Confusion was not solved by the answer. Not that an answer from a toddler would have been that complete. But he realized why the child looked familiar to him. Wallburga was not the only one who ground her teeth at the very mention of James Potter. James was a spoiled only child with no respect for old blood ways. He had convinced Sirius to abandon his family and duties. He had only seen the muggle born wife in passing once or twice but he recalled the eyes. Why was their brat sitting in his parlor now? And calling him grandfather? He had nothing to do with that child. Better question was how he ended up here.

The little boy just happily sat there holding a little blanket. If he seemed at all disturbed by his new surroundings he showed no sign of it. He seemed to be quite at home and that bothered Arcturus even more.

Arcturus called his elf. "Kreacher."

Kreacher appeared. "Master."

"Who brought this child?"

Kreacher looked at the baby. "I not know Master Harry here."

"Master Harry? How do you know this child?" Arcturus was bewildered.

Kreacher refused to answer fully. "I can not be saying."

Arcturus was fuming. "You can not refuse an order from me. How do you know this child?"

Harry smiled at Kreacher. "Kreak."

Kreacher went to leave. "Old master orders."

Arcturus was fuming. "I am Lord Black you will tell me."

"Lord Black be knowing I have to do what my master says. I not assigned you."

Arcturus was steaming. "You are the head elf."

Kreacher reminded him. "Not till master die."

Arcturus watched the elf leave in absolute confusion. Kreacher was as old as they came but he was right he had not been head elf until last year. He had actually come with Walburga, he had belonged to Pollux's line. But after the old head elf had fallen victim to Pollux and ended up a head on the wall, Kreacher had been chosen. Kreacher was right and if the orders had been given before he became head elf Kreacher followed them first. But that answered no questions. Orion was dead before this child was born. And even if he wasn't there was no reason he would have been involved. Or ordered the elf to keep it secret.

Looking down at the boy he noticed the child now had a stuffed dog in his hands. He knew Kreahcer must have given it to him. He was more confused than ever. And still had no idea why the boy was here or how.

Harry looked at him and showed his toy. 'Paddifoot.'

Arcturus was aware of his grandson's nickname. "He would never have come here. Now how did you come?"

Harry smiled. "I want to see Grandpa.'

Arcturus was irate. "I am no such thing. And that does not explain how you are here."

Harry didn't seem bothered by his tone. "Uncle shout. Scare. Want Grandpa. I pop."

Arcturus realized with shock it was some kind of accidental magic. "I am not your grandfather."

Harry pouted a bit. "You grouchy. But other Grandpa snore."

"Other grandpa?" Arcturus was beyond bewildered.

Harry didn't even look at him as he sat playing. "He just snore.I come."

Arcturus couldn't even fathom who the boy meant. Lord and Lady Potter were dead. He doubted the child had gone to muggle grandparents if there were any. But then again this child seemed to think he was his grandfather. Heaven knows which poor sleeping soul this child had appeared before. Even more confusing was it seemed the magic was not so accidental.

He called Kreacher. "You will take him home."

Harry was upset. "No."

"You will go to your family." Arcturus wasn't backing down.

Harry was on the verge of tears. "Grandpa."

Arcturus was losing it. "I am no such thing. You will go home."

Kreacher actually spoke up. "But Master….."

Arcturus snarled. "You will take that child home now before I add you to the wall."

Kreacher picked up Harry. "Come."

Arcturus was rubbing his temples as he watched them go. He had no idea why the boy came and Kreacher confused him as much. The elf hated anything but purebloods but that child was a half blood. Going over to his bar he poured himself a drink and downed it in on go. He did what he had not done in years and poured himself another.

He looked at the drink in hand. "The child is gone and that is that."

Arcturus had headed to the manor the next morning. It had been earlier than intended but he needed to clear his head. The family was gathering included the Malfoys. Since the death of Abraxas, Narcisssa and her husband came. He was not pleased to learn her sister and her husband were coming. The fact that a muggle born was coming to a family dinner did not sit right with him. But some how she had wrangled an invitation not only for the ball but the family lunch.

Arcturus was at least pleased Pollux was there. Beyond his daughter in law there was only one family member he truly could count on to be reasonable. He had been pleased to learn Lucius was a spy, they were not dark, but the man was soft on things.

He turned to Pollux after lunch. "Join me for a game of chess."

Pollux stood. "I would not be opposed."

Arcturus led the way to his den. "I was shocked to learn that girl and her child are coming."

Pollux grunted. "Her mother and sister insisted."

"Since when were you ruled by women?" Arcturus barked.

Pollux smirked. "It seemed easier to keep the peace."

