A/N: I saw this prompt on Tumblr ages ago and finally wrote it. XD

Cody hasn't slept in two days. Possibly three. He's thinking maybe four, but he's pretty sure someone said that was physically impossible.

Unless you were a Jedi. Cody wasn't a Jedi.

He's pretty sure.

Jedi have lightsabers, yeah. And Cody doesn't have a lightsaber.

Well, actually, he does. Sometimes. He and Obi-Wan just share it. That is a normal Jedi thing, right?

No, Cody realizes, Obi-Wan just has a bad habit of losing said lightsaber. It isn't Cody's fault that he now has a lightsaber hook on his utility belt. It's only practical, since he is forever retrieving Obi-Wan's lightsaber for him. Kept his hands free, since carrying around his Jedi's lightsaber doesn't mean using it.

So, the answer is no. And three days. Standard days, not the thirty-hour days of Utapau. He can't go ninety hours without sleep. Because he isn't a Jedi.

Kriff, he needs sleep.

But there's no time for sleep. The 212th has been going nonstop, and Cody can't leave the front. He'll be fine. Boil already figured out that wherever Cody points, he actually means twenty-five degrees to the right.

And it isn't like Obi-Wan will stop. No, he'd run off on his oversized lizard thing a while ago, chasing after… the robot guy. Furious, or something like that.

Cody doesn't have time to remember names. They are moving too fast, no time to stop, Obi-Wan is up there alone and Cody needs to get everyone up there as fast as he can.

When his holo-transmitter blinks, Cody almost ignores it. Almost hands it to Boil. He's too busy tracking the giant lizard thing carrying his general up the sinkhole walls.

But Marshal Commanders don't ignore calls, no matter how much more important making sure the Jedi didn't die was. He's pretty sure. He needs a shiny to take his calls, let Cody take care of leading.

Unless the call is new orders. Right. That's why he has the transmitter. Receive orders, then resend them to every other battalion. All at once. Yeah. Saved time.

"Commander?" Boil says.

Right. Call. He has a second to spare. But only one, or a few. He doesn't want to look away from Obi-Wan, so he doesn't as he activates the transmitter.

"Execute Order Six-"

Right, right, yeah, Cody has it. He turns off the transmitter, then changes the channels and announces to every battalion spread across the universe.

"Execute Order Six."

Without further ado, Cody chucks the transmitter over his shoulder. It shatters against the rocky ground. Cody then yanks off his comlink and drops it to the ground, where he smashes it under his heel. All across the battlefield, every other clone is doing the same thing.

Job done, Cody returns his gaze to the speck that is his general and his men turn from their brief distraction that was Order Six to keep moving forward. He wonders, briefly, if he should have broken Obi-Wan's radio silence to inform him that the entire battalion was about to join him in radio silence.

Hm. Cody wonders how he is supposed to inform Obi-Wan when the mission is accomplished. And how he's supposed to inform the Republic of their inevitable success.

Hopefully Obi-Wan still has a functional comlink.