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this is based on the idea of what if tom riddle was successful in escaping the chamber of Secrets? what will he do after that?

chamber of secret


"Keep your wand and the diary close to you Ginny" a voice, low and cold, spoke to Ginny and she obeyed it without any hesitation.

"Will we be able to stop the attacks Tom?" The young foolish girl asked and Tom Riddle laughed inwardly. If only you knew ,hah!

Instead he infused a warm feeling in Ginny's mind making her feel safer and secure, it was becoming easier to channel his magic the ritual is working! Soon I will be free from the body of this weak minded girl!

The ritual was working truly , Ginny was slowly losing conscience , just a few more minutes and I will show the world who lord voldemort is!

With nothing to do Tom riddle began to do something he had not done since he was trapped in that wretched dairy, he began to think about the mistakes he did in making the horcrux. The book that he had found in the restricted section of the library had certainly listed about the side effects of making a horcrux but Tom had been confident enough.

With his careful planning he had found Myrtle alone sobbing in the bathroom, he was coming out from the chamber when he had found her and had swiftly ended her life starting the horcrux ritual but then something had gone wrong and he was trapped into a void, an endless void.

How he had raged and screamed and cursed in the endless pit but to no avail ,even his magic failed him there , he was trapped into that thing and many years of doing nothing had made him realise that he had essentially left a part of soul to suffer into an endless void .

More questions than ever before started coming to Voldemort's mind. Now that he was becoming stronger by each passing second , his mind was becoming too sharp like his older self before he was captured in the dairy. Did my older self succeed in making another horcrux? If yes then how could he lose to a mere toddler?

My older self waging a fully fledged war against the wizarding world also baffled him , why didn't he just undermine the ministry from the shadows? It would have been way more easier, the ministry was already in grasp of powerful pureblood families. Did I make a mistake by making a horcrux? It was not usual for Voldemort to doubt himself but he had not forgotten that he was tainted with the muggle blood too! What if the tainted part of my soul was left behind while all other parts were made into horcruxes?.

Salazar wards beeped and gave Tom a signal that someone was intruding the chambers but who could find the chamber? I am the last of the Slytherin line!

Tom heard a loud bombing sound and after a few seconds the whole chambers shook voilently, debris flew towards him and Ginny which he quickly vanished with a wave of his hand though that took much of his magic.

The ritual steel needed more time than Tom though. in his confidence Tom had again underestimated his enemies , Salazar wards again signalled him of a professor entering the chamber, Dumbledore ! That old cot would surely recognise me!

Tom was now desperate, anyone's moment now and Dumbledore will soon come over blazing his wand in this weekend state i am not even capable of fighting him. But the basilisk is!

Tom was about to unleash salazar beast when the chamber door creaked open and Tom had to take shelter behind a dark pillar like a coward.

He was practically shimmering rage being made to hide like a coward when he saw a young man but such flashing robes that made Tom shield his eyes how did Dumbledore become so young?

Relief flooded through Tom's chest though he would not admit it . That's not Dumbledore.

"Ginny" Tom heard an anguish cry and saw a red haired pale stricken boy rush to the girl child, he was shaking her but she was not responding. If only I had more time!

He looked at Ginny for a moment looks like your time is not now, girl and then he gazed at the young professor ahead of him, a fully grown magical core and one barely used that was exactly Tom needed.

The young girl wand was still in his hand and he had enough magic to pull this off, he quickly stunned the curious looking boy who was apparently looking in his direction.

"Harry? What is she not waking up " the young boy was wailing when he noticed that Harry was lying on the cold hard floor , he stopped up and frantically looked around like a madman, Tom ended his misery stunning him too .

By the time Tom came out from behind the

Pillar , the professor, was nowhere to be seen for a moment. Tom panicked that this was some Dumbledore magic but his panic vanished when he saw the professor banging and clawing at the door to open .

"Professor" he whispered cold and sharp and he turned looking crazed and feared at the same time.

"Who are you?". He managed to ask , I need to make this quick.

Lord Voldemort Tom whispered and the professor shat ,in front of his eyes making his well polished shoes rather dirty.

"Demon" he whispered and tried to stand from where he had fallen , slipping on his own shit but failed to do so.

"Not quite" he said and broke the connection he had with Ginny, the diary soon tried to influx him inside but Tom resisted its effort.

He sneered at the pathetic wizard in front of him and at least your life will give life to me! Lord Voldemort screamed and twirled Ginny wand in a semi arc above his head, the tip of his wand glowing in purple colour ,a wave of purple colored flame washed over the professor and Tom willed his corporeal self to enter in the professor's body.

His easily cracked the professor mind, it was already in shambles due to sheer terror but his soul was fighting him , tom did not need to fight the professor soul he just needed to redirect his soul to the dairy breaking him from the diary in the process.

The spell that Tom had used on the professor, a old soul binding spell started to do it's work and the professor soul started to bind to the dairy once, Tom cut open the professor hand and let the blood seep into the dairy , he could feel the body being consumed so he soon left the possession and returned to his original body

Beside him the professor now laid dead , he saw the girl steering and knew it was time for him to leave , he dropped the girl wand since the trace can find him and soon ended outside Hogwarts using the chambers of secret emergency exit route.

Away from Hogwarts it's ward Tom riddle finally took a relieved breath and laughed loudly, his arms were spread wide and soon electricity cracked from his fingers lighting the whole place.

After fifty long years he was finally back.