New story :0 And a crossover at that! This tale will see our beloved boni-chan in the world of Elden ring, before anyone says anything I did in fact take inspiration from Solidorex's Elden Overlord. This does not mean that I copied it, I just liked the idea. Anyways, here ya go. (Btw this does not mean I am abandoning O:B, I will still continue to update it, just at a slower rate now that I am starting this story)

"Where am I?" asked the confused undead. One minute he was standing inside his War Tent with Aura, and the next he was in a deep, shallow void. As he looked around, he was alarmed to find his undead night vision to be failing him. He couldn't see. It was as if he was floating in the middle of a dark sea. He tried to recall the events that led him to this.

"Pathetic aren't they?" commented the Guardian Overseer. Her face brimming with confidence and disgust.

"Indeed, what a pathetic force. Do they not know that they are going up against a Supreme Being? They'll have to put in a little more effort if they ever hope to be worth your time, right, my lord?" asked the guardian of the 1st to 3rd floor.

"Give them a break, Shalltear, they're merely humans. Plus, they gave up their chance at winning when they began to shun magic casters," answered the undead Overlord in a bored tone. They had been inspecting the army of the Re-Estize kingdom through the [Mirror of Remote Viewing] for quite some time now.

"How ironic that they'll meet their end at the hands of those who they forsook," added Nazarick's Defense Specialist.

Ainz chuckled, "Indeed. Now, Aura, are you ready? I believe that it is time for us to go. Let's not keep the Emperor waiting." Ainz started to stand up from his throne.

"I was created ready, my lord!" exclaimed a tanned and petite elf in a cheery voice.

"Very well, [Gate]" A purple void-like portal opened up in the middle of the throne room, and the surrounding space turned black. It was as if the air itself was being consumed by the reality-shattering rift. Ainz started to make his way toward the portal. A metallic clank could be heard with every step he took, courtesy of the Staff of Ainz Ooal Gown, a replica to be precise. The real staff was stored in Nazarick's 8th flooor and was being guarded by the youngest member of the Pleiades.

Aura took her place in front of her lord, as per the standard procedure. The magical gate disappeared after both figures passed through it, leaving a piercing silence in its place.

"T-They're going to be OK, right?" asked a miniature dark elf.


"He's right, there is no chance such mongrels could ever beat our lord," Albedo proudly stated.

Mare let out a deep breath in relief. It's not as if he thought Ainz could be beaten. It just unnerved him every time he left the tomb.

On the Other Side of the [Gate]

"Welcome Lord Ainz and Lady Aura. Emperor Jircniv has been awaiting your arrival." An Imperial Knight greeted them the moment they exited the portal.

"Good evening, General Nimble. It's always nice to see you," Ainz said, just trying to be courteous.

The Imperial Knight shuddered as he remembered the last time he saw the undead Overlord. The amount of bloodlust and death that he felt the last time he visited his home still lingered in his mind. Still, he smiled. He didn't want to know what this monster would do if he ever displeased it.

"Shall I take you to where his majesty resides? I am sure he will be as glad to see you as I am," Nimble stated.

"Please do,"

The trio walked for a couple of minutes. Every few seconds, a couple of knights would send him and Aura a few curious stares. Well, what did he expect? The empire suddenly became a vassal state of a kingdom that had never been heard of before. It was extremely obvious that the citizens and military would be a little suspicious. "Whatever' Ainz thought.

"Here we are."

What stood in front of them was a luxurious violet tent. Filled with golden edges and overgenerous design, it was obvious that it was where the sovereign of the Baharuth Empire was residing. He would've found this sort of thing well beyond his reach if he was still an office worker, but that was not the case anymore. He was an undead Overlord that resided in Nazarick. The most lavish place he had yet to see in this new world.

Nimble expanded the opening of the tent, gesturing for them to come inside. Ainz was the first to enter. The tender textiles moved like ocean waves when they came into contact with his giant pauldrons. Aura and Nimble followed after the undead lord.

"Announcing the arrival of the Great Sorcerer King, Ainz Ooal Gown and Lady Aura," Nimble said.

The blonde man within stood up from his throne and bowed when he realized who had come in. "Ah, Lord Ainz, it's a pleasure to see you! I hope this meager tent is enough for one such as yourself," Jircniv said, his voice trembling. Just like Nimble, he was terrified of the Overlord. His last meeting with him had left him a shell of the man he once was.

