Chapter 3


Their orders finally came as The Group began to eat their food. Ron ordered some extra Diablo sauce packets for eight people and one naked mole rat to go around.

While they were eating, Zita whispered to Monique after she swallowed the last bit of her Naco.

"Hey, Monique, now's the time to bring up the HBD thing..."

"Okay, Z, just lemme take this sip of soda!"

Kim noticed the two of them.

"What are you two speaking about? Spill!" she asked the girls, raising her left eyebrow in curiosity.

Monique took a deep breath and said, "I don't wanna say this, baby girl, but someone's about to gonna turn the yearly clock to the big 1-8 in less than two weeks!"

"Wait a minute..." Kim gasped, " don't mean..."

"Yeah, girl!" Monique grinned as she, Tara, and Zita all pointed to Kim and also showed Kim's birthdate on the calendar being marked on March 11. "You're gonna officially enter the ride to adulthood!"

Kim, Monique, Tara, and Zita all held out heir hands and shrieked for joy at the same time. Jamarcus, Ron, Felix, and Jason all covered their ears.

"So what are we gonna do for your b-day, girl-friend?" Monique asked, "You gotta have somethin' up your sleeve!"

"I actually don't know yet, Monique." Kim said, "It is a milestone birthday after all."

Monique exclaimed, "Shock!"

"Has anyone else in The Group celebrated their 18th yet?" Kim questioned her other friends.

Jamarcus and Tara both raised their hands.

"So, what's it like being an adult?" Kim asked Tara.

"Ehhh..." Tara said, shrugging her shoulders, "'s not that much fun until we all graduate in June. We get a later bedtime but that's about it so far."

"Yeah, the whole graduating thing." Kim nervously giggled, "I...still haven't chosen a college yet."

"And I haven't been accepted by any as of right now...even though I was the star running back on the football team..." Ron sighed disappointingly.

"Don't worry, Ron." Tara replied to him "We still have three and a half months before we get to that point."

"Yeah, Tara's right!" Kim said, agreeing with her blonde cheer mate and friend. "Let's make the most of our remaining high school time together and we, as a team, will face whatever sitch comes our way for Graduation!"

"Thanks, KP, for those words!" Ron grinned as he looked into Kim's eyes, "I'll follow you to the ends of the Earth, heck, even in the stars!"

"No big, Ron! I'd do the same for you!" Kim giggled, rubbing her hands through his blonde hair. She then looked around the table and saw that the other three couples of the group were holding their significant others tightly.

"Ready to kiss on the count of three, girls?" Kim grinned at the female members of the group. The other three nodded their heads.

At the same time, Zita kissed Felix, Monique kissed Jamarcus, Tara kissed Jason and Kim kissed Ron.

After 25 seconds, they let go.

"Wow, girl! You're really good on the timing thing!" Monique complimented.

"It's so not the drama, Monique!" Kim replied.

(March 3, 2007, Smarty-Mart Arena, Denver, CO) AN: It is actually the Ball Arena (formerly Pepsi Center) that the Denver Nuggets and Colorado Avalanche play in, but I renamed it the Smarty-Mart Arena to avoid copyright issues.

It was down to the final 12.5 seconds left in the CHSAA Class 5A Boys Basketball Championship. Middleton was trailing Denver-South High School, the largest high school in the capital city, by the score of 70-69. The Middleton guard dove in the basketball as he shot the basketball from the three point arc with 3 seconds remaining. Everyone was on their feet for this one shot for Middleton High. If it sunk in, it would be the Mad Dogs' first CHSAA basketball championship in 9 years. Kim and the other Mad Dog cheerleaders, including Bonnie, cheered on their team.

The basketball splashed through the net as the buzzer sounded, giving the Mad Dogs a 72-70 win over Arlington High. The Middleton High side of the crowd exploded in a thunder of cheers and applause while the DS crowd all made a loud groan at the same time.

All 15 of the Mad Dog basketball players hollered up and down in the celebration of their victory for their first CHSAA basketball championship since 1998. Kim and the other Middleton cheerleaders all cheered with their team as they threw their yellow pom-poms up in the air to join in on the fun.

Even Jim and Tim, as the Pep Puppies, joined in on the fun on using Ron's banana cream foam. Their growls helped spread the foam all over the place. Thankfully, since it was the last game that night, it didn't pose a problem, although it got all over Bonnie's cheer outfit. Bonnie grunted in sheer frustration while Kim enjoyed her rival's predicament at the hands of her brothers, giggling at the brunette.