AN: This was a oneshot series made as a challenge to myself and now it's being rewritten from the old BigHeroHarryPotter-OneShot Collection.

As much as it embarrasses me, the original work still remains on the site if you are interested in reading it but I will no longer update that one.

The original was 2k words and the rewritten version ended up being the double.

Summary: This was ridiculous. Romance was ridiculous and so were first kisses. Honestly, who needed them? And why the hell was he suddenly so interested in these things?! He was supposed to be brainstorming ways to mix magic with tech... his sudden interests didn't have anything to do with the Wizard. Nothing at all. Honestly.

Rated: T/T+

Pairing: Harry/Hiro (pre-slash)

Characters age: Harry is 17-Hiro is 16

Notes: Set years after the ending of the Big Hero 6 movie, Voldemort was defeated when Harry was 15/16

Word Count: 4623 (the original work was 2345 words)

Would love to see what you think!

1. First Kiss

"Did you really have to get ice cream right now?" Hiro asked exasperated as he looked at the older boy in front of him.

"Hey, don't stare at me like that! I'm hungry!" Harry huffed before taking a spoonful of his recently acquired chocolate ice cream, letting out a happy sigh at the taste. "It's not my fault; I was about to get something to eat when you called."

"Wait, haven't you eaten yet?"

Harry shook his head in denial before taking a seat on one of the tables beneath a parasol, Padfoot, the strange black dog that usually followed him around was sitting next to him longingly eyeing his ice cream. "I thought it was something important so I came as soon as I could. And it's kinda your fault, you never told me why you called me." He added after a second thought, spoon pointing accusingly towards him.

Hiro flushed in embarrassment.

He remembered being especially enthusiastic that afternoon, no wonder Harry had thought that it was an important matter. Important enough to forget to eat. He had been so focused on finishing that project that he didn't thought of the time and now felt extremely guilty.

Flushing a brilliant red, Hiro begrudgingly took the seat across from him, crossing his arms and watched him eat in silence.

Staring at him with a thoughtful frown (he wasn't pouting damn it!) he couldn't help but think how this weird boy suddenly crashed into his life four months ago. Literally.

At that time there has been a raid at the marketplace, a group of girls that called themselves The Fujitas wreaked havoc terrorizing everyone. Multiple stalls had been demolished by the chained iron ball covered in spikes their leader viciously carried around. The hero team tried to stop them but were easily defeated, the Fujitas managed to torn the team apart, separating them and attacking their weaknesses. He was even separated from Baymax, a hard hit sending the bot flying towards a stall that had remained untouched among the debris, and the roof fell on top of the robot, caging it for a moment.

Lying on the floor Hiro tried to pull away but his leg had twisted at an odd angle and could only stare wide eyed as the heavy chained ball approached him but just when it was about to strike him it had suddenly exploded in flowing white feathers followed by a black blur that pulled him away from the fight.

Next thing he knew he was standing next to Baymax, eyes adjusting to see the black blur take shape of a person. A person who was relentlessly striking back with a long sword (was that a katana?) at the astonished form of the taller Fujita who barely managed to avoid the blade, throwing her chain like a whip against the sword to try and overpower the unknown person, the spiked ball was her best weapon but had still managed to hold her ground even though she was clearly looking for a way to escape.

Black clothes resembling a trench coat flowed with his movements. Trying to get a look at his face, he almost doubled over as he a saw an ebony mask in the shape of a fox, red accents shining like blood in the darkness.

And, as sudden as it had begun, with a forceful swing of the blade the chain was caught and the Fujita was defenseless, immediately wrapped in her own chains.

The unknown man quickly disappeared afterwards leaving confusion among the people.

Every news media was quickly overflowing with theories of who was this strange man wearing a fox mask. Everyone was losing their minds thinking how he managed to transform such a heavy object into a cloud of feathers. There was a theory stating that he was either an illusionist or a magician and the fox mask only managed to add more craziness to the theories making them think that he was a real kitsune, a mythical creature, who managed to disguise as a normal person, living inadvertently among them.

And in all, everyone was pretty much excited because of San Fransokyo's newest hero.

Trying to hunt him down had been impossible.

It was a weird game of cat and mouse but instead of a mouse they were trying to catch a fox, a highly sneaky and intelligent fox, that always managed to slip away at the last second, and they only managed to meet him in person two months later because he let them find him, stating that it was "fun". The mad man!

Imagine the surprise of finding that beneath the mask there was a boy barely a year older than him.

Then the questioning began.

Name? Harry Potter, but now he went by Evans. It was easier that way.

