So, I will keep this short because I want everyone to get to the story you all have so patiently been waiting for as soon as possible. But a couple of things, firstly, each chapter will focus on one pup. Secondly, the POV if anyone is curious is deep third person. Thirdly, the title of chapters may be subject to change, but as of now, they will only be numbered.

Fourthly, regarding updates, there are 43 chapters total. And I will be publishing in groups of six chapters every one or two weeks.

Lastly, OH MY GOODNESS IT IS FINALLY READY FOR YOU GUYS! I am beyond excited and eager to know how the story is received. As always comments, shares, and constructive criticism are welcome, so don't be shy. I can't thank you all enough for the support and most importantly your patience while I worked my tail off on this one. And I promise it will be nothing like anything you have ever seen from me. I am evolving, getting better slowly but surely. But if you have any issues or questions with the story, please let me know.

So, without further delay, please, enjoy!