A/N: This is a story that came about from my discord chat, a Naruto/Lucifer/DC Comic crossover. Lucifer Morningstar was from the Sandman comics and eventually crossed over into DC Comics. So this story is a mixture of Naruto, Lucifer comics, and DC Comics. Hope y'all enjoy it.

Also this story is rated M, there will be violence, sexual situations, drug/substance abuse, and so much cursing

An Alleyway in Gotham City: Halloween 1993.

"Bloody hell, that was quite uncomfortable" complained a male voice, a British voice. The voice belonged to a handsome man, a 5 foot 10 inch man. He had soft beautiful features, perfect blond hair slicked back, amber eyes that held a knowing look.

Dressed in an expensive black suit, tailored to his measurements exactly, the man stood next to a beautiful woman. She was a couple inches shorter than him, caramel skin that was flawless, except for the skin missing from half of her face.

"You're the one who wanted to come here, the portals are not meant to be comfortable" retorted the woman

"Mazikeen, mind your tone" said the handsome man to his half scarred beautiful companion.

Mazikeen rolled her eyes, "You don't have to call me that. Everyone else calls me 'Maze', you should as well"

"And disrespect your hell given name? Lilith wouldn't have wanted that" tsk'd the blond male, ignoring Maze's glare through her long black hair that covered her face as the wind blew past them.

They emerged from the alleyway and the blond man made a left, leading them seemingly without direction through the grimy streets of Gotham.

"Who cares what Lilith wants?" groaned Maze, "She's a spiteful bitch who hates everyone, she's a shit person"

"Now now, don't go bashing your mum just because you too don't get alone. 'Tis the season for love or whatever" jested the blond male before he stopped outside of a building that read 'Sorcerer's Delightful Pub'

"I thought that christmas was the season for giving and love?" questions Maze

"Yeah but they don't worship on Christmas" noted Lucifer

Maze finally looked up at the sign and then back at her blond male companion, "You've got to be shitting me. Lucifer, we've been side by side for billion of years in hell. Why would we leave literal hell to come to this shit hole?"

Lucifer plastered a charming smile onto his face, "Because luv, one of our good friends is in here"

Maze frowned and Lucifer lifted his hand and cupped her chin, raising her face to make her stare into his amber eyes.

"Wipe the frown off of your face darling, we're just going to pop in say hello and then be on our way" said Lucifer before he released her face and snapped his fingers, making her face look normal again.

Maze growled "I hate when you do this"

Lucifer leaned in and licked her newly magically generated face from the edge of her mouth up to her temple. She shivered in pleasure and Lucifer wagged his eyebrows as he pulled back.

"Come on luv, let's get this over with" said Lucifer as he opened the pub door and let Maze walk in first.

The pub was surprisingly packed, but Lucifer knew it would be. This was a place that served alcohol in the most depressing gloomy city in all of world. Lucifer wouldn't wish living here in Gotham on his worst foe. Hell was a better alternative than this, trust him, he would know.

"Lucifer bloody Morningstar, oi are you a sight for sore eyes" said a voice upon seeing Lucifer. Lucifer grinned at the owner of the voice, it was the man who had come to see.

"John, you beautiful bugger. I must say that I absolutely adore what you've done with the place" said Lucifer

Lucifer walked up to his fellow blond. The difference between the two was vast. John was wearing a cheap white button up shirt, a cheap plaid tie, cheap dress pants, cheap loafers. All of that under a surprisingly nice tan trench coat, but that was only because the trench coat was a gift from Lucifer himself.

"Mazikeen, lovely to see you up here as well. This wanker drag you through one of those portals or did he pop out the pigeon wings and flutter the both of you up here" said John as he pulled out a bine and with s snap of his fingers, lit the tobacco stick with ease.

He offered one to Lucifer who accepted and lit his with a mere blink of his eyes, but Maze declined the offer, asking for a strong drink instead.

