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A quilava nervously eyed the small clearing ahead of him, eyes jumping left and right until they stopped on a growlithe calmly eating some berries on a bush.

'There he is.' He thought in excitement, small butterfrees fluttering in his gut. His lips lifted to a small, shy grin but then gasped silently as he saw the growlithe pause. He jumped into a bush just in time before the growlithe looked behind himself suspiciously, frustrated eyes searching for someone other than himself. He growled softly and returned to what he was doing while the quilava in the bushes sighed in relief.

'Oh, thank Arceus…' The quilava thought. He fixed his glasses and squirmed in discomfort in his hiding place.

The quilava himself would admit that he wasn't very impressive or dignified at this very moment… or others concerning the handsome pokemon he was watching.

He wanted to say something, really, but even the thought settled thick knots in his throat. He was pretty sure he would just run away like a torchic just as… if he managed to say his name.

So he just watched him. Watched him sleep, watched him eat… watched him bathe. Yeah, others would call him a perv or stalker or both but… he just couldn't work up the courage.

He sighed and his eyes returned to the growlithe once again looking left and right, not in frustration this time but… embarrassment? He stopped after a second, then bend in half…

Oh… oh.

'I-uhh… I-I shouldn't watch this.' He thought but… he did, getting more uncomfortable as he did so. He shifted with a soft grunt and discovered that he got stuck when he couldn't move his hind leg.

'Ack! Crap!' He thought in panic and tried to free himself, trying and failing not to rustle the bush. He grunted again and yelped when he made a wrong move and branches pinched his foot.

"Ahem." He flinched visibly. "Mind telling me what are you doing?" The growlithe he was watching asked with a growl. He flinched again.

'Crap! Crap! Crap!'

"I-I… uhh… I-I got… g-got…" What was he saying? He got distracted by something eye level with him, something dripping. Unknown to him the growlithe noticed that. He smirked and sat down, the movement made the quilava let out a shocked yelp.

"Yes?" He squeezed his eyes shut and tried to ignore the pink flesh dribbling precum mere centimeters away from his face.

"I-I… umm… I-I got st-stuck." He squeaked around the knot in his throat…

'O-okay, bad thing to think.' He thought and shifted again.

"I see…" Not that he saw şt but growlithe's smirk widened.

"What is your name?"


"Domi. Let's make a deal Domi; you help me, I help you. Simple, right?" Domi wanted to make an agreeing sound but it devolved into a half-surprised-half-pleasured sound when the canine's dick throbbed and shot a splash of pre on his nose.

"Ok-okay." He whispered breathily.

"Good." The growlithe whispered back and grinded against his face. "We will have so much together."


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