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Chapter 15 chess

Harry had spent another three nights needing company at night though Sirius allowed Remus to take a turn. But the little boy rebounded faster then the adults. The kidnapping had been bad but the attacks left them all shaken. The old bus driver had been buried and a new driver had been found for nights. They were lucky other then him and two muggles there were no further casualties or major injuries among the others. Pollux was recovering and he had been released three days after. He would be in bed for some time but he would be back training the kids soon. Tonks was looking forward to them now. Her mother should have been relieved but not because of why. She thought it would help her be an auror.

Sirius was having lunch with his son and a very odd bunch. He had decided it was time to see his Aunt Lucretia. He thought she lived alone on the coast since the death of her husband some years before.

He was surprised to see Andromeda coming his way with Tonks and Ted. "I wasn't expecting to see you today."

Harry beamed as always and reached for Tonks. "Ton."

Tonks scooped him up. "Hey Harry. Ready for lunch with the old grannies?"

Harry was confused. "Grammy."

Sirius was not any more certain. "We are having lunch with my Aunt."

Tonks piped in. "And grandmother."

Andromeda saw his confusion. "I assume you are not aware my mother lives here."

Sirius was taken off guard. "I assumed she lived in her manor. I wasn't aware the two knew each other well."

"She usually is at home, not like grandfather. But she seems to like the air in the summer on the coast."

Sirius looked at Ted. "I didn't expect to see you here."

Ted gave a good natured shrug. "Didn't seem worth fighting an order."

Andromeda shot her cousin a look. "You have damage control with my daughter."

Sirius knew what she meant. "It's not my fault she wants to be an auror. Besides she is nine."

Andromeda headed for the house. "You knew when you were five."

Ted laughed at his expression. "You know our daughter idolized you since birth."

Sirius had and he loved it. He was only a second year in school when Tonks was born. For all his being a dad now Sirius had been the young and cool student and then an auror. Tonks had loved when he visited and had been devastated when he went to prison. Her mother always knew he was innocent and reminded Tonks of that. Besides Narcissa in private, the Blacks had never been accepting of Tonks and her dad. He had been the only one, well and Alphard before he died, who spoke to them except holidays. They used to have lunch with Alphard as a group after he ran away from home. Sirius appreciated his cousin for supporting him when he left and she thanked him for supporting her family.

They found the two ladies out on the patio. He had seen Druella at the hospital but he was happy to see Lucretia. He was surprised the women bonded. Druella had married into a different branch of the family and Lucretia was a gray sheep. Ignatius didn't push her to full black sheep.

Lucretia smiled when she saw him. " I was happy to hear you are free but not happy it took so long for a visit."

Sirius kissed her cheek. "I should have come sooner."

Harry looked at her and Tonks. "Yo grammy?"

Tonks directed him to the other woman. "No that I assume you'd call my grandmother."

Harry looked at Sirius and at the lady. "Who?"

Sirius took his son. "Harry this is Aunt Lucretia. She is your Grandpa Orion's sister."

Lucretia smiled. "Hello."

Harry played a little shy which was odd for him. "Hi."

Tonks piped up. "Who are you?"

A boy had come up from the beach. "Charlie."

Sirius stopped. "As in Weasley? Molly and Albus….."

Druella looked at Charlie. "Why don't you take Harry and Nymphadora to the beach."

Charlie shrugged. "Sure."

Sirius reluctantly handed over his son. "Go play."

Lucretia reminded him. "He is my great nephew as well."

Sirius didn't like it. "Molly and Arthur like Albus. I should have known he was here."

The woman motioned him to sit. "Your mother and grandfather agreed."

Sirius smirked. "I am not shocked."

Lucretia revealed Molly had been suffering bad postpartum since the birth of her long awaited daughter. Molly's own aunts had been helping but the kids were restless. Lucretia had offered to take Charlie and Bill for a couple of weeks to give Molly a break and the boys one too. At almost eleven and nine she thought them old enough and brought them. Bill had been inside doing some reading but they soon saw him join his brother and the others. Lucretia assured him the boys had sworn not to tell though she didn't think Molly was a risk. The boys were happy to be here and didn't want to be sent home to the mad house sooner than needed. Charlie and Tonks would be in the same year in school so it seemed fair.

