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Platform no 9 3/4

The platform was filled with people, nothing new for Andromeda tonks who had her experience with her daughter tonks but alphard was jumping with excitement..

The steam from the scarlet colour engine was hovering over the gatherthred crowd , creating a cozy atmosphere on the platform, the platform was alive with noises, cats of different breeds screeching to prove their dominance , owls hooting from their cages.

Students were running all over the place , alphard saw two fifth years by the looks of them dressed in gryffindor jumper , crimson red , carrying their brooms , alphard moved ahead moving his trolley , Andromeda behind him.

He looked at the train and found it was already getting packed behind him. Andromeda swore some curses which made alphard crack a grin. It was always funny to watch perfect Andromeda getting vexed.

"I told you to hurry, now see we are late" Andromeda the once removed cousin chastised him.

"But the train is still standing dromeda, we are not late " alphard pointed out cheekily.

"Oh yes , thanks for pointing at me otherwise I would have missed the train" Andromeda spoke in a serious voice but both of them burst out laughing the next second.

"Oh , the Weasleys are here" Andromeda pointed her index finger and Alphard followed it to see a horde of fiery red haired chatting and laughing.

The Weasleys were a unique family from the sacred 28 ,they were notoriously famous for getting sorted into gryffindor...even after being a prominent pureblood family they were not rich like their counterparts and were usually looked down upon by other wizarding families.

"Should we greet them?" Alphard asked " nah, the train would surely have left by then" Andromeda replied.

"Have you taken everything, cousin- dearest?" Andromeda asked, kneeling to the level of alphard.

"Of course dromeda you yourself checked it for multiple times" alphard replied with a sigh.

Andromeda smiled and touched his cheek " study well ok, i have no doubt that you would be brilliant" Andromeda kissed his forehead " it's in our blood".

'Love you dromeda, ' alphard kissed both of his cousin's cheeks and hugged her tightly sniffing her familiar scent..

'Now, off you go" Andromeda waved her wand and the non verbally levaited his luggage onto the train.

'Have fun okay" Andromeda waved his hand when the train started moving " it's is in our family"

The train finally acquired speed and alphard saw the retreating figure of andromeda slowly become smaller and smaller until it was dot to Alphard's eyes...he quickly entered deep in the dream intent on searching a empty carriage..he passed carriage after carriage until he found a particular that had a blonde haired girl sitting in it.

"Um Hello" alphard called out capturing the attention of the blonde haired girl , her hazel eyes were staring at him

"Yes" she called out.

"Mind if I sit there?'' alphard asked in his best charming smile. "Of course not," she said and waved his hand in polite courtesy to welcome him inside.

"My sincere thanks " alphard slid his luggage under the seat and sat facing the girl, he outstretched his hand " myself alphard black".

She shook his hand and spoke in formal tone " i am Hannah abbott"

"It's a pleasure to meet you ,my lady" alphard said with a smile on his face , afterall Andromeda has taught him everything. Dromeda must be smiling if she saw how much of a gentleman I am.

"The pleasure extends to me, my lord," Hannah replied.

"Which house do you wish to join ?" Hannah Abbott asked after an awkward silence.

"Well, i honestly don't know" alphard shrugged his shoulders "guess i could fit in every house" alphard replied winking at Hannah to which she just raised her eyebrows.

"Rather confident one, aren't you?" She asked, clearly amused…"it runs deep into my veins my lady" alphard made a gesture of bowing down and finally received a gilling sound from Hannah.

"So,my lady, which house do you want to join?" He asked…" well, for me , ravenclaw or Hufflepuff would be best".

"A wonderful choice from a wonderful lady," alphard said while keeping his true feelings inside... Huffelfullf really? … Which made her laugh softly.

'Quite funny and charming ,my lord" she mockingly bowed to the alphard to which he just laughed out loud.." you can call me alphard, my lady"

"Only if you would call me Hannah"

Alphard looked through the window and saw it was raining heavily, the train had passed the settlement of London and was now passing through fields and lanes lighting quick.

He turned around and saw Hannah staring at him however when their eyes met she quickly averted her hazel eyes to the window. What?

'What's that?" Hannah asked, signaling the dragon head drawn in red on his black jumper.

"Oh this, is a dragon head" alphard replied

" I can see that silly" Hannah laughed lightly while alphard gave her a practised smile. " Why is a dragon drawn on your jumper?" .

"It's my father's special coat of arms" he explained " my father had a great liking towards dragons that's why"..he explained further.

"Ohhh, and you decided to adopt it?" At Alphard nod her eyes shone brightly with warmth " that's so sweet of you".

"I am all sweet, my lady".

