The Healing Duet

Summary: After Hiccup wake up from his coma, he still feels the pain of what he had been through before meeting Terra. But one day he snaps at his friends and began to feel inconsolable. Can his beloved Night Angel save the day?

Lyrics: "True Colors (Film Version)" by Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick from "Trolls"

Friendship: Hiccup and Female Toothless

It has been days since the battle with the Red Death and Hiccup waking from his coma. It seems that everything was back to normal, except Hiccup, who was feeling uncomfortable from the new attention he was getting, since no one ever noticed his existence before, except Terra, his beloved Night Angel. Hiccup still felt that even after what happened, it hasn't changed anything on his feelings of being Hiccup the Useless. Every time people would compliment Hiccup on something, Terra was worried that one day he'd snap of all the attention he was getting.

One day, Hiccup, Terra, and their friends were outside flying as Fishlegs was asking the fairies to test their flight speed to add to the book of Fairies. Snotlout boasted, "That's easy, my fairy is faster than any of your fairies!" Astrid said, "Please, mine is faster." Storm, her Sharple smiled smugly. The riders started arguing as Terra muttered in Fayese, "Camea sentria anema." (Not this again.) Astrid saw that Hiccup was quiet as she asked, "Hiccup, you ok?" Snotlout said rudely, "Of course, he's fine. So why don't we race to see who has the fastest fairy?" Astrid looked like she was ready to punch Snotlout. Hiccup said, "Maybe later. I have things to do." He turned to go, but Snotlout said, "Oh, no. You're staying with us. Stoick said that you needed to get out more. You have been cooped up in your house for weeks since you woke up from that coma. He said that you needed to unwind a bit, so he asked us to keep you occupied." Hiccup wasn't used to anyone touch him unless it was Terra or Gobber as he tried to get away, "No, I don't." Terra tried to help him, "Hey, get your hands off him!" Snotlout said, "No, we just think that you needed some time with us, since we never got a chance to spend time with you." Astrid said, "Look, we never got to hang out since the battle and waiting for you to wake up."

Hiccup got away from Snotlout's grasp as he said, "Since when do you care? Back then I would be ignored by all of you!" Knowing her Master was ready to explode, Terra said, "Master Hiccup, just calm down..." But she was ignored as he yelled, "Why do you care that I am here?! I thought when I was dead; you'd be singing in joy that the useless Hiccup Haddock would never wake up!" Astrid said, "Hiccup, that's not true!" Tuffnut said, "Yeah, it would be true." Snotlout and Astrid glared at the twin as Ruffnut said, "Idiot." Hiccup said, "See, he agrees with me!" Fishlegs tried to help, "He didn't mean it! We were wrong to hurt you. We learned our lesson when you and Terra defeated the Red Death." Hiccup yelled, "It's clear that even if I was the one who ended the war, I am still nobody to anyone!" Hiccup looked down as he began to break down, "It took this long to show my true colors." All was quiet as he commanded, "Terra, take me home." Looking grim, Terra nodded as she turned to go back to Berk, leaving the riders in an endless guilt.

While Terra was still flying, she asked, "Master, are you ok?" Hiccup said, "Yeah." Then he said, "To the cove, Terra. I need to be alone." Terra obeyed as they flew to the cove as Terra landed and Hiccup got off. He helped her take the special cloth off as Hiccup said, "Terra do you mind search for some berries? I need some time alone."

Terra nodded as she went to the small cave to grab her basket and set out of the cove to look for Loganberries. Meanwhile Astrid and her friends spent all day looking and thinking about Hiccup. When Fishlegs told Stoick about what happened, the man believed it was his fault, he was the father and was supposed to help and protect his son, not put him in harm. He felt like Valka would slap him for breaking his promise to her. Gobber said that one day Hiccup would let go of all his emotions, but it was too late. Astrid said, "Come on, let's go find him and Terra." They agreed as Stoick began to make a search party.

Hiccup decided to leave as he started crying as he left the cove. Walking to the cliffs, Hiccup dropped his helmet as he started felt awful about being himself and wished to end it all, he made it as he sat on the edge as Terra saw him leave as she found his helmet and picked it up. Looking scared, she began to follow him, hoping she could help. Sitting alone, he heard the waves crashing against the rocks and the silence was peaceful. Suddenly, a sound of feminine grunts broke his crying as he saw Terra walking up to where Hiccup was with her basket of berries and helmet. Terra saw her master turning away from her and started sobbing; she finally knew that all of this new attention was killing him.

