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To who you truly belong

This year is definitely not how I had planned it.

It was supposed to be a perfect year, without that unhappy Umbridge breathing down our necks, indoctrinating us with a deplorable teaching plan from the ministry, waiting for Harry to crack so everyone would think he was just a teenager trying to get attention and that the ministry had everything under control.

Without her in the way I wouldn't have to worry about not having a competent teacher, I wouldn't have to spend my time making sure Harry got through the year unscathed both physically and mentally.

It would just be me, my books... and you my Ron.

Because if there was one good thing about fifth year it was that your Ron had been chosen as prefect along with me. That same night that our badges arrived in the mail, I couldn't help but stay up until almost dawn thinking about us alone, roaming the castle at night.

First, it would be slow, "accidental" rubs of hands here, furtive glances there, some stumbles that would make us embrace "accidentally".

Then we would hold hands: neither of us would say anything about it, but neither of us would pull our hands away, you would start massaging me with your big fingers on my hand, I would subtly caress your muscles and you would grab my waist to tell me where you wanted to go on patrol, I would rest my head on your broad shoulders, saying I was tired because of the late hours.

At the end you would confess your love to me: you would tell me that you fell in love with me from the moment you saw me, that no other woman had ever made you feel that way: not Madam Rosmerta, not Fleur, not Lav… not any of our classmates in Griffindor. Every night we would look for a closet where you would show me how much you loved me, you would caress my body with those big hands of yours, you would join those fleshy lips that I desire so much with mine, your tongue that has caused me so many fantasies would explore my mouth, your eyes in which I constantly lose myself would look at me with desire.

All this while you tell me again and again that you are mine and only mine.

Because that's the truth, from the first moment our gazes have rested on each other, you belong to me.

You are mine.

Mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine.

But Ron, you've never been good at following my plans.

Do you do it to piss me off? Were you in denial that your future is intertwined with mine?

The first step was as I expected, hand rubs were initiated by both you and me, our bodies closer than usual, you looking at me in a tender way and me making every effort to show with my eyes that I was ready for you to start showing your feelings for me.

But despite all the clues I put in front of you, we never got past that first step.

Just followed those roses, that closeness, those conversations full of laughter, or our joint annoyance at how our friend (who even though he wasn't there, still made it impossible for us to follow the natural course of our relationship) talked to us.

But in spite of everything our relationship was on the right path, you and I spent most of the year alone in each other's company, between the prefects' guards, Harry's punishments, and Harry's crush on Cho Chang.


How stupid do you have to be to believe that I wanted to take Harry away from you?

If you had half a brain, you would have realized that I only want what rightfully belongs to me. I had great hopes that you could distract Harry in a relationship, make Ron see them together, and realize that he should take courage and declare his eternal love for me.

Why doesn't anyone know how to follow a damn plan?

I was right to choose to belong to Griffindor instead of Ravenclaw, if people like her and Marietta belong to the house of intellect then it must have low standards.

Despite the disastrous end of fifth year, the summer before sixth year began was looking excellent.

I asked my parents if I could spend most of the vacation at the Burrow, where my Ron and I spent most of the time alone, no minister of magic, no demons in pink, no death eaters, no Harry, no Voldemort... just two teenagers on the verge of moving beyond friendship.

But Fleur...

Ridiculously beautiful Fleur, who even with her own Weasley couldn't help but take mine's attention... complaining at every turn, about the house, the food, the weather, Britain... ugh.

And you Ron, were hanging on every word she said, tripping over yourself the moment she entered the same room.

I know you Ron couldn't help what that Veela's magic did to you, but that didn't stop my heart from aching every time I saw you giving her the looks that should only be reserved for me.

But despite Fleur's best efforts, you knew where you belonged.

You never looked for Fleur, you were never the first to start the conversation between you, you always preferred to be with me and when I couldn't take it anymore and I withdrew when I saw how my Ron was fooled by that woman, a few minutes later you were looking for me.