Sirius sighed and agreed. "I am sure the boys can use it as much as their mother. And I trust you."

Druella looked at her son in law. "I see you came."

Ted remained civil. "Since it's the first time since I married your daughter thirteen years ago you asked."

Druella reminded him. "I saw you at Christmas."

Ted felt like pointing out he worried she'd stab him at dinner but he held his tongue. "Yes, your other daughter is kind enough to invite me."

Andromeda glared at her mother. "I thought you said you'd try for my daughter's sake."

Druella simmered. "I believe it was a condition of me seeing my own grandchild."

Ted looked at Sirius. "I am going to check on the kids."

Sirius knew he was offering an out. "I will remain to talk with my aunts."

Ted thought him brave and headed to the beach. Ted was a teddy bear but his mother in law pushed every button he had. Andromeda told him about the truce with her mother. He doubted it would work but for the sake of his wife and daughter he would try. He was grateful his own family was loving and accepting of his wife and daughter. His extended family was shocked by magic but were trusting. But like Harry Tonks could not have too much family. She could spend more time with her aunt now. The Christmas had been a first, safe now Lucius was not a spy.

Harry was giggling as he was making a sandcastle with the boys. "Bigger."

Ted asked. "Where is my daughter?"

Tonks appeared. "I went to the loo. I thought Harry was fine with the boys. You…."

Ted cut her off. "He seems to be having a blast."

Harry looked up at him. "Help? Ton dad?"

Ted laughed and knelt. "You can call me Uncle Ted."

Charlie splashed water at Tonks while they worked. "Needs to be straighter."

Tonks splashed him back. "Need your eyes checked."

Bill looked at Harry. "Charlie needs to be careful. He may make your cousin mad."

Harry shook his head. "No bla"

Ted agreed with him. "More blushing."

Tonks glared at her father. "I am not. Grandsire simply taught me control."

Ted could have pointed out her hair was black now but held his tongue. He was happy her hair went back to brown and she was having fun. Other than when angry she did have her hair under control now. He found himself helping with the sandcastle until they were all called up for lunch and he was happy to see the other four were alive. His wife and her mother were making small talk and Sirius was chatting with Lucretia. Druella even made an effort with Tonks over the meal. It seems she did have a genuine interest in her only granddaughter.

Charlie could be heard when they went to leave. "I guess she was fun enough for a girl."

Sirius was not happy his mother and aunt conspired but he assumed it was fine. Harry had fun and the boys seemed trustworthy. He liked Molly a lot but she was too trusting and he worried Albus could use her. It was a shame as Molly had some of the only kids he knew Harry's age and close. But he was reminded that Harry was young and Draco and soon Neville were enough for now.

Harry was happily adjusting to life in Grimmauld. Any hope Sirius had of the home being temporary vanished every day. Harry was growing more attached to his grandmother and Sirius couldn't deny it made him happy.

Arcturus was not happy when he came into his den. "What are you doing in here?"

Harry looked up and showed him the knight. "Pay"

Arcturus remembered his board at the manor. "You have toys."

Harry shook his head. "Pay Grandpa O."

Arcturus saw his son above the fire. "What are you doing in here?"

Orion smiled. "My grandson seems to want to know how to play chess."

Arcturus realized the boy had been at the table and not making a fort. "Play?"

Harry showed the king. "I cap."

Orion smiled a little. "For his age he is determined."

Arcturus took the king from him. "I had a game going."

Harry pouted. "Pay with Grandpa."

Sirius appeared in the door. "There you are. I was looking for you in your playroom."

Arcturus growled. "Where he should be."

Remus scooped Harry up. "I'll take him down. Fleamont is expecting us."