Pollux had lost both his sons over the years not that Alphard was ever mentioned by Pollux. Alphard had been a black sheep who had embraced far too muggle liking ways. And had been an artist of all things. Arcturus had found him useful. He had wished to see his grandson taken care of but could not be known to help the runaway boy. He knew Alphard had name Sirius his heir, and Arcturus funneled money through him. His grandson he knew could be redeemed and brought back.

Pollux thought it was almost funny that the man called him on allowing Andromeda to attend. Even more, her muggle born husband, and the child. He was more than aware where their shared grandson got his money.

He reminded his cousin of that. "Should we mention the wealth your grandson inherited."

Arcturus was not shocked it came up. "I believe it was your son that left it to our grandson."

Pollux sneered. "My son is correct. I know how much money he had from his mother's dower. Far less then the boy has."

Arcturus pushed open his door. "He seemed to have success as an artist."

"Not enough to triple the fortune. And don't think I don't know where that beach house came from."

Arcturus would only admit. "He purchased it from me. There are records."

Pollux scoffed. "For one sickle. I looked."

"It should remain in the family." Arcturus motioned towards the table. "Black or white?"

"Black, since I seem to be the one acting as one."

Pollux was not humored the man called him on his grandchild. He had no room to talk. Pollux had arranged a marriage for Alphard and career. The boy instead ran off with his mother's money and became a damn painter. Cygnus had married but to his father's great shame only had daughters. And beyond Narcissa, both the others brought further shame. Andromeda and her muggle born marriage and Bellatrix. Unlike Sirius, both his grandfathers knew it was lies, she had been a death eater. She was in prison rotting for life. He wished Walburga had been a son, she was the only child who was remotely like him. Unfortunately his grandsons were not.

Arcturus knew Pollux agreed on Sirius. For all his faults the boy was deathly loyal and honest. He would never go dark or turn on James for anything. He was starting to think Pollux may be the ally he needed to get the boy.

Pollux looked in confusion at the board. "Where are the pieces?"

Arcturus saw half were missing until he noticed them on the floor. "How?"

Pollux smirked. "Cat of yours knocked them over."

Arcturus smirked. "Zar would never touch it. Besides it looks like a fort."

Pollux agreed. "Playing toys are you?"

Arcturus used a spell to put them on the board. "Our grandsons used to. How…?"

His voice trailed off as he was looking for the missing king and turned to the couch. Curled up on the couch asleep was that damned boy. He had the king clutched in one hand and another arm wrapped around Zar. If not bewildered that the boy was there he would have marveled. His cat hated everyone including him at times. He certainly had never cuddled with anyone. But the cat was purring of all things as the boy cuddled him. He saw the shock on Pollux and explained what happened before.

Pollux watched the boy wake. "How did he get here?"

"I have no idea how he got to Grimmauld. We will send him back."

Harry smiled. "Grandpas."

Pollux balked at the child. "Excuse me? Keep your delusions to Arcturus."

Harry pouted. "Grandpas play with me? I make fort."

Arcturus glared at the child. "I sent you home. What are you doing here?"

Harry showed the king. "Uncle not let me play. I come to Grandpa play."

"For the last time I am not your grandfather."

Harry kept smiling. "Other grandpa sleeping still."

Pollux was confused. "The muggle?"

Arcturus shrugged. "I assume."

"We may have to take the boy home and make sure he can't apparate again."

Arcturus agreed and looked at the boy. "Time to go home."

Harry shook his head. "No."

"You will be missed by your family."

Harry thought. "You help wake snore Grandpa."

Arcturus reluctantly picked up the child. "Yes I will. Can you take us?"

He had intended to send the boy home but perhaps this best. He needed to figure out where this child kept going. He was prepared to end up in a muggle home and he knew he had to be careful. The last thing he needed was to explain to scared muggles anything. But when he and Pollux arrived, shocked the boy could do side by side with them, they were in no muggle house. From the moving paintings they were in a wizard home and a manor at that. Their confusion over how the boy did it was equal to where they were.

Arcturus looked at the child. "Where did you bring us?"

Harry was smiling. "To snore Grandpa. You help wake."

Pollux noticed something on the wall. "That is the Potter crest."

Arcturus agreed. "Grandpa? Fleamont is dead."

Harry though seemed to lead them down a hall. Orion and Fleamont had died the same year, Fleamont in the fall and Orion just after Christmas. It would be two years since his son died, on the 27th. But as Harry managed to open a door they found themselves in a bedroom and saw the boy crawl up into the bed. They stood in shock looking at none other then Fleamont Potter. The man was not a mummy and to their shock he was indeed breathing. Though the snoring was a breathing spell.

Harry looked at them. "You help wake Grandpa now."

AN: Pollux and Arcturus are confused, oh so confused. Hope you enjoy. How is Fleamont alive and what is up with Harry and his magic, and the grandpas?