And of course, I rewarded your loyalty, I let you copy my homework, we spent hours playing chess or exploding snaps, I let you show me all your favorite places near the Burrow... at the end of the day whatever we did just you and me became my favorite time of the summer.

You are mine and no one else's.

Those days were perfect, I felt as if we were just two normal teenagers, whose only problems were the impending N.E.W.T.S. and you my Ron getting up the courage to kiss me.

Of course when Harry arrived, he brought the problems with him, commenting on what he knew about Dumbledore's new plan, about this year's new teacher (not defense, but potions) and after a visit to Diagon Alley he kept telling us his crazy theories about what Malfoy was planning this year, grabbing your attention Ron...

Harry... I love you like the little brother I always wanted, but there is a reason why none of our children will have your name.

The year began and again I had high hopes that our relationship would finally advance to where I knew we both wanted it to and boy were there opportunities, no O.W.L.S to worry about, the night patrols, Harry taking those personal lessons with Dumbledore and the meetings that Professor Slughorn wanted to have with him and other "outstanding" students.

But of course, when it comes to Ron and I, nothing can go as planned.

Slughorn was not only interested in Harry but also in me, leaving Ron aside.

How could he not see value in someone who is a prefect, who also has a place on the quidditch team and a Hogwarts service award earned in his second year, as well as having relatives working at both the Ministry and Gringotts?

Harry could schedule his quidditch training on the same dates as Professor Slughorn's parties so he could escape them, but I didn't have that option, I had to sit and watch Neville be treated like a waiter, as people like Cormac bragged about his achievements... or rather his family's achievements, which he hadn't helped in any way.

While Harry was having a great time with Ginny and Ron, I was bored to death. If you only knew Ron, what you envy is sitting there listening to Slughorn brag about his contacts with the Minister of Japan.

I liked to imagine that what you wanted most was to be with me right now and not the event itself...

But at least something good had come out of Slughorn, his Yule party. I knew this was the moment I had been waiting for since fourth year. He would invite you to spend the party with me, you in your new party robe and me in the dress I had planned to wear on the date we were to have on y-your... Slughorn would see the true value of Ron Weasley but it would be too late, as you Ron would see how boring these parties are, we would dance like we should have done at the Yule ball, we would drink some punch until we were light in the head, you Ron would try to make me laugh by making jokes about how all the guests were so stuffy and I would do my best not to give you the satisfaction of laughing out loud, no matter how much I wanted to.

And after a few hours we would leave that boring party, holding hands and laughing as only you Ron make me laugh, then with the help of alcohol you would finally give me that snog I have dreamed of you would take me to the nearest broom closet and our hands would begin to explore each other's bodies, while our lips would never leave each other's at any moment.

Of course we would only go so far.

After all, joining together as one was the plan for your birthday.

And at first everything was going so well, maybe it wasn't a direct invitation, but come on it was obvious that I wanted to go with you and for a few days I couldn't be happier Ron you behaved too attentive with me. You joked more with me, you gave me your full attention and didn't interrupt me when in the prefect guards II vented all my justified displeasure about Harry and his obsession with Malfoy and the book with the one who cheats in potions.

Everything was finally perfect.

Until one day when suddenly it wasn't.

You started to avoid me, when you could, you ignored me and when you couldn't, you spoke to me in a bad way, never giving me an explanation as to why your change of treatment towards me.

Harry said he didn't know either, I wasn't sure, but for his sake I hope he told me the truth or I would make him eat his whole damn Half-Blood Prince book.

As much as I tried to think of what had gone wrong or talk about the situation with you it never got solved.

Then Harry... You really couldn't have told me that you didn't give Ron the Felix Felicis? You made a bad situation even worse.

You were amazing really, that confidence you exuded on the Quidditch pitch bordering on arrogance, that smile I love so much… for once forgetting your unfounded insecurities.

I admit that seeing you so sure of yourself in the air being ogled by all... well, a strong feeling in my belly wanted to make you mine once and for all.