"Emperor Jircniv, it is nice to see you. Please don't worry about such minor details, I believe we have something more important to discuss," Ainz moved to the other side of the room, "[Create Item]." An opulent obsidian throne appeared out of nowhere. Nimble and Jircniv weren't surprised, as they had become accustomed to such acts after they met Ainz. The person with the highest status in the room sat down.

"You are correct, but please, don't worry about the kingdom's army. My men will obliterate anything that those peasants throw at us," Jircniv said.

"I have no doubts about that, but let my army and I take care of them. Think of it as an expression of goodwill,"

"I am thankful for that, but the battle shall commence in well under an hour. How will this army you speak of get here?"

"Don't worry about that, you'll see when the time comes," Aura said in an ominous tone.

'A show of power will make Jircniv know who has the reins in this relationship. I have to extinguish any chance that he may have of betraying me. This grand spectacle will be sure to put him in his place. Also, what kind of "friend" would I be if I let him take care of everything'

A knight suddenly entered the tent. "How dare you interrupt us!" Jircniv shouted. He didn't want the Overlord to become upset by any means possible.

"Forgive my intrusion, but I have received a message. The person that handed it to me requests that it be opened by you and no one else, my lord," The knight approached Jircniv and handed him the message. He sent Ainz a quick glance and instantly regretted it. The skeleton had yet to put on his Mask of Envy. The knight's eyes nearly popped out of his head when he realized he was looking at an undead. He almost pulled out his sword but stopped himself when he realized that this was the Empire's new lord. He decided to leave the tent before he did anything rash, a wise choice.

Jircniv unraveled the scroll and started to read the contents of the letter. His eyes slowly started to widen, but he regained his composure before it became noticeable. "Forgive me, Lord Ainz, but it seems I have an urgent matter to settle. I am aware that leaving you here alone tarnishes the name of the Baharuth Empire, but something has come up that must be dealt with immediately.

Ainz raised his skeletal hand, "It's fine. There are some things that must never be left for later. I'll be fine, though I suppose I should start the battle without you, right?"

Aura scoffed. How dare a human displease her lord? What could possibly be more important than her master?!

"I thank you for your understanding, and yes, that'll be fine. Though I am saddened by the fact that I won't be here to see your grand army," Jircniv apologized.

'I'm also saddened by how I won't be here to see how they are defeated,'

Ainz nodded and Jircniv left. Nimble followed suit.

"Now, I believe that everything is at the ready, right?" Ainz asked the now prostrating Aura.

"Indeed, my lord," everything was ready, and the emperor wouldn't know what hit him," Aura grinned, her face hidden behind her knees.

"Good, let us teach him what happens to traitorous wretches," Ainz said whilst accidentally activating his [Aura of Despair I]. Aura was unaffected by Ainz's malevolent aura as she was strong enough to resist it, though the same couldn't be said for the knights outside, "Now, go make sure that the final preparations are in order. We wouldn't want anything to disturb our plans, not when we are so close. I'll wait for you at the entrance when the time is right,"

"I hear your dictations, supreme one, I will not fail you," Aura stood up and disappeared.

Ainz thought: 'Probably an invisibility skill.'

"Now let's see, tempus contritum check, the necessary amount of sacrifices for Shub-chan check. Everything seems to be ready. The only thing left to do is wait for the agreed-upon time," Ainz opened his inventory and grabbed an hourglass. He looked at it for a moment before putting it inside his robe. He closed his nonexistent eyes and awaited the agreed-upon time.

'Aaaaaaand that's when I got here,' Ainz thought, 'It just doesn't make sense, I am invulnerable to every type of teleportation magic. Even world-class items wouldn't affect me, I should thank my orb for that' he thought as he looked down. Ainz's red orb was implanted into his very torso, at least what remained of it. It is a world-class item called after him, The Orb of Momonga. It grows ever stronger the longer he wields it. None that has faced Momonga-or Ainz, as he was now called-has ever lived long enough to see its ability.

"What a peculiar situation I find myself in. Well, it matters not, [Gate]" Ainz cast his favorite teleportation spell and tried to exit the void-like space. The portal opened up, and he could see the inside of the tent which he was previously in, but before he could pass through, the [Gate] shattered. Ainz backed away in shock, "Impossible! [Gate] has a 100% chance of success rate!"

