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A Wishful Death.


Thalia thought she had known fear when she, Luke and Grover has been captured by the cyclopes. But that moment didn't even compare to what she and her friends were facing now.

Not for the first time, Thalia thought that maybe Grover was a tiny bit incompetent to be a satyr protector. Judging from the fact that he seemed to be running ahead of everyone else, the previous thought could hold some truth.

As they all neared the crest of the hill, beyond which according to Grover, they would find Camp Half Blood, Thalia couldn't help but feel as if something had changed. The monsters following them seemed to slow down as if they too knew something was about to happen. Maybe they were nearing Camp, that's why the monsters were slowing down. Not giving this anomaly another thought, she increased her pace, intent on reaching camp before she was mauled by monsters.

And it was at this moment that all her hope about getting to this camp safely came crashing down.

A winged figure emerged from the horizon and landed between Thalia and her companions and the camp. Judging from her body, Thalia assumed it was a female. She stood tall before them, her wings spread wide. She looked hellish, with her dark gray almost black skin and vicious looking claws.

Grover gasped in recognition.

"A fury! We're doomed", he choked out before cowering behind Luke. Once again Thalia thought that how could Grover have ever been made a protector.

The Fury smiled. A smile devoid of any humour.

"Now, now, no need to be afraid young ones. We-", she then pointed towards herself and the monsters, "-are only here for the Daughter of Zeus."

The fury looked directly into her eyes. And Thalia felt as if her gaze pierced right through her soul.

"Step forward Daughter of Zeus, and we may leave your friends alive."

Thalia knew they were trapped. There was no way the four of them could fight through the armada of monsters behind them. Even if they could, that still left the fury.

"Thalia don't."

She turned around to see Luke and Annabeth, both looking at her with fear. Not fear of her, but fear that they may loose her.

"I have to, it's the only way", she said, her voice cracking with regret. Regret at leaving her friends. Regret that she may not be able to have a future with her friends.

She looked at Luke.

"Run. This is your chance, please… please take Annabeth and run."

Luke seemed to deflate at her words. He looked at her as if committing her to memory. Then he nodded once and she knew that whatever happened today, whatever happened to her. Her family would be safe. For that was what they were to her. A family.

Thalia turned back towards the Fury and brandished her spear. Her shield Aegis appearing in her unoccupied hand. Some of the monsters recoiled in fear at the unearthly visage of Medusa depicted on her shield.

"I'll die before I surrender!", she snarled.

The Fury bared her teeth in semblance of a smile, "So be it."

Before the Fury could act, Thalia raised her spear towards the sky and screamed, letting her emotions seep into her voice. The anger. The hate. The regret. All she wanted was for monsters to suffer. Suffer as Thalia and her family had suffered.

And suddenly arcs of lightning descended from the heavens upon the monsters. And among the chaos Thalia acted. Lunging forwards she spun her spear in an arc through a trio of hell hounds. They hadn't even burst into dust before she set sights on her next target.

And for what felt like forever she fought the monsters, slicing, dodging. She used Aegis, her shield, to keep the monsters at bay while at the same time using her spear to slice through any monster unlucky enough to face her head-on.

But she wasn't a god. And before long she felt her strength waning. Her movement became sluggish. And the Fury took advantage, she lunged forwards as Thalia was occupied by a duo cyclopes. Thalia yelped in pain as the fury's claws dug into her shoulder.

She let go of Aegis and her spear, not having enough strength to fight any more.

The Fury towered over her bruised and broken body.

"You presumed you could outlast a Fury", she chuckled, "How naïve."

But Thalia wasn't paying her any attention. She looked around not seeing any sign of Luke or Annabeth and finally allowed herself to breath freely. Relief flowed through her body as she realized that they were safe, that they would live to see another day. She looked back towards the Fury.

"You have to try better than that to scare me hag."

The Fury's nostrils flared in anger, "Oh I will make you fear me demigod scum. I will make you beg for death!"

"You will do no such thing hell spawn", a voice cut off the Fury's tirade, before she suddenly burst into gold coloured dust.