"So, what brings the ruler of Hell to my little slice of paradise on Earth?" asked John Constantine to Lucifer.

"It's Halloween baby" said Lucifer with a wide cheery smile, "The masked orgies were calling our names"

John rolled his eyes and let out a snort, "You can pull desire out of any being in the universe Lucci, I highly doubt that you came all the way from Hell just for the orgies"

Lucifer waved Mazikeen away and leaned in to Constantine, "I just needed to get away from the screams and horrors of hell. Mazikeen never understands that, she and the rest of the Lilim never really get that"

John made a face but knew that it was meaningless to lie to a being who could read your mind.

"You, my dear friend, need a vacation. Tell daddy dearest to bugger off and ditch the God given job and do what you like" suggested John

"Maybe" said Lucifer before his eyes drifted across the bar and landed on a beautiful platinum blonde woman. Her pale skin was flawless, a pretty heart shaped face, sizable chest that complimented her curvy figure.

"You're not paying attention to me are you?" asked John

Lucifer pulled 4 crispy fresh 100 dollar bills from his suit's inner pocket and shoved it in John's face before walking away.

He walked up to the blond bombshell and said "Helllloooooo luv" in the most British accent that he could manage, knowing that it would charm her.

He extended his hand to her, his large hand engulfing hers, but he gripped it with a feathery light touch. He brought her hand up to his mouth and kissed it, twisting her sense of pleasure to his will, making her weak in the knees with the simple brush of his lips to her knuckles.

"Lucifer Morningstar" said Lucifer introducing himself

"That's quite the stage name" commented the blonde lady

"Oh no, the name is quite God-given unfortunately" said Lucifer, "I didn't catch your name miss"

The lady giggled, "I didn't provide it yet"

"Well don't let me stop you from enlightening me" said Lucifer, his words rolling off his tongue with ease.

"Shannon Wilsey, but my stage name is Savannah" said the blonde beauty without hesitation

"A performer?" asked Lucifer, his tone playful and light

"Of a sorts" said Shannon with a wink

"I love a good performer" whispered Lucifer as he leaned in to Shannon's ear, his breath causing goosebumps to form along her neck. His eyes

"Lucifer, who is this? A new friend?" said Maze, causing both Lucifer and Shannon to pull apart.

"Potentially" muttered Lucifer as his hand slipped onto Shannon's waist and he leaned back into her, his lips on the cusp on her ear, "Do you want to be our friend?"

He didn't give her a chance to respond as he pulled back slightly once more and pressed his lips to hers, smothering her response with his mouth.

His tongue slithered into her mouth and danced around hers, finding every twist and turn, every nook and cranny of her mouth. But as suddenly as the kiss started, it ended.

Shannon opened her eyes as Lucifer took a step back and Maze stepped closer, the beautiful black consort of Lucifer's invading her personal space before she pressed her lips to pale blonde woman's lips.

Shannon was not inexperienced in kissing women, but it was usually on screen and just for show. But Maze brought heat, skill, and so much pleasure that Shannon was overwhelmed. A couple million years of experimenting with both men and women had allowed Maze to pick up some tricks.

Maze ended the kiss and Shannon had a confused dreamy look on her face and she looked at Lucifer then at Maze then back to Lucifer.

"What's going on here?" asked Shannon

"Nothing yet?" joked Lucifer, "But if you wish to accompany us back to our place, a bunch of funny little naughty things can happen"

His voice was intoxicating to the mortal woman and when Maze suckled on her neck, she couldn't stop the moan that bubbled up in her throat.

"I'll take that as a yes" said Lucifer before Maze pulled back and he latched onto the other side of her throat, his suckling of her neck of her much softer but no less pleasurable for Shannon.

She nodded yes, agreeing to being seduced by the pair of Hellish beings. What happened next was a blur to the blonde mortal girl. Maze had returned to kissing her, but there was the flapping sound like someone had giant wings, then in the blink of an eye, they were inside of a hotel room.

