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It had been a bit of a quiet evening the day after Minori had become a member of the team, so the three girls were in the midst of trying to figure out what to spend the evening doing before returning home for the day. Manatsu had spoken a bit about a club idea, while Sango and Minori were both trying to study a little bit.

'If you all have the time to do this… we should have time to find the last Pretty Cure we need…' Laura thought from her container, glancing down towards the last Tropical Compact that had yet to resonate. She let off a small sigh before taking a moment to glance out to see if anyone would spot her, then gently poked her head out to try to speak. She then noticed that Sango and Minori had both dozed off and were fast asleep, while Manatsu was getting something from downstairs.

"...mou…" Laura mumbled a little, soon popping out of the container completely. She glanced around a bit, but still saw nobody else around. She soon sighed and then sat down on one of the couches, "Well… I suppose that it is late…"

She then looked forward at the table to see that Minori's glasses were sitting there and were just laying around. Laura, curiously, got a bit closer and picked them up.

"Kinda surprised these aren't attached to her face… don't have them down in the Gran Ocean…" Laura muddled to herself before she put them on her face, "...woah…"

Her eyes darted around a little bit and, while she could still see, everything was a little bit blurrier with the glasses on then without them. She soon spotted a mirror over nearby and, after blinking a bit, the mermaid looked at her reflection with the glasses on, then gave off a small giggle.

"Of course I make these look great," Laura said to herself.

"Yeah, you do!"

Laura soon let out a gasp and nearly yelled, only to see it was Manatsu with some candy in her hands.

"Don't scare me like that!" Laura nearly yelled out.

"Gomen, gomen (Sorry, sorry)," Manatsu quickly apologized before she set the candy aside and then looked over to Laura, "What's up with you?"

"Nothing," Laura stated simply, proceeding to take the glasses off and put them back on the table. She then sat back down and crossed her arms a little, but glanced away from Manatsu.

"...are you sure?"

"I'm a little worried how long it'll take us to find the last Pretty Cure…" Laura admitted, "Not super worried, but just a little worried."

There was a bit of silence between the two, before Manatsu quickly got a smile.

"Ato mō chotto no tokorona ndakara! (You're almost there!)" Manatsu suddenly proclaimed towards Laura.

"...eh?" the mermaid girl blinked before turning towards her.

"Dakarakoso… (That's why you should...) never give up!" Manatsu added on, saying the last part in English.


"...just some motivational speech I remember from a video…" Manatsu soon admitted before she giggled a bit.

Laura stared a little, but then giggled a bit as well, "Thanks, I needed to hear that."

Silence soon regained a grip over the area as Manatsu sat down and tried to think of something to say. She glanced to her phone, then her attention went right back over to Laura.

"Hey, Laura? When's your birthday?" Manatsu soon asked.

"...birthday?" Laura blinked in confusion.

"Yeah. The day you were born," Manatsu elaborated.

Laura went silent as she thought if over a little bit. She was a little quiet, but Manatsu kept a bit of a calm and patient smile on her face as she awaited a response.

"June 30th," Laura eventually confirmed.

Manatsu smiled and took a moment to write that down on her phone's calendar so that she would remember it.

"I remember, the day I was born, when I looked up and saw the sky… I saw a crescent moon," Laura remarked, "I don't remember much else from that age, but I distinctly remember a crescent moon in the sky…"

Manatsu nodded a little bit in response, "Did you see the rabbit on the moon?"

"...the what?"

"It's a fairy tale that there's a rabbit on the moon, and you can see the shadow at points!" Manatsu quickly elaborated.

Laura just shook her head no, then Manatsu began to talk about the story a bit. Laura ended up spacing out a little bit, yet her eyes couldn't help but be drawn towards Manatsu as she kept on talking. A brief smile formed on her face as she saw Manatsu continue to ramble on a little bit, likely having gone off topic.

"...dolt," Laura said to herself with a small smile.

"Did you say something, Laura?" Manatsu soon asked.

"Nothing you need to worry about," Laura assured her.

Manatsu was soon on her way back home, with the container that had Laura in it in her hands as she walked. She soon looked towards the moon and her eyes widened, "Hey, Laura!"


"Look at the moon!" Manatsu spoke up, holding the container up, "You can see the rabbit!"

Laura poked her head out of the container to get a better look and then saw the vaguely rabbit shaped indentation on the moon, gently giving off an 'ooh' at it. She then realized they were still outside and quickly retreated back into it.

-Very pretty,- Laura couldn't help but remark.

Manatsu soon glanced towards the container and could see Laura floating around from the screen, "Yeah. Pretty."

The two soon kept on going, both with relaxed smiles. Soon, when they were alone, Manatsu held the container up and gently spoke, "No need to worry about tomorrow, Laura! It's gonna be another Toropikatteru day no matter what!"

-...what makes you think I'm worried?-

"We'll find that last Pretty Cure tomorrow, without a doubt!" Manatsu beamed.

-...right. Counting on you,- Laura responded.

Manatsu gave off a happy grin, "Mawari no koto omoeyo ōen shiteru hitotachi no koto omottemiro tte! (Think of all the people around you and the people cheering you on!)"

Laura couldn't help but give off a small giggle before Manatsu continued along.

The following morning arrived and Manatsu was happily on her way to school, with Laura's container sitting alongside her bag as Manatsu walked along.

"Hey, we've been toropikatteru so well lately," Manatsu spoke to the container with a content look on her face. However, before Laura could get another word in, there was some loud yelling from nearby that made Manatsu hold the container a little closer to herself as she saw some older boys from a high school approach her.

'...this dolt…' Laura thought.

"Hold it!"

Everybody turned to see a girl that was a fair bit taller than Manatsu, with red hair, purple eyes, but was clearly in the same school uniform. Both Manatsu and Laura couldn't help but stare at her a little bit before she proceeded to defend the two of them.

'Arienai…' Manatsu thought in amazement.

"Ganging up on a little girl is inexcusable!" the girl yelled, which scared off the three boys in an instant…

Yeah, I'll admit, I was struggling to figure out how to make this chapter end, so I decided to at least include a little bit of the events of the next episode I'm going to be watching. If there are anymore gaps between chapters… it may be owing to me needing to find time to watch the episodes. Ah well.

So, happy birthday to Laura, as well as Usagi and Chibiusa. I think you can tell there was a bit of a nod to the three sharing that same date in this chapter with the moon rabbit thing getting mentioned. That was fun.

Also, for those curious about the motivational speech bit that Manatsu had that she said was from some video, it's from that famous "Never Give Up" video by Matsuoka Shuzo. It just seems like something Manatsu and her dad would watch, plus it would sort of fit the general 'motivation' motif of the show.

Not sure what my favorite part would be, but this was just a fun and short chapter. Next time… who knows.

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