Harry clapped his hands. "Grandpa Fee pay. No grump like Grandpa A."

Arcturus watched them go. "Fleamont was Grandpa grump."

Sirius turned back to him. "Well now he plays."

Sirius didn't know why the old man was shocked or seemed to care. He made no effort with Harry other then making sure he was rarely near him. The man may have given Harry a home but he had tried never to see the boy. Arcturus had always been aloof but he had not been cold like this when Sirius was little. Sirius had only been a few years older than his son when the man taught him to play chess. If he had thought any grandfather would refuse time with Harry it would be Pollux and yet Pollux had proven him wrong. Harry had met his match on the one person he couldn't charm.

Orion's painting was thinking the same thing as his son but he held his tongue. His father had changed little since he was a kid, being a grandfather and now great grandfather seemed to have changed little. He thought it a shame.

Sirius went to leave. "I'll make sure he doesn't disturb your precious board."

Arcturus snarled. "Can I not have one room?"

Sirius turned back. "He wanted to play chess."

"And of course you have no such thing."

Sirius reminded him. "I beat you plenty."

"I let you."

Sirius didn't buy it. "You let no one win. Maybe Fleamont will make him one."

"That man, seducing another generation."

Sirius shot back. "No seducing needed. He wants a grandfather."

"I will not babysit that boy."

Sirius walked to the door. "It's a shame. Chess with you was a favorite memory of my childhood. I'll keep him out of here."

Arcturus sunk into a chair. "I am not being unreasonable. And what is it with Potters?"

Orion responded. "As my son told me, they fill a void."

Arcturus looked at him. "You were a fine father."

Orion admitted. "I was an absent one. I can't make up for it. You can."

"Like I care what either of them think of me."

"You wouldn't be stewing if you didn't. Try chess with the boy. You don't want him to be seduced by Potters, at least try."

Sirius was surprised to find his son in with the chess but he meant his words. But he was focused on his other shock. It seemed his aunts were not the only ones living together. Pollux had taken up temporary resilience at Potter Manor. Never had Sirius thought to see the two men, even civil not alone, live together. He was told it was as Severus was both their healer and it made more sense. Though it made sense he knew it had more to do with hos son. He found the two men waiting for him in the den. Harry beamed to see them both.

Harry was surprised. "Che bor."

Sirius noticed two in fact and could see they were new. "You seem psychic."

Fleamont smiled when told. "I had a hand."

Pollux. "The first time I met the boy and he has mentioned in lesson."

Harry eyed. "I pay? Grandpa A say no."

Fleamont turned to him. "One is for you to play fort with as you please."

Pollux added. "The other I will teach you on."

Harry was surprised. "You pay."

Pollux put the boy in his lap. "I may not play as well as Arcturus but I am sure I will do."

Harry picked up a king. "I cap."

Pollux put it down. "Lets teach you how to play for real."

Fleamont saw his surprise. "He thought it a way to teach the boy while he recovered."

Sirius saw Harry using some magic. "I thought he'd use it as an excuse to take a break."

"He seems in his own way to enjoy the time with both children."

Watching the man and his son Sirius seemed to agree. Pollux certainly was showing a softer side then he had ever thought possible. He even drew Remus into the game. Harry and his grandfather played Remus. Sirius was informed he was such a bad player, playing two people was even more unfair. Remus had bested Sirius plenty but Sirius was pretty good. But he knew it simply an excuse to give him time with Fleamont.

Fleamont surprised him with his own gift, a small wood stag."I thought perhaps you may like. If I am wrong…."

Sirius held the deer. "Thank you."

The deer Sirius found at home had the date of his and James bond on it. He also found a compartment he realized was just big enough for two rings. He knew it was for his bond ring and another. He placed James' which he had returned. He wore his own and he was not ready to remove but one day he would and he would keep it close when he did. For now the deer sat on his bedside table. Harry had his stuffed stag which they remade for him. He had four still but instead of a rat they made a cat for Lily. Harry had never liked the stuffed rat from birth. It should have been a sign.

