light magic that Regina and sometimes Emma she noticed sent at her. Having to expel vast amounts of energy to diffuse or deflect the magic. It was sapping every little bit of energy reserves she had, even the magical energy she stored in the various gems in her rings, charms on her bracelet and the like. Were being drained in order to maintain the onslaught.

Regina on the other hand, felt completely energised. Like she could easily maintain this battle and then some. She felt invincible. Like she could do anything. She started to get 'cocky' as Emma would probably tell her, that she let Zelena get the upper hand in the battle. Now it was Regina who was put on the defensive. She found herself being flung backwards into the clocktower, smashing through the clockface like it was nothing. She could vaguely hear a loud "NOOOOOOOO! REGINA!" being shouted as she tried desperately to regain her footing on the shattered pieces of glass.

Emma watched in agonising slow motion as Regin was flung through the clocktower. She vaguely recalls shouting before sending a strong blast of magic stemming from both of her's and Regina's hearts. Directly at Zelena, sending her flying into one of many overturned cars on the street. Emma then runs towards the library hoping she will make it in time before Zelena recovers and goes after Regina.

Emma makes it a minute too late as Zelena was hovering over Regina with her hand in her chest; "Where is it?! Where is it?! Where is your heart!" said Zelena frantically searching for Regina's heart.

"Didn't anyone ever tell you? Never bring your heart to a witch fight!" said Regina as she managed to get to her feet. Sending a blast of magic out of her chest causing Zelena to flay backwards down the tower stairs, rendering her unconscious. At least long enough for Emma to be able to help Regina up properly and heal her wounds from the broken glass. And impact of being tossed through the tower itself.

"Regina, are you alright?" asked Emma worriedly as she used some of her own magic and some of Regina's she could feel flowing through her veins to heal Regina as much as she can see and sense.

"I am alright Emma, save your energy please." Replied Regina calmly, trying her best to get Emma to stop frantically using her magic to heal every little thing she can.

"Let's get out of here before Zelena wakes up." Said Emma, taking Regina by the hand and guiding her down the stairs so she didn't trip in their haste to get out of the building before Zelena could attack them again.

Just as they get outside the library's front door, Zelena appears in front of them in her signature green smoke. "Not so fast Sis, I am not done with you yet." Declared Zelena.

"What is the point here Zelena, you won't be able to find my heart anytime soon. Why don't you just admit defeat and let us call it a day?" suggest Regina holding her hands out with a fireball in one hand and a light magic energy ball in the other. Ready to fight once more.

"Oh I think I know exactly where your heart is…" taunts Zelena as she takes a step towards Emma. Zelena had regained consciousness while Emma was healing Regina, she remained as quiet as she could and just observed the two of them. She mentally slapped herself for not realising it earlier in the battle. Why Emma was staying in the background during the fight only sending sneaky hits in while she was distracted.

Zelena shoves her hand into Emma's chest, confident that she can pull out Regina's heart with ease. "You really should have found a more secure hiding space for your heart, Sis. Should've insisted she stay at home safe behind that protective barrier that I can't get around with the blood magic. It was really reckless of you to bring her into battle." Taunts Zelena as she moves her hand around in Emma's chest, Emma grunts in pain at the sensation of her scraping against her insides.

"Do you really think it is going to be easy to rip a heart out of the Saviour? Or does true love magic rules escape your mind?" retorted Regina as she came to stand next to Emma as an extra layer of protection if needed.

Zelena ignored Regina's comments and continued to rummage around inside Emma's chest cavity. She had a look of victory when she found Regina's heart. As Zelena began to try and tug it free, Emma chose that moment to speak; "Your mother tried to rip out my heart once before, how do you think it worked out for her?"

The realisation of what was about to happen finally dawned on Zelena when she was blasted backwards in a high arc causing her to hit a brick wall of one of the nearby buildings. She collapsed while her body slid downwards, causing her to fall down in a heap of her limbs onto the footpath bellow. "Come on, we better make sure she is still alive. I don't think she will get back up from that anytime soon." Said Emma as she took Regina's hand in hers.

When they reach Zelena's unconscious body, Regina leans down to check her pulse. "She is alive, thank god." Said Regina as she noticed the glowing gem stone pendant around Zelena's neck. ' Hmm, I wonder what will happen if I take of her necklace? It looks like a large amount of her magic is being kept inside.' Thought Regina as she removed the necklace from her sister's neck. And putting into one of her interior jacket pockets. So she could examine it later.

