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Booth awoke to eager fingers sliding across his chest, following the contours of his muscles, then brushing down his side and finally along the waistband of his boxer shorts. That was the moment he grabbed her hand before it could move any further.

His eyes were still closed, but Brennan now knew he was awake and she heard the smile in his voice when he whispered, "Morning, baby!" Then he slowly opened his eyes and looked straight into the deepest blue he had ever seen. "Hey!"

She looked up at him and slowly moved closer to his face before finally pressing a kiss on his lips. It was the absolute loveliest way to wake up, he realized.

He pulled her closer into his arms and straight onto his chest. No, it wasn't a dream…she really was here, in his arms, almost completely naked. He could feel every inch of her skin against his and desire welled up in him. The way she pressed her hips against his made his blood pound through his body.

His hands held her head as he kissed her again, this time longer, deeper, more sensually.

Oh, it was dangerous what they were doing, and at the same time it was such a wonderful feeling to finally be able to live out the desire they'd been suppressing for years. His hand slowly slid down her back, gently and tenderly. The feeling of being able to do this now, of making his dream come true, was overwhelming.

"Beep, beep, beep!" The alarm clock pounded relentlessly in their ears. Booth reluctantly pulled away from her lips, and they were ruthlessly shoved back into reality by the noise. They had to get up because Emma had to go to school. Suddenly they were back to everyday life.

"Saved by the bell, huh?" Booth nuzzled her nose again, then released her from his arms with a smile.

"Unfortunately." Brennan got up and went in search of her top so she could go to the bathroom. One last smile and then she disappeared through the door. Booth slumped back onto the pillows with a happy sigh. He needed a few more minutes to cool down before he started the day.


After taking Emma to school, they drove to the hospital, where Amy greeted them with a big smile. The doctors had stopped the drugs that had kept Haley asleep overnight and Haley was now slowly waking up. The big face mask was gone and instead she was getting oxygen through two small tubes placed directly into her nose.

Her skin wasn't as pale as it had been. Amy beamed happily. "Dr. Gilmore says Haley is responding very well to the medication and if this continues, she'll pull through and recover."

Amy was so happy and overwhelmed with joy that she hugged Brennan tightly in her arms. Booth got a hug, too.

As the morning progressed, Haley slowly opened her eyes and was more than surprised to find Temperance and Booth sitting by her bed along with her mother. She hadn't noticed any of the drama that had occurred over the last few days.

Dr Gilmore also checked on his little patient several times, and was extremely pleased that the therapy was working. Even for an experienced doctor, it's difficult to remain unaffected when little patients are suffering. He was thrilled to see her thriving.

Thanks to the generous support of Dr. Brennan, he'd also had a new experience, and had learned something new. He was clearly very grateful to her for that, thanking her many times for her help

Sometime later in the afternoon, Booth left the small group to pick up Emma from school and was more than surprised to find that Russ had arrived while he was out.

So it seemed the little family was finally complete. Everyone was relieved…and immensely happy.

When it was time for dinner, Booth and Brennan offered to take Emma home so that Amy and Russ would stay with Haley until later that evening. The small patient had assured her parents that she could stay alone at night if they remained with her until she fell asleep.

It would be good for Amy to finally spend a night in her own bed, and it was also urgently necessary for her and Russ to talk in peace about the events of the past few days.

That Booth and Brennan treated Emma to another nice evening at a Chinese restaurant before putting her to bed would be their well-kept secret.

When Amy and Russ got home, the house was already dark and everyone was in their beds.

In order not to further irritate Booth, Brennan had put on a t-shirt so as not to look so seductive. At least that was the reason she gave him, with a mischievous smile to go with it.

It was his FBI shirt and was absolutely no less seductive than the skimpy tank top of the last few days. That was the first thought that crossed his mind when he saw her, but he accepted her explanation with a charming smile. "Whatever you say, Bones…"


The next morning, the small family had a hearty breakfast before they all drove to the hospital together.

Amy, Russ and Emma left right after breakfast while Booth and Brennan were still packing their stuff and loading their bags into the Mercedes. After visiting Haley in the hospital, they wanted to start their journey home in the early afternoon.

Haley was all smiles, obviously feeling so much better. Happy and grateful for her recovery, Booth and Brennan said goodbye that afternoon and headed towards Washington.

But this time the journey was not as fast as their trip there. Heavy traffic and partial standstills extended the journey by a few hours. They swapped places several times so that neither of them had to drive too long.