So I decided once and for all to confront you, I didn't deserve the indifference you showed me, how could you be so cruel to leave my side? Don't you know how my eyes look for you when you are not there? How do my ears search for your laughter that calms my nerves and the anxiety in my belly so much?

But finding you in the center of the common room festivities I saw something that simply should not exist.

You... My Ron... Surrounding the waist of another witch with your big hands, she caressing your hair, as red as the flames that I love so much, your eyes with a look that should only be dedicated to me...

Your lips pressed hungrily on Lavender's lips.

My mind had gone completely blank, an achievement that only you could achieve. Fortunately, my legs decided to take control and took me away from that scene so far from reality, but for some strange reason it was happening.

Ronald... How could you?

My sight was blurred with tears, while my treacherous memory tormented me with the still fresh scene of your daring. Trying in vain to clear my mind I resorted to the classes of my favorite subject... transfiguration.

Harry was the first one to find me and well as I mentioned before, I love him like the little brother I always wanted...

But he really doesn't know how to comfort anyone, outside of giving inspiration against the dark forces he really has the least social skills at Hogwarts… Professor Snape included.

And then you came along... Not looking for me like in the summer when I couldn't stand Fleur anymore, assuring me that everything had been a mistake and that Lavender was confused, that you only loved me and only me...

No, you only come so you can have a more private place to snog the lights off Lavender, your surprised look when you saw me showed me that I was never in your thoughts.

So I decided that you would receive just a small part of the great pain you were causing me.

I won't lie to you Ron, your cries for help almost made me feel better.


They almost helped me forget that my best friend, the one I understood best and who understood me best, the one to whom I had given my heart,The one who I was so desperately and hopelessly in love with had betrayed me.

The following weeks were hell, I had lost the security of my place among my best friends both in class and in the common room, because no matter what you do, Harry would always rather be on your side than mine and it even seemed that if you didn't devour Lavender's face at all times you would die... you would faint.

Not to die... never to use Ron and die in the same sentence...

But it didn't end my torture only in class, in the dining room or in the common room.

Because every damn night I had to listen to that Bimbo tell our roommate how your mouth always tasted like chocolate, how much skill your big hands had venturing into her body, how safe she felt resting on your defined chest.

Each and every one of my plans and fantasies she recited as her day to day reality.

And my self-destructive mind refused to use any spells to avoid hearing her agitated voice accompanied by naughty laughter as she told how good a lover my man was.

I must admit I thought I had made a mistake in inviting Cormac as my date to Slughorn's party, but seeing your jealous face as we left made it worth the horrible night I got myself into.

You know Ron?

In all that night in which Cormac bored me with his mediocre achievements (who thinks it's impressive how many bottles of butterbeer one can drink without losing consciousness, when there are men who at 12 years old won a game of chess against McGonagall herself while protecting his beloved and best friend by sacrificing himself? ) I was just waiting for you to arrive whipping the entrance of the party open, intimidate Cormac and ask me for forgiveness while you kissed me passionately while you assured me that Lavender was not the one for you, that you were mine and no one else.

But no Ron, you never follow my plans?

That Christmas you should have come with me to my home to introduce yourself to my parents, not as my best friend, but as the love of my life. You would do everything possible to be in my father's good graces, which would be easy for you as someone who spreads happiness when it is possible to be the center of attention. My parents would love you within hours of getting to know but a sliver of the man that I fell in love with Christmas we would tell our children how you almost fainted in front of my father.

But instead I spent Christmas locked in my room, I didn't want my parents to see me cry for you.

That night I dreamed of a beautiful hand-knitted red jumper, with a big H embroidered in the center, laughter raucous laughter surrounded by people who love me and I love, long arms around my body, finally feeling like I belonged where I always did.

The New Year was as miserable as Christmas, will you be spending it with Lavender Ron? Will you be looking forward to a new year full of love? Did you ring in the New Year with a kiss at midnight?

