Night 1

Hello everyone! Thanks for checking out the first story I've posted in a long while. I've also posted this to my AO3 account too. This is a reimagining of Security Breach's story, so there's going to be several differences from the game. It's not perfect, but I hope you find enjoyment in it! All relationships in this fic are familial. Everything is strictly PLATONIC -there's nothing that's meant to be implied elsewise, please. Also, I'm no engineer or computer science wiz, so please have patience with my probably-not-accurate-at-all depictions of coding and robotics. Other than that, I hope you enjoy this story!

Gregory was no stranger when it came to robotics. The city he lived in was a hub for advancing technology. Humanoid robots and other impressive pieces of machinery could be found in practically every store. And for someone like Gregory - whose understanding of robotics came naturally - it didn't take long to learn the ways of a mechanic.

Work was mostly limited to repairing old bots that were simple in design and code; enough so that Gregory was able to fix them up with the few tools he had. Gaining the skillset and tools weren't a problem, the competition was.

Most people don't typically trust young orphan kids with fixing up their bots. Their first choice would always be one of the official businesses that were located on every block. But there was still a steady stream of those looking for a cheap fix, so Gregory was able to scrape by.

Honestly, he was doing pretty well-off, compared to the other kids. He had a lucrative talent, plenty of clients, and an old shed he could call 'home'. If he stuck around long enough, maybe he could get the chance to work in the robot biz for real.

But all his plans had come to a screeching halt when a sudden winter storm wracked the city. It was the coldest it's been in years, and things were starting to look desperate. Gregory's shed was not the best at keeping heat in, and food's been scarce. If something didn't change, he wouldn't survive till spring.

So that's why - with freezing hands and an empty stomach - he left his shed and went to Freddy Fazbear's Mega Pizzaplex.

It's a place that anyone and everyone knew about; how couldn't they? Its gaudy neon lights could be seen from every inch of the city. The Plex was a kingdom of concrete and childhood dreams. It was the size of an entire mall, with fountains and statues adoring the front. Flashing signs lined the roads leading to the main entrance; each one showcasing bright imagery and food an orphan kid could only dream of.

It was a beacon of warmth, so naturally Gregory was drawn to it after abandoning his alleyway. After what felt like hours of walking, he was finally looking up at the friendly faces of the Pizzaplex's main stars. Their images were plastered above the giant glass doors that led to the entrance, and each fuzzy face had a welcoming grin.

As quickly as possible, Gregory snuck around to the back. There wasn't anyone around, but he wasn't worried about humans; the robots were the real guards. He pulled out his multi-tool and got to work on a loose air vent. His icy fingers made it difficult to maneuver, but he finally managed to open it. The vents were a tight squeeze, and not for the first time was Gregory grateful for being so skinny. After a minute of crawling, he made it to the main hallway. With a quiet clang the grate was removed, and Gregory slipped out.

That was the first time he ever laid eyes on the inside of the Plex.

It was bigger and brighter than he ever imagined. He stared, slack-jawed, as he looked around at the statues and lights. Craning his neck, he glanced up at the thousands of stars that glittered through the atrium's glass ceiling. His small footsteps lightly echoed as he explored the place. At every turn, there was something new and mind-boggling. Fountains containing the cleanest water he's ever seen, gift carts that were bigger than his entire shed, and a giant food-court that almost made him dizzy.

But the best of all was the main stage. All the animatronics were shut down for the night, but their holograms were still playing in loop. Every one of them, Freddy, Chica, Roxy, and Monty; they were all there. Jumping, dancing, and smiling.

Slowly, Gregory sat down and wrapped his arms around his knees. He watched the excerpt of the performance play over and over. It was so captivating, that for a second, he forgot how small he felt as he sat in the middle of the giant floor.

There he stayed, as the moon sunk lower the sky. In an hour or two, everything would start booting up in preparation for the day. Gregory finally forced himself to stand; he couldn't risk getting caught. With a regretful glance back, Gregory left the main hall and stepped down one of the many hallways.

All the lights in the place flickered to life the minute the sun rose. Music poured from the walls, and the smell of fresh pizza wafted through every room. The sounds of children soon joined in - turning the ruckus into a cacophony. Another day of merriment had arrived at the Pizzaplex.