The ambulance technicians came over with a gurney to put the severely injured Zelena onto. So, they could take her to Storybrooke Memorial hospital, for the time being while she recovers from her injuries. Then she will be relocated to the closed private mental ward in the lower floors of the hospital. Where they will keep her contained until Zelena chooses to redeem herself.

An injured Robin Hood, watched as Zelena was taken by the ambulance drivers to the nearby ambulance. His eyes glinting with an intense need to seek revenge and a little concern for the red headed witch. Just as the ambulance took off down the street, Emma's phone rang. With a rather frantic Henry on the phone, Emma answers and puts him on speakerphone so that Regina can hear it too; "Ma! Mum! Gran has gone into labour what do I do?"

"First off, is your grandpa there with you and Snow?" asked Regina, with a calm and collected tone of voice.

"Yes he is here, panicking but he is here. He is running around like a chicken with it's head cut off, which is funny to watch. Muttering something along the lines of, can't forget the nappies, over and over again. His hair is sticking up all over the place from running his fingers through it. While Gran is trying to do those Lamaze breathing exercises all the while trying to get Gramps to calm down and just grab the overnight bag they have had ready for who knows how long." Answered Henry.

"Kid, you need to find a way to know how far apart Snow's contractions are. If they get to ten minutes apart before we arrive call an ambulance alright?" explained Emma, remembering as much as she could about what happened when she went into labour with Henry.

"Okay, but please hurry!" said Henry before hanging up the phone. Regina and Emma then get into Emma's car and drive to the loft as quick as they can without speeding.

When they arrive Emma and Regina are greeted by Henry who saw them arrive through one of the loft windows that overlooked the street. "Oh, good you are here, what car are we taking to get to the hospital?" asked a hysterical David, as soon as he noticed the two women had entered the apartment.

"We will be getting there by magic. As neither of us has a big enough car to travel to the hospital maternity ward all together. Emma and I will teleport the five of us together at the same time. How far a part are the contractions?" answered Regina.

"They are…OW…eleven minutes apart. It is definitely go time." answered Snow. Clutching her stomach in pain.

"Alright, everyone gather together around Snow, David grab that overnight bag and come take your wife's hand, Henry take one of David's hands and one of Emma's. whatever you do don't let go of the hands you are holding." Instructed Regina calmly as Emma takes Regina's free hand while holding Henry's. With them gathered in a circle becomes engulfed in a light lavender coloured magical smoke. Then teleported the five of them inside the hospital emergency room.

"We have a pregnant woman in labour, her contractions are eleven minutes apart." Said Emma as soon as the magic around them dissipated.

"Alright Sheriff we will get your mother into one of the maternity suites right away. Don't worry she is in good hands…oh and just so you know the red haired witch you and the Mayor had sent to us is in a stable condition. And is in one of the most secure rooms." Said the Emergency room nurse at the front desk.

"Thank you." Replied Emma, she then walked over to where her mother was being taken to her maternity suite in a wheelchair with her, David following not too far behind.

"Hey mum. Regina, Henry and I will wait in the waiting room. You will be alright. And Regina and I will put up a protection barrier around the maternity ward just in case any of Zelena's minions decides to seek revenge." Said Emma as she took one of Regina's hands in hers. Squeezing gently.

"Thank you Emma, we love you…" replied Snow before she was moved to her room.

"She will be okay Emma, don't worry. Henry, can you go wait over there in the waiting room, here is some money for the vending machines. We won't be long alright?" reassured Regina.

Regina and Emma then erected their protection barrier spells, using both blood and light defensive magic. Making sure that anyone who has bad intentions towards them and their loved ones will be repelled out of the ward. And also the waiting room nearby. When they finished, they took a seat next to Henry. Who had gotten them a cup of coffee each while he was waiting. Being the ever observant son he is, he knew both of his mothers' coffee orders.

As they were taking their first sip of their coffees, none other than Robin Hood came charging into the hospital. An arrow already notched and drawn tight in his bow, ready to be sent in Emma's direction. "You will pay for what you did to Zelena!" declared Robin determinedly, as he let his arrow fly. The tip of the arrowhead hit the protective barrier and rebounded back onto him. Hitting him in the chest, barely missing his vital organs.

As Regina watched in horror as the arrow was shot, an immense feeling of rage overcame her. At the idea that some dirt smelling forest thief would come in here and shoot an arrow at the love of her life, threatened to bring out her inner Evil Queen. And in a bout of inner restraint, Regina launched herself in his direction her fists landing blow after blow on his body. Until lastly one of her punches landed just underneath his jawline sending him hurtling backwards into the air, he then landed in a heap on the tiled floor. Henry looked on at the spectacle in equal measure of awe and surprise that Regina would react with so much restraint in herself.

