Sometimes, Vanessa tried to convince herself that as a "rental girlfriend" she's providing a much-needed service to lonely, socially disadvantaged men by giving her time and energy to spending a few hours a day with unfortunate bachelors and was not blatantly participating in softcore prostitution.

Of course, this was a load of shit, but it was a nice thought to have as Vanessa prepared for another "date". Checking the clock on her phone, she only had about an hour left before the "date". She rolled her eyes and cracked her neck, "Let's get this shit over with", the brunette sighed under her breath as she removed herself from her desk, pushing her chair against her bed as she stood up.

She made her way through her currently messy one-bedroom apartment into her bathroom to shower. This has been Vanessa's life for the past several months since coming to Japan. Though less "sudden" and more "inexplicable conjuring" as she had no idea how the fuck she got here after all.

One day, she was sleeping in her house in Texas and then the next morning she was in some cheap looking apartment you'd find in a porno.

Of course, Vanessa lost her shit completely at the time. Lost her shit so bad in fact that multiple residents of the apartment complex thought I was being literally murdered and called the police. It was a very awkward moment to explain to the very Japanese cops that she was fine and she had just 'slipped in the shower'.

As discombobulated as she was at the time, Vanessa still had enough self-awareness to know that explaining her situation to the cops would just get her sent down to the station as some druggie and fuck being near cops any longer than I have to be Obviously, the cops could tell she was bullshitting but decided not to pursue it and dropped it, though not before asking, "Are you American?" a heavy set cop asked, turning back to me.

"Uhm huh?", the introverted 25-year-old eloquently replied.

They must have taken that as a yes as the cop's eyes widened before the thinner partner retorted, "You have a bit of an accent, but your Japanese is very good."


"Well, have a good night ma'am. And please, try not to cause any more trouble for the other residents", the heavy set officer tips his hat as he and his partner walk back to their patrol car. The latina watched them enter the car and drive off, the flashing lights growing distant.

After that, Vanessa ran back into her apartment and continued to lose her shit. But quietly this time. She wouldn't want to disturb the other residents after all. Honestly, she doesn't recall the next day or two after that. Much of it was a blur of crying, bawling, sleeping and throwing (quiet) fits in her so-called apartment. Though, in time, she eventually calmed down enough to assess the situation.

Going through what looks to have been her travel bag, she rummaged through the unfamiliar luggage. Passport, license, residency and all the standard governmental crap was all there in her personal belongings, much to Vanessa's chagrin. Doubly surprising was her being a student at Nerima University, with a full scholarship to boot.

An unnerving feeling jolted through Vanessa.

A history major, given a full ride? Bullshit. The latina thought to herself as she scrolled through her student profile–

"Wait a second. Why does it say my age is nineteen?", squinting at the computer screen in disbelief, her glasses being shadowed by the light from the PC. Vanessa started to hyperventilate once more.

"Fuck, I have do college again. I was almost done-ugggggggh"

Of course, Vanessa raged (quietly) for the next few moments after that, her pillow taking the brunt of her assault.

Her rage stopped when she finally noticed the alerts on her phone. She had ignored it and thrown it across the room when she realized that all of her old contacts didn't exist anymore. Picking it up off the ground and turning it on, she was bombarded by dozens of messages.

"What the hell is 'Diamond'..?" staring at the aforementioned app on her phone. Hesitating for a moment her finger tapped the screen, opening the app. Instantly being hit by a deluge of pics of men across all spectrums of age and appearance. With one thing they all had in common.

"Date requests...? Oh god", the brunette exclaimed in silent horror. Vanessa really hoped she didn't get isekai'd to 'doujin hentai Japan' or she might be fucked in a way she joked about at home but would probably not actually like.

Scrolling, she saw a hotlink to direct her to her personal profile. Dreading what she'd find but too morbidly curious to not look, she clicked the link. Before her was a picture of her way prettier than she'd normally be with a UI that looked straight out of a dating sim.


Vanessa Batista

"Bombacious yankee from the U S of A!"

