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Villains were getting smarter each and every day. So, as an organization, the Justice League knew that they had to take every step to prevent any infiltration. So with his former sidekick Dick, leaving to pursue his own crime fighting legacy, Batman had been sure keep his ears to ground for any info about his former ward. He still cared about the brat, even if things had ended on rather poor terms between the two of them.

'Enough about that, I was told that there was a serial thief who was armed around here. Hmm, this is Veresa, this is a gun county. Anyone, of these guys could be armed.' Thought Batman, as he was blazing through the streets of Gotham in his bat mobile. He was in double stealth mode, no sounds and reflective camouflage, meaning that his car couldn't be heard nor seen. He made a quick left and out of the corner of his eye, he saw a man with his back to the alley entrance, with what looked like a couple with their child deeper in the alley.

The anger boiled in Batman, he didn't need to see anymore. He spun the car around, and came to a skidding stop, with half the car on the sidewalk and the other half on the street. He jumped from the bat mobile, breaking the illusion that was in place around the car. He launched himself off the hood of his signature car, and floated over to the man with the gun in the alley. He landed behind the man, and the family of three visibly calmed down, angering the armed thief.

"Look, I don't know what you think this is, but I told you TO RUN YOUR SHIT." What had started out in a low barely hearable whisper turned into a rage filled holler. He jabbed the gun at the woman of the family and she flinched. A heavy hand slammed down on the shoulder of the robber, and the robber was angry that someone was touching him in the middle of his robbery. The family in front of him, wasn't going to rob themselves. That is truly where he came in with the gun. The robber glanced back prepared to give whoever was touching him, the verbal thrashing of a life time, and saw Batman. The robber turned back around towards the family with wide eyes and Batman growled and the robber froze, having not expected for the person to be Batman.

"How about you let them go, and me and you can have a talk." Growled Batman. The Robber lowered and the gun, and Batman gestured for the family to leave the alleyway. They scrambled out of there and Batman slammed the robber in to the wall. He punched the man in the face again and again. Batman stopped at the man began to blood freely from his face, before lifting him by the shirt, so that they were face to face.

"How far were you going willing to go for the money?" spat out Batman in such a tone that the robber was shaking in fear. The robber said nothing and Batman slammed him back into the wall, as his anger boiled in him. Suddenly, the communicator in his headset went off, and Batman knew that he had to wrap this up. Batman looked at the man, and said, "You know what, I will just leave you for the police." Before he sprayed the man with a glue-like spray and answered the call.

"Well, Gordon, I have a robber here. I will send you the coordinates." Said the Bat.

"Ok, I'll make sure to spend someone to pick him up immediately. However, we got bigger fish to fry right now. The Joker has been spotted on the Gotham bridge. I don't know what he is up to but it can't be anything good." Said Commissioner Gordon

Batman scowled to himself and ran out of the alleyway, and came to a sight that made him freeze.

He tapped his mic and said, "Commissioner Gordon, I'll call you back. I need to a moment to deal with something." He cut off the built-in phone, never giving Commissioner Gordon a chance to respond. He looked at the bat mobile, more specifically, what it was missing. Of all of the things that he expected, he never expected to come out of an alleyway and find his bat mobile with 3 tires missing as a young red-haired boy was in the process of taking off the fourth.

"What do you THINK THAT YOU ARE DOING?" asked Batman in a dark tone. The kid didn't look back, but replied with, "I think that I am about to make a bunch of money. That is what I think I am doing. What's does it matter to you?" Batman walked up the boy and grabbed him by the back of the kid's shirt and lifted him. He spun the kid around and looked the kid in the eye. The kid realized that it was Batman and he looked like he was getting a panic attack.

Batman snarled and said, "NOW I ASKED YOU, WHAT DO YOU THINK THAT YOU ARE DOING TO MY CAR?" The kid immediately began to squirm, not ready to die. It was safe to say; this kid was on a trip to hell. Despite the massive danger that the world was in with the Joker running about, Batman felt he had a moment to deal with this kid. After all, the quickest way to mess with a man was through his car

After staring down Batman at what could only be described as his angriest, Jason Todd thought that he would never be that scared again in his life. But the forms of Wonder Woman, Superman, Green Lantern, and most of the league behind them. Shit, it felt like the only member that was missing was his mentor Batman.

"So, this Naruto Uzumaki kid took out a group of armed thugs and you didn't arrest him?" asked Wonder Woman, "Why?"

