Chapter 21 Eleven

Harry and his friends were so excited to be eleven. Harry and Neville would be last to get their letters but were sure to get in. Hermione had got over her nerves as she learned more about magic. She had been to some events and met a few like Blaise. Harry had gone to France for a few weeks before his birthday. Tonks had come with him for the last time. She would always visit the elves like Harry but now she was an adult and would be busy. Much to her mother's chagrin Tonks followed her dreams from nine and was to start at the auror academy in fall. It took two years and a further to be an officer. Sirius groaned about teaching her but in reality he was so proud. Though he mainly led the school he taught the animagus lessons. Tonks was sure to be able to be an animagus as all Blacks were. Harry was thrilled for her and about Charlie too. Charlie had signed to play with the United in the fall. He hadn't ruled out dragons, he was taking animal healing at the ministry, but it was three years. Harry wouldn't lose him too soon. He had come close to working in Romania but in the end chose against it.

Harry got back two days before his birthday. He had actually not been with the elves the entire time. The last few days he joined the Grangers visiting Hermione's grandparents in Marseilles. Since Hermione knew his it was fair. He had a great time and came back with the family.

Harry was surprised when his Papa and all three grandfathers called him into the den the day before his birthday. "Should I worry?"

Remus came in behind him. 'You sound like your Papa. You like them better."

Sirius smirked. "Usually because if I got summoned before even one of these three it meant I was in real trouble. Usually father just yelled."

Harry had heard plenty. "I haven't gotten into trouble. And not enough for three."

Fleamont motioned him to come over. "We have an early gift for you. We are waiting on your cousin."

Tonks appeared. "Oh Merlin all three? Mum can't get you to convince me to drop out."

Pollux snarled."Neither of you are in trouble. Unlike either of your parents at that age."

Harry was shocked. "Aunt Annie? I thought she was the good one."

Sirius snorted. "She'd like you to think so. Her sister and I could tell you otherwise."

Harry told her. "Grandpa Fleamont is here too. They said they have a gift for us.'

Pollux clarified as he took out two bottles. "More a gift for you. Tonks is more a training partner."

Sirius saw his confusion. "Animagus potions. Tonks will learn in a year at the academy but thought a head start."

Harry was shocked. "Really? I thought I had to wait. You and dad were older."

Walburga who joined them commented. "It seems safer to train you before you try alone."

Remus laughed. "Don't think we don't know you and your friends have plotted. For now this is just for you."

Eleven was young for even a Black. Papa and Dad had been fifteen and Uncle Moony like the others was an adult. Papa was not the only dog in his family, his father and Arcturus were. Harry had been surprised grandmother was a fox like Pollux. Fleamont had shown Harry that he was a gazelle. Harry was sure to have a form between both families. He wondered if a canine like the Blacks, or deer like from the Potters. Or something else. Moony revealed Harry he would get some training with him even at school. Harry would continue his centaur studies and Remus would be part. His grandfathers would from time to time as well. He was made to promise to only practice when with them or the centaurs at least.

Tonks knew all aurors took the potion in second year but was happy to learn now. She continued training with Pollux and Harry and would till September when both began school. Pollux officially gave her his beach house but would live at home for now.

Tonks was allowed to go first. "Bottoms up."

Harry was amazed. "Wow a chameleon. Not a canine."

Sirius smiled. "Not all Blacks are. And it seems fitting."

Tonks turned back. "Cool. Can change my color either way."

Pollux smirked. "Hopefully you learn as well as with your hair. The form may come in handy."

Sirius turned to his son. "You know you are anxious."

Harry took off the lid and went to drink. "Please have a form."

Arcturus spoke as he drank. "There has never been a Black without a form, not just the elven ones."

Fleamont added as Harry sipped. "Or Potter. Our empath side likely."

Harry soon transformed. He was a canine but neither fox nor dog. Sirius was amazed. "A wolf."

Remus had a few tears. "Definitely smaller then Moony. About Padfoot size."

Harry turned back. "A wolf? I am a wolf. Not a dog or fox."

Arcturus smiled."A canine just the same. I'd say a red wolf from your size and color."

