The Redhead System

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Chapter 8: The Party

- Flinn -

"I mean they are not bad but….compared to Dragons, Gryphons and Lions, they fall a bit short, don't you think?" I asked, actually thinking about the topic.

"Hmph, my camels can stomp those lizards, birds and cats to death." The girl beside me snorted as she crossed her arms under her sizable breasts which totally didn't go along with her height.

I was sitting in the garden of the Gremory House talking about camels with this unknown girl who had appeared out of nowhere.

"Well if you say so…."

"I say so because it is so. Why can't you see the beauty of camels already?" She huffed.

I looked at Grandma who was looking at us with a smile and asked. "Who is this sassy lost child again?"





Grandma's smile twitched as the girl looked taken aback by my question but answered nonetheless.

"My name is Runi and I am your little sister." She said smugly.

I looked at her up and down. "No way."

"Heh you can't believe it right, right?"

"Yes. I can't believe it. Why would I believe a lie?"

"Hah? I am not lying? What makes you think I am lying?"

"Well, apart from the eighteen obvious signs of lying when you said it, I just don't feel it."

"Feel it?"

"Hmm. Onee-chan told me that having a younger sibling is fun and I would understand it when I have one. I am….not getting that kind of feeling from you." I narrowed my eyes. "Actually, you remind me of a certain annoying Magical Girl Menace, someone who likes to play kid but is too old for things like this. You are older than me, aren't you?"

Her mouth opened as she stared at me dumbfounded.

Even Grandma looked surprised before she chuckled a bit.

"Hmph, you are no fun." She pouted and sat back down on her chair.

Grandma spoke at that moment. "She is our ancestor, Runeas Gremory, the first Gremory and one of the original pillar devils."

I looked back at the girl after grandma's words and couldn't help but say. "Her?"

"Hah? What's wrong with me?"

"I don't know but….shouldn't the original pillar devils be….you know….older? I have seen Zekram Bael and he looks quite old."

"Hmph, as if I can be compared to that grumpy old man. I knew that would happen so I went into a hibernating sleep and only woke up at times of need so I can forever stay young." She puffed her chest proudly.


"Smart right?" She asked pridefully.

"Dumb." I completed, completely to her shock. "There are so many uncertainties. For example, how could you even be sure that the future would be a good one? You already know how things would have ended if Onee-chan hadn't come back. Moreover, what if you were assassinated in your sleep or some kind of accident happened? And even if we remove those cases, there will still be the problem of assimilating the knowledge of the thousands of years you were asleep every time you woke up. You would practically wake up to a new world every time until you altogether wouldn't understand anything about the world."

Her face twitched at every comment I made.

"Tch, you wouldn't understand."

"Oh? I won't? Alright, tell me, do you know what manga and anime are? Do you even know what an MMO is?"

She threw a look at grandma who shook her head. "I don't know about MMO or whatever it is but Rias enjoys certain children's books called Manga."

"They are not children's books." I corrected her.

"That doesn't work. Even Chysis didn't know about those things." She argued.

"And that's because she hasn't been out for hundreds of years. The world is changing at a very fast pace today, becoming completely different from just a decade ago. If you want to follow your method, I suggest sleeping for fifty or a hundred years and waking up for a year so that you don't get left behind….or even worse, miss some of the best things ever invented by man."

She looked in thought. "Hmm….you do seem to have a point. If those Aliens had attacked, I would have died without even living a full life. Alright, I have decided, I am going to stay awake for longer this time." She said to Grandma.

"I see. I am sure everyone will be overjoyed upon hearing this news." She said calmly. She then turned towards me. "By the way, I heard that you will be going with Ria and your peerage members to meet the leaders of the other two factions?"

I nodded. "Yes. They said they will be holding the meeting in secret and need a week's time to decide the location."

"Hmm. In that case, it would be enough time for us to hold a party to officially introduce you to the rest of the Underworld. People have been making a ruckus to get to know you since your existence was revealed."

I blanched at the news. "Do we really have to do that? Didn't they see enough of me at the Press Conference and I am not sure why they would want to meet me after that horrible council meeting?"

"Hahahaha you really beat them up, didn't you? Well done. I would have done the same thing." Runeas, my bratty ancestor, slapped the table as she laughed.

Well, at least we can agree on that.

"As annoying as they might be, they are still an essential part of our race and the entire Underworld. You cannot keep on avoiding them forever. I think we have already gone over this once."

"Yes." I sighed.

"I don't think you should be worried about people annoying you anymore. Especially after your stunt in the council meeting."

"Oh! You think so?" I asked as my moot brightened. "Maybe I should have scared them even more then." I whispered.

