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Penny had heard enough. The two of them arguing over that idiotic roommate agreement, bringing up things like super powers and a zombie apocalypse. Why these two guys who both had genius level IQ's couldn't seem to see the obvious solution to the problem baffled her.

She did want to go with Leonard to Switzerland for Valentine's Day. A romantic get away with her sweet adorkable guy. And she was proud of him for not just giving in to Sheldon to keep the peace like usual.

But she wasn't completely unsympathetic to what Sheldon wanted either. She understood this was a big deal for him. So she decided to speak up.

"Guys! Guys!", she interrupted. "Both of you zip it and listen to me. I've got the perfect solution for all three of us. And I'm surprised that the two of you with a combined IQ of 360 couldn't think of it and I did".

Both of them turned to her almost comically quick. Sheldon scoffed and rolled his eyes as if to say "Oh, really"? Leonard looked at her quizzically and motioned for her to tell them.

Penny started, "Ok, here it is. Since Leonard only has one extra pass to visit CERN. And since I know Sheldon has money since I borrowed from him and paid him back. Unless of course you have blown it all on some silly sci-fi junk or comic books since then. Sheldon can pay for his own plane ticket and hotel room. You two guys can visit CERN while I go sightseeing or shopping. Maybe you can book your tickets and stuff with that booking surface where that old guy from Star Trek is in the commercials".

She then turned to Leonard and continued, "Then you and I can go skiing afterwards sweetie. So everybody gets what they want and everybody is happy"

Leonard nodded and said, "Yeah, that would work. I think you're the real genius in this room Penny".

Penny looked very pleased when Leonard said that.

He then turned to Sheldon and said, "You should get on-line now and book your tickets and room.

Sheldon held up his hand and said, "Hold on a minute. I shouldn't have to pay for something that Leonard is contractually obligated to do for me per the roommate agreement. Do you realize how much first class tickets from California to Switzerland are going to cost? So Leonard should pay for them".

"First class"?, Leonard answered. "The two tickets I already have are not even first class. Why do you have to fly first class? And another thing. Contractually obligated? It's not even an actual legal document. I just sign the damn thing so I won't have to constantly argue with you about every single thing".

Sheldon huffed and said, "Flying stresses me out. So I need to be as comfortable as possible. And what am I supposed to do when the two of you are skiing"?

Leonard threw up his hands in aggravation and said, "I don't know. Find something train related. Do I have to entertain you all the time"?

Penny interjected, "Why don't you split the cost? And Sheldon, if you like written agreements so much, we want it in writing that you will not pester us or bother us for any reason but an absolute emergency. I can't remember how many times you came into the bedroom while we were together over the past year and I'm not putting up with on our romantic weekend".

"And, what qualifies as an emergency has to be spelled out in this agreement. Plus let's get it notarized so it actually will be a legal document.", Leonard added.

Penny asked, "What do you say, Sheldon? Will you agree if Leonard pays half? Not for first class. You'll fly the same as us. You could get a room farther away from us so you don't have to listen to things you don't want to hear".

Sheldon gave a loud sigh as it was killing him to compromise and said, "Alright, I agree".