Maze peeled off her tight blouse and Lucifer ripped her pants off, before pushing her legs apart, the lack of her panties proving to be a massive plus in this moment as Lucifer buried his face into her nether regions.

Lucifer's tongue slithered around Shannon's opening, causing it to puff up with arousal. While Lucifer put his tongue to work in the down under, Maze had worked the shirt and bra off of Shannon and currently had her mouth working on Shannon's left breast, her hands kneading the right breast.

Shannon gasped as Lucifer's tongue finally found the spot she had been begging it to touch up. Maze disengaged from her chest and moved off the bed, shimmying off her pants. She quickly shed her pants, she never wore underwear anymore with how frisky Lucifer and her got, and climbed back onto the bed.

She ignored Shannon's chest and made eye contact with Lucifer who licked his lips with a sly smile on his face before he gave a small nod of confirmation. Maze's face twisted into an ear to ear grin before she climbed over Shannon's face.

"Put that tongue to use" said Maze before she dropped her already dripping core onto the blonde woman's face. Shannon did as she was told and dug in with gusto.

Maze hissed, a purely positive with pleasure response and Lucifer chuckled, "Is our little friend earning a reward Mazikeen?"

Maze was panting as Shannon's tongue danced about inside of her, so she simply nodded. Lucifer smirked before he undid his belt and pulled down his pants. He refused to unpants himself in a moment, this was nothing more than a quick shag after all. Plus this suit was Armani, it didn't belong on the ground like some kind of commoner's fabric.

Revealing his sizable member, Lucifer made eye contact with Maze as he slid himself into Shannon, the woman moaning into Maze who shuttered as the vibrations pulsed through her nether region.

Lucifer licked his lips once more as he felt Shannon's tight walls grip his member, enticing him to go deeper. He was about half way in before he started to pull back, but Shannon's walls tightened even more, begging him not to leave, not to pull back.

And who was he to deny such a desire? He pushed back in and the slick velvety walls pulled him all the way in, his hips clapping against her thighs.

"I think she likes it" muttered Maze as Shannon was able to do little more than moan as Lucifer built up his speed, each thrust coming faster than the last one. His normally amber eyes slowly growing red as he used his otherworldly abilities to move faster and to pull all of Shannon's desires and pleasures to the forefront of her mind, causing her mind to collapse in a tsunami of pure pleasure.

She screamed and Lucifer groaned as they arrived at the same time. Maze threw her face down into Shannon's pussy and started to lap up the seed that oozed out. Lucifer allowed it before pushing back in, the night was young after all.

July of 1994

Lucifer was sitting on the beach, his eyes hidden behind a pair of Gucci Sunglasses, the soft sound of the waves crashing against the shores of Gold Coast of Australia were delightful to hear.

His shirtless body showed off the slender body what held surprisingly muscular cuts all over. He was about to flip onto his back, scars be damned when the sun was blocked and he glared at the figure who blocked it.

"Mazikeen, the point of this little outing is to enjoy one of Father's best creations" complained Lucifer.

"I thought you hated the Sun, said it reminded you of a job you never got credit for or something?" said Maze before she held up an American Newspaper.

"I'm not reading that Maze, I'm on vacation and I have people who do that for me" dismissed Lucifer

Maze rolled her eyes and said "This is a news report about our little Halloween plaything. Shannon Wilsey better known as adult film star Savannah, tragically killed herself by shooting herself in the head after a car crash broke her nose and robbed her of her good looks"

Lucifer looked uncomfortable, but he remained laid back in his lounge beach chair, "I had as much fun as anyone that night, 11 times in fact. But I can not nor will not raise the dead. Father might turn a blind eye to me popping up here every know and then, but he isn't going to be as understanding if I raised the dead because she was a bloody good shag"

Maze rolled her eyes, "Nobody said anything about anything like that Lucifer, I was just informing you that someone you knew killed themselves"

"A tragedy but nothing that I can change" said Lucifer before he flipped onto his back, stretching as he bathed in the sunlight for the first time in a thousand years after being in hell for 9 months in Earth time.

