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Chapter 13 Attacks

Sirius allowed his mother's words to sink in and let the family help. Maybe it was the shock of seeing his mother sleep in the nursery which had done it. It was certainly nothing she had done when he was a child. But he had remembered her face when he brought Harry to meet her when he showed his elf blood. He had sworn to her when he watched her and his father's painting that day with his baby he would not deny them contact. He had half meant it at the time but he knew it was right. Even with Fleamont alive he knew his son deserved all the family he could have. Even his grandfathers he could admit were part of that.

He had agreed for Lucius and Cissy to introduce Draco to his son. Harry might like Tonks but she was seven years older. Draco was only a few months older then his son and a good playmate. Besides Draco the only kids he knew were Neville and Molly's brood. He worried Molly may be influenced by Albus. But Augusta he trusted and would reach out.

Harry was playing in his playroom when he came. "Ready to go cub?"

Harry looked up. "Grandpa?'

Sirius scooped up his son. "Sort of. We are going to where Grandpa Pollux lives."

Harry was happy. "Ocy and Ton."

He shook his head. "Not till next week. You remember Aunt Cissy and Uncle Luc?"

Harry had not forgotten. "No me Foey. Grandpa P Foey."

Sirius knew his son had a long memory for cats. Lucius had been kidding the boy but Harry didn't know. "Fox is home."

Harry pouted but nodded. "I go back."

Sirius grunted. "Two cats is the limit."

Harry pouted a bit but nodded. "Pup and horsie too."

Remus had come over as they went to floo."Well at least he wants to see puppies too."

Sirius grumbled. "Maybe we should adopt one."

Harry shook his. "No. Scar Foey."

Sirius didn't think it a bad thing. "Padfoot will be the only dog."

Harry snuggled against his Papa as they went to floo. "Love Padi."

Kissing his son on the head he took floo powder and called Malfoy manor. There were no words how happy his son made him. Even before James died his happiest moment was giving birth to their son. He and James could never have a wedding due to his parents but they had a bond ceremony and Lily had allowed them to have as normal of a life as they could. They had sworn when his grandfather died that they'd marry for as Lord Black he'd be free. Now he was alone but he had his baby to keep going.

Lucius and his wife and son were waiting in the den when they came through. Draco had been told about his new cousin and was happy. Due to the war he had little outside contact. Narcissa had suggested as she thought good for both boys.

Narcissa smiled when they arrived. " Nearly right on time for lunch."

Harry spoke up but surprised them. "Or kitty."

Sirius groaned. "We went over this."

Lucius remembered and laughed. "I told you it was good you picked a different cat. Your aunt had her heart set on that one."

Narcissa confirmed. "My old kneazle passed recently. Trumpkin there looked like him."

Draco wanted notice and called. "Mummy, mummy. Cous?"

Narcissa picked up her son. "Yes this is Harry. Harry this is Draco."

Harry eyed the boy. "Dre."

Draco smiled. "Like kitties."

Harry smiled and pointed at Lucius. "No let. But Grandpa P give."

Remus laughed at Lucius' smirk. "Not going to forgive that snub for a long time."

Lucius laughed and took his son. "Maybe your cousin would like to see the horses and new puppies."

Draco turned to Harry. "See."

"Plea." Harry nodded.

Narcissa remained with Remus as the two dads took the boys. "Didn't get manners from his Papa."

Remus laughingly agreed."Your cousin has grown up a lot but no a bit of Lily rubbing off."

Though Sirius and James raised their son Lily had too. She had not simply been a cover for protection. She had been okay with an arranged marriage to help two men she cared about. But being a surrogate mom to Harry was so much more. If she had lived she'd have divorced James when he and Sirius could marry but she'd have always been mommy Ll. Harry had adored all three in equal proportions and they him. It wasn't simply the lullaby that stuck. Thankfully Sirius knew the words for his son wanted it at night. He also liked the song from Arcturus and wanted both. Sirius had been forced to ask his grandfather to teach him.

Sirius and Lucius had never been close which is why Narcissa sent her husband. The two men could mend some bridges. Sirius and Ted were close for years but Lucius being a spy had made that impossible for the auror. But the war was over and their sons were cousins.

Draco pointed at the ponies. "Pon."

Harry smiled when his Papa took him over. "Me touc?"

Lucius smiled. "They like their noses pet."

Sirius showed his son. Harry had only seen in books really. "Like this."

Harry was so happy. 'Rie?"

Lucius laughed a little. "You have to be a bit bigger but you can feed them a treat."

Sirius took a carrot from the man and handed it to his son. "Here."

Harry giggled as the pony ate it. "Tick."

Draco was feeding his own. "Fave."

Lucius motioned. "How about we see the puppies?"

The boys were happily playing in the hay an hour later when an elf appeared. "Mistress say lunch ready."

Harry though was terrified. "No. No. No."

Sirius scooped up his son. "Its okay that is your Uncle's elf." He explained to Lucius. "Since the woods he hasn't liked others."

Lucius assured the little boy. "Dobby is Draco's nanny elf he is very nice."