An accident forced them to stop completely for half an hour. Booth was behind the wheel and wasn't too happy about this extra stopover.

He turned off the engine and turned to Brennan, to find that she was obviously watching him intently. "What?," he grinned, shrugging at her.

"Can't I just look at you?" Brennan gave him an uncertain look, wondering if she'd already broken some relationship rule.

He quickly sent a big smile her way, instantly reassuring her. He turned towards her, taking her hand tightly in his. "Of course you can look, but is there a particular reason you seem kinda thoughtful?"

"Well, I have been thinking." She still looked a little unsure. "Perhaps that's why I seem pensive."

Booth chuckled. "Of course you have...your brilliant brain never rests, does it?" He ran a finger down her cheek. "Would you tell me what's bothering you?"

She avoided his gaze, feeling a little embarrassed. "Um, I was just thinking about how it feels to be in the car with you like this."

He chuckled. "Bones, we've been driving together for years! What do you mean?" He was more than surprised. That's what you were thinking about so much? Really?

"Booth, I know that, of course!" She shook her head slightly. "But, that was usually while we were at work, or maybe when we were out with Parker on a Saturday." She struggled for words, wondering how to explain the difference to him. "This feels so different somehow. We don't have a case to discuss. It's not even your SUV, it's my car. It's so …." Words failed her for a few seconds. "It's so private, so intimate, just you and me."

Oh, she's starting to analyze our relationship already. Hopefully,she doesn't overthink every little thing to the point of dropping it completely. That was the first thought that went through his mind. That's so typical of Bones.

"And?" He hardly dared to ask the question. "Is that a pleasant thought? I mean me and you..." Now it was he who gave her an insecure look. "On the road…in the car.. privately."

She waited a moment before replying, then nodded slightly. "Yeah…I have to say it feels good. I like it."

He felt the tension of the last minutes slowly leave his body. It was only then that he realized how important her answer was to him. "That's good to hear." Then he decided to take a big chance with his next question. "So…do you see yourself here in the car with me, for the next few years..." His voice dropped in volume, and his feelings for her were evident in the way his voice grew hoarse. "...or like maybe…forever?"

This was a big step for her, and he wondered how she would react. Had he asked for too much, too soon?

However, it was important to him to know where he stood. She was it for him. There was no doubt about it…he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. The question now was how did she see their future together? Overhearing the conversation between her and Emma had given him the courage to ask this very important question.

She didn't answer right away, which was okay with him. It meant she was thinking about it and wouldn't just agree quickly to make him happy. Eventually, she turned her head completely in his direction, her eyes serious, but also loving. "Yes, Booth…I can see you next to me in the future. Forever is a very long span of time, but I think we'll take one day at a time and if it's finally forever when we get there, then that's imaginable for me."

This wasn't exactly the answer he'd hoped for, but he knew that more wasn't possible for her at the moment. However, the next sentence made him very hopeful.

She spoke quietly. "Not having you in my life anymore is something I don't want to imagine anyway. I know how it felt when I thought you were dead. I don't want to experience anything like that again."

"Oh Bones." He leaned over the center console and took her face in both hands. Tenderly he let his lips slide over hers and then he gave her a deep, hard kiss.

He slowly released her and slid back into his seat. He ran his eyes over the traffic for a moment, but absolutely nothing had changed in the lanes ahead of him. Should he take advantage of the good vibes and ask the next, even more daring question?

"And, when you think about our trips in the future, can you also hear voices from the back seat asking. 'Are we there yet?'" His eyes sparkled mischievously. He wasn't sure if she understood the meaning of his question.

However, she surprised him by countering directly. "How many voices?" Her eyes shone with happiness. Obviously she was ready to think about that topic as well.

"Oh, I don't know." He gave her a quick, uncertain look. "Two?"

He held his breath. Not only had he asked her about a future together, he had even asked if she saw herself as the mother of his children in this future, and not just one, but two. His heart was pounding wildly in his chest. A memory of an interview she'd given many years ago came to his mind…the one where she'd said that she'd never have children.

The silence in the car made him anxious. Have I lost my luck? Was this a step too far? Shouldn't we be in a committed relationship for a while before thinking about kids? Booth, you're an idiot! Why wasn't her first answer enough for you today? Why even raise this question? You know you can't push her…

It was the lightness of the moment that made him do it. It was just an idea that had popped into his head, and he hadn't thought it through. Had he unsettled her now, risking the relationship before it even began? Was he too cocky?