Gotham City: 2010

Naruto Uzumaki was a troubled kid, by troubled I mean this little shit was a bad kid who really needed his ass whipped by someone who was capable of doing so. At 16 years old, the blond haired whiskered faced teenager frequently skipping school, picking fights, and hanging out with the various gangs that polluted the city.

But it was fine because after all, who could stop him? The invulnerable blond teenager couldn't be harmed. He didn't know who his parents were but his dad might have been Superman based on the way everything from rocks to bullets bounced off his form.

Which leads up to the current situation that he found himself in, invading a warehouse on the piers of Gotham, because he thought it would be fun and he could give the money to the shitty orphanage that housed not only him but a couple hundred kids.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Naruto looked down at his shirt as the bullets failed to do any damage to him, other than putting holes in his button down shirt.

"Oi, you fuckers are gonna pay for this" cursed Naruto before he rolled up his left sleeve and revealed the branding of a fox that had 9 swishing tails. The branding glowed a bright read and Naruto held out his hand and out shot a massive horse size fox with 9 tails just like the branding.

"Kurama, rip em to shreds" ordered Naruto

"With Pleasure" growled the fox before it launched itself forward, bullets bouncing off of it's massive form. With it's sharp claws and teeth, it ripped the remaining members of Penguin's gang to pieces with ease.

"You know, I was trying to be nice" said Naruto as he started to go through the crates, looking to see if there was anything he could just take now aka cash.

"You sure about that?" asked Kurama as he used his tails to impale the last living gang member through the chest before pulling his tails apart, ripping the man apart in a spray of blood.

"Yeah, they shot at me though, so they got what was coming to them" dismissed Naruto

"You quite literally summoned one of the most powerful demons to ever exist to murder about seven people over something that didn't even hurt you" snorted Kurama

"If I let this slight go, then everyone else will think that they can slight me" retorted Naruto in a matter of fact tone.

Naruto eventually found a trio of suitcases filled with cash, which he took all three of them. Two for the orphanage and the third of his was ... let's call it a finders fee.

"Hey kid, the traffic cone is headed this way, want me to kill him as well?" asked Kurama

"Eh, let's not kill Robin and have Batman hunt us down. I may not be able to die, but I don't want to test that shit out against him either" replied Naruto

Kurama gave as much a shrug as a fox could before leaping back into the branded on silhouette back on Naruto's arm. Naruto hissed as the magic of the brand worked before he took off running, his speed much closer to a car than a human.

Naruto was lucky as he missed Batman trailing Robin. Both of the non powered super heroes arrived to see the torn apart remains of the former members of Penguin's gang.

"Woah ... what happened here Batman?" asked Robin

"I don't know Jason, but we're going to find out. Did you hack the cameras here and around the building like I asked?" replied Batman

"I did, it seems like someone summoned a multi-tailed fox that slaughtered everyone here" said Jason as he typed on his wrist based computer, pulling up a hologram of the footage.

"A blond male. Magical powers in Gotham. Slightly foreign than normal accent" noted Batman

"You think there is some connection with someone else?" asked Jason Todd

"Maybe, I have things to check on. He ran away rather quickly, head back to the cave and see if you can trace his escape. He might be a registered Metahuman, look through their database as well" ordered Batman as he summoned the Batwing and shot his grappling gun to sling himself up into the plane.

Across Gotham

Batman stood in front of the small cafe that he owned ... or rather his mask, Bruce Wayne, owned. This was where a special member of the Justice League "worked" to make ends meet.

She walked out to greet him, a white dress shirt covering her torso, a black skirt that went right above her knees. A apron that said "Chaos Cafe" covering her lower half as it was tied around her waist. A small clip on badge near her right collar read "Manager".