Will I be in your thoughts and wishes just as you are in mine Ronald Weasley?

For the first time in my life, I didn't want to go back to school. I hated the thought of seeing you in someone else's arms again.

Add to that, Harry with his own love problems (I even thought about letting you know how he felt about your sister, just to steal you away from Lavender at least for a while) and with his obsession with Malfoy not being good company, plus his loyalty to you.

Seriously Ron, the whole time you two were fighting in fourth year Harry was basically mourning your friendship, forgetting to make an effort to be happy in my company.

(I don't blame him so much, I actually prefer your company to his too, even in these moments where we don't talk to each other).

(I guess I should keep an eye open if Harry wants to change his redhead to love?)

And I was right, you kept acting as if you and I weren't meant to be as if Lavender was meant for you when she would never value you like I do.

But no matter how much you make me suffer, dear Ron.

At no time did I ever wish this to happen to you.

Your birthday was today and I dedicated myself to avoid you from the start of the day. If you had followed my plans Ron today would have been the day that you and I finally show how much we love each other. Instead I dedicated myself fully to my studies to avoid thinking about the missed opportunity, as well as thinking that this opportunity could be taken with the wrong witch.

It was a really simple plan Ronald, I just had to spend a whole day without worrying about you.

You see what I mean about you never following my plans no matter how simple they are?

Because I had not only lost you temporarily as a friend and as something else.

I almost lost you altogether.

I can still remember Harry's face, his eyes puffy, his lips quivering, that expression similar to when he thought Sirius was being tortured at the ministry, only worse. It was one of the few times that I thought he might truly break into pieces, and it was all because of you Ron.

(How does someone who is the most important person in two people's lives think so little of him?)

Between deep and steadying breaths he told me what had happened to you.

Not even when I was in front of the troll, being stalked by the basilisk or facing the Death Eaters, did I feel as scared as when Harry told me how you were in agony, how your skin turned blue, you struggled to breathe because of the foam and your eyes rolled back in your head.

Don't you know Ron Weasley that you are forbidden to die?

None of the three of us are strangers to the infirmary, or to seeing any of the other two in serious condition in the infirmary bed. Seeing your body unconscious, pale as snow and with occasional slight spasms has never made it seem so real.

Death will always be around us. I could lose my Ron… I

I couldn't help but hyperventilate, I could only faintly notice how Harry was now recounting what had happened to the teachers and how Ginny was inconsolable beside you clinging to your body as if she thought that if she let you go you would die.

At that moment I knew I had to stay by your side always.

Lavender arrived soon after, crying inconsolably as if the "love of her life" was the one who was dying and not mine.

That Bimbo dared to ask me what I was doing there! As if my place was not at your side Ron!

"Some friend you are, you haven't talked to him for weeks since we started dating!"

It was the possibility of being banned from the infirmary stopped me from hexing her. It would've been a nasty hex too…

Our shouting match had reached a high volume because I could see that the teachers were heading with us to bring order.

And then it happened


For a moment the whole world became white noise, only you and I existed.

Even in your unconscious state I am in your thoughts.

I can see how your hands try to find me by your side, where you know I should always be. Your hand flexing like it does when you held me when I got overwhelmed.

No matter how many months have passed, you still know to whom you truly belong.

I no longer care what Lavender thinks, who now stands next to you stupidly trying to get you to say her name and crying when she realizes you won't. I can't help it, Ron, I can't help it.

I can't help it, Ron, a satisfied smile comes over my face as she runs off crying like the diva she is, Don't laugh Ron!

I take your hand gently, as I intertwine our fingers I can see your body relax, when I whisper that I'm with you I can see your face take on a smile.

Even though my tears don't stop flowing, now I smile genuinely after a long time, something that only you can do without effort. The conclusion was obvious, there is nothing that can come between us: no failed plans, no blondes, no incompetent potions teachers, and no poisons.

You will always be by my side, because you are mine and no one else's.

