I know I've done this already with 'Revenge for perverted fantasies' but I wanted to try a different spin on this one this time, with Spike still being ghost. The original fic from which I got the idea for this one has most likely been taken down but I tried to portray this as close to it as I could and I hope you have enjoyed this.

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Angel was in his office watching on TV a show where a wrestler was fighting a robot in the ring, when Spike appeared in his office and Angel groaned.

"Oh. Robots vs. Wrestlers. This should be fun." Spike said.

"Can you please just leave me alone?" Angel asked, annoyed.

"What? And deprive myself of two of my favorite pleasures? One of them is annoying you, you wanker. The second one is another one of my favorite shows." Spike said, sitting on the couch and Angel took a breath, trying to ignore Spike as much as he could. "Who do you bet will win?"

Angel looked at Spike in amusement. "Bet? How can you bet, if you're a ghost? It's not like you can pay me."

"There are other things we can bet. Can always decide later." Spike said and Angel smirked, already having ideas for Spike, even though he was ghost, maybe Angel could finally put him to rest or trap his ghost form somehow.

"Alright. Who do you bet one? Wrestler or a robot?" Angel asked.

"Robot." Spike said.

"Come on, I know they are interesting but robots are unpredictable and can go haywire and yeah, you can improve them but it's complicated. Wrestlers train every day and there is joy in exercise." Angel said, flexing his muscles.

"Yeah, but robots can be programmed for other purposes." Spike said with a nasty look as Angel groaned, realizing what was Spike implying.

"Sexbots? Really?" Angel said.

"I mean, yeah, robots can't really beat originality." Spike said. "Buffybot sucked and she wasn't really like Buffy, especially when me and Buffy—"

"Buffybot." Angel said, interrupting Spike.

"What?" Spike asked in surprise.

"You said 'Buffybot.'" Angel said as he got up with his eyes focused on Spike now.

"No, I didn't." Spike denied, though Angel was already putting it together.

"Sexbots… Buffybot…" Angel's face contorted with anger as his eyes narrowed at Spike, who in spite of his history with Angel/Angelus, paled as Angel's tone turned so low that he almost sounded like Angelus as the pieces were beginning to fall together. "Spike…"

Recognizing the threatening low tone Angel was talking with, as if he was Angelus, Spike let out only one word, realizing he was in for it. "Bollocks."

Gunn, Lorne, Harmony and Fred were approaching Angel's office with some documents, when they heard smashing and shouting.


"Uh-oh." Gunn said as everyone tensed before they heard Spike laugh hysterically, while a sound of something shattering followed.

"Good luck with that, mate! Already dead, remember?"

"That's never good." Harmony said nervously.


More noises of loud slams, smashing and crash followed as Fred sighed, rolled her eyes and shook her head. Not again.

"You can try! But can't beat a ghost!"

Spike laughed hysterically again as Fred rolled her eyes and shook her head more.

"Anyone think we should get out of here?" Gunn asked nervously.

"I think we should leave them alone." Lorne said as he grabbed Harmony and Fred by their arms, about to drag them away. Then they heard 'crash' again as a book flew through the window, shattering the glass.

"No. This has to end. Now." Fred said firmly as she shook Lorne off.

"Well, suit yourself, I'm not going in there." Gunn said nervously as he and Lorne turned to leave and Fred and Harmony, who was more curious than anything, approached the office in spite of the danger of getting caught in the fight between Angel and Spike.

Angel lunged at Spike but fell right through as he crashed on one of the office tables. Angel got up and punched Spike, who 'dodged' as Angel passed by him and smashed a bookcase as it collapsed. Angel turned to glare at Spike, who laughed vindictively.

"Oh, this is bloody rich. Right now I'm glad I'm a ghost." Spike said, smirking.

"I really wish you were corporeal right now." Angel growled.

"Well, I think it's better this way." Spike laughed.

"A sexbot? What the hell is wrong with you, Spike?!" Angel shouted as he tried to grab Spike but went right through him.

"I can do this all day, mate. Can you?" Spike said, laughing as Angel whirled on him, glaring. "Oh, please, you're just jealous you never had your own Buffybot. You can't get laid without 'I'm so perfectly happy, oh, no, I'm turning into Angelus.'" He laughed and mockingly acted like if he was tormented like Angel was when he was ensouled.

"No!" Angel snapped. He had to admit that it was tempting but it felt wrong on so many levels and yeah, Spike was soulless but still… "But really, don't you see how messed up this is? I mean, how does it even work?"

"What's going on?"

Angel and Spike tensed to see Fred and Harmony, who looked at them incredulously with crossed arms and shaking their heads.

"Are you two really so much obsessed with Buffy? What are you? Five?" Fred asked, shaking her head and rolling her eyes in annoyance at their immaturity as Angel and Spike looked embarrassed.

"Soul or no soul, you haven't changed much, have you, Spike?" Harmony pointed out before she shot looks at Angel and Spike. "Seriously, what is it that you two are so obsessed with the Slayer? One stalks her in the night and keeps his distance, the other one builds a sexbot and then tears a building down with her, while they are at it."

Angel groaned at this piece of information, while he and Spike looked more embarrassed than ever.

"Harmony. You're fired. Fred. Get out. Spike—"

Suddenly, Spike faded away and disappeared and Angel relaxed, while Fred and Harmony shook their heads and rolled their eyes again.

"Really, what do you and Spike and Buffy see in each other?" Fred asked as she and Harmony turned to leave as Angel stood there alone, embarrassed at his own immaturity, while clenching his fists. If Spike was corporeal, Angel would have wringed his neck already.

Angel's and Spike's rivalry is always interesting to see, although Angel and Spike fighting over Buffy is always annoying but you have to admit, Angel's reaction to finding out about Buffybot would be hilarious and soulless or not, despite that I ship Spike with Buffy, he had that one coming, he's so lucky he was a ghost, LOL!

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