The weird transformation of objects to something completely different? Oh, that's magic. Yeah, it existed. What the hell?! Oh, but you guys can't tell anyone or it could be dangerous.

The swordsmanship? Took classes. Katanas were light and fun to manipulate, apparently. It is certainly a different experience than wielding a sword imbedded with gems. Who the hell was this guy?!

The fox mask? It was just a funny coincidence, he had stated with a grin, it was just laying there on the ground when the Fujitas attacked the market and he needed a disguise. He shrugged.

Have to even heard the crazy theories about you being a mythical creature? Ah yes! It's hilarious, my friend had been constantly speaking about that the other day. She said the mask complimented my fur.


Even with all of his weird quirks, the group quickly took to him and in the blink of an eye he became an important member of the team.

It ended up being that he was easy to get along. You could be fighting with him verbally and the next second you would be pouring out everything. Harry had never judged them, he'd just be there, silently letting you alleviate your burdens and afterwards give them words of encouragement and comfort.

"So what did you need?" Harry asked pulling him out of his thoughts. "Is it a lab matter?"

Blinking, Hiro nodded slightly, "I'll tell you later, this is not the place." He told him sending a pointed look at their surroundings, receiving a nod in response.

The ice cream parlor was surprisingly active for being three in the afternoon. An older couple were ordering on the counter with a little girl next to them, clutching at the pants of what he concluded to be her mother while some teenagers where sat on the table next to them talking loud enough to be able to pick up their conversation.

"C'mon, now! Spill up, you have to tell me!" A girl gushed to her friend. "Did you two finally kiss? I see that look on your face! How was it?"

"Laura, be quiet!" The blonde girl sitting next to her hissed.

"Just tell me! You know how my parents don't want me to have a boyfriend; I have to live precariously through you." She pouted, and added with a whine, "Be a good friend."

"I can't be telling you everything, you know?" Her friend huffed good naturedly, a grin on her face, "You wouldn't believe me either way, oh my god, Laura he was so nice and cute!" She gushed, "It was absolutely perfect!"

They then continued chatting between squeals of excitement and gossipy whispers.

He tried to tune them out.

A perfect first kiss. He snorted. How could she say that it was perfect if it was her first? It's not like there was anything she could compare it to.

People always said that their first kiss was as perfect as it could be. He thought that they were just biased in their affections... or maybe dumb.

Turning his gaze towards his companion he blinked in surprise at the sad smile adorning his face, his expression one of longing as he watched the girls chatting happily.

"Are you okay?" Hiro asked quietly, startling him.

"A-ah, yes, I'm-" Harry stuttered, eyes wide in surprise and cleared his throat, "I'm fine, sorry. I just spaced out for a moment." He said and his gaze turned towards his forgotten ice cream, idly prodding at it with the spoon as Padfoot let out a sad whine, placing his snout on top of Harry's knee as he pitifully gazed into his master's eyes. A small smile graced Harry's features as he reached a hand, patting the dog between his ears soothingly.

Hiro stared at his friend in confusion and worry at his sudden change in demeanor. What happened?

He was used to Harry being friendly and cheerful. Him being this gloomy and silent was new to him and he didn't know how to proceed.

Was he sad because of the girls' conversation?

Could it be that he... left someone back in England? Harry had never mentioned anyone from his past life and he thought that he would know, considering how often he would find himself watching the other, even if he was embarrassed at this fact. There was something that called to him and it left him flustered.

There weren't a lot of things that would leave him as unnerved as the person in front of him.

He swallowed, gaze drifting to the table's surface trying to avoid staring at him and to stop himself from asking.

"Alright, do finish your ice cream. We have to get going."


The walk to his personal lab at SFIT was awkward.

He would have preferred for them to be on his lab in his garage but unfortunately the technology he would need for this specific experiment was on the Institute.

Every now and then, he felt Harry's gaze on his back which he tried to ignore even as he felt a constant prickling on the back of his neck, but he didn't know how to break the tension.

As dogs weren't allowed at the lab, Padfoot had to be left waiting at the entrance, Harry easily stating that if he was bored he would just find his own way back home. Which was a little weird but he didn't mention it, he had seen the unusual intelligent glint on the dog's eyes multiple times.

Honestly, he shouldn't be that surprised considering that it was Harry's dog. Any day now he could just casually state that Padfoot could talk and he wouldn't feel too surprised about it.

Shaking his head, he walked through and as soon as they got there he made a bee-line to his private lab, making sure that's glass would be blocked so no one would se them, and moved towards the holo-screen computer while Harry lingered at the entrance, curiously looking around.