"No Flinn, you will not scare anyone. Enough scaring people." Grandma chided.

"It wouldn't work either. You underestimate the shamelessness of the devil race. If anything, they will flock to you the more you do these things. Devils are naturally attracted to power. It is one of the reasons why the Satans have their position. They are the strongest of the race. I wouldn't be surprised if they tried to push you to become one after seeing your power in the last incident."

"Eh! That sounds so troublesome. Moreover I have heard that they have a no harem rule for the Satans. That's so dumb. I am not becoming a Satan." I rejected.

"Yes. There is such a rule. As asinine as it might sound to prevent the strongest of our race from reproducing more, it also helps them keep the Satans from gaining too much power through marrying people of different houses and prevents them from being influenced by others through their wives. Still, a large reason for that rule existing is that the current Satans are not interested in having harems either. But you don't need to worry. If you don't want to, you don't have to do it. You can always be Lord Gremory."

"Huh?" I did a take back at the sudden bomb thrown my way.

"Oh? I thought that was obvious. Rias is going to become Lady Gremory and I didn't think you would let anyone marry her….I mean she is Ria too."

I found my mouth open wide at her reasoning.

"But if you don't want that then I guess we will have to go with the Phenex child. I did hear from Ria that he had shaped up to be quite an able young man in the future."

"No way! I will do it." I agreed. "I'll become Lord Gremory."

"See, there is no problem then." She shrugged and I got a feeling that I was tricked somehow, even when I rechecked everything that happened just now in my mind and found nothing wrong with the situation.

"But….isn't she engaged to that chicken guy?" I asked.

"Zeo made that decision due to his friendship with Reven Phenex. He was always so excitable, jumping the gun before thinking about consequences. I let him be happy as long as nothing went awry. Anyways, I doubt Sirzechs would have let the marriage go through if the Phenex child was actually as reprehensible as Rias thinks him to be."

"There are a few other things we need to think about. For example your eyes." Runeas said.

"My eyes? Do you mean my bloodline?"

"Hmm. One of the reasons why Pillar Devils marry their cousins was to strengthen the chances of having their bloodlines passed on to their children. One of the prime examples of this is the Phenex House. Rena Phenex is the cousin sister of Reven Phenex. They married after the Great War after many of the mainline Phenex House members had died. And as you can see, their union did bear fruit. Your case is even more extreme than that. It's a completely new bloodline. We don't know how much chance of passing your eyes you have. Your union with Ria and Rias would have the most chance to pass on your bloodline due to the common Gremory Blood." Grandma explained further.

I didn't want to burst her bubble but this bloodline was not even Gremory Bloodline but since I am getting what I wanted….who am I to complain.

"I think you should take this opportunity to get to know some people or go out on a date like you young people do. I am sure the girls in your peerage would appreciate it. If you don't want to be crowded, you can always use a disguise." Grandma suggested.

"Umm yes. I had to take Teresa on a date but we kept on postponing due to all these new things popping up." We would only get busier after the meeting with the other two factions so maybe I should take her out before that.


Parties are annoying.

At least formal parties like this.

It's not like I hadn't been to parties like this but….it never got any better.

But then again, the last world was shit.

Let's see if this world can surprise me.

"Flinn, you can at least pretend to be happy." Onee-chan told me as she fixed my tie.

"But I am not happy."

"And that's why I said pretend. It's just one evening, so smile."


While she was finishing final touches on my hair, the door opened and Rias appeared.

"It's time." She reported as she looked at us, or specifically me. "Hmm, this looks perfect."

"Doesn't it?" Onee-chan agreed as both of them stared at me together and I stared back at them.


Both older and younger Onee-chans side by side. Perfect indeed.

"Let's go."

They took my arm on both my sides and led me downstairs to the party.

The entire hall was full of people, some faces I knew, some I didn't. All their eyes gathered on us.

Behind us, my peerage members gathered and followed us.

Today was not just my introduction to the Underworld, it was the same with my peerages members and Onee-chan as well.

As expected, many people were whispering among themselves as they looked at us.

We were met by father below the stairs who then went on to introduce us to several of his friends.

"This is my friend Reven Phenex, the lord of the Phenex House and his eldest son and heir, Ruval." He introduced.

It was odd shaking hands with the counterpart of the person who had made a deal out of my sister's life. I had to consciously remind myself that they are not the same so that I didn't accidentally use Cleave on them.

But as Onee-chan had repeatedly said, the Phenex house of this world, like many others, were quite decent people.

I liked Ruval. He was a gentleman.

"I really wasn't expecting you to keep something like this from me, Zeo. I thought we were friends." Lord Phenex complained as he looked at me for a moment.