"You are definitely a funny one, i like it though" hannah smile warmed alphard heart for he knew that was a genuine compliment.

Just then the door banged open, irking Alphard while Hannah jumped from her seat.

"Have anyone seen a toad" a bucked teeth girl with wild bushy hair which was trying to free from the rubber grasp.

"No, we have not seen any toad," Hannah replied calmly when she neatly composed herself.

"Toads are out of fashion anyway" alphard said, placing a hand on hannah to calm her " I wonder who in their right mind would bring a toad to Hogwarts".

"Excuse me?" The bushy haired girl spoke haughtily " you should not talk about other people's fashion sense , it's very rude.

"And who are you to give a speech on rudeness?pray tell? My long lost mother?" Alphard asked , sarcasm dripping from every word.

"...i….. that's not how one should behave" the girl spoke mustering every bit of confidence inside her.

"Then how should one behave , my lady?" Alphard with fake politeness

"You should respect everyone and never make fun of anyone. '' The bushy haired girl was muttering furiously about social courtesy which alphard barely paid any attention to.. Andromeda and Zinky taught me all these for almost a decade.

'Of course, my bad" alphard muttered while standing up'' I am sorry for any inconvenience my rude behaviour has caused you , my lady" alphard took the girl knuckles and kissed it , " i am Alphard , Alphard black".

"I ...am…. Hermione Granger" the furiously blushing girl was clearing trying hard to find a sentence.

"I am truly blessed to meet two beautiful ladies in a single day". which earned him a laugh from Hanna who was watching alphard with an amused smirk on her face and a stammering thank you from Hermione.

"Students , we are arriving at Hogwarts In five minutes , please leave your luggage inside the train. It will be carried by our staff" a deep voice echoed in every carriage of Hogwarts express.

"Well, ladies if you would please allow me to change into something formal "

Alphard exited the carriage leaving a trembling Hermione and a clearly impressed Hannah to change into school robes.




"Forward" Hagrid's voice echoed resonating through the black lake ,the first years were separated by the rest of Hogwarts students who went riding on a carriage that was pulled by nothing? Alphard had felt a chill through his spine looking at the empty space.

They first were now firmly on the small boats with Hagrid in centre making a wide v position in the great black lake.

The boats tugged forward as soon as hagrid pointed his umbrella, they went gliding through the water without even making any splash, it almost looked like they were gliding through glass.

The nervous chattering of the crowd stopped suddenly and alphard looked in their direction and what he saw in result also made him speechless.

The fog had disappeared giving way to a majestic castle that loomed over them like a giant in front of an ant, it's big that was the first thought Alphard could manage , there was something magical in the castle calling to him, attracting him.

The Hogwarts castle appeared to never end, its huge high walls made an imposing sight for the first years, alphard saw a large iron door coming into sight and he noticed that the boats were slowing down.

A tall and stern woman dressed in all lavender green robes and a black pointed hat came into their sight.

"Professor McGonagall" Hagrid waved his big chubby hand at the witch " the first years" he spread his arms wide saying that, alphard noted that he also had a huge grin on his face.. clearly Hagrid loves his job, i wonder why?.

'Thank you Hagrid," the stern professor replied with a very formal tone that reminded Alphard of andromeda. " I will take it from here" she signalled the first years to follow her with a wave of her hand." Follow me".

They passed through the iron gate to arrive in a dark corner which was only lightened by the floating candles all around the place.

Professor McGonagall turned and looked at all of the first years gathered there with her narrowed eyes , her eyes lingering on alphard hair for a second more than normal.

The welcoming is about to start in few minutes time but before that you she pointed a finger at Everyone present "be sorted into your houses"

There are four houses gryffindor, ravenclaw, huffelfullf and lastly Slytherin and each have their own Noble history professor McGonagall listed out the achievements of every house while alphard dozed out of the speech and looked around to survey his soon to be fellow mates.

He saw the same bushy haired girl Hermione was her name if he remembered correctly shifting nervously and muttering something only Merlin knew. There beside stood Hannah Abbott regal as ever but alphard could see her chin tremble a little.

It was not like alphard was faring any better , in his childhood when his father was him alphard had asked about the sorting ceremony many times but his father never opened his mouth. In that regard not even after alphard blackmailed him with his toddler eyes.. and alphard never asked dromeda for she would never tell him and zinky probably didn't even know about Hogwarts.

He looked ahead then and to his surprise the stren professor McGonagall was gone and students were muttering aur mingling between themselves but alphard didn't know them aside from some of their names maybe? Growing up he was always sheltered from the outer world to such an extent that the only Hogwarts studying Student he met was nymphadora but better to call Tonks whenever you met.