"I had little to no reason to arrest him, defending yourself and your date isn't illegal" replied Jason

"Perhaps, but you could have detained him" suggested Superman

"I will be better next time" said Jason

With Batman:

John and Batman were walking through London, John leading the way.

"So, this blond brat is a real threat, how ya gonna take him down?" asked John as the two of them approached his hide out

"That's what you need to find out" said Batman

"Sure sure, absolutely love" said John with a roll of his eyes

The pair of men stopped at a boarded up run down building and John opened the door. They entered the building to reveal a massive interior that did not match the modest building that they had entered.

John waved his hand and jars started flying from all throughout the massive lair towards him.

"This is gonna take a moment mate, take a load off the cowl and watch something on the telly" said John as the TV in the corner of the large room turned on.

"We're here in Jump City, where The Joker and Harley Quinn have unleashed a massive bomb of Joker laughing toxin, emergency services are being overwhelmed and the Teen Titans have their hand fulls with several more bombs going off throughout the city" said the newsporter

John waved his hand and turned the tv off as he continued to to mix together the ingredients together for his spell.

"Do you want me to change this spell and pop ya over there Bats?" asked John, "I know things with the boy wonder ended rather poorly, but I'm sure you still have some love for the boy"

Batman's usually intense glare didn't make it's appearance like John thought it would, in fact it looked like Batman was going to take him up on the offer to send him over to Jump City.

Batman grit teeth, "No, let's proceed with the spell to find out more about the blond young man"

"You sure about that mate?" asked John

"Robin can take care of himself, I have to let him deal with things like this on his own. If I keep trying to save him, he will only grow to resent me. If he needs me, he will ask, finish the spell" said Batman.

"Very well Mate" said John as he finished cooking up the spell, his magic covering his floor in the runes needed for a summoning circle.

John's eyes glowed with power and he said "Tuohguorht lla fo lleh, gnirb em eht eno ohw selur ti htiw na nori tsif, gnirb em eht tsom lufrewop gnieb fo lla. Gnirb em Reficul Ratsgninrom."

The spell went off and all of the lights flickered and John took a step back as an orb of blue magic pulsed in front of him before a bright blue light went off, blinding both John and Batman.

When their vision returned, standing in the middle of the room was a well dressed man in a 3 piece black suit with a wine colored dress shirt. His hair was pitch black and slicked back, a perfectly groomed beard. His form was covered in glowing magical chains that were pinning him down to the summoning circle.

"Bloody hell, Johnny my boy, why did you bring me to this shithole" hissed a British male voice, a powerful one.

Batman looked at the pale man before them and said "This man is going answer our questions?"

A newcomer to the room crackled with laughter and his eyes glowed with otherworldly power, the red orbs locking onto Batman.

"Bruce Wayne, mind your tongue when addressing me boy" hissed the British newcomer.

Batman recoiled at the sound of his real name.

"Ah yes, the little broken man hiding behind that mask. Tell me Bruce, what is you desire? What is the driving force behind this little mask of yours?" purred the stranger to Batman.

Batman felt this urge to speak before he stopped himself

"Oh you're complex one, that's adorable Bruce" said the man before he turned to John and gestured the chains, "Tell me why I'm here before I decide to make a mess out of things?"

"Go easy on him, he's not mystically inclined" said John

"Can we get on with this" whined Lucifer, "I have things to do, places to be, women to shag"

"Who is this John" asked Batman before John could answer

"Lucifer Morningstar, the Devil" said the bound man

"The devil?" asked Batman, "You summonsed the devil"

John shrugged, "Yeah, we needed to talk to the big guy. Also aren't you supposed be blond, you were blond the last time I saw you"

Lucifer rolled his eyes, "Surely you didn't summon me from the depths of Hell to talk about my hair color"

Batman raised his arm and pulled up the image of Naruto and Kurama in the warehouse.

"Do you recognize either of these two?" asked Batman

"Johnny Johnny Johnny, you brought me all the way up here to show me a picture of some blond brat hanging out with my one of my nine original rugrats" tsk'd Lucifer

"The fox is your son?" asked Batman

"That's not his purest form Bat" spat Lucifer, "This tiny fox form is because he is concealing most of his power in the moment. His true form is nearly a thousand feet tall, he can crush entire city blocks with each step, his howls cause tornados, his steps cause earthquakes, the thrashing of his tails cause tsunamis. He's more powerful than anything you've ever seen before"

"If he's so powerful, then why does he live inside that blond kid's arm?" asked Batman

"HE WHAT?" asked Lucifer completely shocked, "That's impossible"

Batman played the footage and showed Lucifer the sight of the fox leaping out of the brand on Naruto's arm

"Well, this certainly makes things much more interesting" said Lucifer as he flared his aura and the chains melted off of his form, "Kurama is bound to my first Earthly child, this blond brat, he's my son as well"

"The son of the devil walks amongst us" hissed Batman

"Don't get you cape in a knot, I'm not actually evil. I punish sinners, the guilty" retorted Lucifer as he rolled his shoulders and his large white wings shoot out of his back and his eyes took on that red glow again.