"I….it wasn't exactly in my own hands. After Flinn's powers were diagnosed at birth, we had to keep a tight lid on things. Even Rias didn't know of him till she was older and Milicas just met his uncle. Mother was very adamant about keeping him a secret."

"With that kind of power, it was understandable. I am still not used to seeing a second moon in the Underworld sky. I went to the site of the fight and saw the marks but I still can't imagine what kind of fight it was that made you create a moon." He shook his head and asked.

I merely smiled. "The moon which I created is actually a sealing technique. If we had fought directly, more than half of the underworld would have been destroyed. It was the safest way."

His face paled at the answer.

This was an excuse Ajuka had decided to keep morons from poking the subject anymore.

"Anyways, it is nice to meet you, Flinn. Our houses have been allies for centuries so don't mind the formalities and call me uncle Reven."

I smiled at the man, wondering if he would think the same if he knew what I had done to his counterpart or that I was going to help Rias break her engagement.

He then looked at Onee-chan. "My word. You look exactly like Rias would in a few years. I wouldn't need proof to know you all were related." He then looked behind me, at Sakuya in wonder.

In the meantime Ruval engaged me in a conversation. "What are your hobbies, Flinn?"

"Hobbies? Hmm, reading, playing games and I guess….training."

"Oh, games. Are you interested in the Rating Games?" He asked and I remembered that he was ranked ninth in the Rating Games list of top ten players.

"I am not sure if I should participate in the Rating Games. I am not trying to brag or anything but I think it would be unfair to others if people of my power started participating in the Rating Games. At least not until there were any changes in the rules. Although, I would like to participate if only to help my Peerage members attain High Class status."


"Rias on the other hand wants to become the champion of the Rating Games and I support her." I smiled looking at the girl on my other side.

The guy only smiled in reply. "You are a good person, Flinn Gremory."

I am but I am not sure if you would say the same if you knew what I was planning to do.

We talked about a few more things and he invited me to visit the Phenex House sometimes.

After father completed introducing us to his friends, Rias led us aside to meet her own friends.

In the group of people she was leading me towards, I saw a few faces I wanted to avoid but found that my arm was gripped tighter by her.

"She doesn't know." Was the only thing Onee-chan told me as she too brought me to a new group of people.

"Flinn, this is Sona Sitri and these are Seekvaira Agares and Latia Astaroth." She introduced.

I gave the girls a bright smile. "Hello, my name is Flinn Gremory. Nice to meet you all."

They introduced themselves while the counterpart of my self-proclaimed rival wannabe stared at me.

"Have we met somewhere before?" She asked.

I barely controlled the corner of my lips from twitching.

"Not that I recall. I am pretty sure I would have remembered meeting a pretty girl like you."

Rias giggled by my side. "Are you hitting on my brother, Sona?"

….ughh, now that was a horrifying thought.

Her words caused the girl to be taken aback and the other two girls to stare at her.

"What are you talking about, Rias? I was genuinely curious about him." She spluttered.

They laughed at the expense of the girl.

I got the feeling that Rias was having too much fun in all this.

"So, what do you do in your free time, Flinn? Any hobbies?" Latia asked.

I might have looked at the girl a moment longer than necessary as I was caught noticing the difference between the girls in the two worlds.

While this one was as aloof as the previous world's Latia, she didn't have that….coldness. Not that the one in the previous world was overtly cold to me. It was her own nature.

This one however was much better.

"Hmm me? I like reading, watching anime and playing games. Oh and training."

"Oh? What kind of games do you like?" She asked, interested.

"Video Games." I replied.

There was a slight cracking sound and we looked to see the glass in Sona's hand had cracked.

I pretended to look innocent. "Excuse me, was there anything wrong with the drink, Heiress Sitri?"

She took a deep breath and shook her head while clearing the mess and fixing the glass with a slight touch of magic. "No. I just remembered something." She shook her head.

"Talking about games, Sona is a very good chess player herself." Seekvaira said.

"Oh!" I pretended to be surprised. "That's great. Unfortunately, I am not that good at chess myself. I am more of a tic-tac-toe player." I laughed as another glass cracked.

This time she was staring at me like a hawk.

"Is there something wrong, Miss Sitri?" I asked as politely as I could. "You look like you have a lot on your mind today."

"It's nothing." She replied but her tone was far more even now.

I have had enough of pushing her so I concentrated on the other two girls now.

"What do you plan to do now, Flinn?"

"Plan? I guess I will go back to training and some research work, maybe look for some new peerage members."

"Oh! What kind of research?"

"That's confidential, I'm afraid." I replied.

"My apologies for asking."