He heard a deep sigh from the passenger seat. She'd just stared out the windshield for a long moment. He could almost feel her mind racing. He closed his eyes, wondering what he'd hear if she finally made up her mind to answer.

The silence seemed endless, when, in reality, maybe only a minute or two had passed.

Finally she turned to him, only to notice that his eyes were closed and he was leaning back in his seat. She put her hand on his arm to get his attention. He immediately opened his eyes and turned to her. His scared look brought a smile to her face. She knew exactly why he was so insecure.

"Yes, Booth, I can see that, too, but not right away...I mean, not so soon." She beamed at him and he couldn't help but pull her back into his arms, and this time the kiss was even harder, deeper and left them both gasping for breath.

They hadn't noticed that the traffic had started up again and the cars were driving around them. Only when they heard loud honking and someone shouted out of his window, "Get a room!" were they startled into action.

Booth released her from his arms with a big grin and started the car. An amused smile could also be seen on her lips.

They stopped at some point along the way to have dinner and Brennan took the wheel for the rest of the drive to DC. Shortly after they drove away from the restaurant, Booth nodded off in the passenger seat.


"Booth." Brennan put his hand on his arm and shook it a little. "Booth, we're home." Booth slowly opened his eyes and looked around, a little confused.

He gave her an irritated look. "Bones, this isn't my apartment."

"Exactly.," was her short answer as she opened the driver's door and got out.

Okay, Booth thought. I guess that's a hint that she wants me to stay the night. So we're probably ready for the next step.

He quickly got out of the car as well and grabbed his bag. Brennan had already opened the trunk and removed her bag. In tacit agreement, they made their way to her apartment. It was already quarter past ten in the evening and Booth still felt a bit tired.

But this tiredness was quickly forgotten when he walked through the door of her apartment. It was an involuntary response…suddenly, the air was filled with sensual anticipation. They were both aware that that night their relationship would change forever.

Brennan put her bag down in the hallway and Booth did the same. He gave her an uncertain look, wondering what her expectations were, and what he should do next. A part of him wanted to pull her right into his arms. He couldn't bear to be separated from her for a second longer. But on the other hand, the sane part of his brain told him he had better take it slow. He felt sure that the whole situation was already overwhelming for Brennan, and his gut was telling him to give her some time and space to adjust.

"Um…Bones?" He grabbed her hand and turned her towards him to address her directly. "I'd like to take a shower, if that's okay with you." He gave her a winning smile and looked at her lovingly. He sensed her nervousness and wanted to do anything he could to calm her down. Nothing would happen today that they both didn't want. His eyes told her that.

"That's a good idea." Trusting him completely, she returned his smile. "I'd also like to take a quick shower."

He took a deep breath. He hadn't expected that answer at all, but she reassured him immediately. "I'll take my bathroom, and you can use the guest bathroom, okay?"

"Oh okay." He blushed slightly, thinking for a moment that she wanted to take a shower with him. "Sure."

He'd spent a night at her apartment on a number of occasions, usually when they'd been working late on cases or when he'd had too much alcohol at dinner, so that it was no longer advisable for him to drive.

She had the luxury of a comfortable guest bedroom and a guest bathroom as well. In fact, for a long time she had stored all the toiletries he used in this bathroom, so that it was basically his personal space, even though it took him a couple of months to figure that out. It was at that moment that he'd become fully aware of how intertwined their lives already were.

But one thing was for sure. If he had his way, he wouldn't be sleeping in the spare room tonight, and he was hoping she felt the same way. He made his way to the bathroom but not before he had kissed her lightly on the forehead. With a smile he winked at her and disappeared behind the door.

Ten minutes later he came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist, still a little unsure if he could just walk into her room. He knocked softly on her door. "Bones." It was perfectly still, so he knocked again. "Bones."

"Come in." He heard her voice, which was a little muffled. When he came in the door, he knew why. She stood in front of her bed, rubbing her hair dry with a towel. He watched her in fascination. She had wrapped another towel around her body, and the way it was draped showed off her curves to perfection. At that moment she tossed aside the towel she had used to dry her hair and turned to face him.

Her beauty took his breath away. Their eyes met and suddenly the mood in the room changed dramatically. The sexual tension was electrifying. His eyes got darker by the second and slowly, as if in a trance, he moved towards her. His desire had become unbearable and with a short jerk he pulled her into his arms.

