You know… had you told me of a few years ago that I'd actually like Pretty Cure, I'd have called you insane. Yet, here we are now. Tropical Rouge is very fun from the bits I've seen of it so far, and Manatsu and Laura are both fun characters. They have massive Ruby and Weiss energy, to the point I'm sincerely expecting Laura to call Manatsu a 'dolt' at any point. …and, trust me, if I can ever get people to draw me commissions, then I'm paying to have an outfit swap between Ruby, Weiss, Manatsu, and Laura.

So, yeah, I'm a SumMer shipper. And, really? From only watching the first two episodes and about half way through the third, I implore you readers to TRY to come up with a straight explanation for the way Manatsu and Laura interact. Spoilers, you can't.

I will admit that I still need to watch more of the show since, as mentioned, I'm only about halfway through the third one. Has been fun. …I will admit, I don't exactly know why Pretty Cure does the same pre-season cameo things that Kamen Rider and Super Sentai do since it's, mostly, established the shows don't share the same universe. It just raises many questions to me.

Anyway, let's talk a little about this idea. Part of the reason I decided to embark on this little adventure is that, much like with my Eliden story… there's hardly ANY SumMer stories! I looked both here and A03, but there's hardly any here, and the few on A03 are either short or sexual. …and, reminder, Manatsu and Laura are minors. So… I'm here to satisfy your safe for work SumMer needs.

This was originally going to be from a third person perspective, but then I thought that framing it more from Manatsu's eyes would actually be a little bit better in terms of fleshing elements out. Then, thinking about some other chapter concepts, it would make more sense to change perspectives depending on the chapter. We will see how it plays out.

One thing I am going to ask if anyone actually knows, is it explained why it is Manatsu's parents live separated? Did they split up or something? Not addressed from what I could skim, so if there's something I missed, then do tell.

Disclaimers: Tropical Rouge Pretty Cure belongs to Toei Animations, Crunchyroll, Izumi Todo, Yutaka Tsuchida, Masahiro Yokotani, etc.

(Manatsu's perspective)

I sat down at her desk and gently stared at the little diary that I had sitting across from me, trying to think of what it was I could write about in there. I had the feeling that writing about being Cure Summer would probably be a very bad idea, in the chance I end up losing this and somebody finds a way to get it open, so… hmm…

Eventually, I ended up opening it up and starting to write a bit about my first day in town… when my thoughts drifted and, when I regained my focus, I saw that I had just written 'Laura' over and over again on a page.

I let out a small sigh, though I ended up figuring that, at least, maybe writing about not being straight would at least give me something interesting to write about, as well as my first few days of classes…

"I always knew that I was a little different from other girls my age…" I thought as I wrote down in the diary, a particular memory came to mind from when I was seeing other family members…

"Mana-chan!" a girl's voice called out, making me turn to her.

"Hey, itoko-chan!" I greeted my cousin.

We spoke a bit about random things here and there and just did some general catch up. The restaurant her family was running… some kind of a ramen shop I think it was… was doing alright.

Our parents brought us to the park and I could see some other people hanging around, with a few boys being at the other end. Soon, my cousin hurried over to my side and then motioned over to the boys.

"So, who do you think is the most handsome?" my cousin asked.


"There's gotta be one boy you think is handsome there!"

I just blinked a little bit and glanced back at the crowd, with nobody really standing out to me…

"Even back then… I just didn't think like other girls. I haven't really told anyone. Not because I'm embarrassed, but because… well… it's never really been something I thought to bring up. …I don't even know if my parents know. …probably should at least tell my mom…" I wrote down, gently twirling the pen in my hands as I thought it over. My thoughts drifted away from that after a moment before I kept on writing…

"And then… I met Laura…" I thought, a blush forming on my cheeks as I recalled when we first met, "And… something in my heart… just knew…"

I could feel my cheeks blushing as I drew closer to Laura and smiled at her, "And you're so cute! Your hair is so glossy!"

Laura ended up getting her own, adorable, little smile and I could see her start to blush as well, "Well, of course I'm cute. I'm a mermaid after all."

Thinking about that day slowly made my mind drift back over to when Laura was in danger…

"There was some attack by the beach. I just… had to go back and make sure Laura was alright…" I wrote, something about this memory starting to make me a little tense, "And… that day, no matter what, will always be in my memories…"

"Let her go!" I yelled as loudly as I could. The next thing that I heard was a bit… blurred after that monster smacked me aside.

"Don't you care more about your life than hers?" the larger monster asked me.

I wasted no time and got back up, the words flowing from my heart…

"I decide what's important to me! What's most important now…"

I just started yelling and, somehow, the compact reacted to me at last.

"Laura, I'll save you!"

In a flash, my heart continued to guide me forward as the compact reacted. When the lights faded, I didn't stand as myself at that moment, but rather…

"Tokimeku tokonatsu (Joyful Everlasting Summer)! Cure Summer!"

I soon realized I was doing a bit of the pose I said when I declared who I was as a Pretty Cure… then saw the diary had a few mentions of Cure Summer, though a bit nonspecific. Yet, I just let my heart guide me as I kept on writing.

"No matter what, I was going to save Laura. That was what was most important to me there, in that one moment. Sure… Laura can be a little vain, but, honestly? I think she's really pretty and has a very sweet side underneath that. Kinda like a clam where you can find a pearl!' I wrote down with a bit of a small smile that started growing as I kept going, "She can be really, really, kind and sweet when she wants to be."

"That was pretty cool…" Laura spoke before she turned towards me with a smile on her face, "Manatsu."