Ainz regained his composure, "So, it wasn't the work of a teleportation spell or a World-Class Item. Could it have been something stronger?" He asked himself, "No, the New World only had things such as tier magic and items thanks to the players that had previously arrived there." An item or power above World Class didn't exist in Yggdrasil so there is no way such a thing made its way here," He started to look at the problem from a different angle, "Could it have been the work of a Dragon Lord? They possess powers different from tier magic. It could be a possibility that their magic could bypass my defenses if that were the case,"

A golden aura started to encompass the very space that Ainz had been located in for the last minute, hour, or year. He didn't know. It started off as a faint flicker, like a flame that was trying its hardest to become a raging fire. Then it started to spread in every direction, "God damn, what is that? It hurts just to even look at it." Could it be [Holy Flame]? Has this just been an elaborate trap by another player?" Ainz asked himself.

He started to cast every spell he could to protect himself from the divine light, "[Greater Magic Resistance] [Grand Ward: Dread] [Greater Holy Resistance] [Ultimate Disturb]!"

He took a deep breath, "That should do it for at least one more minute, I need to see if I can contact the guardians before anything worse happens, [Message: Shalltear]!"

[L*rd A*n* I* Th*t yo*!?]

'Even spells such as [Message] result in static, whatever, I'll try to be as clear as possible,'

[Listen to me Shalltear, have every unit retreat back to Nazarick! Set the tomb's defense level to maximum. I have been transported to an unknown location, I'll try to make my way back. Don't make any rash decisions whilst I am gon-] The golden light enveloped Ainz before he could finish his message.

Somewhere in a dark room

"Where am I?" Ainz opened his "eyes" only to see himself inside a church-like room. The undead lord stood up, his regal robes brushing up against the dust-covered ground. "It seems I am no longer in that dreaded space. Hmm, that damned spell lowered me down to 70% health. I have never seen such magic, it looked too pure to ever be used by the dragons of the New World,"

He took a couple of steps forward before seeing a grim sight, "A corpse? It looks fresh as well, someone must be nearby. Why would someone even be here? This place looks like some sort of ruins," Ainz mused to himself.

"A door?" He went to open the entrance but retracted his hand, "The person who teleported me here might be behind this door, I must be careful, [Delay Magic: Reality Slash]" Ainz prepared one of the most deadly spells he had in his arsenal in case he needed to enter combat. He proceeded to open the door now that the preparations had been set. He didn't expect what lay on the other side.

His skeletal face was met with the ruins of what seemed to be a fort. Even further beyond he could see the outlines of a castle, "It looks about the size of Arwintars palace," Ainz thought, remembering the capital of the Baharuth Empire. He looked at the floor below him only to see bloodstain upon bloodstain. He knelt down and ran his finger through the liquid. When he did, spectral visions appeared, it looked like the puddles of blood revealed the way people died.

"They fell to their death? I presume someone pushed them off, no one would be foolish enough to fall down there on their own. I have to keep my guard up,"

He continued on the path that lay before him, he made his way down a set of clumsily built stairs, "This place is on the verge of collapse," He then crossed a wooden bridge, "This looks like a mini-boss arena if I've ever seen one, reminds me of my Yggdrasil days, oh what fun. [Reality Slash] is still on delay so I'll at least have the element of surprise,"

He stepped inside the arena. Ominous, that was the only word Ainz could use to describe the situation he currently found himself in. He slowly walked deeper and deeper into the chasm, a piercing scream started to echo around the courtyard. A giant figure lept into sight from behind the angel-like statue that was in front of Ainz. The aforementioned undead jumped back to put some distance between himself and his enemy, "[Appraise Enemy]"

"[Grafted Scion], huh" Ainz took the opportunity to observe his opponent, as the so-called scion didn't seem to attack him. The name suited him well, it was a grotesque monster that wielded two swords and a great shield. It was almost spider-like as it possessed multiple sets of arms and legs, and a green cloak covered its back. "Let's see what your capable of,"

"[Delay Magic: Release]" The monster tried to shield itself from the incoming attack, but its golden coverage along with part of its arms got severed in half. It screamed in despair as the pain was too much for it to bear. It tried to lash out at Ainz, using its remaining sword to strike at him.

"[Teleport]" Ainz disappeared before the attack could hit him and reappeared on the other side of the arena. "[Life Essence], you'll have to do better than that if you want to kill me," The monster was now below 25% hp. Ainz was surprised at how effective his spell was, though it wasn't too shocking as he had gotten used to the power gap of the New World.