"How do you think we would get sorted?" Alphard heard a familiar voice and his ears perked up.

"Don't know , but Fred once told me that we would have to wrestle a troll" a second voice whispered which echoed in the dark room, beside him alphard could hear Hermione muttering something more furiously but he didn't pay her any mind and move forward.

"I heard that you would have to mate with a vampire to get sorted " alphard said in a soft voice standing just behind harry.

Harry and the red haired he was talking turned around and saw alphard grinning from ear to ear flashing his smile towards them.

"Alphard" Harry's face broke into a smile though alphard noticed that it was a nervous one, the same sort of smile which he used to give to aunt andromeda whenever he was caught in a misdoing.

Who is alphard? The red haired boy asked.

"The one and only Alphard black, the heir of house black" he introduced himself with a mock bow.

But the red haired Weasley expression changed from surprise to sneer.

" Ah, I bet this one is a slytherin harry, all with the surname black are".spat ron with a sneer on his freckled face.

"Sirius black disagrees, Weasley" Alphard replied calmly and suddenly various gasps echoed around the room, Alphard looked around and saw various first years eyeing him waringly.

"You dare take his name in front of Harry" Ron was seething now, his face red as his colour.

"I was merely correcting your statement against my house , Weasley " Alphard was all calm like ice.

Ron was about to say something but professor McGonagall barged into the room at the same time so he had to bite his tongue.

"Students, now you will enter the great hall and where your sorting will take place, your names will be called out and the sorting hat will be placed on your head"professor McGonagall spoke in a soft yet commanding tone.

"Any mis-doing will not be tolerated" she further warned and gestured the confused and excited first years to move forward.

The great hall

The great was unlike anything Alphard had ever seen, it was filled with students all laughing and talking merrily, thousands of candles were floating to lighten up the whole place.. it was a cosy place Alphard thought, it reminded him of the home he had before his father died.

"The ceiling is not real , it is enchanted to look like it" Alphard heard Hermione Granger muttering something about Hogwarts history. Ugh...so boring...I wonder if there is anyone who can tolerate her.

Alphard sped up his pace and went to Harry who was sulking by the looks of it.

"Why so dull Harry?" Alphard asked when he finally approached.

Harry tried to smile for his own sake but failed miserably " just nervous" He changed the subject then." What did Sirius black do?" He asked tentatively.

Alphard sighed " he...no my entire family except my father worked for you-know-who...he is currently in azkaban".

"Your father must have been a good man," Harry remarked.

"He was," Alphard agreed, " he was the best man I ever knew".

"Hagrid said my father was a gryffindor and my mom too, do you think I will be in gryffindor?".

He just shrugged and gave Harry a smile " you can always tell the hat , what do you want".

"You can do that?" Harry asked, his eyes wide.

"Well, what's harm in trying something?" Professor McGonagall called out the first name and immediately all the activities in the great hall stopped.

"Abbott Hannah" she called and the blonde quickly moved forward to sit on the raised stool, professor McGonagall immediately put the sorting hat on her head.

"HUFFELFULLF" shouted the hat after a moment of pause , the Hufflepuff table started Clapping and Alphard threw a charming smile in Hannah's direction.

"Greengrass Daphne" the professor called out and Alphard saw a silver haired girl walking forward with a graceful charm around her,her head held high like the lady she was.

"SLYTHERIN" the hat shouted as soon as it touched her head and the greengrass heir smiled brightly, the only expression on her otherwise pale face and went towards the applauding slytherin table.

"Black Alphard" professor McGonagall said and hush went through the great hall Alphard knew the reason well.

The ancient house of black was the only prominent pureblood family that was found guilty in siding with the dark lord ,the malfoys had claimed the imperious while the greengrass claimed of neutrality

The blacks were all dead or mad to claim anything and the ministry needed a scapegoat though Alphard had to admit that his cousins Bellatrix and Sirius did give the ministry enough power.

Slowly but confidently Alphard walked towards the raised stool and his grey eyes briefly met with the twinkling ones of Dumbledore though that quickly broke fiwhen Alphard sat on the stool and professor McGonagall put the hat on his head.

He just sat there for so long that even the students who were literally eyeing him like he was a plaque were looking at him curiously, he did not need to turn around because he felt the teachers sitting at the high table boring a hole through his head.

It was at last when the students were opening muttering if Hogwarts had made a mistake and sent a letter to a squib or was Alphard an imposter, some went as far as to say it was a curse since his family had sided with the dark lord.

The ancient and weary hat finally opened his damn mouth and proclaimed for all the world to hear.

"Hmmm, better be GRYFFINDOR" and the entire hall quieten.


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