Hiro forced himself to keep his eyes focused on the screen even as he could hear the footsteps of his companion across the lab.

The light whirring and the metallic clinking noises happening behind his back was as distracting as slightly infuriating.

Turning his head he saw Harry messing around with the metal solder's arm, completely absorbed as he pulled it up and down in a constant motion.

Sighing, Hiro stood grabbing the small scanner and approached the other, simply scanning him without a word at Harry's dumbfounded look, hand frozen on the machine, before turning back towards the computer to see the results.

"So you say that this... thing was always in you? Like something in your blood or similar?"

Blinking in confusion at what just happened Harry stared at him for a moment before his brain caught up, "A-ah... yes, I think? I was born with it," and afterwards he added with a look. "You make it sound like it is some sort of mutation."

Hiro grimaced, "Sorry about my wording but it's a possibility."

Huffing, Harry went back to the solder with a roll of his eyes, "Yeah, I suppose it could be the scientist way of explaining it. It won't do to say that a higher power just deemed a human worthy enough to posses this, isn't it?"

Grabbing at his head, Hiro groaned, "I said I was sorry, I'm trying to find a way to mix your thing with technology and to do that I need to understand it first."

"Why are you being so weird all of a sudden?" Harry asked staring at him curiously, a look of worry shining through, "What happened?"

"What happened to me?" Hiro repeated incredulously, "What happened to you?" He retorted with a pointed look. "After you saw those girls you started to act weird!"

"What are you trying to say?" Harry frowned, an affronted look on his face.

"Something clearly bothered you or you wouldn't be acting like this to begin with!"

"Why are you so hung up about this?" Harry stared at him, his frown deepening, "You seem to be the one who is more bothered about this than me!"

"I don't know alright!" Hiro exclaimed, shocking himself for a second at his own outburst but he ignored it if only for the sake of venting his frustrations at someone, "I barely knew you for almost five months, which in two of these I had to hunt you down! I have no idea why I should even care!"

"Care about what?!"

"If you had kissed anyone!"

The sudden silence, where a second earlier it was filled with their angry shouts, became deafening as the air seemed to still in place.

The only thing Hiro could hear was the ringing on his ears as he felt the blood rush on his face even as he could also feel himself pale in mortification at the same time. It was sickening.


Came the quiet voice of Harry as he stared at him, a bewildered look on his face.

He wished for the ground to swallow him. Hoping for a distraction, he pointedly watched at the clock on the wall but time seemed to just slow down to spite him. He vaguely wished for some villain to wreck havoc just so he could leave the awkward situation, hoping for anything instead of having to face Harry right now.

Taking a deep breath, he tried to remain calm before he glanced at the other with a grimace.

"You..." Harry breathed out, his hands clenching into fists at his sides, "You don't know me."

This wasn't supposed to happen. Harry thought. He wasn't supposed to catch feelings, especially not with him. He always ruined everything, Ron was adamant in reminding him every time he could.

After all he had ruined his future, ruined his sister, ruined Hermione, killed his brother... killed Dumbledore...

He was brought out of his thoughts when Hiro yelled.

"Then let me know you!" Hiro exclaimed, seeing Harry forcefully close his eyes and turning his face away, "Every time we try to include you in our group you make up excuses! Are we such a bad company?" Am I? He almost asked but stopped himself.

"It's not that..." Harry murmured, hunching on himself and taking a step back.

"Do we bore you?" Do I bore you? "Are you so high and mighty that a bunch of kids can't be good enough for you? Do you even care about us?"

"Hiro!" That was the problem. He thought uneasily. He cared.

He cared much more than he should.

"What a bore it must be for you! Being surrounded by a group of kids playing heroes when you were a trained soldier!"

Harry gasp echoed in the room, staring at the young genius with wide eyes as he staggered backwards as if stricken.

Head shaking in distress he screamed, "I never had a choice!" The computer frizzling as electricity flowed in the air, his magic echoing his emotional state. "I was raised to be a soldier. Everyone I knew, the only thing they saw was my scar! Not a kid that was afraid! Not a person who had no family! Not me!" Eyes that were usually bright with joy and transparent in their honesty, now were clouded and hard as tears shone in them.

He had to go before his magic could get further out of control and he'd eventually hurt someone, he thought, feeling the ripples of his magic building up uncontrollably and forcefully, pressing uncomfortably against his chest making it harder to breathe as his emotional state worsened.

"I never wanted this." He said, voice shaking as he clenched trembling hands before turning away, ignoring Hiro's call as he bolted towards the entrance of the Institute as fast as he could, passing by curious students.