We talked about a few things and I excused myself to go and talk to Sairaorg.

Around fifteen minutes later, we heard a small commotion. Looking at the source of it all, I saw a familiar face, making trouble.

"Some things never change, do they?" I sighed internally.

It was Zephyrdor Glasya-Labolas arguing with Seekvaira and Latia.

The girls looked incensed but the guy was just talking away as if he was afraid of nothing.

"Yeah, that guy is….sigh." Sairaorg sighed too

"Why do the older ones let him get away with that?" I asked, although I knew the reason already.

"They expect us to take care of this kind of squabble by ourselves and he is only using words. As long as nothing serious happens, they let the matters of the younger generations remain as it is. Let me take care of him." He said as he walked towards the group.

I put a hand on his shoulder. "No, let me. This is after all a party organised by the Gremory house. I guess I have some responsibilities too."

We walked towards the area and heard the argument.

"What did you say?!" Seekvaira said as her demonic power was bursting through.

"Hah! I'll say it again, bitch! I said that I'd teach you in one shot in a private room with great trouble! The Agares' onee-san really doesn't like being without her guards, now does she? Heh, is that why you're still a virgin who hasn't let a man come near her till now?! Geez, all the women of families of the Maous stink of virgins and are unbearable! That's why I said that I'd do a formal opening ceremony for you!" He laughed as his peerage members, literal goblins clapped and cheered behind him.

I appeared between the group before he could say more.

"Excuse me, is there a problem?" I asked, forcing myself to smile.

Grandma had warned me not to kill or permanently maim anyone here. People were just looking for a reason to prove that I am dangerous after the whole incident.

People were afraid after the whole Naberius fiasco and the Gremory suddenly gaining so much power out of nowhere made them even more afraid so they would try to spread rumours and discredit me and our house.

We cannot beat everyone with a hammer.

That's not how the Gremory house does things.

The entire class on soft politics was a pain but for once, even Onee-chan was on Grandma's side so I relented.

Then again, there was more than one way to skin a cat.

The guy looked at me and calmed down a bit but didn't back down totally.

"Heh! Flinn Gremory. It's nothing. I was merely offering to show them a good time and they were getting mad at me for doing them a favour."

- Rias -

She saw Flinn's eyes narrow at the comment and was about to go forward before he beat up the annoying piece of crap that was Zephyrdor but was held back by Ria.

"Keep watching." She said and smiled.

And they did just that.

Suddenly Flinn's annoyed face changed to that of a smile. "Well, that doesn't sound bad at all. Although you will have to pardon my lack of common sense, I do not understand what you mean by good things. So would you be kind enough to elaborate?" Flinn put his arm around the guy's shoulder. "Go on, explain it to me, what are the good things you were talking about?"

The fool, encouraged by this, started speaking. "I was just telling them how boring it is to be a virgin and offered to make them graduate from their virginities, show them what a real man can do." He laughed while looking at the girls.

"Hohohoho that's amazing." Flinn looked at the girls himself. "I don't see why you would be angry at that. He…." Suddenly looking at Zephyrdor, he asked, "What was your name again?"

"Zephyrdor Glasya-Labolas."

"Ah Zephyrdor, yes. My apologies. I was only taught the names and faces of the most important people of the underworld, staying at home and all that, you know. Don't mind me." He looked back at the girls. "See, he was just being helpful. Anyways, you said you are a real man and all….but I guess they are not convinced. I think you need to prove it somehow."

"Hah, I could always show them a good time."

She looked at Ria after watching this strange conversation. "Flinn had almost neutered Zephyrdor in our world when he had insulted me and Latia. He had used his Sun Breathing to cut his privates in a way that even if they were regenerated or reattached, he would feel the pain for centuries. Do you think he would actually support this kind of behaviour?" Ria spoke as she pointed in this direction again. "Look, it's starting."

Just as she looked that way, one of Zephyrdor's peerage members, by Satans, why would they reincarnate goblins, tripped while jumping and cheering behind them and fell but not before grabbing Zephyrdor's trousers and pulling it down.

The trousers themselves fell down with suspicious ease as the entire scene froze at the sight.





She had closed her eyes reflexively before she heard Flinn's voice.

"Eh? Weren't you saying you were a real man? Where's your….thing?"

She opened her eyes to look at the frozen guy. In the place where his….thing was supposed to be, there was a….

"Is that a straw?" Between his legs, where a guy's….thing was supposed to be, there was a thin straw, a literal straw made of plastic….pink coloured plastic….with hello kitty designs.

Ria was covering her mouth to hold back her giggles. "Fufufufufu that was mean."


"Flinn is using his illusion magic."