Harry looked to Remus."You are an Eurasian wolf in size. Can I still be in your pack?"

Remus who was a cat animagus but a shifter wolf hugged him. "As long as you don't chase my cat form like your Papa."

Harry had not noticed but Tonks and the others had left. Only Fleamont remained. There was more to talk about. Fleamont had never trained Harry. It had always been thought best to focus on his elven powers. But with him going to school it seemed right. All Potters had reactions to the castle. In reality the family owned the school, at least the castle. It was one of the Gryffindor homes and Godric used it to make the school. They were owners and hereditary heads though none claimed it. Though Harry would continue with elven Fleamont would start as well.

Harry turned to him. "You're not disappointed? Not a deer or close like you and Dad?'

Fleamont assured him. "It suits you. You have much of your family in you."

Sirius motioned Harry to sit. "But your Potter side too. You remember we told you about your blood?"

Harry nodded. "Gryffindor and empaths."

Fleamont added. "I believe you may also be an elemental."

Harry was shocked. "Really? But you aren't. I thought it rare."

"It is but like elven blood we all show signs. You show promise to be like your namesake."

Harry knew his name Henry was for his great-grandfather."I thought it was elf powers."

Fleamont sighed. "I thought maybe just elf and some of us but as you grow I believe it more."

Sirius was still wary. "When you were a baby we thought it best to focus on one magic. But being at school may bring it out more."

Harry was excited. "This is so cool. I love learning from the elves but this is cool too."

They told him Fleamont would come to some of his centaur lessons to work with him. The centaurs would continue to be a private place to train him. They had helped with his elven skills and he learned about stars and healing from them. He wasn't as interested in stars though he enjoyed learning about them. Magorian though thought Harry had potential to be a healer and though not even eleven Harry liked the idea. He would be bored in business and had no interest in auror. But he had years before he had to choose and things could change.

Remus returned. "Harry you should grab the gift for Neville. His party starts soon and we have to pick up Hermione."

Harry and Neville had shared a party since they were two. Augusta and the Blacks had alternated years planning for the boys. Harry and Neville had always been happy to share the day as were like cousins at least. This year it was thought the boys should have their own birthday as turning eleven was a big day. Neville had his party at botanical gardens in London. His love for plants had only grown and it was perfect. His gran had made him a greenhouse the year before. Draco's had been at a pre-season quidditch exhibition and beach later. Hermione came and then spent the night at the manor to attend Harry's the next day. Hermione had been happy to be invited to all three. Harry had no idea what was planned. He knew after Draco and Neville's it would be amazing. Eleven and seventeen were both key in their world.

Harry was amazed after breakfast when he saw where they took him. He had heard of Chesssington world of adventure. It was a mix of amusement park and safari park. His love of animals and heights they thought made it perfect.

Harry looked around in amazement. "This is so cool."

Sirius smiled. "We thought you'd approve. Couldn't decide between animals or rides so combined."

Remus added. "Both Charlie and Hermione mentioned this place. They both thought you'd love."

Hermione spoke up. "There is a zoo keeper experience. I have been once before."

As others arrived Sirius added. "While your friends do some rides you'll get to do the zoo keeper program for an hour."

Draco came over. "This is cool. I was wondering since I got quidditch."

Neville agreed. "None of us were told. But they wanted unique for each of us."

Remus motioned. "We should go in. We have arranged a private safari before lunch."

Sirius led his son to the vehicle. "It is why we came early. We knew you'd want all the animal encounters and the rides."

Harry got the best seat. He had wondered why they had him up so early. "Awesome."

Remus laughed when Sirius groaned Harry wanted to see lions top. "You should be happy, Gryffindor and all."

Sirius conceded that. "Still a cat. Just glad he is a wolf not cat like you. Still worried about his school pet."