After all, all these events happened because you were away from me.

So before he went to bed, I asked Harry for the invisibility cloak so I could spend more time by your side.

Harry gave me a relieved smile, probably seeing how we were both where we belonged, next to each other.

(I hope dear Harry that you had nothing to do with all this misunderstanding or had information that would have helped me correct it, otherwise your stupid book won't help you escape my lecture).

The walk to the infirmary in the dark of night makes me nostalgic, remembering how my 12-year-old self followed you and Harry so you wouldn't cause trouble as you foolishly went to duel Malfoy.

I was so sure back then that you would appreciate my efforts and begin to consider me a valuable person worth having as a friend!

Because it's the sad truth Ron.

At that time without a single person my age who wanted to be my friend, both in the muggle and magical world, I thought that only by being helpful to others, people my age would agree to be my friend.

I was so sure that by helping you to correctly perform the levitation charm I could be your friend.

You know Ron? I think some part of me always knew that you and I were destined to be together forever, never had rejection and ridicule hurt me as much as yours did that day.

I think that even though my plan to win your friendship didn't work out as I had planned, in the end it was the one that chained the events that led us to that horrible moment with the troll and finally won both of your friendships.

Well dear Ron, not all plans are ruined, you just make them really complicated and deadly!

Madam Pomfey seems to have retired to her room next to the infirmary, with a few simple privacy spells I entered the curtains that divide your bed to the other room, I didn't realize how tense I was until I could see how your skin had already recovered color and your breathing had normalized, rather than looking like someone on the verge of death you were now only resembling someone in a deep sleep.

I think the sound of your breathing became for me the most beautiful sound in the world.

"Ron, can you hear me?" I move your arm a little as I whisper my words already close to your face. I know I must let you rest, but I know that until I hear your deep voice and your addictive laughter again I cannot be in true peace.

Pitifully you still seem to be sound asleep as there is not a single movement to indicate that you are listening to me.

(He's fine, he's just sleeping, the danger is over. He's fine, he's just sleeping, the danger has passed).

"You're really frustrating, you know that, don't you?" I can't help shedding a few tears as I sit next to your bed, while I caress your hair as I always wanted to "First you make me hope that we'll finally get to something more, then you start to push me away little by little from your life, and then you break my heart by leaving with someone who will never value you like me. You know how much I hated seeing you kissing everywhere with that bimbo?"

"and... and then you go and almost d-die on your birthday!" I'm crying uncontrollably now, I don't know if it's relief or frustration anymore that you're not conscious to see it. "What do you think I would do if i l-lost you? How do you think Harry would be if he lost you the year after he lost Sirius? Or how your parents would be!"

"You're so insensitive Ronald."

"I hate you so much."

" won't even let me do that will you? Hating you would make everything so easy, all my problems would be solved if I could hate you!"

I can finally calm my outburst, that wasn't part of the plan either!

"But no, you had to be my first friend, the first person my age who defended me from others, the first one who invited me to spend the vacations at their house, the one who ignored their phobias to find information to cure me, the only person who doesn't hesitate to challenge me openly!"

"Tell me you prat, was it your plan to make me fall completely in love and not be able to go a minute without thinking about you?"

"I hope it wasn't Ron Weasley! I refuse to live in a world where your plans work better than mine..." I wait for you to laugh or get indignant but you're still completely asleep (you're asleep, not unconscious, you're asleep, not unconscious).

I guess I'll have to wait until the morning to have a less one-sided conversation like the one we're having now.

But I've always prided myself on making the best of a bad situation (with our best friend in common it's basically necessary) so if you're not aware there are still things we can do and talk about.

I take out of my tunic pocket one of my favorite possessions, that bottle of perfume you gave me in fifth year, when you showed me that detail you gave me a short circuit to my mind Ron!

Were you telling me that you wanted me to smell like what you had selected for me?

When you try, you can be very bold. Did you know that love?