"Bruce, it's good to see you" greeted the woman as she waved her hands and the pair of them appeared on the roof of the building.

"I hate magical forms of transportation" growled Batman as he glared at Zatanna who with a snap of her figured transformed her work attire into her standard hero suit.

"I know and I hate the mundane versions of travel that you insist upon using" retorted Zatanna, one of the few people bold and brave enough to talk back to the dark knight.

"I came here not to talk about the best way to travel, but a threat that I was unaware of that has some magical capabilities" said Batman as he pulled up a holograph of the video on his wrist mounted computer.

"I've never seen this young man before" said the 19 year old witch honestly, she would have remembered meeting someone this powerful.

"He doesn't look even a little familiar?" questioned Batman, his eyes narrowing inside of his cowl, "We don't know another blond sorcerer who has a habit of summoning powerful and dangerous beings?"

Zatanna bit her lip, her mind had drifted over to John Constantine as well, her older ex-flame had been her first thought as well. But she was also trying to give him the benefit of the doubt, because this was much different than the Homo Magus that people like John used when they cast spells.

"I honestly don't think John has anything to do with this guy Bruce" whispered Zatanna as she tried to convince herself, "He's not using magic like John would. The summoning seemed to come from within him, it left out of his hand. John is one of the most clever warlocks on the planet, but even he isn't capable of doing that"

"Then who would?" asked Batman

"I don't know, a demon maybe. There are other magic users than my father, John, and I. You know this Bruce" said Zatanna

"Maybe, but I still need to talk to to him, there is some other issues as well. I might have to ask you to pay a trip to Jump City for me" said Batman

*Sigh* "You're too much of a coward to admit that you care about Dick" tsk'd Zatanna

"Maybe, but he choose to leave, I have to respect that. He's making it on his own, he even has his own team" replied Batman

Zatanna nodded "I can pop over there after work today, you and Dick might have your issues but even you can admit that he generally has things under control"

Batman nodded and jumped off the building to land in his batwing as Zatanna just rolled her eyes as her outfit reverted back to her cafe uniform.

Jump City: Teen Titans Tower

Robin was in a bad mood, like Batman levels of bad. Harley Quinn and the Joker, here in Jump City. Across the country from Gotham, with no known reason as to why or what they were doing here.

"Yo Ro-Ro, whatcha thinking about?" asked Beast Boy as he walked into the living room and threw himself onto the couch.

"I guess it is about time that I tell you and the rest of team about what I've known for about one day now. The Joker and Harley Quinn are here in Jump City." replied Robin, a great weight being lifted off of his shoulders.

"The Joker? Here in Jump City? No way man!" exclaimed Beast Boy "What are you going to do? What are we going to do?"

"Right now the plan is simply find them and figure out what they are doing here." answered Robin

"You'd think that a pair of wack jobs like them would draw more attention, even if they haven't blown up an orphanage, you'd think they would have gotten in trouble for robbing a store or assaulting someone. They're not exactly known for keeping a low profile if you catch my drift." commented Beast Boy

Robin's eyes widen and he raced over to the computer and began to type, looking up petty basic crimes rather than looking for these major crimes that he was originally looking for.

"Beast Boy, I gotta get you something nice. You cracked the case." said Robin as he pulled up the map of Jump City and started putting pins on the map related to petty crimes in the last 2 days.

Pins popped up around the city, scattered without a connect. Narrowing his eyes, Robin shifted the map to the area with the most pins.

"The warehouse district, 17 B+E's, 5 Assaults, 2 calls to the police for suspicious behavior and activity." muttered Robin as he drew a circle linking all of the pins, they covered over 10 miles of territory.

Directly in the middle of this storm of crime was a single large warehouse. An abandoned warehouse, one that used to store chemical waste from the power plant just outside the city.

"I think I found it, Beast Boy. They;re going to be at the old Jump City CPC Scientific Inc chemical storage facility."

