There is something about Bella

by Hanikka


Bella Swan doesn't date or have boyfriends. She simply doesn't have time for that. A bit of fun every now and then, that's all. Her life is her bookshop/cafe/teashop/B&B her parents left for her after their untimely deaths. But what happens when two very different but equally desirable men want her and won't take no for an answer?

Bella Swan. Embry Call. Paul Lahote.

AH, AU, rated M mostly for lemons.


Just to remind you all publicly recognizable characters and situations are the property of Stephanie Meyer. No copyright infringement is intended. Just playing with words and having fun.

Chapter 1

"Oh, Em ...ah … "

"Fuck Bella, you feel so good!"

Embry was losing his mind. Fucking Bella was the most incredible thing he knew. She was so responsive to him, she tasted like the sweetest of honey, and she could fuck his brains out like no one else.

Right now, she was riding him hard and squeezing the life out of him, and he felt like passing out when he came hard same time with her.


He lifted himself against her and held her close. His whole body was trembling with orgasm.

"Fuck, you are amazing," Embry said, panting, resting his head on her shoulder.

Breathing in her scent, he brushed his hand on the length of her spine, making her shiver and moan.

"Ah, Embry!" Her body jerked. "You are amazing yourself."

They spent a moment just holding each other, catching their breaths, and then Bella moved away from his lap, and Embry removed the condom, tiding it up, and tossed it to the garbage bin.

Embry kissed Bella's neck.

"No marks, remember Em. I can't work having hickeys on my neck. And I bruise so easily, as you know."

"Don't worry; I won't leave any marks on your neck. But here is good, hmm?" He pushed her against the mattress and kissed her between her breasts, and then sucked hard.

Bella giggled and tried to pull his head off, but he didn't let her. She was squirming under him, her soft body pressing against him, and he got hard again. Jesus, he could fuck her all day long.

"So, where are we going tonight?" Bella asked, brushing the string of hair off his eye. He leaned into her touch.

"To First Beach, to hang out with my friends. I've told you about Jake and Quil, right? I want to show you off a bit."

"Is that so?"

"Fuck yeah. None of my friends has ever seen anything as gorgeous as you are. They will be fucking jealous. But we won't stay long. I want to do this, again and again, tonight the whole night. We have too little time together. Are you sure you have to leave on Sunday? You're here only for two and half days," Embry asked. He hated that he had to let her go so soon, not knowing when he would see her again.

"You know that I must. I've got to be back when the plumber comes on Monday morning to check the leakage in the kitchen. And Beth leaves to New York on Monday night," Bella said and hooked her leg over his hip.

"But we can make the most of the time while I'm here, right?" Bella asked and wrapped her hand around his hardening cock.

Embry's eyes turned into his head. This was heaven.

"Fuck, yeah," he managed to say.

Paul Lahote was bored. It was yet another fucking uneventful Saturday night at First Beach. Lauren, the bitch he'd been fucking a couple of times last week, was sucking his neck, but it did abso-fucking-lutely nothing for him. All he wanted was to get rid of her.

He then saw her—a girl with a long wavy reddish-brown ponytail and a body to die for. Paul's dick twitched. Lauren moaned into his neck, palming his dick, thinking he was getting hard because of her.

"Hey, I think we should call it a day," Paul said, removing her hand from his crotch.

"What?" the bitch shrieked.

"Yeah, you need to leave," Paul said, not caring rat's ass that he was a fucking asshole. It was what he was, after all.

"What do you mean I need to leave. Your dick is hard under my hand, asshole."

"It's not hard for you," Paul sneered.

Lauren looked around and saw who he was looking at.

"You mean you have a boner for that bitch? She's with Embry; can't you dick head see that?"

Paul shrugged.

"Just go."

"You're fucking asshole Paul," Lauren said and left.

"You said that already," Paul quipped and got up and walked to Sam.

"Do you know who that girl with Embry is?" Paul asked him.

"His girlfriend, I would think. Although I thought Call was with Leah."

The girl was leaning to Embry's side, and she had her other hand inside Embry's back pocket. The fucker was moving his hand over the round sexy ass. Jake and Quil were drooling like the idiots they were.

Paul didn't give a fuck if she was Embry's girlfriend or not. He needed to know her name.

"What's her name?"

"Um... not sure. I think I heard Embry telling Jake and Quil her name is Bella and some bird, Sparrow... No … Swan. Bella Sawan, that's it."

Swan... mmm... suited the woman with a long neck and long legs.

