Gregory sighed deeply as he stared out the van's window. The sun had just begun to rise, giving the trees and tall grass an orange glow. He was resting his chin on one hand while extending the other to Chica. There was a click, and Gregory looked over. He stared at his palm and wiggled his fingers experimentally.

What used to be skin and bone was now smooth metal. There was no hope of saving his arm after being crushed by that machine, so Chica managed to collect enough parts to make him a new one. The arm was beautifully made, considering they couldn't use the best-quality parts. Most of it was a soft silver, but Gregory had insisted to make the forearm a dusty-orange.

Currently, Chica was making a few adjustments to it while Freddy drove their van down the highway. With a final turn of her tool, Chica released her grip. Gregory leaned back and tapped his fingers on a variety of surfaces, testing out the nerves.

Something felt a little off, so he held his arm back out. "Try adjusting my ring-finger knuckle a bit."

Chica nodded and firmly gripped his wrist. She fiddled with it some more before humming with satisfaction.

"There. Better?"

Gregory flexed his fingers and nodded. "It's perfect, thanks."

"I still think you should've added spikes to it." Roxy spoke up. She was reclining in her seat while Monty painted her nails.

Chica narrowed her eyes. "And I think it's fine the way it is."

Moon popped up from behind Gregory's seat; nodding at Chica's work. "Very nice, very nice. But I have something that'll make it even better."

Before Chica could stop him, he slapped a sparkly sticker on Gregory's arm. He scurried away as Chica scolded him.

Gregory huffed with laugher as he watched them bicker. A new weight settled on his lap and he looked down. Meenie was examining the arm with curiosity.

"Pretty cool, huh? We match." Gregory held his arm next to the one he repaired for Meenie. The music bot nodded, clacking its teeth happily. Gregory smiled, and then ran his fingers over his new metal ones. It would take some getting used to; but honestly, he was a little excited to have a cool bionic limb. He just wished he didn't have to go through all that pain to get it.

Sighing again, he looked back out the window.

A month had passed since they escaped the Pizzaplex. The damage done to the boilers had spread to the rest of the building; burning it to the ground. By the time authorities arrived, there was barely anything to salvage. Afton, the Blob, and Vanny's lab had all been erased by the flames. The truth of what happened at the Plex would remain a mystery to the world for now.

Officially, Nightguard Vanessa had also burned in the fire. But in reality, Vanny was still alive and well. She had escaped the burning Plex shortly before the Glamrocks did. The last glimpse they got of her was when they were climbing into the escape van. She had stood amongst the smoke, watching them while clutching a box to her chest, before disappearing into the night. The Glamrocks were in no condition to go after her, so they were forced to let her escape.

With the Plex now destroyed, and Vanny wandering free, the Glamrocks refused to go back working for Fazbear Entertainment. As of now, they were the only ones who knew what happened in the bottom of the Plex. Authorities and the Fazbear Company couldn't help them; Vanny's forged tapes had worked the way she intended. If anything permanent was going to be done, they would have to do it themselves.

So for the past few weeks, they've been driving from city to city; taking time to heal and rebuild. They made an effort to stay out of public eye and not draw attention to themselves. The Company would be looking for them after everything that happened, and if they were caught, the Glamrocks' memories would be wiped. Or worse, they'd be dismantled.

Fortunately, it wasn't very hard to blend in with their surroundings. Robots of the helper or companion varieties were quite popular nowadays. Every store and household had one, so the Glamrocks could disguise themselves easily enough.

Chica and Gregory had also solved their battery problem. After much trial and error, they were able to redesign their batteries so they could be self-charging. There were still a few issues and bugs they needed to fix, but it would be sufficient for now.

Money wasn't an issue either. After the Plex burned down, the Glamrocks were able to sneak back in a while later and salvage some parts. Dodging the Fazbear workers was a bit tricky, but they managed to do it. The parts they got were in high demand, so they had no worries about being unable to afford supplies.

Their biggest concern right now was putting the next phase of their plan into action.

Gregory was jostled as the van was directed off-road. The trees had grown into a thick forest, and now they were far enough away from the highway that they wouldn't be seen. Freddy put the van in park before turning it off. He and Chica moved from the front and sat in the seats that ran along the perimeter of the van's trunk.

"We're here." Freddy said, gathering everyone's attention. "A bit further down the road is the factory. Get some rest, tonight is going to be a long one."

Gregory silently watched as the animatronics shuffled around the van.