Sensing Ainz's taunt, the monster raised its remaining sword into the air, and golden particles similar to those which attacked him in the void started to cover the blade. "That's definitely holy magic, If it's anything similar to that accursed spell I have to be careful,"

Sensing the undead's uneasiness, the monster charged toward Ainz. He dodged and dodged, evading every single attack that the Scion threw at him. The mass of grafted bodies retreated and proceeded to leap into the air, exactly as it did when it first appeared. He tried to attack Ainz through the air as he realized that his other attempts were futile.


"I've had my fun, [Grand Fireball]" Ainz's spell reached his opponent before the Grafted Scion could land a hit. Ainz moved to the side and let the corpse of his foe hit the ground. The fallen body disappeared into ash-like particles before he could inspect it. "Weird," Ainz thought. He then felt a peculiar feeling, he looked down only to see waves of gold make their way into his orb. "3,200 runes?" He didn't really understand what he was talking about, but he subconsciously understood what runes were.

He decided to ignore that fact, "Now, let's see. I have been teleported to an unfamiliar location without any prior knowledge by something that seems to transcend World-Class Items, why does this seem familiar?" Ainz rested his back against the wall. "Wait! I might be able to return now that I am out of that godforsaken void!" He tried to once again cast [Gate], and it worked, at least for a moment.

"Lord Ainz is that you!" Exclaimed a certain devil from the other side of the portal with a trembling voice.

'What the hell! Why is half of my mana already used up!' It seemed like opening up a [Gate] between the throne room and Ainz's location took an extreme amount of magical power. "Listen well Demiurge, I was teleported against my will to this random location, I can't talk for long but I am alright. DO NOT PANIC. Focus on Nazarick's defenses in the meantime, understood!"

"Wha- Yes, my lord. We'll try anything and everything we can to get you back to Nazarick, that I swear!" Those were the last words Ainz heard before the portal shut down.

"Good, now that that has been taken care of let's see where we are, [Fly]" Ainz soared through the skies at speeds never before seen. "I could go to that castle, but something tells me I should wait a while," He then turned his head a little bit more to the right, "Grasslands, is that a swamp?" Ainz smiled as he recalled the days in which Nazarick was stationed in the swamps of Helheim.


Ainz then appeared in that same swamp he had just been admiring. His regal robes lifted themselves up so as to not touch the dirtied swamp water. "This seems like a good place to settle, [Create Fortre-" Ainz was sent flying before he could complete his spell. He crashed against a small cliffside. "What the hell!?" He teleported high into the air before any more damage could be dealt to him.

"I-Is that a dragon!" He hollered. Every single dragon that he had encountered in Yggdrasil was powerful enough to annihilate three parties of level 100 players in a battle. He couldn't say much about the ones in the New World as he hadn't encountered one yet. "[Triple Maximize Magic: Summon Mid-Tier Undead: Death Knight]!"

'This shit went from zero to a hundred real fucking quick!' He thought.

"Death Knights, protect me!" The aforementioned group of undead started to surround their undead master. The undead Knights stood at 2 meters tall. They all held rippled swords called Flamberges in their right hands and huge shields known as Tower Shields in their left. The Death Knights were equipped with armor made of black metal with red outlines engraved on it. These red traces palpitated, it was as if their armor had blood coursing through it. Any weak-willed human would've fainted just from seeing them.

Ainz didn't expect what happened next, "Who dares trespass upon my domain!" The dragon spoke, its crimson eyes sporadically looking around, searching for the one who had dared to soil its home with his presence.

Ainz took the chance to strike a conversation with the dragon, though he was still behind the safety of his Death Knights, of course. "Forgive me o great dragon. It was never my intention to intrude upon your domain, I sincerely apologize," Ainz bowed. He had to be careful with what he said as dragons were known for their sinful pride.

The dragon turned its gaze towards him, "An undead? And one who talks? Thou certainly are a peculiar sight. hmm, I forgive thee," The rage in the dragon's voice was gone as quickly as it appeared, "This one has never seen an undead capable of communication, what exactly are thee?" it asked with curiosity.

Ainz ordered the Death Knights to move aside, though they remained relatively close to him as he never knew when this conversation would turn south. "I am an Overlord, the highest rank of undead," Ainz said in a proud tone.

"Interesting, this one has never heard of such a thing. If thou are smart enough to speak then thou must have a name," The dragon started to get closer.

Ainz pulled out the Staff of Ainz Ooal Gown's replica from his inventory and spread open his arms for dramatic effect, "In the past, there was no one who did not fear this name. I am Ainz Ooal Gown, leader of the supreme beings! Ruler of death and master of The Great Tomb of Nazarick! If you ever cross me then I shall make you feel the same terror my enemies felt when they died by my hands."