A Highschool DxD Fanfiction


"I'm going boss!" I said to my boss as I walked away to make my way home.

It hadn't been a very eventful day, which was fine by me. Although I had to do overtime due to one of my colleagues calling in sick, which I don't believe for a minute, the workload wasn't that much of a bother. Especially since today was my last day before my month-long vacation.

Right now I'm more excited to go home, take a nice long hot shower, maybe crack open a can of beer, catch up with some anime and my backlog of video games.

I shivered a bit as I felt a cold breeze pass by, but I was otherwise unbothered. I've always enjoyed the night. Having grown up in a tropical country, I've had my share of hot weather so the cold was a nice change of pace for me when I moved overseas. The extra layers of clothing I had to wear during winters was a small price to pay.

Walking around like this reminds me of the very first time my family and I went to Japan for a vacation. My mom and dad just observing us, as my siblings look around in wonder. As the eldest, I would usually stay a bit behind them, checking on them while also taking my time to take-in the scenery.

I honestly can't wait to see them again next week, it's been a few years.

As I was nearing my apartment, I heard the distinct sound of metals clanging around, at the alleyway near my home. If I remembered correctly, that alleyway was mainly an area for garbage disposal so it was probably just some cats playing around. But as I came nearer, the sound changed. Instead of metals clanging, I heard an ear splitting clap. And that prompted me to move.

I ran toward the alleyways to check what happened and paused when I arrived.

I see three people there. Two of them seem to be a couple, or siblings, whatever they are they seem to be together. They didn't seem to be having a good time though, which is where the third guy comes in.

The man held the two at gunpoint, with what looked like a pistol on one hand and his other pointed to the ground.

A robbery then?

They still haven't seen me, or maybe they were just too preoccupied with what's happening. In any case, because of that I was able to sneak in and quickly disarm the robber. I kick away the gun before the man is able to pick it up again and then I throw a punch towards the robber which causes him to stumble a few meters away to the ground. I then look at the other two people in the alleyway. "Call the police, I'll handle this guy."

The two nod as I see them take out their phones.

I look back towards the robber, still on the ground after the punch I made.

Huh. Looks like I'm stronger than I thought.

The man groans as he slowly stands back up.

Maybe not.

I see him reach into his jacket and I tense. I risked a quick glance to the direction where I knew I kicked his gun away and saw that his gun was still there. Shit. Did he have another gun?

I quickly ran towards the guy to stop him from reaching into his jacket. That was a mistake.

My mind pauses as I see the man bring out a knife instead of a gun and run towards me, knife pointed at me as he goes into a stabbing motion. I couldn't stop myself fast enough, and my hands were too slow to redirect the blow.

I can only look in horror as I see the knife tear through my clothes and then through my chest.

"Shit!" Was the only thing I could say. I could vaguely hear some screaming behind me but I was already losing my bearings. "Fuck, is-is this really happening?" I was barely able to say, barely able to see as the knife was taken out from my chest and jabbed back again, this time to what felt like my shoulder.

Man, I was really enjoying my day too. I was looking forward to drinking that can of beer I bought yesterday. And now I have a whole through my chest and knife through my shoulder. Thoughts of the other things I would do this vacation that looks like were never gonna be passed by my mind.

There was this manga that I wanted to start reading. I wanted to try out that restaurant that opened recently with my friends. I still haven't gotten that six-pack that I told myself I would get started on last year that I still haven't started yet. There was also this new gacha game that was coming out that I wanted to try out too. And not to mention the projects for work that I would leave hanging.

My family was supposed to visit me next week too. I wanted to catch up with them, see what my siblings were all up to now. I wanted to check on my parents, to see how retirement was treating them. I wanted to do a whole lot more different things but it looks like…

Mom, Dad. Looks like I'll have to take a raincheck on that meeting next week.









Author's Notes:

It's been awhile since I wrote any fanfiction (or any creative writing at all), in fact I did actually take a long break from reading fanfiction, and then when I did read it would be one or two stories every now and then. Recently though I've been reading more in my free time and lot of them had been OC/SI Gamer DxD fics, could be or the other, sometimes even both. So I wanted to take a shot at it. Now we're here.

Right now I'm catching up with the Light Novels, only around volume 9 at the moment but I want to get to up to the latest one before I finish the Intro arc of this story. For what it's worth, if you're into shipping, I currently have Sona as the main pairing for the MC in mind but that could change. I'm still outlining the story, and honestly I didn't want to post this until I had at least that finished but I wanted to get some ideas, suggestions, and maybe even some feedback. This is also my first try at a first person POV so I'm still trying to get used to it, but I'll make some changes (probably just some added scenes) and polishing to the prologue here before I post the next chapter which hopefully won't take awhile. Anyways, ciao!