June 3rd is right around the corner, which means Hiro will be 15 years old. The first birthday without his brother. He's gone through numerous holidays without him. It's almost been a whole year since his death but birthdays were always their thing.

Hiro doesn't even want to walk downstairs, his Aunt Cass will probably try to recreate moments from their past but he's not sure that he wants that, he kind of just wants to move on and do everything differently.

Did he just want to do nothing today? And act like it was just another day?

A knock at Hiro's door, it opens before Hiro has a chance to respond, what's the point in that?

Aunt Cass walks in with a cupcake on a plate. Green buttercream icing. It might as well been a plate of cheese. Every birthday, throughout the day they'd have three different cupcakes, each resembling another member of their family rather than celebrating with a whole cake. In the morning was green, afternoon was blue and night was yellow or whatever color Hiro would prefer, each with a candle in it with the first two wishes being for the day and the final one being for the rest of the year. It's fictitious to him now but at least they didn't sing to each other.

"Make a wish." She says, the candle already lit.

"I don't know if I want to." Hiro starts saying.

"You're going to love today, there's something special planned." Ignoring his remark.

He half smirks before deciding he can't be bothered to fake it. He doesn't want her to pretend nothing's different or wrong. She continues holding out the cake, making it harder to keep fighting back. He was sure she'd stand there all day if she had to, he was getting his birthday whether he wanted it or not.

He watches her squirm in front of him, too excited hold it. He can tell she wants to tell him what his present is so bad but is holding back. Tadashi was always the better secret keeper, often only giving Cass hints to Hiro's surprise to avoid her spoiling it.

He smiles for real this time. He'd play along for Aunt Cass's sake. His first wish is for Tadashi to come back. It was a fake wish, meant to avoid disappointment. He viewed it as a way to prove his wishes no longer worked. But if it did, he'd take back all he said and thought, even if it was just for today. He did wonder though, it was no longer just the three of them, he had friends he considered family now, why bother with cupcakes?

"Great, now grab your backpack." She tells Hiro. She reaches back for the door before Hiro stops her.

"For what?" He asks.

"Just pack whatever, I don't know." That didn't answer his question but it wasn't entirely out of the ordinary for her. She leaves with the cupcake in her mouth. The rule was that the last cupcake belonged to the birthday person and everyone got to eat before them, similar to how you have to wait for everyone to be seated at the table before you can eat.

He used to spend the whole day before his birthday trying to figure out what his aunt and brother had planned but he was always surprised. This time he had Baymax that would actually allow him to spoil it with ease but he'd forgotten about it and his birthday was already here so he might as well just wait for the real thing. He likes to think he's become more patient. A little.

Hiro grabs his bag, Aunt Cass with a surprising lack of which, meeting the gang outside. Honey Lemon, Wasabi, Fred, Gogo and of course Baymax. He's going they don't bombard him with happy birthdays, instead walking along the sidewalk like they're apart of a tourist group until they suddenly halt.

Everyone just stands there, not saying a word. Hiro can't make out why. "So...what are we doing?" He breaks the silence.

"Shh, it's a surprise." Honey interupts. He could imagine her being just as bad as Cass with secrets.

A bus comes and everyone starts boarding. He looks back to see the bus stop and bench. 'Duh! So, not the cable track? Okay!' He follows them in. He looks to the driver, wondering about the bus toll, before looking back at the others simply walking past. He turns back to the driver, not seeing any tip boxes or anything- 'So it must be okay.' He assumes.

He seats himself in the middle. It's a fine enough open space, chairs all along the walls facing each other rather than face forward. Up above were poles and hand grips but there just weren't enough people here to use them. He looks down, playing with his backpack strap. Everyone else is talking to each other and reminiscing. Fred's the only one with his eyes glued to the window, all as Hiro expected.

"There it is!" Fred squeals. "Guys, look!" Wasabi follows. Hiro keeps his head down, fixated on his backpack strap, gripping it tighter and tighter. Gogo looks down over him. "Yeah, hopefully all those screams don't mean danger."

Danger? Hiro looks up at her then out the window, ahead is a castle. Sleeping Beauty Castle! This is Disneyland, they're going to Disneyland! This wasn't his wish but it was surely worthy of one.

All those years where Tadashi and Hiro were kids begging to go to Disneyland and it was finally happening. Perhaps one year too late...but Lucky Cat couldn't have paid for this, who-

Fred. Fred was the answer, that was the difference, he had friends this time.~

They reach the stop and walk their way to the entrance. It only took a little more than 20 minutes to arrive. Everything is covered over, the castle no longer in sight because they're right under its nose. They get checked through security but Hiro can barely contain himself, seeing the garden with the Mickey head right in front of him, it was like a tease of what's to come, to be patient with security is like-

Hiro looks down to his backpack he sat on the table to be searched. He didn't know he was going to have to go through security! Everything he packed, he packed for-

The officer grabs the bag and starts unzipping. It's over. It's going to be over before it's even begun. 'There's no stopping him now.' Hiro thinks, accepting defeat. Now they would know he's with Big Hero 6 and could probably make out that everyone with him was too, not to mention the gadgets and weapons he packed 'just in case'. What a stupid thought that was.

"You're good to go." The officer's voice snaps him out of it. "What?" Hiro asks, could he repeat that? The officer winks. "Hehe." Hiro sheepishly laughs, bolting out of the security entrance. He immediately starts combing through all his belongings. A tablet, earphones, a mini stun gun, communication devices, a screwdriver, a remote for Skymax. It's all there. Just what kind of security was this? Hiro shakes his head senselessly, he wasn't going to dwell on it. Everyone soon joins him, stars in their eyes, just waiting, waiting for what is ahead.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Okay, I know San Fran is like 6 hours away from Anaheim (assuming Fransokyo is in the same place) but for story reasons, let's just say it took sub-hour so he can spend more time there (I guess technically it could be Tokyo Disneyland too). Also, Disney buses have logos on the front (and inside for that matter), so Hiro would've known instantly but we'll just say they purposely went on a regular bus to avoid spoiling the surprise. Last but not least, Hiro doesn't have an official birthday but I saw June 3rd somewhere and it just kind of stuck because it fit the summer vibes I was going for.