"Who are you?"

The question was asked by a large breasted woman who sat behind a desk. Were she to be stood up, he crimson red hair would reach all the way down to her knees. The woman's name was Rias Gremory.

"Do you tie up and interrogate all the people you 'save'?" I remarked, sitting up as best as I could. The room I was in was unfamiliar, with a polished oak table, two elegant emerald sofas, and a desk that matched the table.

"Usually no," she smiled, with no hint of threat in her voice, "Usually however, when I invite people into my peerage, I tend to know more about them. You on the other hand have managed to enter my school without either me or the student council knowing anything about you having supernatural powers. That alone is suspicious."

"And I take it there is more about me that is suspicious, other than my charming good looks?" I joked, hoping some humour would help me get out of this faster.

"Unfortunately, yes, there is more." She sighed, "Like the fact that our listed address for you contains no house, or that when one of my peerage follows your scent, they are lead to the abandoned church as your place of residence."

"A runaway like me doesn't have many options of living places you know?" I retorted. "Although, I guess that is now one piece of information you now have on me, am I trusted yet?"

At that she glared. "If I didn't trust you, I wouldn't have revived you." Her voice now held some venom. "The fact that you put your life on the line to protect this school from that demon attack gives me trust that your intentions are not malicious."

I was treading on thin ice. But the answer provoked anger in myself as well. "If you trusted me, I wouldn't be tied up like this."

She sighed again. "Look, I want to trust you, but I need answers, and I need the truth to do that. You said you were a runaway, what are you running away from? Is it the man you called Haden?"

I scoffed at that. "The robot? No, I wasn't running from him. I wasn't running from anything in particular. I just wanted to be somewhere where my very presence wouldn't bring danger to ordinary humans around me. I figured a place where that would occur would be in a territory under the protection of two family members of Satans."

"Why would you bring danger to others?" Her voice held worry now, her sapphire eyes alerting me to the fact her trust in me was falling.

I sighed.

"Your first question, of who I am. It would likely answer why I bring danger. But it's a long story. Starting twelve years ago. Been as I can't really go anywhere, I have the time to tell it, but do you have the time to hear it?" Unlike before, I was speaking honestly. Given the situation, I could infer that I was now a member of Rias' peerage, and as such, I would need to be on her good side.

"And would this story be for my ears only?" She asked.

"You would tell your peerage and miss Sitri anyway, they may as well hear it from the source."

At that she nodded, and a magic circle appeared by her ear. After a few whispered words, it disappeared, and she spoke to me. "They will be here momentarily."

At that, I nodded, and waited in silence. And when all had arrived, I began telling my story.


If I'm being honest, my tragic backstory begins when I was four years old. Up until then, I live the life of a normal, human child. I know that might seem strange to you all, considering that not too long ago you saw me fight an entire battalion of demons alone, but I was born a normal human.

No sacred gears. No special powers.

Some men are born into greatness. But this is the story of a child with greatness forced upon him.

The day was like any other for a child of age four. I left my home early in the morning with the children of the neighbourhood. We went to the local park and played. Kicked many a ball between us, found many a stick to pretend were great swords. Fought in a great imaginary war to save a princess against a dragon of our own imagining. And before any of us had realised, the morning had given way to the day, giving way to dusk, and it was time to go home.

All the parents came to college their children, and one by one, everyone else left, until there was just me. And dusk gave way to night. Eventually, like children are want to do, I grew hungry, and made my own way home to ask my mother for dinner.

Once I arrived home, everything changed. From the outside everything looked normal, but when I stepped through the threshold of my home, my world was irreparably damaged.

All around me was blood. The bodies of my mother and father sat slumped in their armchairs. I thought they were sleeping. In a way, I guess they were.

I walked to my mother and shook her. "Mommy?" I called, not understanding why she would be asleep at this time of day. At this time of day, she would normally be in the kitchen, getting dinner ready.

"Mommy, wake up!" I called, growing desperate, tears in my eyes, not understanding why she wouldn't wake up.

"I'm afraid she will not awake child. And after today, you will never see her again." A voice said. It was deep and sounded apologetic. I turned around and sat on the bloodied sofa was a man. He wore strange clothes the likes of which I had never seen before.

"Wha – why – who are you?" I asked, my young mind not understanding the nature of death, and weary of this strange man I had never met before.

"I am a collector, and I have been sent for you. There is much to do, and little time to do it, and so, I must take you with me." With that, he stood, and I felt frozen. I wanted to run, scream, get away from this man. But my legs felt like stone, and my mouth would not open. He approached me, and placed his palm on my head, and like that, I lost consciousness.


When I awoke, I found myself in a dark room. The walls, floor, and celling were all made of a grey metal. And not knowing what else to do, separated from my parents, and in this strange, unknown place, I broke down crying.