She found her mouth wide open as she realised what was going on and she was not the only one surprised.

Everyone in the room stared at the place shocked but none as shocked as the guy himself.

"What….what the fuck is this! What happened to me?"

"Oh my. I might not be very experienced about male private parts but even to my limited knowledge….this is not very manly. Wouldn't you say so, girls?" He smiled at the two shocked girls in the front. "Could it be….that all this bravado, picking fights and insulting the women of the Satan families….my family….and also your own, meaning your mother, grandmother, sister….was this all to overcompensate and hide your puny….or rather a complete lack of manhood? That's….a bit too much, don't you think?"

While Flinn was speaking, Zephyrdor was frantically clawing between his legs to find his manhood to no avail.

"Or could it be that you were purposely annoying these pretty ladies because you were afraid of someone propositioning you so you were making yourself look less appealing with your uncouth behaviour and horrible fashion sense? In which case, hot damn, I respect you dude. Your dedication is really something else. But in doing so you forgot one simple thing."

"You….you did this?" Zephyrdor finally understanding the situation, pointed at Flinn.

"Me? How would I do this? I was with you all this time? The girls here can attest that I didn't do anything. There are hundreds of cameras in the venue for security reasons and you can have any of them checked. It was your own peerage member who….revealed your secret by an accident….while cheering for you. Moreover, there is no blood or anything and it looks like it was like this for a long time. I don't see how I could be involved in this….series of….unfortunate coincidences. Just because your secret is out doesn't mean you can blame anyone for this." Flinn shrugged before narrowing his eyes and continuing.

"Anyways, as I was saying, you forgot one thing. You let down the expectations of these ladies, so….apologise."

Zephyrdor punched Flinn in the face but Flinn didn't even flinch while he began to shout while grabbing his hand.

"As Grandma says….violence is never the answer….at least for the weak….so I would repeat it again….apologise."

This time however, he leaned in and spoke something in Zephyrdor's ears making him go pale and profusely apologise to Seekvaira and Latia.

"See, that wasn't so hard. Now….I see that you are having a bit of a wardrobe malfunction….among other things, so, why don't you step out for a while and fix this. Take some time to calm down and all. After all, you just had such a major secret of yours revealed. Maybe getting some fresh air will help you accept the situation more easily. So….off you go." Flinn patted his back and they saw the guy hurriedly pick up his pants and ran out quickly.

Flinn turned towards the rest of the crowd. "A strange tale, isn't it? Anyways, I would like to apologise for the interruptions. Please enjoy the party." And finally turning towards the two girls, he smiled. "Let me get you two a drink and console you for your disappointment."

With that said, he led the two girls by hand and walked towards them, all the while everyone in the halls was staring at him as if he were a ghost.

- Chysis Gremory -


She looked as her ancestor was rolling on the couch and clutching her stomach while laughing.

"You seem to enjoy his prank a lot."

"Obviously! Did you see the look on that brat's face? He really thought he was missing his dick hahahaha. I mean just how dumb can one be? That was the most hilarious prank I have ever seen."

"And he didn't do anything that can make people blame him either, although I wonder what he whispered in the kid's ear?" Venelana asked.

"Probably threatened to make the illusion a reality." Runeas laughed even more.

"Still better than what I was expecting."

"He seems to have taken up on you in terms of his personality." A voice interrupted their conversation.

They looked behind to see the arrival of a familiar face.

She and Venelana got up and bowed as the older man took a seat.

"Zekram….you look old." Runeas said in a bored tone.

"And you look just as bratty as always. I wasn't expecting you to be awake right now."

He then looked at the lower floor, directly at Flinn. "Just where were you hiding such a descendant?"

"In my own mansion or other parts of the world. I was awakened at the time of his birth and ordered for him to be kept away from the Underworld as much as possible till he was of age, for good reasons." She answered nonchalantly.

Zekram just stared at her.

"Oh, don't look at me like that. If you had been in my place, you would have done something far more extreme."

"And it wouldn't have been without any reason. Beings of such power….they can bring both prosperity and ruin to the Underworld. Keeping them in control is a given." He replied without any hesitation.

"Well that may be the case but we all have our ways of doing things."

"And are you sure your way would keep this one from going on a rampage?"

"Don't worry. We have enough experience raising Super Devils." Runeas replied smugly.

"He is different from Sirzechs. Even Sirzechs was not at this level at such a young age. By the time he was at the top, he was already in his fifties and had a much better control of his power."

"Flinn has no problems like Sirzechs. Unlike Sirzechs, he can control his power perfectly." Venelana replied.

"I am not talking about his power but his personality. His outburst in the council meeting was…."