But as for Gregory, he laid fast asleep in an abandoned room behind the daycare. It was small, secluded, and most importantly, difficult to find if you weren't a curious and innovative child. His official first day at the Plex passed by as he snoozed, curled up on a Fazbear blanket he nabbed from the Lost and Found.

After that, the days continued in relative peace. At first, Gregory was only planning on staying the night. But the warmth, food, and relative safety were too much of a temptation. He knew he was being stupid, neglecting his home and job, but he just couldn't find the willpower to leave.

'Only a few days more', he told himself. 'Just a bit, and then I'll go back.'

'Just a bit' turned into several weeks. In that time, Gregory explored all the main areas of the Plex. He couldn't exactly blend in with the other kids - with his dirty clothes and messy hair - so he made sure to stick to the shadows and vents. By the second week, he was able to swipe discarded food and other items as easily as breathing. He was hesitant to steal directly from the giftshop; he didn't want to leave any trails that could lead to him. The dumpsters or the Lost and Found were his main spots to gather from.

When he wasn't searching for food or napping, he would sneak around the air vents and people-watch. He would bring his blanket and lay down, peering through the vent grate as children ran and played. It never failed to surprise him how different their lives were compared to his; from the things they wore, to even the way they ran about in a carefree manner. Gregory often found himself staring at the families that wandered by.

But whenever a ping of envy entered his heart, he would immediately retreat back to his room. Emotions like jealousy were useless; he'd long since accepted that as a fact.

Nevertheless, people-watching still remained his second-favorite activity. His first favorite would be the Glamrock animatronics' main performances. Whenever the animatronics went up on stage, Gregory was right there in the vents waiting for them. He now knew their songs by heart, but his joy never diminished. The Glamrocks were mesmerizing, and they lifted his spirits in a way he's ever experienced before.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. After a month of him staying at the Plex hit, Gregory knew he had to make a hard decision. He couldn't stay there and risk getting caught. It'd be better to leave now, before everything fell apart.

With a heavy heart, he packed his things and crept into the vents. The night air was fresh as he stepped out and replaced the grate. He stared at the lights of the entrance, and then quickly turned to walk back down the road.

As he walked, he forced himself to start planning for the next month. He brought enough food from the Plex to last him a while, but he would need a new consistent source. Not to mention he needed to get his business back up and running after so long. But as he stepped into his familiar alleyway, the package he was holding fell to the ground.

His shed was destroyed.

The flimsy metal was broken and collapsed into a heap. It was ripped and torn in way that made it impossible to repair. Not only that, but what meager belongings Gregory left there were now strewn about the ground. He sprinted to the ruins, not knowing what to do in his shock.

"Too late boy."

Gregory whirled around and saw the man who often sold him spare parts. The man finished dumping his trash into the bins and turned to look at him.

"One of them fancy repairin' businesses bought out the whole street. No one's going to be able to do much freelancing anymore."

The man closed the bin's lid and opened the door. "Your best bet is the orphanage now. I heard there're spots open, with all those dissapearin' kids and all. Shame, that."

With a final shake of his head, the man stepped inside and the alley way was plunged into darkness once again.

The air was cold as Gregory stared silently at his ruined home. What was he going to do? He knew he couldn't go to the orphanage; he wouldn't have the freedom he has now. But moving across the city was impossible. It was a dangerous time to be a kid with no set place to live and hide. All those missing-kid posters were evidence of that.

So he did the only thing he could think of; he trudged back to the Freddy Fazbear's. The Pizzaplex looked oddly dim as he stepped closer to the entrance. Gregory quickly went back to his vent and crawled inside. But as he shimmied through, an odd voice echoed off the metal. It was coming from the direction of the main security office.

Curiosity got the better of him and he changed his path. He turned the corner, and immediately paused when he saw a purple light shining through the grate. Had a computer been left on? He pressed his face against the grate and focused his eyes downward towards the desk.

It was the familiar security guard that patrolled the Plex. Gregory recognized her easily; she was one of the rare humans that worked there after all. But…what on earth was she wearing?