"Batman, don't worry about Lucifer or his half human child. They're angels, Lucifer could simply snap his fingers and the universe would crumble and he could replace it with one that hits his desires" butted in John

"You are too kind John, if you wanted to climb into my bed, you should have said so" said Lucifer with a wink

With the Teen Titans:

Raven was tending to Starfire, her magic being the best chance to free Starfire from the joker's toxin that forced her tanned face into an ear to ear smile. But while the pair of girls were in the medical bay, the pair of boys were in the living room, watching the news about the damage, trying to think of a plan. That was the idea until the news was replaced with the insane face of the Joker.


Robin groaned and said "Son of a Bitch" as he realized that he had to do this without Batman. Batman was the best at being able to get into the mind of this crazy clown.

Beast Boy slung his hand around his friend, "Robin, we're going to solve this one, we're going to get him"

"I know BB, but feels like I failed" said Robin

"You can't let that clown get into your head, you already knew about the bomb man. The computer is running a scan of the city to pick up anything out of the norm, it's gonna find the bombs, we'll swoop in and shut them down, kick his ass and get all the ladies" said Beast Boy with a wide grin and eyebrow wagging at the last part

Despite how serious the situation was, Robin couldn't help but smile at his green skinned friend's word.

"I must have gotten lost if Beast Boy is giving motivational speeches" said a flat voice from behind them and they turned to see a tired looking Raven

"How is she?" asked Robin

"She's going to be fine, her alien genetics made it very hard for the toxins to take hold. She might be smiling for a couple more days, but she's going to make a full recovery within the day" answered Raven

Robin's shoulders sagged and he let out a sigh of relief.

"Get some rest, we're going to have to travel throughout the city once we identify where all the bombs are. Even if it's just 15 to 30 minutes, you'll be sharper with a little rest" Raven told Robin

"I don't have a choice in the matter, do I?" questioned Robin

"Nope, you either do it yourself or I knock you out with a spell" confirmed Raven

Robin grumbled as he turned and walked away, retreating back to his room

"I'll know if you're lying about sleeping too, you're a terrible liar" said Raven as Robin turned the corner

"You're the best Raven" said Beast Boy

"Thanks" was her flat reply

"I mean it, Robin wouldn't have listened to anyone else in that situation. And since he's sleeping, I think we should contact the Justice League" said Beast Boy

"You want to call the adults? Maybe I am in the wrong tower" countered Raven, "I understand that we might not be as experienced on this particular situation as some of the Leaguers, but you're talking about just throwing in the towel and handing this off to someone else"

"I'm saying that just because Robin and Batman don't get along anymore, doesn't mean that we can't use a little more help. I haven't been able to get ahold of Cyborg, he's off the grid. Star is gonna have to lay low for a couple of days as she rests. The three of us weren't able to handle just Harley, we might not be able to stop the Joker" reasoned Beast Boy

"You might be right, but Robin would never forgive us if we were to do that" said Raven

"He could be happy with us for a couple more hour or days. Or we could have the rest of our lives to make it up to him" said Beast Boy as he turned towards the computer and started to type.

"Teen TItans to Justice League, we have a situation" said Beast Boy

With Naruto:

Naruto had barely been here for two days, but this new world was starting to do things to him. And none of them were positive, everything about him was taking a turn for the worse. His memories would slip in and out of existence, sometimes he would know where he came from and other times, it was like he was a younger child again. It would happen at the worst moments, sometimes in the shower or when training, sometimes in the middle of Batman breaking down the crazy events of this world. However, there was one constant that Naruto was sure of; Diana was someone who he cared about, like a lot. No matter the state of his fluxing memories, he always remembered her.

The way her hand felt in his, the feeling of his stomach doing backflips when she smiled at him, and of course the feeling of her fist implanting itself in his face. Those who stood with him no matter what, it was what grounded him.