Hermione, Neville, Draco and the Weasleys were not the only kids. Blaise, Hannah Abbot and Susan Bones had come. Harry knew the girls through Papa and Blaise through Draco. Ron was with Muriel as he wouldn't ruin Harry's day. Bill was even home from Egypt for two weeks and there. They all had an amazing time going around the park and listening to animal talks. Harry had a magic camera and took many photos. He was amazed an hour before lunch when he got to be a zoo keeper for an hour and help with some feedings. His friends had fun on some rides and were happy for him. After lunch they hit the aquarium and then the rides for the afternoon. Harry loved heights and the rides but the animals were the main highlight for him. They even went to a show before getting to pick a gift at the gift shop. Dinner and actual gifts were at the manor.

Harry had never been one to be big on gifts. He appreciated what he had and more happy to spend the day with his friends. Many of his gifts were for school but a few special ones. He got a portable wizard wireless from Neville and Draco. It could be used at school.

Harry was happy with the books and music from Hermione. He was amazed they were magic. "How?"

Hermione shared a smile with Remus. "Your Uncle helped. Diagon is amazing."

Remus had only been too happy to help. "We shopped together." To no surprise his gift was much the same.

Harry was amazed by a beautiful wand holder from his grandmother. "This is old. Is it….?"

Walburga smiled. "Your grandfather would be happy to see you with it. It belonged to his grandfather."

Arcturus who had given Harry as an astronomy ball confirmed it. "My father died when Orion was ten. I gave it to him at 11 as well."

Pollux grunted. "Not as sentimental."

Harry found a certificate for the menagerie. "Thank you."

"Fitting since I gave you Fox."

Lucius smirked."After he stole my cat." But the man smiled as the others laughed.

Sirius grumbled something about better be an owl as he handed his son his. "I hope you approve."

Harry was shocked. "A Nimbus? Papa this is the best."

Charlie told him. "I had the United do the enhancements from our team broom. Be as good as 2001 that comes out this winter."

Sirius smiled as his son hugged him. "I am sure you will put it to good use. The ban was lifted on first years having one."

After cake the others went home. Hermione was taken home by the Malfoys. Harry may not have been one for gits and parties but today was amazing. He had also got Orion's school chess set from Grandma, more portable then his own. He could not wait to go shopping in a few weeks for his supplies. His Papa would be happy as Harry planned on an owl. He loved and would always have a cat but wanted an owl for school.

Fleamont had given him a gift but he had one left before bed. As did the marauders. "It is time for this."

Harry was in tears when he opened the cloak. He had heard stories. "I thought it was in the house."

Fleamont explained. "Your Dad returned it to me when you were on the run. He had been worried. He'd be so happy to see you now."

Sirius agreed. "You are everything he dreamed you'd be. Our little marauder."

Remus smirked. "Thankfully some of Lily's wishes too. Not as much mischief."

Fleamont laughed. "Your influence I am sure. We are grateful."

Sirius didn't find it funny. "He was a marauder too. Simply better at getting away with it."

Remus didn't deny it. He handed Harry the other surprise. "This should help."

Harry was as excited to find the marauder's map. "This is awesome. The new marauders will be unstoppable. Especially with the twins."

Fleamont groaned. "Not too much trouble."

Harry assured him. "Twins are already good at avoiding detention. We will not get caught."

The others laughed. Harry was born to be a marauder even if more like Remus then either dad. Severus had been grumbling about the trouble sure to come with him. Harry, Draco and the twins planned to be the new four. All loyal unlike Peter. Neville and Hermione would be honorary as neither were much for mischief or pranks. Fleamont and Remus were as proud as his Papa about it.

Harry did worry. "What if I am not a Slytherin? I am worried grandmother and grandsires will be disappointed."

Harry had been assured Grandmother and the others would not be upset if he was not. Sirius was not the only Black who was not a Slytherin. Tonks was a Hufflepuff. Harry had Gryffindor blood and though not assured there was a good chance he'd be in his own house. Harry and his three friends all agreed to remain friends no matter what house. The Malfoys like Blacks were Slytherins usually and Neville's parents were Gryffindors. Neville worried a bit he was not brave enough. Part of Harry hoped Gryffindor. Not simply by blood but Percy and the twins were. The only down side Ron was sure to be one and Harry didn't look forward to sharing a room with the prat. The kid was a royal git.