Emma, however was very turned on by Regina's protectiveness. And her ability to control herself enough to not use magic against the idiotic and most pathetic excuse for a man. Seeing Regina punch someone that wasn't her in a wicked uppercut like that, well lets just say Emma was going to need to get herself a new pair of undies and skinny jeans. The nurses nearby rushed over to take care of the injured Robin, taking him to get his wounds healed and the arrow taken out of his chest.

A few hours later, David came out into the maternity waiting room. "It's a boy! We named him Anthony James Nolan-White. Come and meet the newest member of our family." Announced David with the biggest goofy smile upon his face. Regina, Emma and Henry followed him back towards Snow's maternity room. Where they find Snow sitting up in bed holding baby Anthony, he had a thick tuft of dark blonde hair. Snow's chin with David's nose. When he opened his eyes, he had blueish-green intelligent eyes. That looked around in wonder.

They each took a turn in holding him, with Emma and Regina both being able to feel Anthony's magic. As a product of true love, he has naturally been born with magic flowing through his tiny veins. "He is just so adorable, he just might be my favourite Charming. Second only to you and Henry." Said Regina as she looked at Emma with all the love in her heart.

"Yes, the little guy is rather cute. It will be interesting to see who he grows to be as he gets older." Said Emma just as lovingly.

"It's kind of weird having an Uncle who is younger than me, but I am looking forward to teaching him all about his family history and everything there is to know about the Enchanted Forest." Gushed Henry when it was his turn to hold his Uncle.

They left shortly after, to go back to the manor. Regina made the three of them some dinner consisting of Smoked paprika chicken with toasted hazelnut picada, with a side of Spanish sweet potato pockets. While Emma and Henry challenge each other in the latest Forza Horizon game. When dinner is ready they eat together at the family dining table. Henry bombarding them with questions about the battle. Regina and Emma answering as best as they can, though sparing him the more gory details.

Then after dinner, Henry heads on up to his room. He had a ton of homework to get done. It was bad enough he had to catch up on the classwork that the rest of the students in his classes had learnt while he was away in New York. He couldn't let everything that had been going on, make him fall too far behind. But not before he wished his mothers a good night.

Once Henry had gone up to his room, Emma took the opportunity to kiss Regina soundly on the lips. "I think it is time we give you back your heart. I love you very much but having both sets of our emotions is wreaking havoc on my body. I am not quite sure which set of emotions I am feeling." Said Emma quietly.

"Okay, lets head on up to our bed. We will be more comfortable there." Said Regina agreeing with Emma. They walk up the stairs together then enter Regina's bedroom. The fact that Regina had called her bed, 'our bed' was being repeated over and over in Emma's mind.

They get changed into their most comfortable pyjamas then take a seat together in the middle of the bed. Regina kisses Emma briefly on the lips then gently pushes her hand into Emma's chest. Kissing Emma on the lips once more, this time letting her deepen the kiss. As she gently removed her own heart out from its safe confines in Emma's body. Then breaks away from the kiss and placing her heart into Emma's hands. Who cradled it tenderly in her warm hands. Emma then held it up to her mouth and places a light kiss upon the heart. She watched as Regina's face lit up at the sensation of Emma placing her lips on her heart.

Then Emma gently put Regina's heart back into its rightful place in Regina's chest. Once that was done Regina and Emma crawl under the doona and other blankets on the bed, snuggled up closely and fell asleep in each other's arms. Exhausted after the days events. The next day Regina and Emma headed over to the hospital to check in on Snow and to see what they can do about removing Neal safely from Rumple without it killing either Rumple or Neal.

They dropped off Henry at Storybrooke's local high school. As it was considered a small town, the school held students from the age of thirteen through to eighteen. Then headed to the hospital. They visited Snow and Anthony for a little while until it was time for Snow to try nursing Anthony. Then they checked in on Zelena who was still in a coma. Regina talked with the Doctors about seeing what their prognoses was for Zelena's chances at waking up. "Zelena had suffered from a severe concussion, has several broken ribs and a punctured lung. She is healing slowly but we are confident she will wake up once the swelling around her brain comes down. Though I will warn you there is a five percent chance that she will have lost both her short and long term memories. And a fifteen percent chance she will have short term memory loss. We won't know the true extent of it until the swelling dies down." Explained Doctor Whale.

"Alright, thank you Victor. Please keep me informed of any changes." Replied Regina. They then make their way to Rumple's pawn shop where Belle had been keeping Rumple once he had made his way there after Regina and Emma had defeated Zelena during the battle.