"What else you've heard?"

"Paul, let it go. She's not for you. Even you wouldn't be such an asshole to go after your friend's girl."

"Embry is not my fucking friend. I've known him all my life, but he's no friend."

"Well, he's mine, sort of, and I won't tell you shit about her," Sam said, gulping down his beer.

Why was Sam being such a bitch tonight?

"You don't know if she's a girlfriend or just a hookup. Don't be a dick head. Where does she live?" Paul asked.

Sam didn't reply, which was surprising because Paul knew him; he couldn't keep anything he knew to himself. He was too much gossip for that fucking girl.

"Fuck you," Paul said and then realized Leah was standing next to him.

"She lives in San Francisco. She owns a bookshop there," she told him.

"Owns a bookshop? Isn't she a bit too young to own a business?" Paul asked but was secretly impressed.

"Yeah, I guess. She inherited it from her parents, who died in a car crash a few years back."

"Damn, that's harsh; she can't be more than 20 or 21."

"20," Leah confirmed.

Shit. Paul turned to look at the girl dancing with smitten Embry. He was grinning like a looney and ate the girl with his eyes, Embry's hands roaming her body as he owned her. Paul could hardly blame the fucker. He would fucking love to own her.

"So, do you know the name of her bookshop?" Paul asked, never taking his eyes off this girl named Bella.

"Blue Door," Leah told him. "And it's not just a bookshop. There is a café and a teashop, and one room B&B. That's what Embry has told me."

"Damn. She must be very busy with all that shit," Paul said.

"I guess that's the reason she's not dating anyone. She and Embry are just having a bit of fun," Leah said air, quoting "a bit of fun." sounding very bitter. Yes, Leah probably had thought as well she was dating Embry.

"So, she's not Embry's girlfriend or anything?" Paul asked, glancing at Sam and winking at him. There you go fucker; she's not dating the kid.

"Fuck no. Embry is just a bit lost right now. He'll come around and understand what is good for him," Leah said, looking at Embry, her eyes shining and her voice heavy with longing.

Whatever. Paul was already plotting how to get his hands on sexy ass, Miss Swan.

He could try to get to the International Food festivals held in San Francisco. His seafood paella had made him somewhat wanted for food fairs along the west coast, so it should be easy to get there.

He took his phone and googled Blue Door San Francisco Bella Swan. He opened the first result and got a site where Bella was standing in front of a building with a blue door with three other people. It was a contact page for the establishment with a bookshop that sells both used and new books, a café, the best one in Marina District; it said with the Tripadvisor logo, a teashop, and a B&B just as Leah had told him.

Paul looked at the picture closely. There was an older woman and a younger one, and one guy who was as gay as the sky was gray in La fucking Push. Bella was smiling radiantly in the middle, looking gorgeous, as she did on the beach right now.

"Welcome to Blue Door!" It read on the page. Paul smiled. Gig in San Francisco was what he was going to do next.

Embry regretted bringing Bella to meet his friends. His friends were okay, but he'd seen how Paul Lahote was eye fucking her, and he didn't want that fucker anywhere near Bella. Lahote didn't even have his chick for the night hanging around him. It unsettled him.

Lahote was talking with Leah and Sam and kept looking at Bella. Leah was most likely telling everything she knew. Damn, he had been stupid to tell Leah anything more about Bella. He had mistaken thinking Leah was happy for her and him being just friends.

He felt terrible about how he'd treated Leah. He did. They'd sort of dated before his trip to San Francisco and meeting Bella. Because of Leah, he had been able to stay longer and have fun with Bella and get to know her better.

Bella had besotted him from the first moment he'd seen her. He had stayed at her B&B and met her in the bookshop. He had asked Leah to look after his sick dad a few more days, so he could stay longer, telling Leah he had a few extra photoshoots he needed to do, and Leah had been happy to help him out.

So, while Leah had been making sure his dad got his basic human needs taken care of, he had been fucking Bella and having the time of his life. Not something he was proud of, Embry knew he was a heartless bastard when it came to Leah, but he couldn't regret meeting Bella and wanting her. She was the most amazing girl he'd ever met, and even though she wasn't able to offer him anything more than a few days of her time now and then, he took that; he took whatever she was able to give him.

Bella knew that he had been dating someone when they'd met, but she didn't know the girl was Leah. Leah had avoided their company the whole evening, which suited him well. Leah could be a mean bitch if she wanted to.