Availability - "Ready and willing~ "

Popularity - 4/5

User Reviews:

LonelyLoverXx:Vanny is so cute and has the most adorable accent. Would rent again 10/10.

ScandalousOfficeWorker69: She's so tiny and cute that I can't help but want to pick her up! Her petiteness is great and her accent adds to the flavoring. Toptier girlfriend! Tally-ho!1!

DogShinShin: Absolutely satisfied! Cute, stylish and she wears glasses! The best girlfriend ever! Americans are great XD!

Her shaking hand dropped the phone onto the floor before she collapsed onto her bed, hands in her face. Breathing heavily and with a shaky voice, the latina merely stated "Oh god. Oh fuck. I'm in hentai."

Of course, time passed, and Vanessa had come to terms with her situation in the present. And by come to terms, she meant she violently suppressed her feelings on it, like a well-adjusted adult.

So, good news was that she wasn't in hentai. Yay! She thinks anyway. Jury still out on that one.

Bad news was that she was still a virgin. Darn.

Even worse news is that her "job" required her to interact with random strangers as their glorified girlfriend. Fucking wack. She couldn't even do that for real at home.

Her only saving grace is that this is 'suggestive ecchi/harem' Japan and most of these people are so desperate that they won't notice my discomfort and general disgust as long as she pulls the basic 'animu' girl aesthetic.

It helps that Vanessa was a foreigner. As xenophobic as Nippon is, they are down bad for any girl that are yankees or hasn't been culturally dispositioned to be as meek as possible. Vanessa surmises that it is some sort of societal Stockholm syndrome from World War II.

The Texan contemplated what she should wear as she stepped out of the shower as she dried her hair.

Screw it. I'll just put on my blouse and some flats or some shit. She decided to herself, shrugging at the thought as she patted herself dry and stepping out her bathroom. The steam from the shower carried itself across the apartment as she made her way back to her closet.

Another benefit she found that many of these guys who rented her were so desperate that she only had to put a modicum of effort into clothing and makeup, and she still got pretty good ratings. Though perhaps not as much as she did prior to coming here. The less she thought about who the person she was before she got there, the better. As far as she was concerned, they were two different people.

'Bombacious yankee' my ass. She annoyingly thought as the phrase brought a twinge of cringe to her features. Ignoring the self-induced cringe, she continues herself in a simple, teal blouse and ankle pants and other miscellaneous jewelry.

Stepping over the items thrown haphazardly across the floor, she looked herself in the full body mirror, next to the bathroom door. Looking herself up and down and twisting her figure to make sure her ass was nice and visible for extra points. Satisfied, Vanessa nodded her head and gave herself a hearty 'Eh, good enough'.

Turning around to look at her messy, clothes and books-strewn apartment she merely replied, "Now, here the fuck are my flats?"

Even months after arriving in Japan, Vanessa still couldn't get used to the convoluted mess that was the Japanese transportation system. Intellectually she knew that it was actually among the most efficient in the world, but her innate pettiness wrote it off as overly elaborate and stupid and her spite wouldn't allow her to believe otherwise.

Unfortunately, her car didn't actually make the jump with her and unlike the U.S where the car examinations were piss easy, Vanessa knew she wouldn't have the same ease with such a thing in Japan. Especially with everyone driving on the wrong side of the road.

So like most things since isekai'ing to hentai land, Vanessa simply learned how to deal.

Making her exit at Nerima-kasugachō Station, the Texan made her way to the designated meeting spot. She was running about fifteen minutes late, but the brunette figured that's okay. Most guys she had rental dates with would often note how upset they would be to leave her waiting or that if they were even one minute late then the date was ruined but when the opposite was true, everything was peachy. She didn't really get the psychology behind it but it worked to her favor so whatever.

Having arrived at her destination, she figured this would be a good time to remind herself of how this guy looked. Taking out her phone, she looks at the info DM'd to her in the app.

Kazuya Kinoshita. 20. Orange T-shirt and striped pants. Skimming the info on smartphone before scanning the crowd once again, and finally spotted him.