And speaking of smelling like what the other wants... I put on an appropriate amount of this perfume I have taken such care to start lying on your bed as well, my arm around your waist while my head rests on your chest.

(Can you see my Ron how our bodies fit together perfectly? As if they were made for each other).

"I think I can forgive you many things Ron, that you chose to be with Lavender instead of me, that you kissed her multiple times, that her body knew the pleasure of your caresses before mine..."

"But I can't accept that her scent should permeate you."

Because one of the few times you passed near me, instead of detecting the chocolate and cinnamon fragrance that so characterizes you and brings me peace, I could notice that you were now radiating the scents of lavender and strawberries that she wore daily.

"You know how awful it is that being around you reminds me of another woman you prat?"

I make sure my body rubs against yours, I want Lavender to realize who you truly belong to.

I take the opportunity to give you little kisses on your chest on top of your shirt, each one of them accompanied by a "mine" in my mind.

"Her-myo-nee" I hear you say, when I see that you are still asleep I am filled with a combined feeling of relief and disappointment, but thousands of butterflies fly in my stomach when I see that satisfied smile on your face.

"Here I am love" I bring my face closer to you, while my hand caresses your cheek "you know? if you wake up right now we could still make the plans I had for your birthday..."

"No? are really irritating Ron always an impossible problem to decipher" my lips find your cheek and I can't help but taste you, sweet and salty, my new favorite flavor

"You should get to know me better dear Ron, the more impossible it is to decipher something the more I want it, everything you do makes you even more mine."

My lips find a piece of your face closer to your lips, brushing the corner of them.

You will say my dear Ron that I should claim them right now since they have always belonged to me, but I want to see what kind of look you get when for the first time our breath becomes one.

"Because you know that, don't you Ron?"

"You are mine and mine alone."

"Look what happens when you interact with a woman other than me."

"You humiliated yourself in front of everyone when you asked Fleur to be your date (you should have asked me the moment they announced that stupid dance)."

"You were bored along with Harry when you went with Padma Patil."

"You were attacked by birds when you chose Lavender over me."

"Marietta led you straight to your poisoning..."

"Every time you look at another woman Ron bad things happen."

"How many misfortunes have to happen before you realize that your place in life is by my side?"

"Well Ron, I refuse to wait for anything worse than this to happen, to hell with the plans I know you won't follow, from tomorrow I will take what is rightfully mine."


"And neither Lavender nor Marietta nor Harry will come between us."

"It will only be you and I as we wish it to be."

Ronald Granger-Weasley sounds so good, I'm sure your mum planned it when she named you.

And so with my renewed conviction for the rest of our lives together starting tomorrow, I begin to retire.

But before I get up I have one last plan I want to execute.

I don't know if it's because part of me wants you to suffer a little more for having chosen her, or if it's because I want to see her realize that she never had a chance to stand in the way of our love.

Or I just want to keep tasting your skin.

First, I give you a kiss below your lower lip, all my self-control is needed not to explore your mouth.

Second, I give you a kiss on your chin, which is already a man's chin, wide and with some beard.

Third, I go down to your Adam's apple, which hypnotizes me every time I see you drink a tender kiss is what I plant on it.

And lastly, I head right to your succulent neck and finally make one of my most frequent fantasies come true.

This time it's not just a kiss Ron, a bite is what I plant on your skin, my tongue tastes your flavor again and I can't wait to be able to start doing this on a daily basis.

Your moans of pleasure make me give more effort to my work as I can't stop my treacherous hips from moving at their own will.

I finally peel myself off your skin to see my handiwork, I can't help but be consumed by satisfaction as I watch your neck begin to change color.

"Well, Won-won it will be interesting how Lavlav will react tomorrow don't you think?"

Despite everything that happened, I know that today I will have sweet dreams and I can't wait for it to be tomorrow already.

"Sweet dreams my Ron"

"I love you."

I hope you guys enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it. It's intended as a one-shot but I'm not against writing a sequel if asked

See ya later!