Bella had told him to keep dating if that was what he wanted to do and not to change his life because of her. But he couldn't do that to Leah. She wasn't a mindless fuck but a friend who deserved better. And he wasn't able to give her what she wanted. So, he hadn't had sex with Leah after coming back from San Francisco, and it had become harder and harder to have it with anybody else than Bella. No one else just didn't do it for him anymore.

Bella hadn't noticed Paul, and he wanted to keep it that way. Embry knew Bella liked him, but he didn't want to test how Paul's charm would work on her. They weren't exclusive; she was free to do what she wanted.

"So, your B&B is fully booked for the next 14 months? That's pretty impressive," Jake said to Bella, clearly admiring her.

"Is it this one?" Quil asked and showed Bella his phone.

Bella looked at the screen and nodded. "Yep. Our secret is an oval window in the attic with a view of the Golden Gate Bridge and Beth. She is like a grandmother for all the visitors who come to stay," Bella told them. Her face always shone when she talked about her bookshop and the people who worked for her.

"She makes killer breakfast and helps with every problem imaginable. Beth is a treasure for us all. And Su-Wei helps with Chinese guests; we have quite many of them coming to stay with us. There are few days here and there free, but it is pretty much booked till next August," Bella told them.

The fuckers just nodded, staring at her.

Please, do close your fucking mouths, Embry thought smugly.

"But it's not anything I've done," Bella continues. "I'm just trying to keep up with the awesome work my grandparents and my mum and dad did building up the business. They made the place the way it is today, and it is my home. You need to take care of your home, right?" Bella said, unshed tears in her eyes. Embry wanted to hug her, but he wasn't sure if she would appreciate such a show of affection, so he just squeezed her hand.

Guys nodded, not knowing what to say. They knew Bella's story and how she had lost both her parents when she had just turned 18, needing to take care of everything and managing to keep the place to herself. Few big hotel and café chains had tried to buy the place from her offering good money, but she hadn't sold it. It was, as she said, her home.

Embry respected her enormously, although he hoped she had more time to be just a regular 20-year-old-girl. She worked like crazy and seldom had any time to do anything other than work. She even took business classes at Berkely University.

Not having time was why she didn't want a relationship with him or anybody else. It was what she had said to him.

So, what they had was what it had been for the last eight months: just a bit of fun and the most amazing and fulfilling sex he had ever had in his life. He was able to admit to it himself: he was madly in love with Bella Swan.

And there was absolutely nothing he could do about it. He couldn't leave this shit hole. He was taking care of his sick father. Embry was all he had, so he just couldn't move to San Francisco even if it was the thing he wanted to do the most.

He saw Bella maybe once a month, and it wasn't even nearly enough. Today was the first time Bella had had time to visit him; it was usually he who'd gone to San Francisco and never longer than two nights. He couldn't afford to pay the nurse who came to look after his father more, and of course, he had his day job too, which left his weekends free, but he always had to be back home by Monday morning at the latest. Leah had offered to take care of his dad, but he couldn't accept her offer.

"Embry took the photos you see on the website," Bella told his friends. "The old ones were good, but Embry's are just amazing. He'd captured the feeling of the place so well into those photos," Bella said, looking at him with adoration that made his heart skip a beat.

Taking incredible photos might have something to do with their fantastic steamy love-making in the room before the photoshoot. They had gone up to the attic to tidy up the room before taking the photos, and things had heated up while putting on the clean sheets to the bed. The memory made him want to fuck her right now.

He pulled Bella close to him and murmured into her ear, "Would you want to leave? I got a boner that needs some attention."

Bella glanced at him smiling mischievously, the way that his heart skipped a beat. Fuck she was so damn beautiful.

"Hmm, I don't know," she said quietly and pressed her ass against his hard-on, kissing the corner of his mouth lightly. "I like to talk with your friends. They're nice."

"Nicer than this," Embry asked and grounded his hips against her ass.

"Hey, get a room, you two," Jake hollered.

"That's an excellent idea, bro, and it is what we will do. See you fuckers around," Embry said and pulled Bella with him. Bella giggled and waved at his friends. They left the beach. Before turning around the bushes lining the beach, he glanced back and saw Lahote watching them go with a smug grin that made him uneasy.


I'm insane putting this out here while I have two unfinished stories here in Fanfic already. But this is different than the other two, and I just want to try out what you readers think. So let me know if you wish to read more. I can't promise how often I'm able to update; this story is still all over the place and mostly in my head. My two other stories are my priority, and it's not like I don't have other things to do than write fanfics. But I give it a go.