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SPN100 Challenge: stack

DEW Challenge: Rowena & passwords

Rowena's the key to Gabriel's access. 100-word drabble.

Written for the 'Drabbles Every Weekend' challenge at SPN BigPretzel on LiveJournal/Dreamwidth.


Gabriel's Password

Rowena raised an eyebrow in greeting as she sashayed back into the room from her shower. She paused, noting Gabriel's agitation that certainly didn't match the blissed-out state in which she'd left him.

"What's wrong?"

"I've forgotten the password," snarled the archangel, shoving at Sam's laptop. "This wouldn't happen if I had my powers."

"No, we'd have a smoking pile of smited computer instead." Rowena purred. "Think back to who-" she giggled coquettishly, "-what you were doing before you set it."

Gabriel looked up, as Rowena leaned over him, and swallowed audibly.

"H0t&stacked," he muttered, "How could I have forgotten?"