His hand went into her hair, holding her head in place. She had no chance to avoid his piercing gaze. He held her captive with his look alone and warmth flooded her entire body. Desire, excitement, and above all, love…all of those feelings were reflected in his gaze, but for some reason, none of them worried her in the least. She was surprised, but she felt safe. For the first time in her life she wasn't afraid to let herself fall, because she felt safe in his arms.

"I love you." He wanted to reassure her that he was serious. There was no question in his mind…this was forever. They were about to take the first step towards their future together. His arm pulled her closer to him. "You have no idea how much I love you.," he said, speaking the words more or less directly against her lips before he pressed his mouth firmly against hers.

And suddenly the desire that had been simmering in both of them for years took over. The kiss quickly grew deeper, more passionate. His tongue went deep inside her, leaving no doubt he wanted her with every fiber of his being.

His hand slid down her back. With a quick tug the towel loosened and fell away from her body. With the next swift movement he freed himself from his towel, and then there was no longer a barrier separating them.

Slowly, very slowly, he moved them both towards their bed until finally her calves touched the edge of the mattress. He carefully helped her, placing her in the middle of the bed. He bent over her and his eyes slid hungrily over her body.

"You are so beautiful." His voice was filled with admiration. "Just breathtaking."

"You don't look bad, either." Her hand gently rested on his face. How nice it was that they could now touch without limits…without borders. Her hand slid down his neck and then across his chest. Hard and soft…those were the thoughts running through her mind. That was Booth. Hard muscles, soft skin.

Her hands continued to wander over his stomach and then lower. Hard and soft…it was like a mantra in her mind.

"Bones." She heard the warning in his voice. "Stop that or this is going to be over quicker than either of us would like."

He ran his fingers down her arm and pulled her hand away, bringing it slowly to his lips. Reverently, he pressed a soft kiss into her palm. Then his lips slowly traveled up the arm, over her neck and finally landed on her mouth again.

And from then on everything was just like a dream…like a dream that had finally come true.

Hands exploring each other, soft skin, smooth curves, hard muscles. Lips that followed the line of the hands. Every inch, every mole, nothing remained hidden.

Soft sighs, soft moans and eventually his name slipped from her lips while his mouth caressed her in the most intimate way.

Finally there was the deep moment that united them forever. Slowly, very slowly, he sank into her. His eyes held her gaze. They were united in a deep connection. She arched her back, pressing against him, and their bodies moved as one.

They were now one, and together they reached unknown heights before finally falling over the cliff together.

And then he fell on top of her, collapsing onto her. "Bones, God, Bones." He quickly turned to the side and pulled her into his arms. "I love you."

She snuggled deep into his arms. "I love you, too, Booth."

He was overwhelmed. Hearing those words from her was like the most beautiful music to his ears. A deep happiness and contentment filled him. They had finally found their destiny. .

And somehow he had always known it…

That feeling that this would go somewhere.


AN: Hope you liked my story, it was a short one and first only written to entertain my friend dgschneider while recovering from long covid.

I had a knee replacement last year and during this recovery time I wrote a story to distract myself . It is called

"The Love in the Lovemaking."

Finally Brennan has something to learn from Booth. It's an "M" rated story and will be published in a few weeks. We are working on it.

To give you a teaser here is a small part of the first chapter.


Shortly after 7 pm, he knocked on her door, a six-pack of beer in one hand, a box of food in the other and a big smile on his face. As she opened the door, she looked at him wide-eyed, irritated because she didn't remember they had an appointment that night.

"Booth, what's going on? Do we have a case?" Without saying a word, he walked past her, food in hand, and went straight into her living room. She closed the door behind him, shaking her head as she followed on his heels.

Finally, he turned to her and answered her question. "Bones, does this look like a case?" He wiggled the food and beer in front of her and started to place the items on her dining table, only to find said table occupied. Her laptop was in the middle of the table and small index cards, similar to the ones he used for his case notes, were spread all across the surface.

He glanced at the cards and blushed slightly, but quickly turned and placed the food on the coffee table in front of the sofa. Later he would confront Brennan about what was going on with those cards; but they were supposed to eat first. He ran into the kitchen to get some plates and his gaze fell once more on a card on the table - "fellatio". He shook his head: not now. Later.

To be continued…..