Leaning against the edge of a local store, she saw the boy in question wearing exactly as the app had stated. Hand and pocket and one scrolling through his phone in a lackadaisical fashion. His posture gives off the aura of someone who believes they are relaxed but paradoxically came off more as stiff and clumsy if anything.

Vanessa would be the first to admit that this "job" had made her far more judgmental than she ever had been prior to coming to Japan. Admittedly, she was self-aware enough to know that she always was to some extent, but she never really cared too much back home, mostly due to not needing to.

But since being isekai'd and interacting with her various "clients" she has learned to really pick up things. Mostly, the vibe of whatever guy she was with. If Spiderman had a Spidey Sense, then what Vanessa had could be called a 'Creep Sense'. The latina had come to learn it's less how a guy looks or dresses but how they came across and nine times out of ten, that could tell you what kind of experience you are in for.

Looking at Kazuya, she didn't feel that tingly unnerving feeling she got with some guys. At least not immediately. A good sign. But looking at him, she could tell what kind of date she would have just by looking at him which could be summed up as, 'nervous nerd down on his luck and/or being pressured by friends'. Either or.

Point being, he looked awkward as fuck.

Not something she'd begrudge anyone for, given she is the same in many ways but it did inform her of what she'd have to do to get him to 'open up' so to speak.

Regardless, best to get this over with. Taking a deep breath, the Texan put on her 'game face' and approached the gangly boy with her best 'animu' extrovert expression. Kill the cringe.


Striding over with a false confidence, Vanessa announced herself with a verbose energy and doing the classic "V" sign. "Hi! You're Kazuya-kun, right?"

"Bwuh?!" The boy jolted up in shock, nearing losing his grip on his phone as he played a game of hot potato trying to prevent it from falling.

Preventing herself from giving an ugly cackle, she projected a false giggle instead, "I'm so sorry for being late! One of the trains was running late." she lied as easily as she breathed as the nervous boy finally managed to gain his footing.

"A-ah yeah, it's okay! I just got here actually," Kazuya exclaimed, waving his arm in front of him to dismiss her worries.

"Ah thank goodness! I've only been in Japan for a few months, and I'm still not used to how the transit works." Vanessa explained, pouting a bit. Seeing this, Kazuya gave a nervous chuckle before continuing

"N-nah it's fine, I get turned around every now and then too.. ha-ha", the boy said, awkwardly scratching his head, attempting to comfort the latina.

Lifting her purse over her shoulder, the chicana gave the nervous lad a smile. "Well, rather than standing out here, how about we head to a café? Is that good with you?" said Vaneesa, pointing a manicured finger down the street to the nearest restaurants.

"A-ah, sure." Kazuya agreed, having been jolted out of his stupor.

The fake couple began walking down the crowded street, keeping pace with one another in a comfortable but awkward silence. Vanessa gave a side glance to Kazuya, noticing his standoffish posture. He was walking close to her but kept his hands firmly in his pockets, perhaps an attempt to come off as cool but came across as childishly edgy more than anything. His eyes dozing off to the side in an effort to avoid eye contact. Pretty standard fare, as far as the latina was concerned.

Vanessa decided to throw the gangly boy a bone.

"Ah, would you mind…" Vanessa tapered off as she stopped and held her arm out of Kazuya. The orange-haired youth's mind seemed to gridlock at the gesture before finally realizing a few scant seconds later, his eyes darting down at the outstretched arm as red began to reach his ears.

"O-oh, uhm, sure thing," Kazuya uttered sheepishly as he took his hand out of his pocket and began to elongate and angle his arm as if trying to decide how to loop his arm with hers. After a few scant seconds, he firmly locked his arm with hers, looking as if he made a great accomplishment despite his evident embarrassment.

Vanessa merely raised her eyebrow at the boy, before mentally shrugging. Everyone has to start somewhere, I guess. Putting back on her 'game face' Vanessa beamed towards her date, "Right, now let's get something to eat. Tally-ho!" the chicana exclaimed, pumping her fist up into the air with false enthusiasm.

"R-right, T-tally-ho!" Kazuya copied in his awkward cadence.

Oh boy.