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In a realm, similar to Earth, yet different. This world, is known as Alagaësia. A world full of magic. This world is home to many different races. From mighty dragons, to stone heart holding dwarves. This world, just suffered a calamity, a mighty betrayal, one so cruel, it could even be considered a tragedy birthed by the gods themselves.

The crippling of the dragon rider order. Betrayed by one of their own. Galbatorix, the mad king, the black tyrant king. Out of the many riders who once served the domain of Alagaësia loyally and dutifully, only a select few remained steadfast in their oaths to uphold the peace, security, justice, freedom, and stability.

The newly proclaimed king of Urû'baen, once having been an elven outpost, outside of Du Weldenvarden, the forest kingdom of the elves. Galbatorix rules with an iron fist, with his generals, the Forsworn, a group of turncoat dragon riders, who broke their vows, and betrayed their oaths. Those that didn't join Galbatorix, were hunted down and slain, if they were lucky, if not they were captured and dragged off somewhere, and subjected to unspeakable horrors.

Galbatorix stood at the balcony of his castle, looking out over his home kingdom, pondering on what he wanted to do, now that he had his kingdom, enslaved his new dragon, and wiped out the old order so he could replace it.

'Well now I'm just bored. The riders are through, only myself and those that remain loyal to me are alive, and even if there were some in hiding, there can't be that many, they could never rise against me. I broke their spirits, I destroyed Vroengard, I broke and corrupted the Eldunarí, which are now my slaves! With their mighty power, none shall stand against me! Even Vrael himself, could not best me. This world will be rebuilt in my image. All shall bow and worship me, for millennia, while I guide them in the right way.' the megalomaniac thought to himself.

Gathering his thoughts, he thought aloud, echoing in his subjects' minds, 'come to the throne room immediately. I have something to discuss with you all, and for your sake's, don't be late. If you are even later than three minutes, you will wish you had never been born.' he delivered menacingly, and receiving a chorus of 'yes my liege', he withdrew from their minds.

Hearing and feeling them all approach, the evil king turned around, and walked over to his dark throne, before sitting down. One by one, each of his forsworn came and knelt to him and his throne. All fifteen of them, some were elves, others were humans. Morzan, Kialandí, Enduriel, Glaerun, Luafra, Tepha, Khudna, Bresk, Dilní, Egio, Gnílo, Idroth, Alëane, Bhine, Munya. (1)

The king then spoke out loud, in his rich, oily voice. "My most loyal, faithful subjects, the time has arrived. We have done away with the old riders. The old headquarters has been destroyed, the eggs crushed under our heels, their Eldunarí ours for the taking. You have all served me well, so I grant you all this boon, you shall live lives of luxuries. A castle in any city, any territory you desire. Tomorrow morning, I shall address the people of the town, I will villainize the elves, and the dwarves. I shall unite all of Alagaësia and ostracize our enemies. Once that is done, we will enter a….stagnation, you could say. We will spread rumors, about the elves trying to take over, of them causing the other riders to attack us, and that we merely defended ourselves. Show them that we, not them, are the true victims here!"

Morzan spoke up, "forgive me sire, but that seems rather….lengthy. If I understand you correctly, you wish to merely sit back, and start slandering the elves and dwarves? But why? What could that possibly accomplish? It's as you said, the old order is through, it's finished!" he said. (2)

"Tell me something Morzan, do you know what is one of the most dangerous things in the world? Allow me to tell you. Hope. Hope is a very dangerous and powerful weapon. Hope can build a nation, or destroy a nation. It can bring forth an unconquerable army, or be the key to the slaughter of one. My point is this, if even one person believes the elves and dwarves to be victims, then we lose. Am I understood?" the king spoke chillingly towards the stupid forsworn.

"Then perhaps might we retire to our quarters for the evening, my liege? After all, if you wish to address the people first thing tomorrow, we can then scout out potential homesteads for ourselves afterwards, if that is okay with you, of course?" Luafra came to motorman's rescue.