"Absolutely correct." Runeas interrupted narrowing her eyes. "Had it been me, I would have beaten them to an inch of their life for their foolishness. Thousands of years might have passed for you since the Great War but it was just yesterday for me and I know exactly how to treat fools like those. Compared to that, what Flinn did there was quite tame. He didn't even raise a finger on anyone during the entire incident. Perhaps you should go and discipline that foolish descendant of yours so he knows his place?"

"He has been reprimanded for his foolishness already." Zekram replied.

"Then there is nothing to discuss." Runeas replied sharply.





There were no words for a while.

"Alright, let's leave him aside for now. What about the others? That girl Ria….where did she come from? And don't stick that Naberius excuse on me. She was in your house a day before that attack happened. Moreover, reports from Rias' school tell of five people with similar looks staying there for the last six months and were suddenly found collecting the DNA of prominent figures, only to go missing at the same time these five came out."

She narrowed her eyes. Obviously he had spies in the Gremory House too but to see that he had a reach till Rias' school….and he wasn't even hiding this.

Fortunately, they had already anticipated this and had prepared for a reasonable excuse.

"We had been aware of the experiments for a while now." Chysis herself began, making the old devil look at her.

Gaining the attention of the man, she continued. "We had been contacted by Kuroka a year ago. She had sent a definitive proof of the experiments and the actual reason behind her rebellion. This led to the Satans making a plan and for this mission, Flinn's skills were the perfect fit. Flinn infiltrated the place after replacing a staff member of the research group and there slowly made connections with Ria and the others, convincing them to join our side."

"Oh, just say it as it is. He seduced them all." Runeas interrupted in her usual tone, adding to the lie. She then looked at Zekram. "So, your foolish descendant was actually trying to take his lovers away. Going by Flinn's usual overprotective nature, I am surprised he didn't actually beat them all up."

"Flinn was the one who proposed to go to Rias' school to collect samples so that he could help them meet the Satans and their loyalties could be tested. That's the reason they had stayed in the human school for the last six months. Finally, when everything was ready, they sprung a surprise attack with Flinn sealing a majority of them in the new moon. The battle which took place there was the fight between the Satan peerages, Flinn and his peerage and those who escaped. In all this time, not even Rias was aware of his real identity." She completed.

Zekram remained quiet for a while and then let out a sigh. "Then I assume he will be marrying those girls?"

"And a few others. His bloodline is very special. We cannot have it getting lost." Runeas added.

"I see. In that case I would like to have a meeting with them once. Let the whole matter cool down a bit. Sairaorg seems to get along with the boy and his peerage members. Maybe send them over along with him later on. It will help clear the misunderstandings caused previously by my foolish descendant."

"Alright. But you have to give me something in return." Runeas asked.


"The stone plate left by Leviathan. I want that."

He narrowed his eyes. "A Leviathan. Was there a Leviathan among them too?"

"Not artificially created, no. She is a natural born Leviathan. I want the stone tablet for her."

He looked at her for a while without speaking anything. "Very well. It will be done."

There were no more words spoken. The two of the oldest devils just looked down at the party till the thing ended.

- Flinn -

"How is he any different from the idiot in the last world?" I asked, annoyed at the fool prancing around Rias like a dumb peacock.

"He is not exactly malicious, just a little inexperienced. All he needs is a slap behind his head and he will be fine." Onee-chan explained.

"Oh! That's something I am very experienced at." I will just reinforce my slap with every kind of buff imaginable.

"No. You will not do anything. Let her be. She will be able to take care of everything by herself this time with father not hurrying to rush the marriage."

"What rushing?" I asked. She hadn't told me about it.

"Nothing important. Just concentrate on what we are doing. When the time comes, she will be more than ready to do whatever she wants."


She looked at me and smiled. "But let's go and bail her out of the situation for now."

This was something I agreed to wholeheartedly.

We walked to the place and I called out to her.

"Rias." I reached her and stood beside her. "Would you introduce us?"

"Flinn Gremory. Riser was surprised to find that Riser's beloved Rias had another brother." He offered a hand and I shook it with a smile.

He then did the same to Ria. "And you must be Ria. I must say that you look just as beautiful as you did in the news reports."

"Oh my. What a gentleman." She smiled as she shook hands with him.

I was able to notice that she was not exactly faking the smile like she did with others.

We talked for a bit and….despite my initial reluctance, I was forced to agree that he was not a complete douche like the previous one….or wouldn't be if he stopped chasing my sister.

That route was already cut.

We were also introduced to his sister.

Ravel Phenex….I didn't have many memories of this girl from my previous world.

The party ended on a relatively pleasant note.


"I still find him annoying." Rias pouted again.

