From the Desk of Sharper

I have decided that, for my own 20th Anniversary KP Fanfic Contest, that I shall toss my hat in the ring by doing a short fanfic on Kim's 18th Birthday. It features the standard fare of Kim celebrating her 18th birthday with Ron, Monique, Zita, Tara, Jessica (the four of them are for a slumber party in which Kim is the host, obviously) and the Possible family and also a traditional taking-over-the-world scheme by Drakken and Shego, in which the former also has an unexpected surprise as well.

The fanfic will be rated K-plus for some comic action violence, a couple of suggestive comments, and brief rude humor.

The fanfic will take place about 3 months before the events of 'Graduation'.

Kim Possible, characters and settings, is created by Schooley and McCorkle and (c) by Disney. Any OC I create (including Rebecca Starlet) is my own.

Chapter 1

(February 23, 2007, Middleton High Gym - Middleton, Colorado - 4:15pm)

There were around 20 girls in the gym that wintry evening. They were all in the purple-white-and-gold long-sleeved cheer uniforms. About six of those girls were assembled in a cheer pyramid. At the bottom were Tanya, a junior, Hope, and Liz. In the middle were Bonnie and Hope and on the top, of course, was Kim. All of the girls' hair were in ponytails with the famed purple-and-gold spirit bows.


"We're Number One!" Kim exclaimed as she somersaulted off the pyramid and landed a perfect 10 feet first onto the cheer mat.

"That was a good routine, girls!" the redhead exclaimed to her other fellow squadmates. "That should be it for the day!" They had been practicing for two hours with a 20-minute break in between.

Ron, whom was the only person in the stands, applauded for his girlfriend.

"Wow! You go, KP!"

The other cheerleaders disassembled from the pyramid.

Bonnie walked up to Kim and asked with a snark. "K, do you always have yell from the the top?"

"Duh, B! That is the whole nature of cheerleading!" Kim countered.

"Well, can you keep it down?" Bonnie demanded, "My ears are bleeding due to your peppiness."

But as it turned out, the Queen's ears weren't bleeding.

"Bonnie, if you showed a little more enthusiasm in my cheers, this would not be an ish." Kim snarled at the brunette. "Besides, we need all the enthusiasm we can get since our basketball team is in the championship game in Denver next week! And we can't spend it all on Miss Bonnie Downer!"

"Kim, please! The squad needs new routines!" Bonnie snarled, "Routines that are more in the realm of this century."

"Hate to break it to you..." Kim scoffed while grabbing the CHSAA (AN: Colorado High School Activities Association) basketball championship program.

She flipped it to the Class 5A game. Class 5A was the classification in which Middleton High's athletic programs were designated as because of the sheer size of the school and that it was the second-largest school in the entire state. They were Class 6A for football.

"...but last time I checked, I did not see the word 'Captain' underneath your name!"

Kim obviously pointed out to her name on the program, which had the C word on it.

"Whatever!" Bonnie said, waving her hand in dismissal at the redhead, "Me and Junior are gonna go out to Chez Boneaux's, the fanciest French restaurant in all of Denver. You and Stoppable are gonna be stuck at some seedy Bueno Nacho in downtown."

Ron yelled from the bleachers, "Hey, at least that Bueno Nacho is close to the stadium!"

"So in other words...a typical Saturday night for you two losers!" Bonnie snickered before she snapped her fingers. Rebecca Starlet, the billionaire oil heiress, Hope Patterson and Amanda Sanders appeared at her side. Amanda was a junior while the rest in Bonnie's clique were seniors.

"Come, girls. We're going to shop this weekend at the Country Club Banana at the WRM." she declared.

"WRM?" Kim asked.

"World's Richest Mall." Bonnie snickered. "It's in, like, the country of Malibu!"

"Please, Rockwaller, you gotta get a credit check just to even enter into the place!" Kim muttered at Bonnie's gaggle of girls. "And hate to break it to you that you're flunking geography, but Malibu is a city, not a country!"

"Hello? Why don't you think I have my hottie's limitless credit card in my purse, Possible!" Bonnie snickered, holding up the aforementioned card from her purse.

"You...stealing from Junior?" Kim questioned, folding her arms. "That's pretty low, even for you!"

"He doesn't mind at all!" Bonnie smirked.

"Considering that both the Senors are villains, it seems to be rubbing off on you!" Kim growled.

"I would consider that a compliment and pass it along to Junior's old!" Bonnie chuckled before hearing the horn of the super-stretch limousine.

"That must be our ride!" Rebecca exclaimed.

"I know that, R! I'm just telling Possible 'toodles' for now!" Bonnie replied to her cheer friend.

"Laters, Bon-Bon!" Kim taunted her.

"Ugh...stop calling me that!" Bonnie growled as her smirk faded from her face.

"And, Bon-Bon..." Ron chimed in from the stand, "...take some sunscreen with you at Junior's pool!"

"So not...former loser slobberhound!" Bonnie snarled at Ron.

Turning to Rebecca, Hope and Amanda. "Again, girls, we can't be late for our date at the WRM! Our destiny awaits!"

And with that, Bonnie departed from the gym, as with the three other girls in her clique.