She was finishing pulling up what looked like a rabbit costume. It was crudely made, with haphazard stiches and pieces of fabric. Gregory raised an eyebrow. Lots of people came dressed as animals to the Plex, but it was weird she was doing this while on her shift.

He strained his ears when he heard her muttering something.

"…there…finished!" The guard smirked and smoothed out the wrinkles. She leaned to the side, and a large rabbit mask was revealed sitting on the desk. The guard turned to move it aside before grabbing a paper that was lying underneath it. She hummed to herself and plopped into a desk chair. She rotated, giving Gregory a good of the paper. Printed on the front were several rows of portraits; all of them small enough to be presumably children.

A shiver ran down Gregory's spine when he realized large red 'X's' were scribbled across all of the portraits. He flinched when the security guard chuckled to herself. She grabbed a pen from the table and crossed out the last portrait with a flourish. Her chuckles turned into laughter, and she suddenly pushed off the desk and spun the chair around.

"It's all so perfect! After all that work, everything's fallen into place." She leapt up and let the chair collide with the file cabinets. She grabbed the creepy bunny mask from the desk and reached inside it. After fishing around for a moment, she pulled out a thumb-drive. The purple light from the computers illuminated her unsettling grin. "Now, for the pièce de resistance!"

She plugged it into the computer. A second passed, and then the empty purple screen was scrambled with static. Words rapidly scrolled across the screen, then a loading window popped up. The bar inched across the screen, but right before it finished, the window glitched. It happened again, then another, and then the entire screen was glitching out. The room lit up in red when a large error message appeared.

Gregory twitched when every machine in the Plex started powering down. Then, the computer screen then lit up with a new image. A creepy rabbit mask smiled down at the security guard. It vanished, and then blueprints of every animatronic and robot in the Plex started flickering by. Code ran up the screen, faster and faster, until finally it started glitching rapidly.

Then as quickly as it began, it stopped. The screen blinked out, and then the friendly blue of the normal Freddy screensaver appeared. There was a hum of machinery as the fan in the vents began whirring again.

Once everything was settled, the woman chuckled to herself as she pulled up the lines of code. She scanned it, nodding with satisfaction. When particular line of code passed, she froze. Her expression darkened as she read it. Gregory jumped when she slammed her fist against the desk.

"That damned bear!" She hissed. "How'd he-?" She quickly re-read the code again; her finger tapping the desk with agitation. "That doesn't make sense. Why's this happening now?"

She hunched over, thinking to herself. Gregory held his breath during the silence. He didn't dare make a single sound.

"What to do, what to do…" The security guard muttered to herself. "It's not like it matters, in the grand scheme of everything. It's not going to hurt the plan. That's going to happen, come hell or high water." Her face twisted into a smirk again. "…Right. It's all fine. What can one stupid robot do, anyway? Besides…" The guard plucked the thumb-drive from the computer. "No one will be able to do anything once this is finished. Wait for me just a little longer William. You'll finally return once more."

Her shoulders shook with chuckles, and then she exploded with laughter. She dropped the thumb-drive into a hidden pocket before grabbing something from the desk. The computer's light gleamed off the blade of a wicked-looking knife.

Gregory quickly pressed his hands to his mouth to hide his gasp. At the stifled noise, the guard froze. Then, ever so slowly, she turned and looked up at Gregory.

"Helloooo, little snoop."

Gregory's heart leapt to his throat. Faster than he could blink, the knife was slammed between the bars of the grate. A head rose up after it, and a gleaming eye stared at him.

His breath caught as he scrambled backwards. What the hell did he just see? T-This wasn't safe! He hurried towards the outside grate, but just before he reached it, tremors rippled through the vents. Gregory wobbled unsteadily before bracing himself against the walls. There was a loud noise, like metal scraping against metal, and then everything stopped with a thud.

Shaking, Gregory turned the corner. The outside vent was in front of him, but a giant metal plate had slid over it. He pushed the plate a few times, before turning around and kicking it with all his might. It didn't budge.

There were tiny slits running down the plate to allow air out. Gregory peeked through them in hopes of seeing another person.

"Hey, is anyone out there? Help! I'm trapped!" He screamed and punched the plate several times. No use -there's no getting out this way. It looked like his best bet now were the front doors. Tentatively, he moved back through the vents.