Harry didn't respond as they went in for lunch. Harry only trusted Kreacher and Popo but before he was fine with other elves. But he was terrified of any elf now but his own two. They made sure Kreacher was the only one who Harry saw at home. Dobby must have caught on for no elf was seen at lunch and Harry calmed down. He stayed with his Papa but he ate his lunch.

Narcissa assured both pouting boys when Harry had to go home at nap time. "Harry will come back soon to play."

Sirius hoped his son's worry of elves would pass. He had been taught to trust two for safety but before on the run he knew more. But Harry had been traumatized by nearly being kidnapped by an elf. Sirius was kicking himself for not warning his cousin to keep other elves away from his son even one as loving as Dobby was. Sirius knew Dobby as he had been nanny elf to Narcissa and her sisters. Like Kreacher, he had come with a bride to a new family. Bella had no kids and due to Ted Andromeda had little contact with her mother until after the war, so Narcissa got him. That elf was a born nanny and normally all kids adored him.

Harry had another rough night after the elf but Sirius was relieved it was only one bad night. And while terrified of the elf he wanted to see his cousin again. Both Tonks and Draco had won over their cousin.

He took Harry to his second lesson with Pollux. He smiled when he saw Tonks. "Not black."

Andromeda smirked. "Don't remind her. We made progress."

Tonks shrugged and took Harry. "I guess he isn't too bad."

Harry pouted. "Me?"

Tonks assured him. "Grandpa. You I have been excited to see today."

Harry clapped. "Me too."

Sirius confirmed. "He has been asking for three days."

Andromeda watched the two head off to find their grandfather. "Took three days but not fighting me anymore."

"I am still surprised you agreed. You hate him more then I do."

Andromeda sighed. "I know she needs it. She has less then 2 years before Hogwarts. She'd love muggle school even one year."

Sirius laughed. "School early? No Black."

Andromeda socked him. "Not all of us were bad students."

Sirius suggested. "Join me for lunch."

"I am having lunch with my mother."

He was shocked. "Should I worry you have been hexed?"

Andromeda's father had forgiven her before he died but her mother was another matter. She had seen Tonks maybe five times and would barely acknowledge her. She had sent a birth gift to her daughter's shock but little else. Christmas that year had been no different. But her mother had reached out days ago and asked to meet. Ted had convinced her to at least try with the woman. He reminded her what she told their daughter about Pollux. Andromeda was no happier then Tonks had been but was going.

Sirius had afternoon plans but he could have done lunch first. He was taking Fleamont to the ministry for the man was coming back from the dead officially. The papers were filed but this was a formality. Sirius went to have lunch with the man and take him.

Fleamont was happy for company but disappointed. "Where is my boy?"

"Keep that up and I will think you don't want to see me."

The man laughed. "I thought lunch with both my boys."

Sirius explained. "He is with Pollux for a lesson."

"I may not like the man but I appreciate he works with Harry."

Sirius grunted. "I don't get why you can't."

Fleamont assured him. "I will help with his elemental but I know nothing of elf."

"Elemental? He is one? I knew the family….."

Fleamont nodded. "Like the elf on your side, every Potter shows a bit. But Harry already shows promise to be like my father."

"Why the elf came out more."

"Likely both ways. The elven blood likely awakened his elemental. Like your grandfather my own training is minimal but I can help."

Sirius sighed. "I know its special but I wish my son wasn't showing two and so young."

Fleamont assured him. "We will train him and keep him safe."

The two men spoke over lunch and Fleamont thought to wait. He wanted time with his grandson but it was less of a concern then his elven power. He was a baby and teaching him even one magic was a lot. Sirius agreed and he assured the man he would bring Harry. But since Harry couldn't come to the ministry anyways he thought the timing worked. He had arranged with Moody for Fleamont to come through to his office. Fudge and Amelia would meet them there for the papers.

It was simple enough as Fudge and Amelia already knew. They were happy to sign off on the papers. Fudge loved anyone with a title and even more one who could lower Albus a peg. Sirius was worried but Fleamont insisted on leaving the normal way.

Moody knew and he said. "I'll see you both out."

Sirius was reluctant but followed them to the elevator. "I thought your son the reckless one."

Fleamont laughed. "He learned it some where."

A voice met them down in the hall. "I had heard rumors."

Fleamont smiled as he saw the woman. He knew her daughter in law was an heir too. "Augusta."

The woman's husband had been a colleague and their sons were friends. "I am pleased to see the rumors are correct."

Sirius looked at her. "How is Neville?"

The woman turned to him. "Missing his mum. I am happy you are reunited."

Sirius smiled. "Perhaps the boys can play one day."

"It would be fitting what they are. And you and James were such friends to my son."

Augusta had done all she could to try and get Harry when he was in prison. Alice and Lily were so close and Augusta felt she owed it to both women to look after the boys. Albus had stopped her but she was happy the boy was home with his Papa. She wished her grandson could have the same but she knew they were not going to recover. She'd be pleased if the boys were friends.