Around Thalia the hill darkened. The shadows started moving as if given life. Twisting and turning, they lashed out towards the monsters. Showing no mercy they tore apart the monsters limb from limb. Thalia attempted to look away. Her body screamed in pain as she moved her head. She instead shut her eyes tightly, in an attempt to shut out the blood shed and the screams.

After a while the the screams quietened down and she felt it safe to open her eyes again. The tendrils of darkness that had just massacred the monsters, converged at a single spot in front of her, morphing into a humanoid figure.

The figure turned towards her. They were wearing a cloak, trimmed with green and their face was covered with a hood leaving behind an endless black void.

"Wh-Who are you?", she asked, her voice devoid of any of her normal confidence, for the adrenaline had finally dissipated and her body had succumbed to the pain of her wounds.

The cloaked figure ignored her question and kneeled before her wounded body. He extended his hand towards her and started chanting in an unfamiliar language. To Thalia's shock, a thread of blue coloured light extended from his hand towards her.

"Hey! Stop this! What is this?!", Thalia exclaimed, unable to keep the panic out of her voice.

The thread flickered before disappearing. The figure raised their cloaked head to look at her and even though she couldn't see their eyes, for the second time that day she felt as if someone was looking right into her soul.

"Can you not distract me while I am trying to heal you?", the figure said in a deep, baritone voice. From his voice she could tell he was a male, a male who was currently annoyed at her.

Thalia's cheeks coloured at the chastisement, "Oh. Sorry."

The man only grunted in response before extending out his arm again.

Like the last time, another blue thread spread out from his hand. Thalia tried slowly backing away from the man, not knowing whether to trust him on his words or not.

The mans head suddenly whipped towards her, "For gods sake. Can you stop moving away. I am not going to hurt you."

"Well sue me if I don't take your word for it", Thalia retorted, "In case you had forgotten, I was just attacked by a honest to gods fury and a freaking army of monsters. So sorry if I am not exactly trusting right now."

Thalia felt out of breath as she finished her rant, her wounds flaring with pain at the exertion. She looked back towards the man and though she couldn't be sure due to his face covered with darkness, she felt as if he was assessing her.

"I swear on the Styx that I am only trying to heal you", he finally said and thunder rumbled in the distance, "Is it okay now?" His voice softer than it had been before.


The man nodded before once again stretching out his hand towards her. Thalia watched transfixed as the blue thread of light spread out from his palm and moved towards her. As the thread touched her forehead, she immediately felt warmth spread through her body and she could almost feel her wounds closing and the bruises healing.

They both stayed in the same position as Thalia continued to heal. The man had stopped chanting by now and seemed content in just staring into nothingness.

Soon the warmth disappeared and Thalia once again felt utterly exhausted but miraculously she felt no pain.

"You're wounds have healed but your exhaustion hasn't. I would recommend no strenuous activity for atleast a week so that your body may regain it's strength", the man said in a stern voice.

Not trusting her voice, Thalia only nodded in response. She then tried to stand up but her legs had no strength and she promptly fell down in a heap.

The man kneeled down beside her once again before putting a vial with a reddish coloured liquid into her hands.

"Drink it. It will provide you enough strength to get to camp."

Thalia, having no reason to mistrust him, uncorked the vial and drank the liquid in one go. Her face scrunched up in disgust at the honestly vile flavour of the liquid. But before she could make a remark about the disgusting flavour she suddenly felt steam coming out from her ears.

"That was a pepper up potion", the man replied to her unasked question, "And yes, that was steam coming out from your ears."

Thalia could only gape at the ridiculousness of the situation. But she had to hand it to him, the liquid- potion did work if the strength returning to her body was any indication.

"Well I'll get out of your hair then", the man said as he stood up and wiped off any dust from his cloak.

"Stay safe Daughter of Zeus, for I fear your trials are only beginning."

The man turned on his heels and strode down the hill.

"W-Wait!", Thalia shouted with all the strength she could muster.

The man stopped in his tracks, clearly waiting for her to continue.

"Who are you exactly?"

His head turned towards her at the question and she could almost see a smirk beneath that hood.

"That's for me to know", he replied, "and for you to find out."

And then he disappeared into the night.

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