Placing her basket down, Terra understood where he was coming from, like her best friend the fairies were never kind to her, she even grew up alone without a friend or anyone to teach her about Faye or battling. Ever since she and Hiccup saved Berk and ended the war, she not only became the heroine for all Faye kind, but was now getting overbearing attention from the fairies, not giving her a moment to breathe. She wasn't comfortable with her kind since they hated her in the past, and sometimes she swore to Odin, that with all the attention she was getting, she'd kill herself. But it broke her heart even more to think that it took a lost wing, teaming up with a human, defying many eons of tradition, getting hurt from the battle, and almost losing Hiccup made them see that she was worth it to the Faye. Sometimes she can't even forgive her own friends, her kind, even the humans for being unkind towards her and Hiccup.

Hiccup ignored her as he continued to cry. Terra felt tears coming out her eyes as flashbacks when she was a slave started tormenting her; she shut her eyes and covered her ears. She felt even more useless on how to help him or herself from being hurt even more. She counted silently backwards as the memories stopped and left. Suddenly, she thought of a way to help as she walked to her master. I have to do something! I can't let him suffer any longer! But how? Thought Terra as she began walking to him.

Slowly walking to her master, Terra began to sing softly. Hiccup turned to look at her.

[Terra] You with the sad eyes

Don't be discouraged

Oh, I realize

It's hard to take courage

In a world full of Vikings

You can lose sight of it all

The darkness inside you

Can make you feel so small

The sun sets as night fell. The stars came out with and shined bright as she continued to sing as she sat on her knees with the helmet on her thigh and hands. The iron began burning her hands and thighs, but she endured it.

[Terra] Show me a smile then

Don't be unhappy

Can't remember when

I last saw you laughing

This world makes you crazy

And you've taken all you can bear

Just call me my name

You know I'll always be there

She daintily placed the Viking Helmet he dropped back on his head as she gently took his hands and sang,

[Terra] And I see your true colors

Shining through

I see your true colors

You know I care about you

Hiccup looked at his fairy. He had never heard her sing so beautifully before. Terra waited as she looked hopefully at her other half. Nothing, she looked defeated as she dropped her hands, got up, and began to go, but then Hiccup sang softly, raising Terra's hopes.

[Hiccup] So don't be afraid to let them show

Terra turned as Hiccup took his hands out for his best friend to grab. Terra complied as she took his hands and using her strength, pulled him away from the edge as they sang in a duet as a small breeze blew making their hair move,

[Both] Your true colors

True colors are beautiful

Astrid found them as everyone watch the tender moment between Hiccup and Terra.

Ignoring everyone, the two friends began to share a small dance. With each step, small white roses and irises blossomed around the two friends and began to unleash their petals in a gentle whirlwind. Hiccup felt pressure leaving him as he stared at his best friend whose eyes twinkled. Hiccup knew that Terra would never betray him as she knew he'd never abandon her. They still gazed at each other as they sang together,

[Terra] I see your true colors

Shining through

[Hiccup] (True colors)

[Both] I see your true colors

You know I care about you

So don't be afraid to let them show

[Terra] Your true colors

[Hiccup] (True colors)

[Both] Are beautiful

Terra and Hiccup shared a friendship moment as Terra placed her head on Hiccup's chest and the Viking heir placed his head on top of her small head as Hiccup sang a small part,

[Hiccup] Like Arevendal's Fire

Terra then sang her part,

[Terra] Oh oh oh oh oh like Arevendal's Fire

Hiccup and Terra then embraced as they let out a smile and tears. Hiccup didn't dare to let Terra go as she hugged him tightly, scared that he'll leave. Hiccup didn't want this feeling of someone loving him to die as the Night Angel didn't want the pain of being lonely for all those years to come back.

Seeing their dance and tears falling, Stoick along with every fairy and Berkian knew that they were to blame for their loneliness and abandonment. They needed the help of everyone and what did they do? Stuck to their traditions and turned their backs on two innocent people who just wanted a friend and to be loved.

Astrid and Storm felt a tingle of guilt, they had a lot of work to do before they would be truly forgiven along with Snotlout and Stoick, not to mention the whole of Berk for all that they have done to the heir.

Even the fairies felt a twinge of sorrow and guilt for the beauty of the night, they had much work to do in order for the little Night Angel to forgive them and be comfortable with her kind. But for now at least they know that Hiccup and Terra would have each other's back through thick and thin.

But they knew that the road to heal a broken soul would take long, but they knew one thing, they were a duo. With a Healing Duet.