Outside there was a ruckus and Sirius didn't like it. "Something is wrong."

Fleamont tried to calm him. "You are jumpy. Its a muggle protest."

Moody though sensed it too. "We need to go back in. I will send men out."

Augusta managed to get inside but the other three found the entrance blocked. Sirius looked at his mentor. "This is bad."

Moody agreed. "Augusta will call in the others."

They had to be careful as there were muggles but they knew something was wrong. Five hooded figures appeared and for a moment they thought death eaters but they were all in prison and these wore no masks. Sirius put Fleamont behind him and as he deflected a hex he wondered what was taking back up so long. Moody was thinking the same thing as Augusta had only had to go to security. Their true concern that whatever had kept them out was keeping backup in.

Suddenly as the sound of pops came and aurors arrived there was a scream and blood splattered the marble. "No."

Pollux was working with his grandchildren. He could admit perhaps he enjoyed it more then he would have admitted. Even the girl. She reminded him of her grandfather, the same cockiness and flare. She may look like the muggle born but she was a Black in more then her elven blood. He knew where her mother was. He had suggested to his son's widow that she might consider making some peace with her daughter and the girl. Druella didn't seem keen but she had reached out.

Harry was happy to come play with them. He didn't really get it was lessons but that was the point for now. Tonks may have but she seemed happy enough and was making some progress already. He thought she should continue even after control.

They were about to have lunch when Kreacher appeared. "Master here."

Pollux was shocked by the portkey. "Why?"

"Master need to take now."

Tonks was worried. "What is it?"

Pollux realized the elf was trying not to worry them. "Its time to go."

Harry eyed them. "Go?"

Tonks picked him up. "I thought we were having lunch?"

"It seems your aunt and uncle are expecting us."

Tonks didn't buy it. "I know something is wrong."

Harry looked worried. "Wro?"

He shot a look at Tonks. "We don't need to be late."

Tonks got the message and grabbed it. "No."

Pollux had no idea what was going on but he knew there was danger. Kreacher was sent to keep an eye on Harry but also serve so Harry didn't get upset by other elves. He needed to get his grandchildren out of there. He would find out what was wrong later but the children were his main concern. He would not allow anything to happen to either of them.

He tried activating the portkey but found it could not leave. He looked to Kreacher thinking to apparate Tonks and Kreacheer could take Harry but neither he nor Kreacher were able to leave. Kreacher could but only alone.

He looked at the elf. "Grimmauld now."

Kreacher bowed. "Right away Master."

Tonks was starting to panic. "What is happening?'

Pollux looked at them both. "I have to get you out."

Harry was in tears. "Go?"

Tonks held him. "How?"

Pollux looked at Harry. "Can you call a phoenix?"

Harry smiled. "Gai."

Gaius and Fawkes both appeared. Tonks was amazed. "Wow."

Pollux knew whatever the wards were the phoenixes were stronger. "Harry you need to get them to take you to the centaurs."

Harry was silent but then nodded. "They take."

"Centaurs? Grandpa?" Tonks was confused.

"You will be safe until we come." Pollux assured her.

"Come with us."

Pollux shook his head. "They can take two."

Tonks believed him though he was lying. "I will stay. I am not leaving you."

"You will go now."

"I can fight I have magic."

He shook his head. "You are a child you will not be killed."

"Like you care."

"You are my granddaughter and I am not about to lose either of you. Now go."

Tonk was shocked when she believed him and reluctantly went to the phoenixes. Pollux could have gone but was worried they'd be tracked and stayed to divert. Kreacher would return with the other Blacks and it would be fine. As he watched the two vanish he felt relief knowing they would be safe with the centaurs until someone came for them. But his relief was short lived as he saw robed men headed his way across the sand. He was never a warrior and as he drew his wand he could only hope Kreacher was fast.

Tonks was shocked when they arrived in the woods. She was terrified both about what happened and where they were. She knew what woods they were. Holding Harry to her she was more spooked when the birds left.

She heard hooves and freaked. "Oh Merlin."

Harry smiled though. "Centi."

Magorian appeared with his eldest son and heir. "You remember."

Harry waved. "Two?"

Magorian introduced him. "This is my son Firenze. And who is your friend?"

Harry beamed. "Ton."

Tonks clarified. "His cousin Tonks. Grandfather sent us."

Magorian understood. "You will come to our village for a visit till the family come."

Harry was amazed when he and Tonks got to ride. And more by the village. "Pret."

Firenze took Harry."Lets go meet some foals little one."

Magorian spoke to Tonks. "You are both safe."

Tonks was pale. "I am more worried about the old man."

Kreacher had gone to Grimmauld for Master but he arrived at the same time as a floo from the ministry came. Arcturus, Remus and Lucius who had been at the house headed for the coast. Wallburga was accompanied by her niece to the ministry as they knew there were aurors there. The men knew Pollux needed help and headed off prepared to fight if needed. When they got to the beach they realized what ever had happened had finished. At first they saw no one until they found a prone body on the sand.

Remus looked sick at all the blood. "How? And where are the kids?"

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