Galbatorix looked at one of his favorite riders, she may have been one of the younger riders, but she was one of the wisest, ironically enough, that didn't help her see through his own manipulations of her, 'stupid bitch' he thought.

"Very well. Be warned though, if you aren't here, or if you are the slightest bit late, I will not hesitate to hang you by your intestines from the top of the town gates, understood? Good, glad we are clear on that. Now, one of you send for Durza, I have need of him." the king dismissed them.

Upon their leaving, they all split heading in different directions. Morzan, decided to try and remain in the king's good graces, went to find Durza. It didn't take him long to find the shade.

"Shade. The king has summoned you to the throne room, and make haste." the forsworn sneered at, in his opinion, the abomination. The shade spat at the rider, before stalking off to the throne room. The rider grit his teeth, his hand gripping the pommel of Zar'roc.

Morzan then left the castle, mounting his dragon, and ordering it to leave. The dragon took off, knocking several people over as his wings spread, causing large bursts of wind.

Du Weldenvarden

A group of people, many elves, dwarves, and some humans all sat around a large stone table, discussing what to do about Galbatorix.

"This is ridiculous! We can't allow him to remain unchallenged, something must be done. He has slaughtered countless sentient beings. Dragons, humans, elves, and dwarves alike. He has no guilt or remorse for any of his actions! His atrocities don't even stop there. He has no respect for the dead either, he has stolen the Eldunarí of the fallen dragons, some he didn't even wait for them to die, before he took them, he smashed countless dragon eggs, and stole many others. Yet, instead of anyone actually standing up to him, you all just want to sit and cower away. If we don't fight for ourselves, then who will?! Well?!" a seemingly, young looking elf said. He was at a decent height of about six foot. He was of a strong build. He had medium black hair, falling past his shoulders. His eyes were a cool, calm blue, that were anything but calm right now. At this moment they blazed with an intensity, a combination of anger and pain, coupled with sadness and despair. This man, is Vrael, the leader of the dragon riders. (3)

"What would you have us do, Vrael? In case you haven't noticed, there's only a handful of us left! There's you, myself, Brom, and Formora. We have not the numbers nor the strength to combat him at this time. As much as I hate to admit it, we may have to go into hiding, while trying to come up with some plans and ideas to get the remaining eggs from him." a wizened voice spoke out. This voice belonged to a wise looking elf, who was sitting across from Vrael. He was of a similar height and build to Vrael, the main difference being his long silver hair and his gray eyes, his name was Oromis.

"Vrael, what would you have us do? We already tried fighting, you were badly wounded, and had it not been for a miracle, you would have died. Oromis was lucky that Formora chose to stand with us, otherwise he may not have even been here. I hate to say it, but I don't think we can win this, not right now, it would take a miracle." Hrothgar claimed.

"Okay let's all calm down. Vrael, what will you do now? You know they speak the truth, as much as it pains me to admit it, we simply cannot defeat Galbatorix. as of right now. Perhaps we should go into hiding, honing our skills, researching more magic, training our warriors, devising plans to get the other eggs?" came the reply from the elven king, Evandar.

Evandar was a mighty, brave elf king. He had long silver hair, down to the small of his back, he was toned, with muscular arms and legs. He wore gold armor. He carried a elven made steel blade, strapped to his hip. Beside him sat his mate, queen Islanzadí.

Islanzadí was a gorgeous elf. She was tall, with long luscious ebony hair, that fell to her knees, her nice white skin was creamy, and unblemished. She wore a modest tunic with brown leggings, with leather boots on her feet. Her enchanting green eyes held a look of wisdom in their depths, along with glimmers of mischief and sadness. (4)

Attached to her leg, was a small child. This child was a miniature Islanzadí, for she had the same skin tone, and eyes, she also had the same shade of hair color, but it was stopped at her shoulders. This little girl, is Arya Drottningu, daughter of Evandar and Islanzadí, and the princess of the elves. (5)

Arya gazed around, in awe at being around so many new people, as well as being nervous and shy, it was the first time she ever met so many people, and not all of them were elves. She then glanced to the dragons in the back, four of them! Her eyes widened.