As carefully as he could, Gregory crawled out into the main hall. There wasn't another living soul in sight. Was that lady still in the office? He looked side to side, and cautiously started to creep towards the main doors. He was about halfway there when a side door flung open with a bang.

Gregory yelped and pivoted around. Several feet behind him, a pair of white rabbit ears poked out. They shook as their owner chuckled. The rest of the head followed, and a pair of glowing eyes illuminated the hallway.

"My my, what's a little boy like you doing here? Awww, poor thing, you must be so lonely." The rabbit lady stepped into the middle of the hallway.

Fear like he's never known ran down Gregory's spine. He couldn't move; his feet wouldn't obey. It didn't even feel like he could breathe.

With each step towards him, the lady idly tapped her chin with her knife. "I know! Why don't we play a game of tag! And I think I'll be 'it'!" Her sentence ended with a shriek as she sprung off the ground towards him.

Finally, his flight reflexes kicked in. A scream tore through his throat as he ran as fast as he could. He wasn't paying attention to where he was going; he just had to escape. There was no chance of him outrunning a grownup, but he could at least use his surroundings to his advantage. He sprinted towards one of the gift carts. With a leap, he slid underneath it and pushed his momentum up. The cart went flying back - its contents scattering across the floor.

There was a hiss of surprise, and the lady's footsteps stuttered. Gregory skid around a corner and immediately found the air vent he was looking for. He jammed his fingers into the grate and tugged it open. There was a loud clang as he threw it away, and he shoved himself inside. He felt a presence behind him but he didn't dare look back. After crawling for several minutes, Gregory was far enough in to stop and catch his breath.

His heart was pounding against his ribcage, and he laid a hand on his chest in effort to calm it. His shirt crumbled in his fist as his thoughts whizzed by.

The security guard was up to something, but Gregory wasn't curious enough to risk his life playing detective. He had to get out of here as soon as possible. Once his breath returned, he turned back around onto his knees and continued crawling. Periodically, he peered through the grates to keep an eye on the halls below.

He was nearing Rockstar Row when the lady's voice appeared again.

"Gregorrrryyy~" Her singsong echoed through the hall. "Where did you go? I just wanted to play! C'mon out, please?"

How did this woman know his name?

Trembling, Gregory moved quietly as possible as he looked for a safe way out. In a few hours it would be midnight, and he didn't want to be locked in here with her till morning. He slowed down only to let his sore knees rest, and idly glanced through the grate. A familiar face met his eye, and Gregory froze. He could recognize that color-scheme anywhere - it was Glamrock Freddy's room! The curtains were drawn, so maybe he could hide there until the coast was clear.

It was a long drop down, but with a bit of shimmying Gregory was able to land with relative safety. His ankles stung, so he took a few steps to walk it off. If he wasn't paying attention, he would've tripped on the Faz plushies that littered the ground. Gregory paused and examined the room more closely.

Compared to how it normally was, the room was a mess. Toys and balloons were shoved against the walls, and the table and vanity were cluttered. He picked up a Freddy plushie and stared into its eyes. It was rather cute. Its orange fur was soft to the touch, and the stitching was strangely good quality considering how the Fazbear company liked to cut-corners. This was one item he was never able to get his hands on. He had found a few in the Lost and Found, but they always had gross stains or sticky spots on them. He had some standards.

He briefly considered shoving the plush into his backpack before shaking his head. No, stuffed-animals were simply a luxury; they had no real use.

But, he still couldn't stop himself from giving it a squeeze. He clutched the bear plush to his chest and buried his face into the top of its head. For some reason, hugging something so soft made tears well in his eyes. Maybe it was reality finally crashing down, or perhaps just the fact that his knees were still stinging.

Gregory grit his teeth and stiffly laid the bear on the couch. Turning away, he examined the walls. Numerous children drawings were taped up. Most cute - some quite creepy. Gregory raised an eyebrow at one in particular. He looked at it, and then at the official Freddy picture on the wall. The Pizzaplex could benefit from having art classes…

He gave a short huff before turning around. His eyes traveled downward and he immediately stopped. He heard there was an issue with Glamrock Freddy today, and assumed it would've been resolved by now. But there the animatronic was, laying on the ground without so much as a stir.

