Summary: Skypiea the same. Water 7's the one changing a whole lot.

Robin left. Usopp left.

And Sanji watches his lover in the kitchen area provided by the inn, he was silent. Wearing his eerie smiling mask, the tea he placed in frnt of him gone cold.

Sanji waited. Waited. And waited for him to take at least one sip, but it was futile.

Choosing to take his own seat beside the pirate captain, Luffy doesn't even acknowledge his presence. The cook's teeth grits at the barely used cigarette between them, he smudges it on the ash tray, putting it out. His hand pulling the young teen into his chest by his shoulder.

"I know what you're thinking, idiot. And it's not your fault..." Sanji whispers, burying his face into the crown of his captain's head.

Luffy knows he's having another dissociative episode. But you can't blame him, he had one of his nakama taken and the other had quit because he wasn't good enough.

At times like these, he was too weak to face the pain. He retreats into his head, numbing his senses and his body freezing. Wearing his mask (that had a huge grin as its design, unlike him, it could freely smile so widely. It was pathetic that he envied an inanimate object), the namesake of his other identity.

Robin was taken from them, he let the World Government take someone away from him again (again? When was the first?). Usopp challenged him to a fight over Merry, poor Merry... Luffy could still hear the cries of their ship ringing through his ears as he kept dodging every ammo from his the sniper.

Luffy couldn't bear it, the pain heavy in his chest. Yet he wasn't crying, his body automatically and naturally pulling off a poker face. One where he held no emotion, the same stoic expression that his dad always had. The same stoic expression Egao let grace his facial features.

He retreats. Back to his mind, to a place where he felt 'safe' which was laughable since the only thing he was doing was turning off his emotions, repressing them until they calm down.

He was pathetic. So so so so pathetic.

He let Celestial Dragons shoot him down. He let Celestial Dragons take his precious memories. He let Celestial Dragons take away another nakama.

And he could do nothing.

"I know what you're thinking, idiot. And it's not your fault..." Sudden warmth enveloped his being, a familiar and steady presence that had always managed to bring him back to reality.

Luffy blinks. He was still in the galley of the inn... Surprising since the person he was comfortably leaning on was Sanji. Sanji always tucks him to bed first before trying to get him back to his senses.

"Sanji...? When did you get back?" Deciding that he was comfortable, resting his head on the curve of his shoulder. If someone were to walk in on them like this, Sanji would be hella embarrassed.

After all, no one knows them yet.

(Except for Robin, but Robin left)

"Just three hours ago, I leave for a few hours; watching over our idiot sniper like you ordered me to and I come back to see you like this?" The young captain leans back to face the blond man through his mask, feeling a hand gently remove it from his face. To reveal his scar covered face.

A burned scar, and a blade scar.

Sanji doesn't exactly know where the one with a blade origin came from but he has a feeling he didn't like it.

"Even if he left, I know I promised someone I'd take care of him. I- I just don't remember..." Luffy is so tired using the phrase 'I just don't remember', it's like every time he tries to say it; a stone clogs his throat and he's unable to voice his reason.

Strong arms (even if he doesn't use it for battle, he always used it to get him away from the fights he'd won) around his back and waist, pulling him close as he buries his head on his cook's shoulder. Holding back his tears of anger. Anger at himself.

Sanji has done so much for him. When will he do something for him in return?

"No one's watching, mon chéri. It's alright." Luffy knows that. But he's the captain, isn't he? He's meant to have a level-head, cool and collected even at the direst situations, he's meant to be strong both mentally and physically.

"You always help me... Why? From the very beginning... Why?" Sanji smiles to himself, holding his small lover impossibly closer. Enjoying how their bodies have always molded together perfectly. 'Why? I should be asking you that, idiot.' And his mind recalls the day he had finally accepted his feelings for this mask-wearing former revolutionary. (Did he even count as a Revolutionary when he barely did any missions and when he did, it was only in the East Blue?)

"When you need me, whenever you're ready. Call out my name. No matter how far, I'll be there." Egao cups his face and lifts it up, Sanji was sitting at his bedside; eyes puffy from crying at the confrontation that had just happened.

Egao knew who he was. Egao had always known but had still spent time with him. He still let Sanji accompany him during his missions with the Revolutionary, or the aftermath at least.

The blood Sanji carries was tainted. Evil. And filled to the brim with deceit.

And he knows that one day. His past will come back, he's spent so much time running from it; he knows it'll catch up soon.

Yet, Egao was more than ready to face it for him. More than ready to risk his life, his dream (even if he had forgotten it), everything for him. Egao was offering his help.

Sanji realizes.

That he'd do the exact same, every time Egao would need him. He'll come running, no matter how far.

Whether it be giving him food, getting him away from a fight, or fighting to protect his honor.

Sanji will do it. Since he knows Ega- Luffy would do the same.

