AN: Crossposted from ao3. I'm not really new to persona. This is my first time writing a p4 fic. No one has seen it but I had written an P4 xover P5 headcanon with one year difference au in tumblr. So this drabble is in the case of Dojima Family reunion in Leblanc. Or really just Coffee dads talking. Because Shido messed up Yu's life and cut off all communication from Inaba.

The silver haired guy rescued by their kids looked so calm like nothing was wrong but Sojiro could tell there was something different about the boy.

While he seemed without a care in the world, his body language revealed nothing was wrong and his face stuck in a deadpan expression.

Sojiro could tell though. Call it intuition or whatnot, after working in a coffee shop for so long, he could tell as much from the way his kid's new friend's eyes seemed to shine in excitement.

It was quite a messy situation. At first glance, anyone would not suspect there was anything wrong with the kid. He knew better, having two troublemaking kids of his own.

This one was no different.

Business was closed to set up the meeting. Any help he could give to these kids, he would give it, especially the drama that Shido caused. The thought of how two different kids life destroyed like this infuriated Sojiro like no other.

Ren, a helpless kid who tried to help only to be arrested for crime not committed.

Yu, another one whose life in shambles due to Shido. Taken from his family, loss in contact with all family and friends he's known his life.

Maybe that's why, despite only seeing the kid a handful of times, he didn't mind it. Ren and Yu seemed like kindred souls. Similar situations but also, there was something about those two, so similar to one another.

It was a strange feeling.

Ren came home to tow with this kid, despite warning him he should lay low. Not really much of a kid with how he seemed to handle the situation all things considered.

A long overdue important meeting for the new phantom thief member.

Courtesy of Futaba of course.

There was a knock outside the door.

The sound of ping was heard. The silver haired kid takes a look on his phone and gave Ren a look, a silent language between the two.

That was the person they were waiting for.

Ren walks up to unlock the door, the bells ringing signaling the entrance of a guy that looks about in his mid thirties or older. He looked like a detective. Instinctively, Sojiro felt wary, with the recent situation with Ren but remembered the importance of this meeting. They did say he was a detective from some small town.

The man looks around, and his eyes went immediately to the Yu in concern, who stands up. He looks with up a smile.

It was a good look compared to what was shown publicly and when Ren brought the kid here.

"Hey uncle. It's been awhile."

Before anything else could be said, the mentioned uncle walked fast, and straight up gives the silver haired kid a bear hug. Yu, in turn, looks surprised for a second, and then returns the hug.

The uncle ends the hug, pulls away a little, holding their silver haired guy's shoulder and seemingly inspecting him from head to toe.

" Yu..." the man starts off gruffly. His voice was rough, his voice deep as he called the kid's name. "You look like skin and bones." Despite the somewhat scolding tone he had, Sojiro could tell, it sounded like he was angry at himself. He was the same way so many times with Ren.

This was another kid who just seemed to break their guardian or dad's heart.

Another point to add in comparison to Ren.

Yu only smiles at his uncle's words, as if he expected it. Yu coughs and looks at everyone.

"Sorry about that everyone. Allow me to introduce you. This is Ryotaro Dojima. He's my unc- uh, my Dad."

Ryotaro Dojima's eyes widened in surprise, but said man grins in response anyway. "In a couple of months, you'll be my son officially." He tells Yu and then looks at everyone awkwardly. Then he bows his head. "Thank you for setting this up. I know it must be a mess right now and we added to it."

Sojiro waves it off. Futaba chiming in not to worry. Every kid in the room seems to tear at the reunion, chiming in their agreement it was no bother.

Who wouldn't want to help this father and son duo?

"Let's take a seat here uncle." Yu's voice sounded calm but something about it seemed different. Like the tension he carried was all but gone.

This was how it should be. Sojiro thought as busied himself in preparing coffee for the two. Despite how calm Yu was, he could tell how animated the boy seemed to be, compared to the past few days. There was a small smile on the kid's face and eyes seemed to glitter in happiness. His dad/uncle was the same. He could tell the ordeal must have taken a toll on him if the rugged look, bagged eyes were to go by. He seemed just as pleased as Yu. It was going to be a long night for those two.