Gregory cautiously poked him a few times. Being so close to an animatronic was almost intimidating; he was so used to watching from a distance. However, now he could really appreciate just how intricate these machines were. Freddy's casing was buffed and polished, with only a few minor scratches. Probably from when he collapsed during the show. Gregory leaned over and peered through the thin opening between plates. He could barely make out the endoskeleton and wiring, but he could still see their level of detail. Regular robots couldn't hold a candle to these guys! Boy, would it be fun to open one up and see how they tick…

A familiar voice then reached Gregory's ears, bringing him back to his current situation. The rabbit lady was close by! All she needed to do was enter the room, and he'd be toast. Frantically, Gregory looked under the vanity and tables for a hiding spot. He balanced himself by putting a hand on Freddy's chest, but without warning it moved under Gregory's weight - nearly toppling him over.

He quickly regained balance and stared at the animatronic. Curious, he hooked his fingers under the plate and lifted. He was met with no resistance, and now he was looking into the chest cavity of an animatronic bear.

The footsteps were slowing down; they were almost at the door. Gregory took a deep breath and stepped into the machine. It was a little cramped, but he was able to pull his legs in and fully close the plate.

With a whoosh, the door to the room slid open. The footsteps were dulled as they moved across the carpet. Nothing happened for a second, and then Gregory could see a moving light passing over Freddy's chest. The figure didn't say anything, and the tense silence continued for another minute. Finally, with another whoosh, the door opened and closed and the footsteps disappeared once again.

Gregory exhaled loudly and slumped down. How many close-calls did he have in just the past hour? Far too many.

He took this rare moment of peace to rest. The metal compartment was uncomfortable, but having a small space made Gregory feel safer. His thoughts wondered, and then drifted away altogether.

He must've dozed off at one point, because he was awakened by the loud whir of fans and circuits. Gregory jumped and braced his hands against the sides as the machine started to move. The metal joints and plates shifted as Gregory was jostled around uncomfortably. Everything slowed when the robot finally stood.

A hum vibrated through the metal and Freddy's eyelids clicked as he blinked.

"Showtime…already?" The bot shifted slightly as he rested his weight on one foot. "Must be experiencing a malfunction. The recharge cycle is not complete…"

The voice was just as warm as all the other time's Gregory heard it. Even with the underlying confusion, Freddy's voice was steadily peaceful. A much-needed change after the rabbit lady's shrill pitch. Speaking of the rabbit lady…

Another wave of anxiety suddenly hit him. What happened if the security guard came back and saw Freddy was online? She'd investigate, and Gregory would be found out. Twitching with panic, Gregory quickly hissed.

"Shh! Shut up!" He shifted as the robot looked around.

"Who said that?"

Gregory clenched his fist. "I did! In your chest compartment! Now please be quiet!"

The robot moved again, this time faster in alarm. "My chest compartment!? That place is reserved for oversized cakes and piñatas! It is not a sufficient play area!"

The metal compartment shook, and Gregory scrambled as everything tilted. The harsh lights stung his eyes as he was dumped onto the ground. He quickly whirled around to face Freddy, who was now crouching to meet him at eye-level.

"There you are." Freddy murmured, and his eyes glowed. Gregory blinked as the lights scanned him up and down. "Hm, how odd. Your guest profile is unknown to me. Who are you?"

For a moment, Gregory was speechless. The way the animatronic moved was a thing of genius! Freddy was so life-like…usually robots were limited to just enough movement to complete their prime directive. But for Freddy, his build and joints allowed him for a full range of movement. Even the mechanisms in his face allowed him to emote in a way most robots couldn't.

"I-I.." The boy stammered. "I'm Gregory."

After an entire month, he was finally allowed to meet his favorite animatronic. But the joy of the moment didn't last long. The intercoms crackled, and then a loud voice announced.

"Ladies and gentlemen! Thank you for visiting and we hope you enjoyed the show! Freddy and the gang are pretty tired, but they'll be back again next week after a few days of scheduled maintenance!-"

Gregory tuned the rest of the announcement out. That's right! The Plex was closing soon! He couldn't wait around, now was the time to escape! When the coast was clear, Gregory sprinted out of Freddy's room - much to the surprise and confusion of the animatronic.