Hiro was berating himself.

How could he be so emotionally stunted? Tadashi would surely be appalled that his efforts of making him socialize with his peers had been thoroughly wasted, of course, that would be after he finished laughing his ass off at his expense.

If he had just controlled himself in the first place, he wouldn't be looking for him on the entire city of San Fransokyo like crazy. Hiro's stress level has increased exponentially as Baymax had helpfully stated multiple times already.

The robot had first scanned him as if sensing his distress before stating, 'Finding Harry will improve your emotional state?' Hiro would then deny the fact that he had exclaimed a bit too loudly and a bit too earnest in his assenting.

One of the few things he had managed to do while working on the mixing of magic and tech was making Baymax able to track the strings of magic that Harry seemed to emanate unconsciously. It had helped them on these few weeks when hunting Harry down after he had appeared that day at the market.

Not for the first time, he was immensely relieved that he had managed to create that tracking device.


It has been an hour since Harry had ran from the lab and Hiro was passing through the bridge on Baymax's back when he got the idea that maybe the wizard had decided to leave the city.

He had magic, didn't he? Maybe he just teleported himself… what if he went back to London? What if he would never see him again? What if he couldn't apologize? What if-?

He was ready to tear his hair off when Baymax' voice pulled him out of his thoughts.

'I found him. There.'

Eyes widening he directed Baymax towards the source of his distress.

Sitting on a bench at the park and staring emotionless at the fountain was Harry. He looked the same, if only a bit worn out and weary.

Hiro was quick to climb down and approached him, stopping at his side when Harry slightly turned his head away from him eyes still on the fountain, the movement barely there letting him know that Harry recognized him but he remained still.

Taking a deep breath he stood there for a moment, not knowing how to proceed. He didn't want him to disappear again without letting him explain.

"Can we talk?" Hiro asked quietly, taking off his helmet and cradling it on his hands.

Not receiving an answer, he sighed, taking a seat next to him, letting his gaze drop on the fountain as well. "I said a lot of things that I shouldn't. I'm sorry."

"You were right, I don't really know you," Hiro murmured, "but I wanted to." He swallowed the ball of nerves that seemed to be lodged on his throat. "I still want to get to know you. If you'd let me."

He vaguely felt the weight of a pair of eyes on his face but as quick as it came it left.

"I just wanted you to know," Hiro began as he slowly turned towards the wizard, "if you ever want to tell us, whenever you are ready, no one will think less of you." He said earnestly wanting to reach out and take his hands but stopped himself, "I just ask that you give us a chance."

The following silence fell over them like a blanket but it wasn't stifling or uncomfortable. It was simply a quietness that settled them as they mulled over what happened and what might happen afterwards.

The silence was so great that he almost felt the deep breath that Harry took and then felt unbelievably breathless as green eyes turned towards him.

"It's not a nice story…" Harry murmured.

"It's not that I don't trust you. It's only that I don't trust myself."

"Where I came from, everyone I knew wanted to get close to me because of my name. They only saw me as a way to make them famous." He mumbled, shaking his head at the memories. "Even some of my so called friends were close to me for the fame it would bring them."

"As the years passed the attention only got worse, people stated that they loved me but I barely knew them. There wasn't a day were the newspapers won't post my face on the front page. I couldn't bear it anymore so I left."

"About the…" Hiro was about to ask but trailed off as the embarrassment settled in.

"Question about the kiss?" Harry retorted with amusement at the red flush across the other's cheeks.

"There was this girl, Ginny, she was the sister of my then best friend," he quickly explained, "she had this idea that we would marry, which was weird considering that I only saw her as a little sister and vaguely treated her outside of school." He huffed, "She was the one who kissed me. It was awkward, awful and honestly terrifying."

Harry paused in his story sending a mock unimpressed look at the boy next to him as Hiro snickered. Waiting until the other composed himself he continued, "Then rumours began anew." He sighed, "I even woke up one day with packages at the foot of my bed congratulating me on my upcoming marriage. I was fifteen."

Hiro blanched, staring at him wide eyed prompting a small laugh from Harry.

"You can imagine my mortification. I tried to talk to her and explain that I didn't saw her that way but she told her brothers that we had... done stuff. That I had pressured her into it with the promise that we would marry." He sighed with a frown, "Ron was furious saying that I had ruined his sister's future and I now had to marry her and in his words, give a price for the settlement of said marriage. Hermione was crying as she believed her lies, telling me that I should take my blame, Neville... the poor guy just stood in the middle of it all as he tried to help me." He huffed a breath, "Luckily I could prove that everything was a lie but the entire thing went to the papers."

