"There will be enough food to kill you," Naruto promised his new friend. "I always make sure there is more than enough."

She raises an eyebrow. "I had to pull a double shift," Sakura replies trying to suppress a yawn.

"Not even I would be able to eat all of it, I swear," he says with a pleading tone hoping it will move the soft spot she has for him.

And it does. "If you're lying, I'm not accepting any of your invitations for a month," she tells him, but the blonde is not even a little bit worried.

"Sure, sure," when he replies there is a big grin splattered on his face.

At least she has time for a power nap and a long shower. And once Naruto parks his obnoxiously orange car in front of her apartment, she feels waves of peace coming toward her.

Even though they had met a couple of weeks before, she already felt the positive effect he had on her. Sakura was thankful he was stupid enough to eat paint.

At least he had the brains to go to the hospital.

Sakura swears she can smell the barbecue a block away from the house, and once they reach it, her mouth is watering. She goes straight to the food, and Naruto promises he'll find her later because he needs to deal with the logistics of the party.

Sasuke had never been a fan of parties, especially when those happened at his house. The mess left afterward always gives him a tic that Naruto never fails to point out. But he always concedes because he knows Naruto has good intentions every single time. So the only thing he can do is walk around the place to assess the damage and avoid the girls interested in him.

But he stops at the unusual scene taking place at the picnic table.

There is a girl with pink hair devouring food as if she had been starved for a week. The view is a bit off-putting, to say the least. She clearly doesn't care that she has chicken wing sauce on her face. The whole thing gives him flashbacks to Naruto devouring ten ramen bowls after he made the bet that he couldn't eat more than seven in less than an hour.

But Sasuke can't pull his eyes away, and he's trying. Something is calling for him and he can't put his finger on it.

And as if a mermaid was luring him, his legs decide to walk him over there.

He tells himself it is because she might've come uninvited to eat all their food. It is a lie, but he refuses to question it.

"I see you're enjoying the food," he points out raising one eyebrow.

Sakura hadn't noticed the raven-haired man approach her. She glances at him and goes back to the food. For a long time, she has had the theory that her hair is like a magnet. One that only attracted idiots, but still.

The only answer he gets is a muffled sound coming out of her full mouth. He waits for her to swallow the food so she can answer. But once she does, she takes a bite of something else without giving him a second glance.

Usually, Sakura was nicer. But today she is too tired to deal with men annoying her.

So Sasuke decides to try a different approach.

"Your hair is pink," he said, moving his attention towards the crown of her head and crossing his arms to stop himself from touching it. As much as he would deny it, he is mesmerized.

"If you ask me whether the curtains match the carpet, I swear I'll break your pretty face. Don't tempt me," she tells him with a straight face.

And he looks surprised, but not because she threatened him; he can handle that. The only thing Sasuke's stupid brain processed was that she called his face pretty.

Who would've known he had a thing for women threatening him with bodily harm?

He hums. "I hadn't seen that hair color before, don't flatter yourself," the words come out before he can stop them, and he hopes she didn't hear.

She huffs full of amusement. Sakura is not sure about what she feels towards the rude stranger, but it is a nice break from regular idiots. She cleans her mouth with a napkin.

"You must be Sasuke," she states with a smirk that forces him to look at her mouth and sends him to a world where she is kissing him. "Naruto told me about how you are the meanest person he has ever met," she finished off with a full-fledged smile.

Sasuke can't decide between feeling insulted by Naruto talking about him like that or thankful because she knows who he is.

His name coming out of her mouth felt invigorating.

"It feels unfair that you know my name, but I have no idea of who you are," he replies, tilting his head. "Asides from the fact that you have a questionable taste in friends if you know Naruto."

Sakura couldn't help but giggle. The man in front of her reminded her of her young patients trying to look cool.

And the irrational side of Sasuke's brain told him that he had to do anything he could to hear that again.

"I'm Sakura, and I'm very aware that you're closer to Naruto than I am, so…" she lets her words, and their implications hang over them.

"I'm his friend against my will," he lies, and she misses the pink spreading in his ears.

And Sakura laughs again at the mental picture of Naruto with that dork. They were like night and day. Like the moon and the sun, perhaps.

And seeing Sakura laughing in the sun twists something inside of him.

"Oh… Happy birthday, by the way! I can't wait for the cake," she tells him with a glimmer in her eyes that is reminiscent of Naruto at Ichiraku's.

"There is no cake," he replies hoping she won't leave.

"Of course…" She murmurs. "You don't like sweet stuff," she states as if she has known him for years. And at the surprised look on his face, she continues, "Naruto rambles a lot about you, he has many opinions about tomatoes too."

"There is a bakery nearby; I could take you," he says trying to sound indifferent.

Sakura raises an eyebrow. "You wanna ditch your birthday party?" she asks amused.

He shrugs. "I'm not a fan of parties," Sasuke states as if it was the most obvious thing.

She easily agrees and leaves the house with him.

And once they get there, the look on Sakura's face makes him wonder if she's underfed. He can't help but think that maybe if he fed her, she'd never leave.

He orders ten different things even though nothing has tomatoes.

"You have to try this," she tells him with a light in her eyes that forces him to get closer. "It's the most delicious cake I've ever had," she almost whispers as if telling him a secret.

Sasuke is too full of pride to admit that having her so close makes it impossible for him to taste anything. It is as if his senses were overwhelmed with the sight of her. He has no idea if the pink cake tastes like vanilla or strawberries.

"It's good," he lies. He's never been a fan of sweet things, but he is sure he can learn to tolerate them.

It seems easy as long as she's there.