Chapter 11

Edward Cullen was watching Bella sleeping next to him. He'd woken up a moment earlier needing to take a leak, and although it was still early, he couldn't go back to sleep.

He was in seventh heaven. He had never met anyone like Isabella Swan. She had wrapped him around her little finger the moment he'd met her. But yesterday, she had swept him off his feet. Not only was she beautiful and smart and fucking amazing in bed, but she didn't take any of his bullshit. The way she had kept him on his toes the whole day yesterday until the moment she let him into her cabin and, even then, made him vibrate with satisfaction. He had finally met his equal, the woman he wanted to marry, to be the mother to his children, to share all his passions with.

Bella moaned in her sleep. It sounded like she was in pain. She had said that she got easily hungover, and she had been a bit drunk last night. Edward remembered Bella asking while kissing her way down his body - the memory that made him shiver - if he had gotten her drunk on purpose. But he hadn't had time to admit or deny it before she had taken him into her mouth, and he had lost his ability to speak.

Bella turned around. Her brows frowned, and she moaned again. Yes, she was definitely in pain, and before Edward could think how he could help her to feel better, Bella bolted up, holding her hand over her mouth. For a second, she looked around, confusion lacing her beautiful face before she rushed out of bed to the bathroom closing the door behind her. Edward heard her vomiting and heaving. Poor baby. He got up from the bed and called Madeleine asking her to bring some fresh juices and ice.

"Bring some pain medication too."

He knocked on the door. "Are you okay, Bella?"

"Uh-hu. I knew this would happen."

"Can I come in?"

"Please don't. I'm okay. It's just going to take some time before I'm well again," Bella said, breathing heavily. "This is exactly the reason why I don't usually drink." Her voice was weak.

And she threw up some more.

Edward wanted to go in, but he didn't. He'd learned his lesson not to cross Isabella Swan. If she said something, she meant it. It was refreshing, really. He wasn't used to women who spoke their minds and said what they actually meant. Women usually said one thing meaning the other, and got pissed at him for not understanding what they truly wanted.

Edward had almost swallowed his tongue when Bella said it would be only sex. Damn. But as much as being sexy as fuck, it had stung a little too. Was the sex all she could ever want from him? He didn't believe that. Not when he had so much to offer. He wanted to give her the moon and pamper her with all his wealth and adoration. With him, Bella would want for nothing.

The B&B lady, Beth, had been a good accomplice. The older woman had been so happy when Edward had asked her help to surprise Bella. Beth could have warned him, though; she must have guessed Bella's reaction. But the old lady hadn't said a word.

When Edward had asked Beth if Bella had had a boyfriend recently, Beth had hesitated for a while. But then she told him that Bella had dated two men last year, casually as the young people, in her opinion, too often did these days. Nothing serious. But she had broken up with them both without telling anybody the reason.

So, did it take two men to satisfy Isabella Swan? No. She had been satisfied last night, and he didn't doubt his ability to satisfy a woman, even a sex goddess like Bella. He had never had sex that blew his mind away like last night. But then, it was Isabella Swan; what else could sex with her be like.

Then a terrible thought crossed his mind: what if Bella regretted their night together. She had been drunk, and sometimes women did have second thoughts afterward. Edward couldn't bear the thought. Last night had been the best of his life, and to think that Bella would think it was a mistake... No, she had enjoyed it as much as he had; he was sure of it.

Edward heard Bella flushing the toilet and washing her teeth. Soon after, she came out bathrobe wrapped around her gorgeous figure. Even hungover, she looked like a fresh breath of air. Face pale and lips swollen from last night's activities, without any makeup, she was hands down the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen. Women Edward usually dated couldn't leave the house without painting their faces. But he hadn't seen any cosmetics on Bella's face apart from shiny raspberry-tasting lip gloss. He loved her natural looks; especially, he loved her freckles.

"Sorry, you had to listen to that," she said, looking at him massaging her templates.

"Don't be."

There was a quiet knock on the door, and Edward went to get the tray from Madeleine, thanking her and closing the door.

"Here is something cold and nutritious to drink and some medicine," Edward said, offering the tray to Bella.

"Thank you," Bella said and took a glass of fresh orange juice from the tray.

"I think I drink this, take some pills, and try to sleep a little more. It is usually the best way to handle this. If that is okay with you, Edward." She looked at him with her big brown eyes that had the ability to put him on his knees.

"Of course," Edward said. He'd clearly been dismissed and tried not to feel disappointed. He placed the tray on the bedside table so Bella could easily get more to drink if she wanted.