But it was too late. Midnight struck, and the doors were locked. Gregory was trapped here for the night, with a crazy lady bent on hunting him down.

What should he do now? He debated on hiding in the vents until morning, but by the time he broke out of his thoughts, Glamrock Freddy had already led him back to the room.

Gregory stiffened when the animatronic knelt to set paw on his shoulder.

"Child, are you alright? You have been behaving very oddly…"

The animatronic had every right to be confused - a random kid just popped out of his chest and was running around with no explanation.

Gregory sighed and hopped onto the couch.

"I'm…alright. You probably have questions - what do you want to know?"

Freddy grinned sympathetically. "Er, everything would be nice. How about we start with why you are still in the Pizzaplex. It's very unusual for a child to be alone here after-hours."

Leaning back into the cushions, Gregory crossed his arms. "I needed a place to sleep. It was cold, and I didn't have anywhere else to go." He smirked slightly. "And the vents weren't hard to get into anyway."

"No place to go? You have no family or friends who are taking care of you?" Freddy asked, and when Gregory shook his head, the bear's worried expression intensified. "But that means you have been forced to survive by yourself! How could anyone leave a child like that!"

Gregory scowled. "I can take care of myself. It's not like we're helpless."

Freddy wobbled in shock. "We? There are more children in this same situation?"

The boy raised his eyebrow. "Uh, yeah?"

Gregory wondered if all the animatronics were living under metaphorical rocks. Freddy closed his eyes and rubbed his forehead.

"How much have we not been informed?" He muttered to himself before raising a paw. "There is…a lot to unpack here, but we should focus on the present. Gregory, the next question I would like to ask is why are you running from the security guard? I'm sure if you explained your situation to Officer Vanessa, she would understand."

"Are you kidding me?" Gregory hissed incredulously. "That 'officer' is trying to kill me!"

"Kill you!?" Freddy yelped. "What on earth are you-?"

"She's freaking crazy! When I was in the vents, I saw her do something weird to the security computers. She used a thumb-drive and the system went crazy - like a virus. Also, there was this…" Gregory waved his hands, "Hit list, or somethin'. She was holding a paper with kid's faces on it and was crossing them out!"

"I-I'm sure it was a misunderstanding…"

Gregory jumped to his feet. "She chased me with a knife! I'm not blind, I know a crazy person when I see one!"

The room went silent for several minutes. Freddy was staring at the ground; the circuits in his head rapidly firing to make sense of it all. With a huff, Gregory sat back down and gripped his knees.

"…But who cares… Whatever she's up to is not my business. I just want to get out of here as soon as possible."

Freddy opened and closed his mouth several times, trying to find the right words to say.

"Gregory, I am… unsure of what is going on. I have seen nothing suspicious, but I also have no reason to doubt your words. I assure you," Freddy met the boy's eye again, "I will help you however I can. You will be safe with me."

Gregory didn't know how to answer that. This animatronic barely knew him for a few hours, but was still willing to take his word as truth? If the positions were swapped, Gregory would be more trusting of an officially-stated security guard than some random kid.

But then again…the animatronics were created to entertain children. It made sense that they'd be willing to help a kid, no matter how insane they sounded.

Mutely, Gregory nodded, and Freddy smiled slightly. "Now, how about we go through everything that happened? Bit by bit, just so I can understand better."

Despite Gregory leaving out a good portion of his story, it still took him an hour or so to go over everything. He retold what he saw in the security office, and how the guard had a completely different personality than normally. Also, there was now something strange in the system of the Plex, and the robots might be infected because of it.

That fact perturbed Freddy, to say the least, but the bear didn't interrupt. Then Gregory mentioned how the vent leading outside was locked with an additional metal plate. At this, Freddy nodded his head in understanding.

"Ah yes. That is a security measure during our weekly maintenance. It is to ensure no robot gets out of the Plex, just in a case a problem occurs within its code."

"But it'll be gone by morning, right?" Gregory asked. "Or at least the gate in front of the doors will open when it hits six?"

Gregory's heart dropped when Freddy gave him another apologetic look.