The kids had gone home, Yu included. The kid still had to put up the pretense being a "good son".

Dojima did not like it one bit as far as Sojiro could tell. It was like watching Ren march off outside, when he should be pretending to be dead.

Such troublemaking kids the two of them have. Plus the kids were talking about continuing to explore Shido's palace, whatever it meant to change his heart. Dojima looked just as displeased. He scolded Yu and then scolded all the kids. Ahahaha. That was a riot.

Dojima was still here though, looking at his coffee and gave a sigh.

"Thanks for helping setting up this meeting." Dojima starts off.

Sojiro shakes his head a gives Dojima a smile. "No thanks necessary. I know it must have been a messy situation."

"I see. So Yu must have informed all of you of the situation." Sojiro nods his head in response.

Dojima took that as his cue to continue. "It's beyond messy. Suddenly, I couldn't contact Yu. We have weekly facetime you see. Mine is every other Mondays. My daughter has hers on Fridays. Though if she asked, any other day, Yu would give it." Dojima starts off. Then he continues. "It was like he was off the planet. He seems like a nice and polite kid but that kid of mine tends to stick himself into trouble. He sees trouble and he chases it to the deep end."

Sojiro couldn't help but laugh at that. "No different from mine. I took this kid in. He's with me for the year and look what mess he's gotten himself into."

"I know the feeling. Back when he lived with me last year, Yu was no different. I kept warning him, scolding him to no end, telling him not to stick his nose into trouble." Dojima shakes his head at the memory.

"Hahaha. Ren was just the same. Those two are like some sort of kindred souls with their penchant for trouble." The detective laughs at that.

"Add the fact that they're friends now seem to spell double the trouble." Dojima laughs at the idea. "Nothing I said ever stopped Yu. Did Ren ever listen?" Dojima asked despite knowing the answer. He gives the detective a nod, similar knowing smiles on their faces.

"Though what happened this time was different wasn't it?" Sojiro brings up the topic that led to today's meeting.

"It was. It took awhile to find out what happened. My sister, Yu's mother wouldn't tell me anything. My old sempai who's working in this city gave me the information I was looking for. Despite that help, trying to find a way to contact Yu was hell." Dojima looked conflicted. Sojiro could tell. He must have hoped he could have found Yu sooner. And not like the added double mess Yu and Ren were in.

"Yu's family. And he's probably more stressed than he lets on." Dojima sighed, as if angry at himself.

"He looks thinner. I know he's got only a few years before he's an adult. Still, I am going to get custody of him even though he might not need it."

"It's understandable. He still considered a minor until he turns 21. And you just want to make sure, nothing touches him until he's officially an adult right?" Dojima nods at Sojiro's words.

"Yu's an independent kid. He can take care of himself just fine, and grew up too fast. The sort of messes he gets himself into though..." Dojima trails off. "Makes you wonder why couldn't it be girls, or grades or his college options?"

"I get what you mean. Ren's situation is far too similar. Also, I don't think you can blame yourself for what happened. Shido's one heck of a shrewd man." Sojiro tries to comfort the man. Before him was no detective. Before him was a Dad who spent months, trying to find his kid and still fighting to bring him home.

"I know. I will bring that kid of mine home. No matter what."

"I can't do that much. But I think I have some contacts that might help." Dojima looked surprised for a moment.

And a little hesitant. So Sojiro tried to push for more.

"Take the help. I can't imagine what you're feeling right now with the mess with your kid but let me do what I can to help."

"Thanks. Sakura-san was it? Or was it Boss? I heard the kids call you that."

"I'm good with Sojiro."

"Well, you mentioned your kid's case unique. In return, let me see what I can do to help as well."

Sojiro smiles at that.

"From one dad to another."

AN: Also credits to M14Mouse. If you noticed it, I slipped in her 4 seasons reference. Do check out her works. All her persona fics are wonderful to read. My fave fic is her Catch-22 featuring Sensei Yu.