That was a decade ago...

Monkey D. Luffy was his name. That's what his dad said. He was a cheerful child with no care of the world whatsoever, he had lost his memories... How and why is something he'll figure out on his own.

His dad told him to avoid going to the East Blue at all cost, but why? It was his home sea, why shouldn't he visit it?

The catalyst of it all were three young siblings and sake. The two older kids were looking for their youngest and somehow; Luffy found himself helping them. The kids didn't mind how sketchy he looked with his two scars, he kind of hated them to be honest.

That was only the scars on his face, his body and torso was littered with it, they find the youngest of the three and one of them reprimands while the other comforts.

Then next thing he knew was that a jolt of pain had erupted in his head, he retreats, away from the kids and back to the nearest Revolutionary Base. Memories...

Of two older boys, so blurry but he can make out certain aspects, one with black hair... Small blurry dots, those were freckles, right? The other had a missing tooth and was blond, his mind notes his love for the color blue.

Luffy remembers this phrase with the same young voice, the brand name of the sake they used to announce their brotherhood.

"Did you know? If you share sake; you become brothers?"

He HAS brothers! Brothers! They were probably looking for him, worried about him! It had been like... What? A decade ever since he lost his memories? Were they still looking for him? Was he missed? Don't get him wrong, the Revolutionaries treat him right but... It just doesn't seem like he can fit in and he doesn't want to force himself to fit in then he already has.

Forcing himself to wear tight, constricting leather suits while having to fight in missions, he preferred wearing some sort of apron skirt... Or a mid-asymmetrical wrap. Something a bit more... Ah, how should he...? Something that allows you to move more freely? Shorts? Cloaks? You know, that stuff.

Dawn Island is where he's headed, on a small ship with traders and sailors. They were kind enough to let him board their boat, Luffy was thankful for them. That specific island is where he was first found when he had asked how he was located.

'I'm sorry, Dad...' Luffy smiled sadly, it was necessary sacrifice. He might receive punishment for this but once he gains more memories of these two boys; he'll know it'll be more than worth it!

It was just another ordinary day in the Partys Bar.

There was said to be a boat with returning villagers on it, why they left? Well, the fire in Grey Terminal can speak for itself. And the bombings, the way the nobles ignited everything in flames with no one to stop them had terrified them.

Makino doesn't know what was keeping her forward now, the dark green-haired woman with vacant eyes had kept polishing the wine glasses and shots 'til they were shining. Then to washing the dishes, serving some customers, nothing too eventful.

Everything in this village used to be so lively... With a rubbery boy at the center of the bright light that made them all happy, he was so sweet and innocent, then he was taken to the mountains by his grandfather. A few months later, he came down by himself, or did he?

No, he came down with two older boys who seemed shy? Unnerved? She remembers basically interrogating everyone if they gave the two boys a look. Which they truthfully answered; "No!"

Luffy... Gosh there were tears pricking at the corner of her eyes again, Luffy introduced her to his older brothers, boasted about how they took care of him when she wasn't around. Makino thanked the two older boys, who were now big shot pirates who had bounties over their heads.

Hiken no Ace and Ryousuken no Sabo, how the blond young man managed to get a hold of that fighting style was beyond her but if it helped him in those harsh seas then she doesn't mind.

Makino knew how much of a good influence little Luffy had on them, Ace, who was usually a hot-headed person and preferred to be isolated (from what she heard from the mountain bandits), was actually interacting with Luffy. Hell, one of the bandits said they saw the freckled boy's fist immediately make contact with some assholes face after he hit Luffy.

And Sabo, he just seemed to follow Ace's lead, but was also keeping some secrets and kept to himself; that included some of his feelings. With their little contagious sunshine around, he lets loose from his self-restraint.

Despite not being related at all, these three were so similar.

The doors swing open, plastering a fake smile she had practiced over the years of mourning, she turns to greet the new customer that might be a one of the returning villagers. She had already heard crying just outside the bar-

The plate she was wiping slid from her hands, her entire frame frozen all over, wide eyes frantically scanning the customer. "Hello, uhm... I'm kind of lo- Lady, are you alright? You dropped that plate!"

It was the same voice, its tone got deeper and sounded more mature but... "Luffy...?" Her own voice wavered; the name rolled out of her tongue naturally. When the young man met her gaze, Makino saw the same round ebony brown eyes. A burn scar on the upper right side of his face, and a familiar (again) crescent scar under his left eye. His skin was no longer just a regular tan, it was sun kissed. Wearing a forest green cloak and she barely made out a greyish-red suit under it. What was even more surprising was that he now wore shiny leather shoes.

"Y- Do you know me?"

"Luffy!" The woman threw her arms around the grown young man who she considered her own.

YEEET, PArt 1 done. Dear goodness...