"What time you want to be back home?" he inquired, hoping she would say she wasn't in a hurry. He wanted to keep her as long as possible.

"Whenever, since everything seems to be under control at Blue Door, all I care about is to get some sleep," she said and gave him an adorable half-smile.

"Okay, it's very early still. So, what if we have lunch and maybe light dinner on the boat whenever you want to eat, and we'll be back in San Francisco around 6 or 7." Edward said, unsure if he was trying to stretch it too long.

"It sounds like a good plan," she sighed and drank the juice with two tablets.

"Great," Edward said and went to her. He wanted to find out what Bella felt about last night and if they were on the same page, partly at least or not; he pulled her close and leaned down to kiss her, his heart pounding fiercely in his chest. She didn't pull away and let him kiss her. She even kissed him back. It was a sweet, tender kiss without any heat, but he felt warmth spread through his body. She didn't regret it.

"Get some sleep," he said softly to her, "and I'll see you when you're feeling better. Sleep as long as you need. I'm either in my cabin or at the deck when you wake up."

"Okay," she answered, took off the robe, and slid between the sheets, sighing happily. His dick throbbed. Dear Lord, how he wanted to join her, wrap his arms around her and sleep with her, but he knew it would have been too much. He didn't want to press his luck.

He left the cabin, heart still hammering in his chest. Damn, he'd become a nervous teenager again. At the age of 26, it was some kind of achievement. He went to his cabin to put on some clothes and looked for his phone. He needed to call his grandfather. The phone wasn't in his room, so he left his cabin and went up to the deck. It was most likely there.

It was a beautiful May morning, and the sun shone through the amazing sea mist. Bella would have loved seeing that. Edward decided to take a video and show it to her later. Grabbing his phone, he walked to the bow and another side of the yacht, videoing the scenery. They were still anchored at Drakes Bay, and only parts of the cliffs were showing due to the mist. They had the whole day ahead, so he would leave it to the captain to plan where they could go and be back at the city by 7.

"You want some coffee, Mr. Cullen?" Madeleine asked when he returned to the back deck.

"Yes, I would, and some light breakfast too. Thank you."

"Is Miss Swan feeling any better?" she inquired.

"She will after she sleeps a few hours. We'll have lunch and light dinner onboard and will be back at 7. Tell John to plan the route for the day. Maybe try to catch some whales on the way."

"Very well, Mr. Cullen. I'll let the captain know."

Even though it was just after 7 am, Edward decided to make the phone call. It wasn't early for Harrison Cullen, who woke up every morning at 4.30 and was back from morning swim by now.

"Edward, you're up early," his grandfather's authoritative voice answered.

"Yes. I'm at Beatrice with Isabella Swan as planned," Edward told him and nodded to Madeleine, who brought him his breakfast.

"How did it go?" Harrison Cullen asked.

Edward chuckled, "We can forget Blue Door; she won't sell. She saw right through me and told me I won't get her to sell no matter what." Edward said, feeling awe of Bella even though it meant that he had disappointed his grandfather, something he hated to do.

"Damn, she's a tough young woman," his grandfather laughed. "Or have you lost your touch, boy?"

"She's tough. She won't take any bullshit from anyone," Edward said merrily.

"You have to marry her then," Harrison Cullen said with amusement in his voice, unaware of how spot-on his joke was.

"That is exactly what I'm going to do," Edward confessed. If it were up to him, Isabella Swan would be his wife by this time next year.

"Oh, is it now?"

"Yes, sir. She's the one for me," Edward said.

"But that is good to hear. We have all waited patiently, I might add, for you to find your match. What I know of Isabella Swan and seen her in that video blog of hers, she's quite a catch. The shop is a good bonus."

"She sure is. Never met anybody like her."

"Good, good," his grandfather said. "It was a good thing you called. I need you back at the office first thing tomorrow morning. I've rescheduled the meeting with the French. I hope you haven't planned on staying longer with your future wife."

Edward chuckled. "I'll be there at 8 am sharp, don't worry."

The day went all too fast. Bella woke up around midday feeling better and hungry. Edward made sure all her needs were met, and even though he had hoped to take her back to bed before returning to the city, he wasn't disappointed not getting a chance. Bella kept her distance from him, which wasn't what he had hoped for but had anticipated. As steamy and intimate their shared night together had been, Edward hadn't expected her to throw herself into his arms after. That would have been too easy. And if something, Isabella Swan wasn't an easy catch.

