Perseus' point of view

Being shoved into a rounded ship, designed to resemble a giant rock, and then shot into a void of nothingness, was not my idea of a fun time, of that, I can assure you.

'where am I? What am I doing here? Where is here for that matter?! My name…..what is my name?! Who am I?!' these thoughts and more plagued me. Unrelenting and unbearable pain, was all I could feel. A burning sensation, as if my entire soul was consumed by fire, burnt out of existence. What seemed like eternity, the pain eventually subsided. My mind went blank, and I could only remember a name, being softly spoken, by a man and woman, Perseus before the welcome feeling of oblivion claimed me.

A sudden jarring shook me, the prison I was subjected to 'broke' leaving me to fall out of the transportable vessel. I glanced up, feeling rather parched, as if I had gone days without anything to drink.

Surrounding me, upon a hill, were a group of weirdos. Some of the men were tall, with long pointy ears, long hair, carrying swords and bows. These men could only be elves, from the shape of their ears that is. Of course, there were a few beautiful women there too, both had pretty eyes, one had enchantingly, deep forest green eyes, and the other had mesmerizing violet orbs, that gazed at me with a mysterious aura.

Standing next to the elves, were short men and women, all of whom barely came to about four foot tall, the men dressed in battle armor, and carried war hammers, and wore long beards on their faces. The women however, didn't have beards, and carried not war hammers, but rather axes. These beings could only be dwarfs.

What really got my attention, however, were the four majestic beasts behind them. Each one was massive, standing about as tall as a small house, though some were bigger, being the sizes of medium houses, with brightly shining scales, showing the good care they received. Long tails, nice curved talons, sharp and pointy teeth, and eyes the color of their scales. On the back of the beasts, were some spikes, very sharp and pointed.

The four dragons were of the colors, A sparkling sapphire, A gleaming gold, a lustrous white, and a glowing brown the color of honey.

'Four massive dragons, though their colors are a bit surprising. Amazing.' I thought in awe as I glanced at the proud and noble creatures.

I caught the two last figures, the ones I missed earlier. A child and another human man. The child was standing behind a woman who was an older looking version of her.

'Hm, her older sister, maybe, then again she can't be anything else, can she?' I thought. Amusingly, the little girl clutched the adult legs in front of her, occasionally peeking out from behind them, or underneath between them.

Catching sight of my eyes looking right at her, she let out a loud squeak, "EEP!" before ducking behind the woman, causing me to become amused. Looking at the last man in the gathering, he had brown hair, and blue eyes, with a sword strapped to his hip, wearing a ring on his finger.

'what is this feeling? In the air? It's practically taste able, I can feel it. Almost as if the very world itself is alive?' I mused internally to myself.

My thoughts were interrupted by the lead elf? Man? Well whatever the being was, he disrupted my train of deep thinking.

"Who are you? How are you here? Where did you come from? Why are you here?!" he demanded, with a cold, serious, and deadly look in his eyes.

'Hm, good questions, I suppose. It's only to bad that I don't have all of the answers.' I thought, somewhat cautious, after all, how would they react to a stranger who doesn't even know who he himself is?

"I don't know who I am or how I got here, nor can I remember where I come from. All I remember is darkness, two people, pain, and a name. Perseus." I spoke despondently, extremely bothered and disturbed by my lack of knowledge regarding my own past.

"We need more than that. You just appeared, claim you know nothing about your own past, and expect us to believe that?! How do we know you're not a spy, sent here about Galbatorix?!" he spat.

I felt my blood begin to boil, how dare they accuse me of being a spy! I couldn't even remember my own name at the moment, much less on being a spy!

"I don't even know who this Galbatorix guy is, let alone where I even am at this point. So where am I? Who is this Galbatorix dude? Why and how do you have dragons? While I am on the subject, what are all of you? You are not humans, nor do you look like anything I have ever seen, with the exception of the one man here, other than me, and the dragons don't look like anything I have ever seen. I didn't know they could be in such colors." I rambled on and on, much to the amusement of the dwarves, and the little elf child.

"Enough of this! Vrael, he is a child, with his permission, we could just search his mind. Surely that should erase any and all suspicion. If he is a spy, we could just ensure that he can't say anything about anyone here, however, if he is not a spy, then I would permit him to live here. He has a guarded, sad, pained look in his eyes, as if his life has been horrible." one of the two silver haired elf men said.

So, Mr. dick's full name is, Vrael I am a dick. Good to know. Though I had barely managed to catch what the other elf said.

"whoa, whoa, whoa. Let's back up here a minute. Search my mind? What does that even mean?! Is it painful? Can you all use magic?! While I am no stranger to pain, I don't like the sound of this mind searching. It sounds awfully like a violation of my privacy." yeah, I was not to sure on this idea yet.

"It's only painful if you resist, or have bad memories, and try to hide anything. You will come to no harm by anyone here, I assure you. This mind search may actually help you out as well. You claim you cannot remember anything, is that correct? If so, then we might be able to restore your memories. I cannot promise anything of the sort, however I will try. Is that acceptable to you? Will you allow us to search your mind, to divine the truth from the depths and recesses of your mind?" the man who initially offered to read my mind spoke out to me.

'Let's see here pros and cons of the situation. On the one hand, I really want to know who I am, where I come from, how I got here and why I am here. Yet the other part of me, is afraid. Afraid of what I may find out, and slightly afraid of what they could and would do to me.' I felt some trepidation. I don't know why, but I was afraid, for some reason, the chance of rejection or similar feelings from these people, was….upsetting to me, for some ungrappable reason.

"I…" I trailed off. Unsure of my decision, before seeing all of their expression, and the way the young child looked at me, which for some reason, made my heart beat a little faster, while I felt a…..tremor, from deep within my being, as if I was being drawn to her.

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