A large blue dragon, and a large brown dragon, which were the two smallest, followed up by a larger gold dragon, and the final dragon was a massive white dragon.

These dragons were Saphira, the blue one who bonded with Brom. Jörd, the brown one who bonded with Formora. Glaedr, the gold one who was partnered with Oromis, and finally, Umaroth the dragon of Vrael.

Arya gulped, feeling a bit scared, due to being in the presence of the mighty and majestic creatures. Evidently they could sense her fear, for they lowered their heads, and one of them spoke softly to her, in her mind, 'child do not be afraid, we shall not harm you.'

'how are you speaking to me?! You can talk?! Why isn't anyone else speaking to you?' Arya thought back.

Saphira chuckled, 'silly child, bonded dragons can speak through the minds of people. The adults already knew this. We wanted to calm you down, you were getting scared, so we wanted to ease your fears. Plus, a child shouldn't be involved in the grown up talk.'

Arya puffed out her cheeks, before stomping her foot, much to the amusement of Jörd and Saphira. The meeting was just being finished, when an elven messenger by the name of, Knarfi came running in.

"excuse me your majesties, honored guests, riders. But we have an emergency. Something is falling from the sky. It's like a huge glowing rock!" the elf cried out.

"WHAT?!" Islanzadí shrieked, before she and the others took off outside to see what exactly was going on. True to the elf's words, a giant rock was falling from the sky. It was glowing like a sea green.

BOOM! A huge dust cloud rose into the air, while the onlookers were all hiding behind trees or in their houses to avoid being smashed by the rock. Upon looking in the crater, they noticed the rock had weird symbols carved on it. Symbols like these Ω Ψ∞, decorated the rock, all over, along with strange letters, a name of some kind, Περσεύς. (4)

The rock cracked, a hand reached out, before a body began to follow. Arya peeked around her mother's leg, watching with wide eyes, as a boy dragged himself out of the rock. He pulled himself up, before falling to his knees. His skin was tanned, as if he had been at sea his whole life in the sun, his eyes were a beautiful shade of green, the color of the sea. His hair was as dark as a raven's feather, he looked to be about three times her age. He glanced up at the crowd of people up on the hill which led into the crater he created. As he was about to say something, he was asked a question by the young princess herself, "who are you?" she asked curiously, she didn't know why, but something was drawing her to this boy. Almost as if he was a long lost friend, one she didn't want to lose.

"my name…...my name is…...Perseus Jackson, I….am the son of…..Poseidon." he croaked out, before falling face first into the ground.

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I am thinking about giving Percy a dragon egg or more, I have three in mind. A purple one, a black one, and a blue one. Don't worry, Galbatorix. is somewhat competent here, and he kind of beefed Shruikan up, a lot, so three dragons won't be much against that behemoth.

Don't assume anything from cannon applies here, some things might, others might not.

1.) I made up my own forsworn, for the most part, Formora isn't a traitor, she was loyal to the riders, she didn't join Galbatorix. We only found out the names of like five members in the cannon, so I created the others. I also added three members, to make them fifteen, I don't know why.

2.) Morzan is weak in mind, so he's a fucking idiot, for the most part.

3.) yes technically Vrael should be dead at this point, but fuck cannon, this is fanfiction. Also I kind of do my own designs on characters in the fic, lol

4.) these symbols are meant to represent what I think about the character, the trident for his heritage, the omega symbol to represent the Olympians and destruction (I think), as well as being the last (I will let you interpret that, lol), and the infinity symbol, which represents the never ending cycle of creation and destruction. Not sure if the name is correct either, google says it is, but google has messed up before.

5.) Arya is about three here, I know she wasn't born yet, but again, fuck cannon. I don't know why, but I think shy Arya is kind of adorable, lol.

6.) I'm thinking about what types of mythologies I want to incorporate here. Maybe some gods or goddesses could show up? If you want other demigods to show up, or gods/goddesses/etc, then let me know, but give reasons.