We were currently laying in my room. On either side of me were Rias and Onee-chan.

Rias had decided to spend the night with us after today's party.

As per our habit, all three of us were without clothes so I was having the time of my life.

Onee-chan had been busy these past few days and was finally free so she decided to join us too.

"Well….I guess I can't blame you for that. After all, I was the same. I just have the advantage of knowing his future self." Onee-chan shrugged.

"He's much better than the one in the previous world. That guy….he was an ass." I spat the words remembering the last world.

"No need to think about them, Flinn." Onee-chan caressed my chest as she looked at Rias. "You just need to train as planned and you will be able to decide things on your own by the end of the year."

"Are we really going to go to other worlds?" She asked after some hesitation.

"Hmm….having a backup will only help. After all….even with all our preparations, unless we get some sort of trump card, our chances of winning will be too low." Onee-chan said quite moresely.

I clenched my hand at her sorrowful look.

Spirits and Machine Gods.

She had told me of their power.

I didn't know how long it would take for me to get that kind of power or if I could even achieve such power but….I sure as hell won't give up.

If there are no ways in this world, there would be some in other worlds.

I just have to keep looking.

Onee-chan sensed the depressing mood and shook off her own thoughts as she placed a hand on Rias' cheeks over my chest. "Don't worry. We will get through this together." She reassured her.

Rias nodded and changed the topic too. She looked up at me from my chest. "By the way, how did you do that to Zephyrdor? I know it was your Illusions but I don't think anyone noticed you using your eyes." She asked, curiously.

I smiled. "Who told you I needed to use my eyes to cast illusions?"

"Ah….true. Still, I don't get how everything happened."

"I cast three spells there. First was to make the goblin peerage member of his fall and drag his trousers down. Second was to change what people could see under. I didn't want to traumatise the girls and children in the place by showing them such a sight."


"And third?" She asked again.

"Third was to confuse his rational thinking so that he couldn't figure out it was an illusion, making it easier for him to be fooled."

"So that's why….he was trying to search….hehehehe….that was hilarious. I don't think he will show his face in public for a while now."

"Eh. When you think about it, I made sure all everyone saw was fake so they didn't actually see him naked." Not that it would make much of a difference. Devils often lost their clothes during the Rating Games and it was quite common for them to be seen by the public.

"And what did you whisper in his ear? He looked completely pale after that."

"Hmm….I told him to behave himself in the future or I will turn that illusion into a reality."

"Good. That idiot really needed to learn the lesson." Rias nodded.

"You held back well. I am proud of you." Onee-chan kissed me on the cheeks before I turned towards her and then she gave me a peck on my lips.

"You two are really…." She whispered.

"Obviously. I wasn't joking when I said I love my Onee-chan." I replied, unperturbed before turning towards Onee-chan, taking her in my arms and claiming her lips for myself again.

She too pulled me in and returned my kiss with equal vigour.

We separated after a few seconds and I lay on top of her, resting my head on her breasts.

Rias turned red at this.

"Alright alright, I understand." She said quickly. Calming down for a few moments, she asked. "And you are with….Shuri and Teresa too?"

"Yes. What of it?"

"It's….just a bit unbelievable. I mean with the age difference and all."

I just shrugged.

"I noticed that you didn't ask about Sakuya." Onee-chan asked.

"Hmm, probably because she caught us making out a few days ago." I revealed and felt her go stiff. "I was not paying attention and only realised it when we were leaving for the bath." I clarified.

It's not like I was giving her a show but I didn't mind it either since it was just her.

"Oho." Onee-chan grinned as she stared at Rias who was trying to become invisible right now.

For the rest of the night, Onee-chan teased her and we had fun trying to make her flustered.


"A date?" Teresa asked, putting down her sword and wiping off her sweat.

"Yup. We have been busy with the whole thing all this time so we couldn't do this. Now that we are free, let's go out. The meeting is not for the next three days."

We were back in Kuoh.

The meeting was going to be held in the Kuoh Academy as a neutral ground.

I had heard from Onee-chan that this was also a place where the Peace Meeting for the three factions was held last time.

This time however, the meeting was of a much smaller scale.

Sirzechs and Onee-chan have had lengthy discussions on what our next step should be.

It was finally discussed that while the older ones would prepare for the threat of the alien Gods, we would be finding places for us to fall back to in the worst case scenario.

This meeting was to reveal the threat coming in the future to the other two factions and then gather allies.

We couldn't even go public with this as many people had joined the other side last time and betrayed their faction for power.

If the alien Gods got even the hint of our plans, things could go horribly wrong.

So they were going to make a list of absolutely trustworthy people to join in on this.

