Teddy and Izzy were best friends till they weren't.

Choices and circumstances define who we are. But can we come back from hurting the ones we love? Can a bond we had be strengthened again?

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Esme Cullen worried about her youngest son, Edward. He was going to be starting school next week, and he was a shy boy. He's Carlisle's and hers, whoops baby. When Edward was born, Emmett was twelve years old, and Jasper was ten.

Edward or Teddy as the family knew him was, unfortunately, born with a clubfoot. His parents agreed to surgery when he was a few days old. After the surgery, although his foot was as straight as possible, Teddy was left with his right foot smaller than the left. He had a slight limp and would get tied up easier when he walked for a long time.

Teddy also had a noticeable birthmark. A port-wine stain the doctors called it. It ran down the right side of his face from just below his right eye to his shoulder. It was a deep red color, which caused people to stare at him. Children would point and asked why he hadn't washed his face. This made his shyness worse. He spent most of his time looking down on the floor as he walked.

Emmett had a pool party for his seventeenth birthday. A large group came over, including the football team, in which Emmett was the captain. Rosie also came, who was Emmett's girlfriend and of course, the head cheerleader. Where the jocks were, so were the cheerleaders. Teddy wondered outside in the hope of getting a burger. Some of the guests at the party had never met him before. A few of the guys started to laugh at him while several of the girls screamed, saying he was ugly. It pissed Emmett off; this was his little brother. Teddy's other brother Jasper, and their cousin Jared began to fight with the boys who had laughed. Rosie, along with Alice who was Jasper's girlfriend, soon threw the girls out.

It took a while to talk Teddy out of the space he has gotten himself into between the wall and the writing bureau in Carlisle's office.


Charlie and Renee Swan only had one child, Isabella, or Izzy, known by the family. They always wanted a big family, but they were never blessed with any more children after Izzy.

Renee resented Charlie accusing him of not being able to give her more children.

Izzy was a child like no other of her age. She wore clothes that never matched, but Renee said she was expressing her individuality.

Charlie was the Chief of Police and worried about Izzy. He had heard people commenting on the way Izzy was. He worried because she was starting school next week.

Izzy was very confident and didn't let anyone bully her. She had learned to speak her mind by Renee. This worried Charlie as he didn't want her to get into trouble at school.

Izzy liked to sing… LOUDLY… She wasn't tone deaf; she sang at a perfect pitch. She just never had a volume switch.

Charlie wondered once if she had a hearing problem, that's the only explanation he could think of. After getting it checked, her hearing was perfect.

The other thing that Izzy liked was animals. She would find any orphan animal and usually took them to Doctor Cullen, the veterinarian in town. Esme Cullen had a soft spot for Izzy and never charged her for a consultation when she brought an animal into her office.

Neither did her husband Carlisle when she turned up at the ER when an animal she rescued bit her.

When Teddy was at the surgery, he would see the girl with the ribbons in her hair and wearing a red doc martin boot. She scared him.

Izzy had noticed the boy in her favorite place; the vet's office. He always hid behind the desk in the next room. She would wave to him, but he never waved back.

Yes, Izzy was one of a kind, everyone agreed on that. But, so was Teddy.

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