Hermione and her parents were shopping with Harry and his Papa. Hermione was happy to know Harry beyond being her best fiend. She couldn't imagine doing shopping and all of this without him. Her and her parents were still adjusting. They did boring like books, robes and the apothecary first. Hermione and Harry loved books but at eleven wands and animals were the cool part.

Draco and Neville met them at the wand shop. "Finally. Now all the other junk is done."

Lucius reminded his son. "It was needed. And only way you'd stand still for rest."

Sirius agreed. "As soon as you have owls and wands you won't want to focus."

Hermione was amazed as they went in. "How do you even pick one?"

Ollivander came out. "The witch does not pick a wand. The wand chooses them."

Hermione found herself being measured. "I am muggle born. What happens if none choose me?"

Harry assured her. "You have magic. I told you about Lily."

Hermione was pale. "I know."

Ollivander started looking. "It may take a few tries but you will be found. I have never failed to match."

Hermione was amazed when it only took two. "Wow. This is mine?"

The old man smiled. "Indeed. Now to see to the others."

Draco and Neville went before Harry and each only took one. Harry took longer then Hermione but he only took three. In the end he was paired with a Hawthorn and phoenix wand. The phoenix made him smile as he was still close to Gaius and Fawkes. He saw Fawkes more often as the bird was in the UK. Gaius was in France save when Galrod came to visit. Gaius had remained when Albus was a threat to keep an eye on Harry but he had returned to France after. Fawkes belonged to the school not Albus, actually a gift at the time of Dippet, and remained.

The kids went off to the menagerie. Draco to no surprise chose an owl. He picked an eagle owl he named Ares. Neville's Uncle was going to give him a toad but Harry and Draco gave him a voucher for his birthday. Neville chose a tortoise shell cat he named Trevor.

Jean told her daughter. "You can pick whatever. Your dad and I decided it would be an early part of your birthday gift."

Hermione stayed away from owls. "I am not sure I will get used to one."

Remus told her. "Many muggle borns prefer cats. You can use school owls."

Harry told her. "Lily had a cat. You can use our owls too."

Hermione picked an odd kitten who though small looked a bit bow legged. She was told it was named Crookshanks. "I'll keep the name, suits him."

Sirius was mumbling as his son went last again. "Not a cat. Not a cat."

Harry put his Papa out of misery. "I want an owl for school."

Draco laughed. "Your Papa will be heart broken."

Remus reminded Sirius as Harry chose."Fox will still be home."

Harry fell in love when he saw a snowy owl. "I want her."

The owner smiled. "Our only snow owl. Its rare we have them."

Harry was happy to take her cage. "I am going to call her Hedwig."

All the shopping done the kids were taken to get ice cream. The twins had been invited to join as they ran into the Weasleys. The twins and Percy came as their main shopping was done. Ron was led off for his last stops. The twins were excited that Harry was starting school. Percy groaned about prank talks but even he was happy. Harry had managed to be friends with all three despite their obvious differences.

Percy reminded them. "I am a prefect this year. I can give you detention."

Fred smirked. "Mum not around to save you from a head flushing."

Hermione liked Percy. She had more in common with him then even Harry did. "I can't wait to see the library."

Percy turned to her. "I am glad Harry is friends with you. I fear my brothers' influence."

Draco whispered. "Can use her to distract him when we sneak off."

They had an amazing time over ice cream and then headed home. Harry was happy to show his wand and owl off to the others. Pollux was not shocked Harry got an owl not a cat with his gift. He gave him a voucher to the menagerie so he could have a choice. Harry was so excited to be off to school in a week. He still worried a bit if he was not a Slytherin. Arcturus was his biggest concern.

The man assured him. "I will be proud which ever house you are in. You will do the family proud unlike your Papa."

AN: So off to school next. What houses will Harry and his friends be in?

Yes some changes. Hermione has same cat just sooner. And Trevor the toad is a cat thanks to Harry and Draco. Harry's wand is not Holly but Hawthorn, reflecting his change from books. Its known for healing charms.

Voldemort is long dead but that does not mean trouble is not lurking. School will not be fluff.