Tonks had to wait a week for her lessons but Pollux and Harry played chess every day. He never thought chess a game for babies but Harry was intent on it. Though he also made a fort with his extra set that Fleamont sent home with him.

Harry was in his playroom when the door opened. "I see you are back."

Harry turned to Arcturus. "Grandpas nap."

Arcturus eyed the toys. "Chess?"

Harry hugged the knight to him. "My. Grandpa Fee make. No mad."

Arcturus eyed the fort. "It seems so."

Harry looked up hopefully. "Pay."

Arcturus surprised him by bending and picking him up. "We would not wish to mess your fort."

Harry let himself be carried to the stairs. "I ha nap."

Arcturus took him to the next floor. "You will show me."

Harry was surprised to be in den. "No go."

Arcturus took him over to the fire. "When invited you may."

Harry was amazed. "Lit char."

"If we are too play you need a proper seat."

Before the fire now sat the chess board table between two chairs. He played via mail usually so normally only one chair. He had his proper board up on the shelf for now. This set was one he had given his son when he finished school and he taught his grandson on it. It seemed fitting that he teach Harry on this one. It was not a cheap set that kids took to school, Orion had such as well, but this was more fitting. He had shrunk a second chair to be a good size for Harry to play at the table for him. He was not about to have the boy in his lap.

Harry happily sat in his chair though at first he looked a bit worried to touch. Orion had been brought back though and he encouraged his grandson it was okay to play. He seemed scared after what had happened before over chess.

Sirius stood in the door watching later. "I am seeing things."

He had not seen his mother come up behind him. "He is making an effort."

Sirius smirked. "He doesn't wish to be shown up by a Potter."

Wallburga laughed a tad. "That may play a part. But he is trying."

Sirius sighed. "I hope he will continue. I do not wish my son hurt."

Walburga assured him. "He would not start if he did not mean to continue. He did with you."

Sirius smiled a tad. "The only time he acknowledged me other then to complain."

"He left you most of your fortune including the beach house you threatened to move to."

Sirius stopped. "Your brother did. I know the beach house was ours but Alphard bought it."

Walburga cut him off. "For one knutt. My brother was wealthy but not to the extent he left you."

Sirius was amazed. "Why? The old man was angrier than you and father."

"He knew we disinherited you but he wished to see you cared for. He gifted my brother the house and a sizable sum."

Sirius realized he had not given the old man enough credit. "I never thought."

Walburga turned to leave. "Your father and I were not the only ones who felt your loss. "

Sirius had truly believed his brother had been the only who cared. He blamed himself for his brother taking the mark though he had been forced and became a spy. His Uncle and Andromeda were the only family who spoke to him until his father summoned him on his sick bed. He was starting to see his family was owed more credit than they had been given by him.

Harry beamed when he captured the king. "I ween."

Arcturus smirked but nodded. "With help from my son."

Harry looked up at Orion. "Tea"

Orion smiled at the little boy. "I think we make a fine one."

Arcturus saw Sirius. "I believe it is dinner time."

Sirius came for his son but he handed Harry off to Kreacher. "I'll be down in a moment."

Kreacher smiled. "Come little Master."

Arcturus smirked. "The child is in one piece."

Sirius came to the board, "It seems you had a good game."

Arcturus would only admit. "He needs to learn properly."

Sirius called as the man went to go. "Perhaps one night we can."

Arcturus stopped but didn't turn back. "We would not wish you to get rusty."

Sirius sighed as he watched the man go. "No I guess not."

Orion reminded his son. "He is trying."

Sirius knew and it was the reason he had made the suggestion. Both Remus and Flemont tried to tell him he should make more of an effort for his son's sake as it went both ways. He had not been one to listen but his mother's words at least sunk in this time for him. For the sake of his son he would try more then a truce but mend bridges. But they would be hard to fix and weak to begin with. But his son was worth it.

Orion said as he went to go for dinner. "Albus will not remain silent. An united family is much stronger."

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