"When you need me, whenever you're ready to give an order. I'll do it, no matter how much I have to sacrifice; I'll do it." This time, it was Luffy's turn to get all blushy.

"H-hey, I said that to you!"

"I'm just returning it."

"CP..." And just when his day couldn't get any worse, a CP agent passes by him. Luffy can feel a migraine coming, not that he's afraid of these baby CP agents. CP9 is considered strong in Paradise but Luffy knows he can still defeat them, even with difficulty.

"Don't think you'll have your way." He grabs the agent by the arm, and roughly shoves him away.

"Hey, are you okay?"

"You shouldn't have done that, that guy's a pirate!"

Like Luffy cares what they think. Usopp is safe and he's smart and capable enough to live on Water 7 on his own if he plans on never returning, Robin was a different case.

The others don't have a bounty just yet, thankfully. Luffy knows he has Nami to do all the thinking but right now worry was overriding his brain and he could not just sit around and wait for her to figure things out when he has more knowledge and information than she does. (No offence, she's still the best navigator he's ever met.)

And now, he's proven to CP9 that he was the person they had their sights on. He was the man behind the devilish smile of the white and black mask.

The Revolutionary Army's "Menace"; Egao.

"Luffy, why would you do that to that poor guy?" Nami was already running after him.

He doesn't answer her, eyes trained on the future; the path ahead of them.

He's had enough. He's had it with the World Government.

They were going to capture Robin. That was the only way. "We're going to capture her; we're going to make her tell the truth herself." He finalizes his decision; the navigator gave him a conflicted expression while the doctor could only stare in awe.

"The World Government has been trying to capture her for twenty years, yet nothing's happened." Zoro pinched the bridge of his nose.

'Devil Child' Nico Robin...' His eyelids sliding shut, closing away his ebony brown eyes that held so much anger at the world government. How many lives were destroyed by this organization? How many lives has it took? How many people suffered just because they didn't want to listent?

A lot. Would be answer, and Luffy was part of that 'a lot'.

"But if we wanna know the truth, that's the only way." Nami's expression turned grave, it was a solid plan.

"I'll do my best, too!" Chopper adds.

"Then, let's go! To the Galley-La Company."

A part of the building exploded.

Nami lets out a sharp gasp, covering her mouth with both of her hands, Chopper's eyes were budging out; the number of burns and injuries you can sustain from that explosion was severe! There must be people out there who already got hurt! Zoro's eyes only narrowed.

"Tsk!" The present Straw hats were taken a back with their captain's reaction, his eyes wild with rage and his teeth clenched. It's like he's going to shatter his own teeth with how hard his gritting them.
"To think they would go this far...!"

"I'm going on ahead, I really can't take this anymore!" The branch he was on already had cracks where his foot was placed on, their captain was taking this to a personal level.

"Matte, Luffy!" Nami calls out to him, ready to punch sense into her captain like she usually does but was took a step back at the dangerous aura he was emitting.

"I have HAD enough with waiting."

Zoro nods when Luffy's crazed eyes turn to him. "I know, go ahead."

When he silently enters from the window, even Robin seemed surprised. The way her eye brows lifted slightly as the sound of a sandal settling on the floor had been heard. Iceberg was already on the ground; his attention was now on the young pirate captain.

"Looks like you've already dealt damage to him. I was too late." The mayor knew that this young man held no malice toward him, his intentions never ill. He only came to find a shipwright who could fix his ship; but his ship was already doomed.

"Straw Hat Luffy..." The CP agent drawled, "Or should I say... Egao?" The 'pirate' gave him his infamous mean smirk.

"Oh? You know me? I'm surprised." His tone was blunt and the mocking smirk was already gone. Of course, Robin already knew that Egao and her the pirate captain were one in the same person.

"Forgive me, Straw hat... It seems you weren't exactly the cause of this." Iceberg tried to get up to his knees, at least, to face the man he had wronged.

"Stay still for now, I'll get you out of here and get my doctor to look at you. And as for you!" Luffy's eyes softened when his gaze settles upon the older man's healing form and his eyes sharpen as his index finger points toward his nakama.

Robin's eye bows furrow as her eyes close, bracing herself for the verbal lashing that she knows she won't be able to handle (this boy, this young man had dealt with her darkness for far too long and she was going to be punished for it. Just like what she deserved-) "I'm going to come back for you! So, try to survive for as long as you can, I'll do everything to let you live the rest of your life as a free person!"

Light blue eyes snapped back open, trembling lips as she processed what he had said.


Her? A free person?

"I am no such thing..." And so, she retreats along with the CP9 agent. Leaving the other two men alone.

Silence drapes over the room, a tear of fabric catching Iceberg's attention. Luffy held the long cloth of the torn sheets in his hand and kneeled beside the injured mayor. "Please, let me." A small cloth, Iceberg didn't know where the hell Straw Hat got the first aid kit from. The small piece of cloth covered with ointment; the mayor lets the pirate do his work.