I was silent for a brief moment before I could feel myself starting to blush and soon ended up gaining a smile that went from cheek to cheek.

My mind went back into reality after that, then I started writing about the next day a little bit. My mind drifted to the time me and Laura had alone before we got back… and… um…

"I'll admit that, what happened after that… uh… I don't totally know. We got back to the house while my mom was sleeping and I went to bed after a bit. When I dreamed… I could've sworn I saw other Pretty Cures…" I wrote down, trying to recall the dream as best I could, "I… think their leader said her name was Grace or something? …assuming that wasn't a dream, maybe I should bring that up with Laura. She did mention some 'legendary Pretty Cure', but I hadn't heard the term until fairly recently myself. …then again, I lived off on an island isolated from the rest of the world…"

The writing simply kept going and I didn't fully process what I had finished writing as I simply kept letting the words flow to the page…

"Even when we had a fight and I was mad at her… my heart wouldn't let me stay angry very long. I couldn't let it end like that. Darn the consequences of ditching school, I had to find Laura and apologize!"

Laura had asked me why I was there. In that moment, I spoke from my heart…

"I don't want any regrets, so I've decided. I wanna be friends forever. You're important to me! So… I'm gonna enjoy both school and a Pretty Cure to the fullest!"

"I couldn't bring myself to say that I wanted to protect her and that… even after only a few days… that I lo-"

-What are you doing?-

I gasped and jumped out of my seat a little, then I turned to the Mermaid Aqua Pot to see Laura was simply staring at me a bit. I quickly realized some of the stuff I wrote in there would partially upset Laura from me talking about being Cure Summer, and there's just some stuff I don't want her to see. I calmed down quickly and then closed the diary.

"Just writing," I responded, "Something that's important to me."

Laura just stared at me with those blue eyes of hers, then just exhaled and turned away. I ended up tucking the diary somewhere Laura, hopefully, didn't see me put it. I soon heard something pull up and quickly headed away. Mom was home! FOOD!

Me and my mom soon sat down to have dinner and we just talked a little bit here and there, mostly about random stuff. …when a small thought occurred to me. Had to be honest… wasn't sure how often me and my mom would get to talk. So… maybe…

"Hey, mom? Do you have a minute to talk?"

"Sure thing, what's up?"

I don't know why, but I felt my nerves start to catch up to me. Stepping out to this open space would be… different… but…

"I… met someone when I first got to town and… well… my heart… skipped a beat. It felt like every toropikatteru you could ever imagine swelling up into one infinite moment that wouldn't stop…" I spoke, feeling my cheeks slowly start to grow red.

"That's really sweet, Manatsu. Do you think I'll get to meet this guy someday?"

"...not… a guy…" I nervously spoke.

My mom blinked a little bit and I slowly turned around to keep myself talking in spite of my nerves.

"She… doesn't exactly live in town. She was kind of visiting…" I managed to say, "But we'll keep in touch and she said she'd be coming back."

I went silent for a little bit, but I did manage to utter out the word 'lesbian' with a bit of motivation.

" ok?"

I turned around towards my mom and saw she didn't exactly change her expression much, "...sorry. Just… nerves."

"Manatsu, there's nothing for you to worry about. You'll always be my daughter no matter what, if you were scared of that," she reassured me.

I felt a massive weight come off of my shoulders after she had said that, then I simply regained my composure and smiled.

My weekend was a bit uneventful… apart from hanging out with my super cute new friend, Sango! She's not as beautiful as Laura, but she is cute. When the school day came back around, Sango and I ended up sitting on the roof to have lunch. I happily opened up her lunchbox and started to unpack what had been put into it, when I noticed something that was near the bottom of it.

"Eh?" I blinked before I pulled out what looked almost like a cloth of some sort, with the colors of the lesbian pride flag on it. My eyes widened a bit before I soon spotted a sticky note on the backside of it and saw a little message on it…

"Thought it would be cute. Hope I can meet your crush someday. -Mom"

All I ended up doing was smiling at the sight, but I tucked it away so that neither Sango or Laura would see it. Time will tell, time will tell.

To be continued.

So, the little "to be continued" bit will need to be in chapters that are following a particular character's perspective so that you'll know where the chapter ends and where my notes begin. I will go ahead and admit I have absolutely no idea how long this'll be, nor when it'll get updated again. I have… ideas… for the next chapter, but we'll see where it goes. Give me some time. I do at least want to say I'll get one chapter out next month.

I will say that, while this did take a bit of revisions here and there, I'm happy with how it came out. I'll admit I'm not totally sure if I have a perfect grasp on Manatsu just yet, but it'll hopefully improve with time.

…and I am going to bring this up here before I get asked about it. Manatsu's cousin is set up for a future chapter. You will learn who she is in due time. Then, the bit about Manatsu thinking she encountered other Pretty Cures is in reference to her cameo at the end of the season before hers. I'm… not quite sure why she was there, but it's clear those two at least share the same universe given the movie and the fact the core three (supposedly) make a cameo in the finale of Tropical Rouge. So, I'm just treating Manatsu's appearance there as her being summoned while she was dreaming, and that results in her oversleeping in the second episode.

…yes, I make things more complicated for myself. It's habit from writing toku fanfics.

I think that my favorite part was at the end with Manatsu getting the gift from her mother. Just something that I thought up early on and figured would be really sweet to include.

And, since this is releasing so close to Pride Month, while I myself do not fall into the LGBT+ spectrum, I am an ally to people who do. And for those still in the closet, don't worry about stepping out before you're ready and don't let someone force it. All good things come to those who wait.

Not much else to say other than I hope you enjoyed it.

Just Live More.