Chapter 2


"Ugh...the nerve of Bonnie!" Kim muttered, folding her arms. "She is pushing me toward Anger Central!"

"Tell me about it!" Tara added, walking up to Kim's side. "I would rather drown in a vat of Middleton High Mystery Meat than be around her for even 15 minutes!"

Tara and Bonnie have not been on speaking terms since their big fight prior to the Upperton football game last October.

"I share your sympathy, Tara." Kim sighed, "But at least for the weekend, she'll be out of both of our hairs!"

Ron came down from the stands.

"KP! Tara! You two were totally badical on the pyramid!" he exclaimed.

Rufus also cheered as well, holding a Mad Dog pennant.

"Coming from the former Mad Dog himself and the guy who scored the winning touchdown in the CHSAA football champ game last year, I'm not surprised!" Kim grinned.

"Thanks, Ron, for cheering us on back there!" Tara added.

"Glad I can help!" Ron replied but then looked around.

"Where are the Pep Puppies, by the way?" Tara asked. "I didn't see them in practice."

"Tweebs were grounded by Dad for two weeks after they did an experiment on his car to see if it would fly." Kim replied. "Still...they're gonna be a part of the routine."

"Let's just say that it did not work out very well..." Ron chimed in.

"At all!" Kim muttered, "Thankfully, due to the green he makes at the Space Center, he got a brand new car! Much more Tweeb-resistant!"

"Who's up for some snackage at Bueno Nacho?" Ron asked, "Felix just texted me and said that he has a booth ready for us, plus Monique, Jamarcus, and Zita!"

"I'm up for it, Ron!" Kim grinned. "But I gotta change back into my normal clothes first. Gotta keep this uniform clean for the basketball game.

"Totally count me in! I'll go ahead and text Jason as well to meet us there!" Tara added, texting on her phone to her boyfriend, Jason Morgan.


Kim and Tara were the first to emerge from the gym.

Kim was wearing her varsity cheer jacket over her long-sleeved shirt-baggy Club Banana denim overalls outfit. She accessorized the outfit with giant silver hoop earrings and blue sneakers. Although both straps of Kim's overalls were hooked, the right strap was off her shoulder and the bib partially folded.

Tara wore her denim jumpsuit with the top half down and a belt to hold up the bottom half. The sleeves were swaying from side to side. She was wearing a Club Banana croptop under her varsity cheer jacket. She had giant gold hoop earrings and brown boots.

"Wanna go in the Sloth?" Kim asked Tara.

"Sure thing!" the blonde cheerleader replied, "My car's been having ishes as of late."

"What's wrong with it?" Kim questioned.

"The battery type..." Tara muttered.

"Oh yeah, I know that sitch well." Kim replied.

"You had battery issues with the Sloth?" Tara wondered. "I thought it was high tech!"

"No...Tweebs used it for one of their rocket experiments." Kim complained as she and Tara got in the Sloth. Tara got in the back seat and Kim got in the driver's seat.

"So...are we waiting for Ron?" Tara asked.

"Yeah, Tara. He should be entering in"

Right on cue, Ron entered the front passenger side of the Sloth with Rufus.

"You made it JIT, Ron!" Kim snickered.

"JIT?" Ron wondered.

"Just in time. It's the Monique-speak acronym of the day!" Kim chuckled as she started the engine to the Sloth. "Come on! The other members of The Group should be there!"

(10 minutes later)

And so, the other members of The Group, which consisted of the couples of Monique Smith and her boyfriend of five months Jamarcus Hall (whom was the star wide receiver of the Mad Dog football team and Ron's team-mate), Zita Flores and her boyfriend of 10 months Felix Renton, and lastly Tara's boyfriend, Jason, were waiting for Kim, Ron and Tara to arrive.

"Do you see them yet?" Jamarcus asked Felix.

Felix was in his flying wheelchair, scouting the traffic and hovering about 20 feet off the ground.

"I don't see them anywhere, Jamarcus." Felix replied before landing his wheelchair on the ground with the wheels folding to normal.

"Oh come on!" Zita exclaimed, "Everyone can recognize Kim's car even in a parking lot full of purple cars!"

"Should we tell baby girl about her 'big news' yet about the HBD?" Monique asked.

"Not yet, Monique!" Zita replied, "Not until we get to order our food!"

And sure enough, Kim's Sloth rolled into the parking lot.

"Hey girl-friend!" Monique exclaimed.

Kim rushed up to Monique and hugged her. "Heya, Moni! What's up?"

"NM! Just waiting for you, Ron, and T so that we can order!"

Jamarcus gave a high-five to Ron.

"Yo! Stoppable! What's up?" the star wide receiver asked his teammate.

"Just hangin' with my girl, Jamarcus!" Ron replied casually, "That and I am ready for some rad snackage!"

"And what about Rufus?" Jamarcus added.

"Say no more!"

Ron took out Rufus from his pocket.

Rufus smiled at Jamarcus and waved to him. Jamarcus waved back.

"I see he's doing well!" he added. "He's still folding towels for the Mad Dog sports teams?"