I don't know how long I spent crying. In that cold dark room that became my home, time was a hard thing to track. But when I did, a door that blended into the walls opened. In walked a person in a white uniform, wearing blue latex gloves, and a mask that covered their face. With them, they pushed a cart filled with various needles and tools.

"Hello sonny." The person said, their voice sounding like an Irish man's. "Would you kindly lay back down on your bed? I've got something here that will help make you feel a bit better about your new home, and it would be easier for me to give it to you if you were laying down."

The voice sounded kind and comforting, but I was in no state of mind to follow orders. "WHERE'S MY MOMMY!" I shouted back at him, jumping off the bed and running at him, my fists raised in the air.

In response, he moved the cart slightly, and kept me at arm's reach. "Whoa there sonny, you might hurt yourself doing something silly like that"

Regardless, I struggled against him, forcing all the anger and power a four-year-old could muster on to this one man. Unfortunately, a four-year-old with no combat training stand no chance against any grown adult who wishes for them to stop resisting, and before long, I was pinned to the floor, kicking, and screaming.

"I wanted to do this the easy way sonny, but you haven't left me much of a choice." The man said, strangely calmly, as if he had done this before, before a needle was stick into my neck. And once more, I lost consciousness.

Over the next few weeks, many similar situations played out, my resistance growing weaker and weaker each time. Each time a syringe was put into me, I would quickly lose consciousness. Each time I awoke, I would feel strange, like something was bubbling under the surface of my skin.

Eventually however, one day, a voice spoke into my room. "Subject 372, you have been in the care of this facility for a year now. That is longer than any other test subject on record." The voice sounded robotic, distorted. Like they didn't want their voice known. "I wanted to congratulate you on that, you are our toughest specimen yet. Today, for the first time, you get to leave your cell whilst conscious. Please proceed along the yellow line on the walls of the facility. The door will be open for you."

With that the speaker cut out, and the door to my room opened. Cautiously, I walked out into the blinding white light of the hall beyond. I had long since become accustomed to my dark living space, and as such, any light was now blinding.

It took some time, but once my eyes adjusted, I found the yellow line, and followed it at great pace. As weary as I was of this place, I now called home, it felt liberating to be able to move freely. All too soon however, I found the open door I was to go through and walked into the dark room I was to enter.

Eventually lights were turned on. I looked up and marvelled at the size of this room. Never had I seen a ceiling so high. I turned around to continue inspecting this space and saw another room with a glass window looking into this room. Inside stood what looked like a robot.

"Greeting, I am Doctor Samuel Haden, the head of this facility." The same voice from earlier said over the speakers of the room. Whilst it did, the robot put its hand to its chest. "And today is the first time that you are to use what we have spent the past year giving to you."

When he said that, a circle of orange light appeared briefly on the ground, and from it appeared what could only be described as a monster. It looked like a skeleton with a very thin layer of flesh over it, with missing eyes. It towered over me, twice my size.

Immediately, I felt a great shot of fear, and wanted to make this thing go away, and leave me alone. And whilst it stumbled slowly towards me, I made to take a step back. Or at least that was what I intended. Instead, I found myself twenty feet off the ground. Confused, I looked behind me, and saw two wings. One was a pristine white, with many feathers, whilst the other looked like a hardy black leather. They beated softly in an easy rhythm, keeping me afloat.

"Good, you made use of one of your powers, and kept yourself away from it. Now, try attacking it." Haden said, commandingly.

"How am I supposed to attack that thing? It's a monster, I couldn't hurt it if I tried." I exclaimed back in panic.

"Yes, you can, and you must if you wish to survive. You have all the power you need to do so, you need only access it." Haden replied, "Or must I do to other children what I did to. Because of this monster's very existence, I ripped you from your home, stripped you of your humanity, and turned you into a weapon to fight against the monsters."

Hearing this changed something in me. This thing was why I was here? This hideous thing that could barely stumble forward? Rage filled my body, rushing forward from my arm, and shot to the thing, appearing as both a small knife and an equally small fireball.

The thing dropped dead upon their contact, the knife going straight through it, and shattering on the metal floor behind it, whilst the fireball set it ablaze. In shock, I floated down to the floor, starring at my hand.

"Good, remember the feeling that allowed you to do that. Embrace it, hone it, and you will become the weapon you need to be." Haden commanded, before the room filled with gas, and I dropped to the floor, out cold.


A/N: And that is where I end part one of this story. Hopefully you all enjoyed it, it's my first time trying to write something, so hopefully I did an acceptable job of it. Not too sure how often I will post for this story, but I do have the first arc planned out, which will take us from where we are now, up to our main character being in the Occult Research Club Room. And if you can guess what demon our protagonist's first kill was, I've done my job right as a word smith.