As for the meeting, the representatives of the other two factions would arrive this time and survey the area to prevent any ambush and the leaders would only come three days later for the main meeting.

Till then, we were free.

This is why I decided to take Teresa on a date.

She had told me that she didn't want to be last and yet had backed off when Sakuya needed more comfort.

So I decided not to delay our date anymore.

She smiled. "Okay. I will be ready in the evening."



The date with Teresa was very different from the one with Shuri.

While Shuri was a Shrine Maiden, she has had enough contact with the outside world. Teresa on the other hand had stayed in the church her whole life.

According to our information, the church in my previous world was far more strict than the one in this world and Teresa, as one of the most promising and upcoming exorcists, was always kept under close watch, thus she had never had the chance to experience the outside world before she started working for us.

Even after she was rescued by us, she had to remain in hiding most of the time and she wasn't able to go around freely to not expose herself. This had continued even when we had come to this world.

Today was probably the first time we were walking around like this and just that made the whole day a memorable one for her.

We just went around the town and ate at a restaurant.

It was during this that I got a call from Onee-chan who was helping Serafall in coordinating the meeting and excused myself to go out for a few minutes leaving Teresa alone in the restaurant waiting.

- Xenovia Quarta -

"Why exactly do we have to talk to any devils? They were trying to steal the DNA of Lady Gabriel and clone her, they even cloned Sister Griselda. We just need to take the clone away from them." She complained

"As much as I understand your anger, we were ordered by the Vatican to inspect the area and report if we encounter any danger. Let's leave the rest to the Almighty." Irina said, clasping her hands in prayer.

"This place is under the rule of the sisters of the Satans and there are rumours that the Lucifer's half brother, one of the strongest devils in the Underworld lives here too. It would be a big problem if you all caused any problems so pay attention to your behaviour." Nero Raimondi, one of the top exorcists in the Church commanded.

"Lucifer's half brother? We have the strongest exorcist of the Church on our side. When he comes, we could easily overpower them."

"There will be no fighting. This is an express command by Lord Michael himself." Nero scolded.

While they were surveying the area, Irina's stomach growled and they looked at her as the girl blushed.

"We haven't had anything to eat since the morning. You two can go ahead and eat something. I will check the rest of the area and meet you back here in half an hour."

They nodded and walked away on their own.

"Oh, there is a very good restaurant in this area." Irina dragged her.

"You know this area?" She asked as they headed to a restaurant by the street.

"Yes. I lived here when I was young. This restaurant was one where my father used to bring us frequently." She showed her the restaurant and they walked towards the restaurant's door when it suddenly opened.

Out of the door someone walked out which made her freeze in her tracks.

She looked wide eyed at the woman in front of them. Blonde hair, blue eyes….

Beside her, even Irina had stopped. "Oh my. She….does look like Sister Griselda."

But at the very next instant, she sensed something which made her frown in disgust.

A devil.

The woman in front of them was a devil.

Did those bastards reincarnate her using those abominable pieces? Was she forced? Why was she even here and what was she doing in the restaurant? Was she on the run?

Several thoughts ran through her mind as she unconsciously walked forward.

She gritted her teeth as they came nearer to the woman who was looking around as if waiting for someone.

As they got closer, she sensed them and quickly turned towards them, in an alert, almost combat ready position.

Both Irina and her also got in position, almost reflexively.

The woman looked at them with almost a look of realisation and her face calmed down a bit as she relaxed her position.

"Hello, how may I help you?" The woman asked, in an eerily similar voice, giving Xenovia the chills.

"You….are you Sister Griselda's clone?" She cursed herself almost immediately after asking such an obvious question.

The woman had returned to the calm and serene form of hers which Xenovia had been so familiar with.

"Yes. I have been told as such." She nodded.

"How….how are you a devil. Did they force you?" She asked quickly.

"Force me? If you mean to ask if I was forced to reincarnate against my will, no. I was given a choice and I chose this on my own."

And just like that all her goodwill for the clone went down the drain as she drew her sword.

"Then you will be treated like any other devil. I will not have you sully the name of Sister Griselda with that face of yours."

"Xenovia!" Irina scolded but she too nervously got into position, although she was mostly defending them rather than in an attacking position.

Before they could say anything however, they heard a voice directly behind them.

"Oh….and how is any other devil treated exactly?"

Completely on reflex, she swung Excalibur Destruction only to clash with something. To her horror, a red haired boy was standing behind them….holding the famous Holy Sword between his fingers with casual ease.

She tried to pull back her sword but it didn't budge even a single inch no matter how much she tried.

The boy spoke again. "What do you think you are doing to my girlfriend?"


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