"So what are we waiting for? Let's go get them!" yelled Beast Boy

"I don't know about that BB. You and I, by ourselves probably isn't enough to handle the Joker and all his goons, Harley Quinn is really dangerous. She's sometimes crazier than he is." replied Robin

"Well what about me?" said a strong voice

Robin and Beast Boy looked up and smiled.

"Raven, you're back!/Raven, you've returned" said Beast Boy/Robin.

"Yes, my trip to Baltimore was less than fruitful. I was hoping to meet up with someone I saw in one of my visions. Unfortunately, he never showed up, which was expected but I wished he had" stated Raven

"That's his loss" commented Beast Boy with a blush, "I would drop everything to make sure that I would be there for you"

"Appreciate that" said Raven as she fiddle with her hood, sucking in the light around her, using her hood and the darkness it provided to hide her own blush.

"The three of us should be enough for Joker and Harley" said Robin, "We just need to make plan"

Back with Naruto in Gotham:

Naruto had turned in the money to the orphanage with little trouble, he simply said that he found it and they knew better than to question him about things like this. So, after a long day of murdering and robbing people, Naruto showered and climbed into bed. Which is where he started to get lost in thought before deciding to talk to the one person always with him.

Hey Kurama, can I ask you something?

Of course, we've been together since your were born, you can ask me anything

Why is that? You've been by my side since I could remember, according to you just now, since I was born apparently

You've never asked these questions before, why the sudden interest in the bonding of me to you now?

I guess I always figured that it would be explained to me by someone like my mom or dad popping up.

That is a complex question kit

You can just give me the best answer that you can offer if it's too complicated for me to understand

I was placed here inside of you to watch over your by one of your parents. I am forever bonded to you by the soul

That's insane

Is it really?

Yeah, aren't you a demon? Like who gives their kid a pet demon?

Someone who loves their kid

Yet was not able to raise me themselves? Who gives their kid a demon to watch over and raise their kid

Another demon

So mom or dad was a demon?

Yes, one of your parents was one of the biggest and baddest in Hell. When you were born, you were ripped from their arms and placed here. As a parting wish from your parent, I was bound to you.

Ok, that makes sense I guess


I guess my last question would be who in the world was strong enough to take me from mom or dad like that? You're one of the most powerful demons in the history of the world, the myths about your power are legendary. So who could have taken me from them?

An Angel kit, an Angel

Angels are real?

Yes, you have to think about it, if demons are real, why wouldn't Angels be real?

I don't know, I guess I kind of figured that all the negative stuff was real because of how dark and gloomy Gotham was. I never stopped to think about if things like Angels existed

Well they do, they're assholes who like to stick their noses in everything. Worst thing you can do is meet an Angel

Have you met one before?

Yes, once on the battlefield, he was an unstoppable force of Holy Power. His name was Amenadiel, a warrior hand created by God to lead his army. He takes whatever appearance he wants, but his flowing white hair is a sign of his purity. He laid waste to the forces of Hell before he met his match in our leader who even weakened, defeated Amenadiel with ease.

That must have been some battle

You have no idea kit

Thanks for answering my questions without actually answering my question

Kit, I wish I could tell you who your parents are, but once you know, everything will be made much worse

Good night Kurama

A/N: And done. This is a very different story than the ones I usually write. I would say a healthy mixture of drama/seriousness and comedy/humor. Like certain moments are going to have humor because I like having things be funny, but also things will generally be dark and serious.

I am a huge comic fan, I love the Sandman and the follow up Lucifer comics. Obviously the TV Show staring Tom Ellis will be a somewhat influence because I like that show a lot.

I used the comic description of Lucifer but going forward it will be the Tom Ellis form just so people can see it visually with nothing more than a google search. Also I picked this to be a Naruto crossover because a lot of Naruto characters among other elements from Naruto will be in this story. In case you missed it, the Bijuu in this story are actually demons and Kurama is bound to Naruto by a powerful hellish force.

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