"Yep! Little guy is getting really good at the whole folding thing." Ron replied. "Wish if I were that good back home."

Tara then waved to the others.

"Hey everyone! Hope we weren't late!"

"Nope!" came Zita's reply. "You're just in time!"

Jason then came up to Tara and they both shared a kiss on the lips.

"Hey, Jason! How's my honey bear?"

"I'm doing fine, cutie-sweet!" Jason grinned.

"Did you manage to call the mechanic about your car issues?" he then asked.

"I got that taken care of in Kim's car on the way here." Tara replied.

"Kinda on the curious side, KP, but do we have cute nicknames?" Ron asked to Kim.

"Of course, Ron! You always call me a badical BFGF and I call you a Naco-sweet BFBF!" Kim giggled.

"Sounds like it!" Ron exclaimed before he asked the rest of the group. "Now who's up for some snackage!"

"You can count all of us in, Ron!" Jason exclaimed.

"I call extra Diablo sauce on my Naco!" Jamarcus added.

"Extra cheese for me!" Felix chimed in.

"Boo-ya!" Ron exclaimed his famous catchphrase before The Group entered into the restaurant.

"Hola, senors and senoritas , how may I help you on this muy bueno day?" Ned asked the restaurant's most loyal customer.

"Let's see, Ned! Since The Group's all here, we're gonna put it on the usual four separate tickets: me and KP, Jamarcus and Monique, Felix and Zita, and Tara and Jason. For my ticket, it'll be the usual order, two Nacos and a chimmerito, grande-sized with a taco salad with light nacho cheese on it with Italian dressing for Kim! Oh and two grande sodas for us"

Then came Jamarcus and Monique's turn.

"Alright, Ned. I'm gonna have the number two combo which is one grande-sized Naco and a chorizo, plus a medium diet soda for my lovely lady, Monique, and for me, it'll be two medium chimmeritos and a medium lemonade or me."

Next was Felix and Zita.

"I'll have one Naco grande-sized and a small soda and Zita will have a medium Naco, also with a small soda as well"

And lastly was Jason and Tara.

"I'll have two small Nacos with a medium chimmerito and, like Kim, Tara will have her taco salad with Thousand Island dressing."

This was their usual order when The Group got together at Bueno Nacho. They paid $7.94, $8.27, $6.19, and $6.42 for their respective tickets. They also selected a circular booth on the right end of Bueno Nacho, for it was the only one big enough to accomodate The Group and it was handicap-accessible for Felix.

Felix used his power wheelchair to move to that booth. He was at the handicap part of the large table. The other members of The Group also sat down as well. From left to right, it was Zita, Tara and Jason, Monique and Jamarcus, and Kim and Ron. They always take turns on first discussion of what to say. For today, it was Monique.

"So what's on the agenda for today?" the fashionista expert asked.

"Well...the CHSAA Class 5A basketball championship game is coming up against Denver South." Kim quipped , "Should we organize a charter bus or use the MUSS buses?"

"Girl, that would be up to the school board." Monique replied.

"Though DS is one of the best basketball schools in the entire state of Colorado and they usually bring a huge crowd with them." Jamarcus added.

"Then I propose that we'll counter them by bringing a huge crowd of our own." Monique replied. "I'll suggest it to Barkin and in turn, he'll bring it up with the board."

"Sounds spankin' to me, Monique!" Kim chimed in, "As long as I get the Pep Puppies out of the grounded zone with Dad..."

" order of business!" Monique added while scanning her PDA. "The Senior Trip that is coming up in the last week of May, the week before school ends for us seniors."

"I propose the South Beach Bay Harbor Resort area in Northern Dever! They have the largest amusement park in the state!" Felix exclaimed.

"Plus, their shopping is sooooo whoa!" Monique exclaimed, "Two Club Banana locations!"

"And three Bueno Nachos on the property as well!" Ron added in."

"With plenty of roller coasters and wild rides!" Jamarcus added.

"Speaking of wild rides. I heard that they've added a tunnel of love!" Kim grinned, looking at Ron.

"I saw that on their website." Ron replied sheepishly, rubbing his shoulder, "Um, KP, do you mind keeping the convo at least PG-rated? There are little ninos around her and I don't think they should overhear what goes on with the birds and the bees, if you know what I mean."

Kim sighed, for she was at a family-friendly restaurant.

"Very well, Ron, but I do admit one thing..." she added, " least we would be away from the prying eyes of Mr. Barkin for the entire day. And we couples will take turns in the Tunnel."

"I'm into the amusement park thing." Tara added, "Just not into the extreme rides."

"You can say that again with Ron and carnival food." Kim added, "He was escorted from the Colorado State Fair after the 'incident' with Mr. Baggy Pants in his sophomore year...don't even go into the deets with that."

"So it's pretty much settled that the SBBH is where the bon-diggety Senior trip is gonna be at, Monique?" Ron asked.

"Mmm-hmm!" Monique said, giving a nod of her head. The other members of the group all raised their hands in unison as well.