"Regina, Emma I am glad you could make it. I found a way in Rumple's books that will allow for Neal to be removed from Rumple's body without it killing Neal in the process. Since he technically sacrificed himself to bring Rumple essentially back from the dead. Well, as dead as a Dark One can be without someone killing them with the dagger. The easiest way would be to bind Neal to Excalibur as the Dark One's dagger is but a fraction of that legendary sword. But that sword is currently residing on the waist of King Arthur of Camelot.

There is a slightly more difficult way, but essentially you can turn another dagger into one that can withstand the magic of a Dark One. It would mean that Neal would also be a Dark One but at least he would live. The only catch is it requires one of the fabled magical couples that are each other's true love and has shared not only a true love's kiss here on our world but also in the Astral Plane. The spell requires that one of you travels to the Astral Plane while the other acts as an anchor. The one that goes to the Astral Planewill need to bring Neal's soul from there. Since his soul is technically in limbo it should work.

This was only ever been done once before by the first magical true love pairing. Merlin and Nimue. And if what I have read is true from Rumple's journals, you and Emma are the other fabled couple that can travel from our world to the Astral Plane." Explained Belle.

"We will do it, but only because Henry deserves the chance to get to know his father properly." Agreed Emma, once she confirmed with Regina that she was okay with doing it. Regina and Emma then proceeded to follow the instructions laid out in the journal step by step, Emma being the one to go into the Astral Plane since she was the one with the personal connection to Neal. As the spell worked best if the one to go had a strong personal connection to the person being rescued.

' Emma walks along the misty bridge in the Astral Plane, searching for Neal. After what felt like hours travelling along the misty roads within the Astral realm, she finally finds Neal in the Astral Planes version of Rumple's pawn shop. "Emma, what are you doing here? How is Henry? Is he okay?" Greeted Neal once he noticed Emma enter the astral pawn shop.

"I am here to bring you back to our realm; Henry is fine, he is at school at the moment." Replied Emma.

"How though? I sacrificed myself so my father could live." Asked Neal confusedly.

"Regina and I will be binding you to a dagger like that of the Dark One's. There is a chance that this will turn you into a Dark One. But at least you will be alive and will get to see Henry grow up." Explained Emma.

"Alright, so how do we do this?" asked Neal curiously.

"Take my hand and repeat after me; I am ready to take on the responsibility of becoming a powerful magical being. I promise to take on the price of using magic. And if I fail to take on the responsibility or find a loophole in paying a magical price then I accept that I forfeit my life." Continued Emma.

Neal did as Emma said and repeated the oath. Once that was done they both faded out of the Astral Plane.'

When Emma returns to the real world, she then follows the instructions on how to safely pull him from inside Rumple's body. On the dagger they used to bind Neal's soul to, Neal's true name was written in a similar fashion to Rumple's on the Dark One dagger. Regina hands Neal his dagger before inviting him and Rumple to family dinner at her house in three days time when they knew that Snow and baby Anthony could be released from the hospital. Neal thanked Regina, Emma and Belle for finding a way to save him and agreed to join them for the proposed family dinner.

When Henry gets home from school, Emma and Regina give Henry the good news about his dad and grandfather. "You really found my dad and saved his life?" Henry asked in amazement.

"Yes we did, thanks to Belle not giving up on finding a way in you grandfather's books. We also invited the three of them to join us for family dinner in tree days time, when your grandmother and uncle get released from the hospital. In the mean time you can visit with your dad. But just be mindful that he is bound to a dagger like your grandfather has that makes him the Dark One. We can't be certain that your dad isn't also a Dark One. That will depend entirely on him sticking to the rules of him being brought back to life. If your dad uses magic and fails to take on the price of the magic himself he forfeits his life." Explained Regina, the best she could so that Henry understood what was at stake.

"I am just glad he is alive. If he goes dark, I am sure we can find a way to help him walk a path of redemption." Replied Henry hopefully.

Over the next three days, Henry spent time with Neal. But also making sure to spend time with the other members of his family. The family dinner goes on without too much drama. Rumple being so happy and grateful to have his son back that he refrained from his usual Dark One antics. Though during dinner Regina couldn't resist the chance to tease Snow with numerous innuendos about her and Emma. And doted on baby Anthony.

All in all things looked to be happy for the Swan-Mills-Charming family, Henry was especially happy to have all three of his parents around him. Though he did have high hopes that his mothers' might give him his much longed for sibling. Afterall he was the one with the heart of the Truest Believer.

The End