"Why? Why do you go this far for a woman who would destroy the world?" He basically starts to interrogate the young pirate despite the position he was in, if he doesn't bite his tongue; who knows what he would do?

After all, he had been called Egao.

A young Revolutionary that had infiltrated countless East Blue Marine bases. Crashed annual marine celebrations, and injured many marines enough to make them take an early retirement.

"Because that isn't what Robin is aiming for, she just wants to know the true history. The history that the World Government buried deep underground. You know the whole void century thing, right?" Straw hat was done wiping the blood off of him, the bleeding had finally stopped.

"Right now, I want her to say it to me herself. If she really is just going to betray us like every other group she had."

Iceberg tried to move after Luffy had securely tied the cloth around his shoulder blade but had groaned and clutched at it once more after moving. "I'm sorry, I can't remove the bullet from inside of you. The best I could do was cover your wound and prevent it from getting infected." Calloused hands lifted him up gently, if this was any other situation then he would be embarrassed at the thought of a literal kid being able to carry him up back to his bed.

"Rest." Straw Hat says as he pulls the covers over his chin, and from the way the light illuminated the young man looming above him. He seemed to have taken the form of a guardian angel.

And the mayor was out like a light.

Luffy walked back to the window, turning to the sleeping form of Iceberg. He opens it once more, his rubbery arm out-stretched and grasped the ledge of another building's rooftop.

It might be a foolish decision to leave him there with a bullet stuck inside him but he can tell that the CP9 agents had already left the crime scene since they had already obtained what they came for. (A doctor will hopefully come afterwards)

Time to find his student; Paulie.

Paulie was bleeding, riddled with bullets. Countless holes pierced through him as he took a shaky step forward, only to fall to his knees; gripping the important blue prints in his right hand tightly. Not planning on letting it go.

"You're no match for our martial arts skills." He isn't sure if it was the one with the bull mask saying that or the one with the giant skull mask, their disguises were shitty but it hid their identities well.

"Now, hand it over already." Ah, so it was the one wearing the bull mask. The man raised his hand forward, but Paulie clutched the innocent and old scrolled papers tightly in his hand. "Or else it'll get dirty with your blood." The shipwright breathed hard.

"Damn it..." He refuses to let his eyes roll back to his head, staring back the two masked figures that had shot him. "I thought...I could defeat you..." He falls forward, face first onto the floor.

"To tell you the truth, Iceberg told me to run right away. To drop it and run as fast as I could. Since it's a total fake." Paulie grins up at them.

"A fake?"

"How foolish."

"I don't know who the fuck you are but this means your plan failed, doesn't it?" The injured shipwright chuckles.

"How pathetic, sorry pal. I don't even know what you're looking for." The man powers through the pain to rub their failure up in their face.

"How cocky, you think you outwitted CP9?"

"He didn't outwit CP9!" A childish voice rings through the room, and suddenly the vacant wall in between the two windows was shattered through with a small extending arm pushing through the smoke first.

"But I know for a fact that I will." A familiar figure steps up from the debris caused smoke, revealing one of their newest thorns in the side. 'Straw Hat' Luffy.

"Mh... What makes you say that?" The giant skull-masked agent noticed the way Straw hat kept his hand behind his back, "A silly and simple trick won't do you any good." Thinking that he was holding explosives, the bull masked agent chuckled along the skull masked one.

"Hey, rope guy. Did you seriously try to fight these guys? That's pretty lame, are you alright though?" Straw Hat tilted his head as he let his mouth run with words, Paulie was immediately ticked off.

"Straw Hat Luffy..."

"You've come to take the crime upon yourself?" His childish round eyes seem to narrow at the agents, cold and unforgiving whilst he gave concern toward a shipwright he had just met a day or two ago.

"Those are some neat masks, mind if I join in the trend?" he let his left hand fall back to his side, reveling his own white and black mask.

The CP9 agents' eyes widened at the mask, Straw Hat lifts it up to his face; revealing the tauntingly wide black grin. The crescent 'eyes' of the mask taking joy in their sudden nervousness.

Pulling themselves together, the skull masked agent kicked his foot upward and sideways; making a blue cross of sorts before sending it flying to the offending opponent. Luffy front flips and dodges the blow completely but the same couldn't be same for the third floor's wall.

"Straw Hat, behind you!" The pirate barely manages to block the kick with his right forearm but a swift kick to his side was his downfall.

"It seems they have also come for what we're looking for, the thing must be the reason why you're here. Egao." The CP agent trapped the pirate with his rings, keeping him pinned to the patterned floor of the room.

"Yeah right, I ain't interested in an ancient ass ship." Straw Hat spat with venom dripping from his voice. Paulie was kind of glad he was on the kid's somewhat good side.

Wait, ancient ship?