Batman was not very trusting of him at first, the memory lapses not helping. However, back in his world, Batman had a security phrase, one that meant that he trusted you enough to listen to what you had to say before making judgments. "There is no such thing as blind as a bat, you're just not listening enough" was a code that got Batman to listen to Naruto's story entirely. Batman realized that if any form of himself could trust the blond-haired dimension hopper in front of him, that meant that the blond was worth giving a chance.

"What has transpired over the last couple of days is not something that I ultra-bold type until recently, he was very much a passive person. Just then, there was an emergency news report on every channel that drew Naruto and Batman's attention.

"Attention people of Earth, a lot of you know me as Superman or the Man of Steel or Earth's Greatest Protector." Said the image of Superman on the TV, Wonder Woman standing behind him. She looked different, more feral than Naruto had ever seen. It was attractive but also made Naruto mentally put up his guard despite her not even being in the same room as him. She had a look that just screamed danger, even on TV.

"My world's Superman did not have this ego" muttered Naruto, but he said nothing else as Batman gave him that Death Glare and made him silent. Because it doesn't matter the world, when Batman tells you to shut the fuck up, you shut the fuck up.

"However, my secret identity and name that I use here on earth, the one that I lived by in my non-hero life is Clark Kent. I was a reporter for the Daily Planet. I am here to tell you that I am tired of all of this fighting, all of this conflict. All because of your opposing beliefs and fights over land. I do not care if you are an evil dictator, a terrorist, a king, a president, a celebrity, an average joe. You have no right to take the life of another person, so I am calling a worldwide ceasefire. If you choose not to do so, to continue this mindless acts of violence, I will stop you. The era of WAR AND DESTRUCTION IS OVER!" roared Superman as his eyes glowed that bright red as his heat vision came to life matching his anger at the violence of the world.

Naruto's eyes widened, and Batman let out a growl, the TV shuts off as Batman climbs to his feet.

Naruto eyes flip open and he groans, what kind of shitty dream was that?

Sometimes when i was in Hell, our leader would tell us that him and his siblings had the ability to see into other universes

That sounds like pretty neat

Don't go blowing your load over him just yet

Whatever asshole

Bite me

I didn't know that demons could do things like, can you do that?

No I can't brat, demons don't have the ability to do that

But you said "our leader"

Our leader wasn't a demon kit, the myths about Hell are wildly inaccurate, but there is one thing that they always get right, Hell is run by an Angel placed there. Well first there was the First Fallen but he was only in charge onto my father was banished to hell for attempting to rebel in Heaven.

So, you father and leader is a fallen angel?

Yes, history is rather good as misremembering the facts, but my father was the not the first angel to fall. The First was the very first thing that the Presence created, but it rejected him. It said that he was insane and so the Presence banished him as far away as he could, creating the realm of Hell in the process for the souls of those who evil in nature. When I say evil, I'm talking more Hitler and Stalin than your neighborhood robber by the way.

You know a lot about the topic

I was one of the first nine demons ever made, Father made us to be his right hand, his will. I am as old as the planet we live on. At my absolute worse, I am the destroyer of worlds.

Which again raises the question of why you're living in my forearm

I have been with you since birth and not by choice

Who is big and bad enough to put someone as strong as you in my arm

Not many, the Archangel Michael comes to mind. Father, of course as he's the second most powerful being in existence *Somewhere across the universe Darkseid glares at Earth as if to say 'So I'm Pussy huh?"*. Father's father, the Presence. I believe most of the other angels would be able to do this if they combined their powers

I am so confused

Welcome to the club, all the power under the sun and I don't have answers either brat

So, school or rolling over and going back to bed?

As the little devil on your shoulder, let's go back to bed

Can't argue with the all power

A/N: So, I am super into comics and having just reread the Lucifer comics, I have to say, things are much more interesting than I remembered. My guy gives up like 90 percent of his powers, get's poisoned and still claps the entire army of Heaven with ease. Decides that this universe ain't shit, that his creator aka The Presence/Yahweh is doing a bad job at raising humans, make his own universe. I need a Darkseid v Lucifer Morningstar fight ASAP.

Lucifer was not aware that he had a child, mostly because while Angels in Heaven and Earth can feel the spawning of another Angel, it was shown in the comics that Lucifer was unable to tell his actual son Takehiko was born.

Batman get's his first taste of the Omnipotent Lucifer

The Titans are being forced admit they might be in over their head with this one

And Naruto has questions.

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