"Ah, well, it is unfortunate that-"

"No. No no no no you're telling me it won't open tomorrow?" The boy's nails dug into the couch.

Freddy nodded sadly. "It is part of the system. The security measures will not lift until the end of the scheduled maintenance period."

"That's stupid!" Gregory couldn't help but yell. Freddy frantically tried calming him, but the boy jumped up and started stomping around. "What pea-brain idiot designs something like that? You mean I have to wait in here a whole week?"

He didn't even bother to look at Freddy's nod. Gregory idly kicked a stray balloon and crossed his arms.

"You could'a told me sooner. I would've tried harder to get out before midnight."

"I am so sorry." Freddy's ears drooped. "I didn't think to tell you this."

Gregory shook his head and waved him off. "Whatever, it doesn't matter now."

With a finger on his chin, Gregory paced the floor. "Maybe there's a way to get into the offices." He muttered to himself. "One of them has to have the controls to the security doors. But…" He trailed off and glanced warily at the curtains. "The rabbit lady is still out there. She's probably not going to give up easily."

There was a whir of machinery, and the hatch in Freddy's chest opened up. "How about you hide in here then?" Freddy offered. "It may not be the most comfortable, but it's safer than being outside by yourself."

Gregory eyed the compartment; it looked a whole lot better than crawling around the vents for a whole week. He nodded in agreement. "If the need arises, I'll do that. Thanks."

With a wide grin, Freddy closed the compartment. "I am always happy to help. Whatever you need, do not hesitate to ask for it."

Gregory wasn't planning on taking him up on that offer, but he still smiled and nodded. "Right. Then how about we get started." He crept over to the curtains and peeked out. Other than the random security bots, the hallway was empty. "Looks like she's gone. C'mon."

But before he could reach the door, Freddy gently grabbed the back of his shirt. "My apologies, but I do not think now would be a good time to start."

Gregory frowned. "What are you talking about? Now's a good a time as any-" Suddenly he couldn't stop the enormous yawn that escaped him. Freddy gave him a pointed look.

"That's why. How about getting several hours of sleep before starting something so important?"

Shaking his head, Gregory tried to pry Freddy away. "I'll sleep when I get out of here. We can't waste time on-". His jaw creaked with another giant yawn. His dry eyes watered, so he tried rubbing them.

"Taking care of yourself is not wasting time." Freddy firmly stated before leaning down.

Gregory cocked his head. "What are you- hey!" He was swept off the ground in one fluid motion. Frantically, he kicked his legs and squirmed. Freddy calmly walked over and laid him down on the couch. Gregory tried to wiggle away, but was then firmly wrapped up in a fuzzy blanket. He blinked with confusion at finding himself swaddled like a baby.

Freddy patted Gregory's head. "You cannot hide how tired you are. Young children need approximately nine to twelve hours of sleep every night. And judging by the circles under your eyes and your sluggish movements, you are getting not nearly enough."

Gregory tried to scowl, but unfortunately Freddy was right. Now that he'd been able to sit a while, his adrenaline-high was crashing. His muscles and bones felt like lead.

"I just…gotta get a second wind…" He muttered and squirmed again.

Freddy shook his head. "You must rest. I am not going to let you search the whole Pizzaplex when you are almost falling asleep standing up."

He paused for a second to focus on his system's screens, and the lights dimmed. Freddy nodded in satisfaction before lowering his voice to a calming whisper. "Don't worry, little friend. I will be keeping watch. If anything happens, I will alert you. Please, sleep."

It was clear that Gregory was fighting a losing battle. But he still stubbornly fought sleep until his body finally made the executive decision to pass out.

For a while, his sleep was dreamless. But then images started to appear. Red eyes glowed from the darkness; reflecting off a gleaming knife. The world swirled with purple static, and the icy cold of his hut appeared. He was hiding from invisible hands that were trying to grab him. Trying to drag him away into an abyss.

It was all so cold. So red, and purple, and cold.

His heart jolted, and he was awake. Gregory gasped as he shot up, and his head collided against solid metal with a bang. He hissed and quickly gripped the back of his skull.

"Gregory? Are you alright? That sounded painful."

