Summary of past events

A/N Hi, welcome back to the WWS again, I don't know how many times I'm gonna end up writing that but still. This is the Angel installment of what happens after my rewrite of season 5, this will be a collection of little chapters from the different characters rather than a series of episodes. Less demony more settling down family stuff. Thought I'd recap season 5 before continuing though. Reading order and explanation of WWS can be found on my profile page. This is kinda like a pre-cursor to the next series.

The year is 2005...

To start back with our tale, first of all where shall we set this piece. As it left off, Cordelia is expecting a baby in June with Angel, who is subsequently a human after the invocation of the Shanshu Prophecy by some very drunk and disorderly oracles. They are still living in the apartment at the Wolfram and Hart office.

Fred and Wesley are officially engaged, and on the way to planning their wedding that they aim to have next spring. Illyria was contained within Fred's body and occasionally surfaces to help with missions, and to let Fred have superpowers for a day or so. Sometimes however, she gets stuck and Fred ends up flying through time and space and lands in all sorts of other times and dimensions. Often, bringing Wesley along for the ride. But they are happy, their continued work at a Senior-Partner-free office is a comfort to both of them.

Speaking of them, after last year's capade with the Senior Partners not turning up for a scheduled battle, it is assumed they were stuck within the shrimpful dimension and trapped. Therefore are absent from our shrimpless realm; allowing Angel to properly do his job without the interferences of ancient demons, well those specific ancient demons. But with the Senior Partners vanished from the dimension, Angel has a new mission: to protect the helpless and use his backup of lawyers to protect them without a fee. It has been his and Cordy's new project, they have enough money from taking over the firm anyway, and by cutting down on unnecessary staff they are making huge savings on office costs. They are hoping to find a smaller building to base their operations, now that Angel doesn't exactly need the special glass.

Angel himself is rather good, being human has been feeding his peanut butter obsession. He is patiently awaiting the baby's arrival, and sees Connor every couple of weekends now he's in college. Onto Connor in fact, he moved into a frat house with his friends and is in his junior year of college, but is becoming more and more intrigued with the world he was born into, and has begun to explore his half-vampire powers. He visits his parents often and is enjoying his split life - the supernatural and the usual. But he understands why Angel did what he did, he sees Cordelia is more of a familial role now, despite their previous affair.

Harmony ran away with Marcus Hamilton, child of the Senior Partners, who is no longer needed. Harmony felt her time at Wolfram and Hart was 'good experience' for her looming career as a reality tv star, and has hired friendly over-skinned demon Clem as her PA. But regularly meets up with Cordy for coffee, and a girlie chat.

Eve and Lindsey are on the run from the Senior Partners, unbeknownst to them that they'd vanished. Stopping when they drove into the little town in Texas Lindsey was raised in. They met his mother and family and stayed for Christmas. The pair are living a life free from demons (and regrets) and plan to settle down, now that Eve has signed away her immortality.

Charles Gunn has been working away as a lawyer, he bought a few books up from the records office recently and is properly studying demon law, the old fashioned way. He is currently dating Anne Steele quite happily, even if she still won't tell him the story of why she has the name Ricky tattooed on her arm and what her real name is. She says it's all in her past and he needn't bother himself with it.

Lorne is still working in the entertainment sector but semi-retired, he much prefers only to perform on the weekends. The team go and watch him when they aren't too busy, but those nights are always remembered the fondest in everyone's minds.

After averting the latest apocalypse everything - it seems - has settled back into its rightful place. Everyone is happy, everyone is settling but demons are just around the corner and being a vampire-turned-human is only just the beginning...