Vanny's path had gone cold, but Gregory knew she wasn't done. She was either biding her time, or already building another Afton. To find her, they needed more information. More specifically, they had to sneak into Fazbear Factories and find whatever else the Company was trying to hide.

This factory in particular was one that's been on Gregory's mind for a while. It was where Vanny's sister had been killed. If anyplace was going to have information about Vanny's family and past, it was here.

But all of that would have to wait. Gregory's sleep schedule was still backwards, and despite the sun, he was ready to settle down for the 'night'. Yawning, Gregory unbuckled and scooted towards a compartment. Several pillows and blankets were stashed inside, and he pulled them out. He laid them in a pile on the ground and shook the pillows to fluff them. His shoes were then kicked off and Gregory slipped under a blanket.

It wasn't a real bed, but it was about as comfortable as one. He yawned again and snuggled into the blankets. He paused for a second, and then patted around until his hand touched furry fabric. He pulled his Fazbear plushie to his chest and held it tightly.

Gregory watched as the animatronics attatched makeshift curtains to the windows. This had become a typical routine for them, and Gregory let himself relax amongst the familiarity. The lights dimmed, and one by one the animatronics laid on their own blankets. The whirring of their gears slowed as they entered rest-mode.

Next to Gregory's head, the pillow dipped as Meenie crawled up. It circled several times before settling down. It's music box twinkled in contentment.

Minutes passed, and the bird songs outside mixed with the animatronics' snores. Gregory's eyes blinked open and he frowned. He was tired, but his mind wasn't getting the memo. Thoughts about tonight's plan were still swirling in his brain. Grumbling slightly, Gregory turned onto his side and shut his eyes. It didn't help much, his restlessness only increased.

He wondered what they would find tonight. Would their efforts result in nothing, or would more horrors be unveiled? Gregory gave a slow sigh. Traveling in the van with the Glamrocks had been strangely peaceful. After his week in the Plex, his life had changed drastically. He didn't have to go back to an alley and fix up old robots for a living anymore. Now he had the Glamrocks and D.A..

He still struggled to accept it sometimes; a few weeks of change can't completely reverse a lifetime of hardship. And it's not like things were completely perfect now either. The threat of Vanny was still hanging over his head; and his new goals not only affected him, but hundreds of other innocent people too. If anything, the weight of his responsibilities increased.

He thought back to Vanny's original victims. Their souls had moved on; he could sense it. They'd received closure, but what about other souls? There had to be more out there, possessing machines just like the kids and the Glamrocks. Gregory didn't know how he should deal with them.

This…ability he had to sense the presence of souls was something new. Maybe it's a side-effect of hanging out with the Glamrocks all the time, but he still didn't know how it worked. Would it happen again if they came across more trapped souls, or was the time at the Plex just an outlier? The few answers he had received only created more questions.

One of the animatronics snored loudly, and Gregory opened his eyes again. In the corner, he saw Roxy curled up on a pile of blankets. D.A.'s gangly form was splayed on top of her, but she didn't seem to mind. Chica and Monty were on the other end, both of them snoring on a set of pillows. Gregory craned his head up and saw Freddy. He was leaning against the wall with his eyes closed.

Gregory frowned slightly. The kids' souls had moved on; but would the Glamrocks eventually do the same? Their souls weren't forced to be here; they could probably move on whenever they wanted to. Gregory didn't like to think about it -the aching feeling in his chest would return again.

He was broken out of his thoughts when a paw rested on his head. He blinked, and noticed Freddy watching him with a small smile. The bear began to stroke the boy's hair in a gentle, methodical rhythm. His paw was surprisingly warm.

The tension in Gregory's shoulders melted away. He scooted closer to Freddy and closed his eyes. Gregory wasn't alone anymore, he had to remember that. The Glamrocks didn't leave him before, they wouldn't now. Not until it was time, anyway. They were still here because, like him, they had a mission. They were determined to protect others from Vanny's insanity; and they were going to see it through.

Gregory was included in that. He could rely on the Glamrocks now, the same way they could rely on him. Whatever dangers they faced in the future; they would do it together. Quietly, the Glamrocks shifted to curl around Gregory, and he smiled.

Four animal animatronics, a daycare assistant, a sassy music robot, and a human boy with a metal arm - It was an odd family, but it was his.

And that's the end! Thank you everyone for reading my story! I hope you enjoyed it -I sure had fun writing it all. I have a few ideas for future fics, but I don't know if I'll get around to writing them. Thanks for bearing with me (pun intended), and I hope y'all are doing well, wherever you are.
Thanks again, and God bless!

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