They moored at 7 pm, and Edward drove her home. Bella was gushing about the whales they saw on their way back. Her enthusiasm warmed his heart and made his dick throb. He wanted her so bad it hurt. He was aching to drive her to his home instead.

"Here we are," Edward said, parking his car next to Blue Door. He got off the car and went to open the door for Bella. She let him help her. He relished the soft skin on her hand, hating to let it go.

She smiled her breathtaking smile. "Thank you, Edward, for taking me out to your boat. I had a great time," she said, flipping her long hair off her shoulder. "I also want to apologize me being an ass yesterday."

Edward smiled, "It was my pleasure, Bella. We can go again whenever you want. And don't worry about being mad. I love that fire and honesty in you."

Bella glanced at him with an expression that wasn't what he had hoped for. She looked strained. Edward didn't like it.

He leaned down to kiss Bella, but she moved her head so that his kiss landed on her right cheek. Edward's heart sank.

Bella placed her palms against his chest, pushing him a little, and looked up at him. "Edward," she said, "I meant what I said yesterday that it was only sex. I'm not looking for a relationship. I like spending time with you, but that's all. I hope you are okay with that."

Edward wasn't, but what else was there for him to do other than agree. Time was what he was ready to give her; she would come around. Eventually, she would be his.

"Yes, Bella. I'm okay with that. I just like to kiss you if you allow me to."

She smiled, gave him a quick peck on the lips, and turned to leave. Edward wanted to grab her hand and not let her go, but he didn't.

"Bye, Edward and thanks again," she said, smiling when she glanced at him over her shoulder.

Edward watched Bella walk away from him, taking his heart with her.

Embry and Paul sat at the local bar in La Push, sipping their beers. Why the hell they were still there was a mystery to Paul. Paul had wanted to rush to San Francisco right after they had both agreed that Bella could have them both if she wanted. But Embry needed to think things through. The fucker had been thinking for almost a week now.

Paul knew that Embry was scared, that Bella wouldn't want them, that she already had someone else. Hell, Paul was fucking terrified about that possibility, but sitting here in fucking La Push didn't help their case.

"Hey man, honestly. What would be the worst thing to happen?" he asked for the umpteenth time.

"You know exactly what it could be. She might not want us, end of the story," Embry said somberly, fiddling the label on the bottleneck.

"Yeah, but we don't know it before we go to her and ask. She said that she loved us both. Even if she had someone new, it doesn't mean she would not choose us."

"I know that."

"So why are we still here?" Paul pressed. He was starting to get pissed with Embry.

Embry sighed, running his hand through his hair. "I guess as long as we haven't asked her, she hadn't said no. I like having hope. It's more than I have had in a long time."

"That's bullshit, Call. We have to grow some balls and go to her."

Embry glanced at him, flipping him a birdie. But he was starting to see reason. Thank the fucking Lord for that.

They sat for a while longer without saying anything. Paul's patience was wearing thin.

"You're right. We'll leave tomorrow, right after work. Let's book flights right away," Embry said suddenly and pulled his phone from his pocket.

Paul chuckled in relief. From one extreme to other.

"We can catch the 5.30 plane. We wouldn't be too late at Bella's place," Embry said, browsing the flights.

"Hey, you two, are you looking for some fun?"

Paul glanced and saw two bitches he didn't remember seeing there before.


"We could have some group fun, boys," the blond bitch said, placing her hand on Embry's shoulder. He visibly winched.

"No thank you," Embry said, turning his back to the bitch and jerking his shoulder to remove the hand.

"I can suck a dick like no one," the other bitch breathed in Paul's ear. He glanced at the woman and burst out laughing. Embry joined in.

"Are you guys gay?" the other one sneered.

"Yeah. We are," Embry said, turning to him and kissing him.

What the fuck!

"Eww! I hate gays." Paul heard the bitches saying and leaving them alone.

Paul pushed Embry away.

"What the fuck, man?" he hissed, not wanting to ruin the effect.

"Sorry, man," Embry laughed. "It worked, didn't it. I'm so fucking tired of having those cunts around. Don't worry. That won't ever happen again. Not my cup of tea." Embry said, wiping his mouth and grimacing.

Paul wiped his mouth and started to laugh. "That's a relief, and better remember that."

Paul had nothing against gays or bis, but tapping males' asses wasn't his idea of fun either. He had once tried to fuck some gay guy thinking that he was ready to try anything once at least but hadn't even been able to get his dick hard. Having Bella between the two of them, on the other hand, was something that made his dick twitch and mouth water.

"Okay, let's go pack. We'll leave tomorrow," Paul said to Embry, and they left the bar, hoping never to return there.


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