"I was once more on the center of the problem. Things went quiet for a while and I took my final exams so I could leave the place as soon as I could." Harry glanced back at the sky, "I used to think of that place as my safe haven. Guess I was wrong."

Hiro placed a hand against his arm trying to reassure him, "You are here now."

Staring at his hand, Harry slowly reached out and took it in his own hand, smiling at the warmth coming from the other before looking into his eyes, "Yeah, I am."

Swallowing soundly, Hiro could feel the harsh flush on his face as he grasped for words, "Harry, I..." He trailed off as nerves gnawed at him.

He needed to be completely honest knowing that avoiding the truth would only make more troubles. Nervous, he gulped and worked up his courage. "I do like you."

Harry blinked in surprise, wide eyed.

Hiro sputtered, face red. "And I don't say these things just because!"

The wizard frowned in thought as if the mere idea of someone liking him was too ridiculous, "It's not that, it's just... I'm not the best person to do relationships." He grimaced, "Everything I just told you should be proof enough."

Listening to him, Hiro became incensed and turned his hand so he was the one to hold onto Harry's hand, "It only proves that these people were despicable and took your kindness for granted! They used you and planned of robbing you! They took advantage of you!" Hiro ranted, gripping tightly at his hand, "You didn't deserve any of that and I hope that they pay for what they did!"

Harry stared at him wide eyed, a light flush on his cheeks. Staring at him, then to his hand, Hiro realized that he was still gripping onto Harry's hand and blushed before he quickly let go of it and stood up, moving a few feet away from the other, trying to ignore how his heart was beating as if it was going to explode.

In the following silence Hiro hoped that the wizard wouldn't be able to heard the erratic beating as he took deep breaths to control it.

A light movement behind him had him stiffening in trepidation, but with a slight turn of his head he only saw Harry staring deeply into the fountain in front of him.

Breathing deeply in relief he let the silence wash over them as he considered what to do about his slight crush problem. It would certainly make things uncomfortable... but Harry seemed gracious enough and maybe they could just ignore it.

"You must know that it's not going to be easy," Harry quietly began as if testing the waters, "people will talk about it, about us." Hiro turned to watch him with wide eyes but his stare didn't waver from the fountain, "And Merlin knows I'm already stubborn enough for the both of us." Harry huffed, a small smile on his lips as he slowly turned to look at him.

Dumbstruck, Hiro stared at him as his words finally reached his brain.

He wanted to approach the wizard but thought better against it, thinking that it would only make him look like a lovesick puppy, even of it was already too late for that, he wanted to keep a little bit of dignity intact, "I will prove myself!" He stated, determined to show he was genuine on his feelings. "I will show you that I'm completely serious about this!" He exclaimed and after he regained his breath he faltered, all the bravery he had suddenly avoiding him. "If- if you'd let me."

He seemed so spirited at that moment that Harry couldn't help but chuckle. "How could I say no to that?"

"You'll give me a chance?"

Harry smiled and nodded slightly. "But I can't promise anything." He stared down at his hands before he muttered. "Just… give me time."

"I want to do this right." Hiro nodded quickly.

"It's late. You need to go back before someone sees you." Harry stood and moving next to him and looking into the other's eyes seeing the unconcealed hope and affection he hesitated for a moment before he lightly pressed his lips against his cheek lingering there for a few seconds before pulling away, smiling softly at his dumbfounded expression and gently pressed Hiro's helmet, which was sitting precariously on his slacking hands, against his chest so he kept a firm grip on it before taking some steps back and with a cheeky grin he turned around apparating with a crack.

Silence reigned at the park. Entranced, Hiro was left standing on the same spot until Baymax, who had actually forgotten was next to them, helpfully piped in.

'Your heart rate and temperature has increased at an alarming rate.'

AN: I have two Headcanons for Padfoot, you can pick whichever you want as it isn't particularly important for the story.

1, Padfoot is just a normal dog. He was a stray that got hit by a car; Harry healed him and after he grew fond of, he finally adopted him.

2, Padfoot is Sirius. He left England to look for his godson who finally got fed up of the Wizarding world using him. He is usually in his dog form because he's more comfortable that way after dealing with Azkaban and the war.

He would then be protective of his godson, making sure he's safe with whoever he decides to choose. And for his amusement, watch Hiro fumbling around Harry.

For the appearance, Padfoot looks like a mixed breed of a German Shepherd but is completely black.