Freddy's voice sounded right above him, and a hand laid on Gregory's back. The boy blinked away tears and glanced around. The lights were still dimmed in Glamrock Freddy's room, but judging by the rays of light coming through the curtains, it was now day.

"Uh huh." Gregory rubbed the sore spot. Apparently he'd tossed and turned so much that he had done a full 180 on the couch. "What time is it?"

Freddy checked his internal clock before answering. "8:25 am."

So Gregory had managed to get at least a few hours of sleep, but his eyes and limbs still felt awfully heavy. Despite this, he slipped off the couch and peeked through the curtains. No longer lit up with neon lights, the Plex was bright and sunny as numerous robots rolled to and fro. Apparently, this was the maintenance the announcer was talking about. Robots of all shapes and sizes were polishing, painting, and repairing different parts of the hallway. They were all sporting the same colors and logo of the Fazbear Company.

With thousands of kids dashing around during business days, it was no wonder why the building would need a whole week of maintenance to keep it up to standards. As Gregory looked right and left, it was apparent that no humans were in sight. He was about to call to Freddy, when one of the robots tripped and fell.

It was carrying several cans of polishing material. As it fell, the cans clanged loudly and their contents spilled everywhere. Every robot in the general vicinity suddenly froze, and all rotated their heads to stare at the fallen robot.

For a second, none of them moved. Then, one by one, the other bots' eyes started glowing red. Their tools dropped to the ground as they moved. The offending robot paused and glanced around as it was surrounded. Quicker than Gregory could blink, the robots pounced. Metal tore and the awful sound of robotic screeching filled the air. Bolts and plastic parts flung wildly around as the robots destroyed their victim. It wasn't an execution; it was an animalistic mauling.

Gregory's hand flew to his mouth as he stumbled back. Freddy was quickly there to support him, and also looked through the curtains himself. His voice box stuttered as his eyes widened.

"What on this good earth…" He whispered in horrified awe.

In unison, the robots stopped, and then all whirled around to continue their individual tasks. As if the mangled corpse of their comrade wasn't laying sparking on the floor. Its oil reminded Gregory of blood as it slowly pooled.

Gregory swallowed nervously. "I-I'm guessing that's not usual behavior?"

Freddy's gaze turned cold as he watched another robot wheel up to the scrap. It used its broom to sweep the parts into a container before continuing on its way.

"No. It is not." He then whispered to himself. "A virus…huh."

"Do you think that'll happen to you if you step out of your room?" Gregory looked up at the animatronic. Freddy shrugged.

"I don't know, but I don't think we should explore the Pizzaplex now. There are too many watching eyes, and I don't want to risk getting torn apart. I believe it would be safest to stay in my room until the sun goes down. Most of the maintenance bots will retire for the night. That's when we'll be able to move about more freely."

Gregory clicked his tongue in annoyance and let the curtain fall back. He stepped into the middle of the room and glanced around. As he examined the pictures on the wall, he stifled another yawn.

"How about you go back to bed?" Freddy suggested. "We can't do much right now, and you could benefit with a few more hours of rest." He motioned towards the couch. Gregory huffed, but crawled back onto the cushions. How could anyone go back to sleep after watching a robot get horrifically ripped apart? He rolled around, letting the blanket cocoon him as he turned to face the back of the couch.

It was going to be a problem if they couldn't travel much during the day. Would the nighttime robots behave like the daytime ones? And what about the other Glamrocks? Gregory saw their models on the security computer too; are they infected? He envisioned Monty's giant teeth and Roxanne's claws. They'd be able to do a lot more damage than the bots in the hallway.

Millions of other thoughts and questions ran through his head. There were so many possibilities - so many unknowns. Gregory desperately wished he could come up with answers, but none came at the moment. Right now, all he could do was trust himself.

But he still didn't know how much he should trust Freddy. If all the other bots in the Plex were affected by the virus, why was Freddy the outlier? It's too suspicious, but Gregory didn't really have anyone else he could team-up with. At least he hadn't been killed in his sleep.

Gregory thought about what he had to do when night fell. The plans he would have to make, and how to avoid the robots. All while making sure he kept an eye on the bear animatronic. As his thoughts swirled, he somehow managed to fall back to sleep.