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Naruto woke up choking on his own breath as he found himself in an unfamiliar place, he tried going into sage mode only to feel incredible pain as he did as this place was unnatural.

(1 week later)

Naruto breathed as he was looking around this place for a while and from what he could gather he was in some kinda mirror dimension of another world as he went to a library and found books and did a little research on what this place was or at least what it represented 'I swear I've never done so much research in my life.' he thought to himself as he was getting the gist as this world was always adapting somehow as it somehow was a warped reflection of what was happening on the real world this was based on.

The world was harsh and toxic from what Naruto gathered, but he found ways to survive and as he did he learned his chakra was acting as a shield to protect him from dying here aside from hunger and starvation 'may as well raid the place.' he thought to himself as he need weapons and also realized if he made it to the world he was going to that he didn't have a means to survive so, he fully intended on abusing this world since everything was basically an exact copy or at least to a degree given it was in ruins.

(3 months later)

Naruto had made a safe space in a hotel as it had the least amount of vines, he had raided some weapons stores and jewelry stores in order to make quick money once he got out of here.

(3 months later)

"I swear this is beyond sad." Naruto said as in his time here he had met…many disturbing things and now he had been listening to many whispers and other things on the other side, he had the occasional meeting with a certain creature mostly avoiding them as they seemed…part of everything here.

(3 months later)

"Well I'm going insane." Naruto said as after listening and barely any communication in this evil hellhole as all he was starting to get to him.

(3 months later)

Naruto was literally dying of both boredom and the world he was in, his senses went into overdrive as he sensed someone here which was odd and when he went to the location…he found a little girl in a hospital gown "Hey you ok?" he asked seeing the girl flinch making him stop "I'm not going to hurt you." he said till he heard a familiar screech "Get behind me ok." he said as they saw a monster that seemed 8 feet tall "well time to kill him." he said as he took out a pair of pocket knives and before he could do anything the girl disappeared and he was stuck with the monster "...Well that was weird even for this place

(1 hour later)

"Great time is now frozen." Naruto said as the world stopped progressing for some reason 'wonder if this is because of that girl?' he thought wondering if the girl's appearance was the cause 'hell maybe there is a way out of here.' he thought to himself.

(few days later)

'What the fuck is it with kids?' Naruto thought to himself as he found a little boy in all this crap as he was crying out for his mother.

(few hours later)

Naruto had done a lot since his meeting with Will as he learned more about the outside world and soon discovered Will was not gonna be able to survive as long as he was in this world as the atmosphere was more harsh on the child's body 'gotta do what I can.' he thought as Naruto was able to use what little chakra he could muster to clear the air around them if only slightly to make it less harsh for Will.

They both heard screams in the distance.

"Are portals opening up everywhere!" Naruto said as he wanted outta of here "stay here and don't make a sound or touch the black vines ok I'll be back soon." he said to Will taking off as while he was low on chakra his physical body was still capable of many impressive feats, he soon made it to an empty pool and found a girl with one of the monsters that inhabited wherever they were 'no way she got here on purpose.' he thought to himself wondering how this girl and Will got through to here.

The creature noticed his presence and growled.

"C'mon ugly I'm right here." Naruto said as he took out a blade coated in oil and lit it using a lighter as these creatures apparently hated fire and he was half tempted to ignite most of the town just to cause it pain if not for the fact he had no idea how that would affect wherever he was.

(1 hour later)

"How are you the one to take this better?" Naruto asked Will as Barb was panicking as she paced in his little area.

Will shrugged as this was like a more real version of his D&D game though he was still pretty scared.

"C'mon both of you are covered in…whatever the hell this place is." Naruto said as he didn't have a name for what this place made but it smelled terrible, he took them to a nearby store and had them change their clothing.

(20 minutes later)

"Hey I gotta ask, are women always this complicated even in this world." Naruto asked him curiously as Will didn't take 5 minutes while Barb was taking her time 'You'd think certain death would be a good motivator.' he thought to himself as this was ridiculous.

"Yeah so are you like…an alien?" Will asked finding this to be incredibly cool.

"Yeah no aliens got nothing on me at the top of my game." Naruto said fibing slightly as this place was damaging his system as while he still had chakra he only had about 10% of his maximum limits.

"I have to ask, have you been robbing this place?" Barb asked as she stepped out the changing room, no longer covered in what they could only assume was bile, she found a nice outfit, which showed off her large D-cup breasts given how the shirt she was wearing strained against them a bit, curvy plump body, and her pants were a little tight on her thighs and peach bottom ass.

"Gotta make a living somehow and not even illegal since this place technically doesn't exist." Naruto said as he was glad he still had a scroll on him which he used as a storage seal much like the one he had tattooed on right shoulder which housed a gift he was given while on a mission.

"Do you have any way for us to leave?" Barb asked him curiously.

"If I could've left I would've done so already. I don't even know how you got here." Naruto said as that was the truth of the matter as he had no way of knowing if there were certain openings they were missing. "Also minor warning the food here is kinda…off but somehow edible." he said to her as they went around the evil world.

Naruto lead Barb and Will to his current hideout and gave them some food, chuckling a bit at their faces when they took a bite of it.

(next day)

'What the fuck is happening?' Naruto thought as he was at Will's home and the strangest thing happened the monster was coming in and out of reality for some odd reason and soon so was he.

(real world)

Joyce Byers watched in horror as the wall of her house bulged inward before the claws and head of a creature ripped through and shrieked. She watched in horror as the monster pulled itself from the wall.

The monster shrieked at her, its head opening up to reveal flaps lined with razor sharp teeth and roared at her. it made to lunge at her but was suddenly tackled by a blonde haired teen who leapt through the hole in the wall. The teen wrestled the monster to the ground struggling to hold it there before he was thrown off and landed in front of Joyce.

"You must be Will's Mom?" the teen said eyeing Joyce out of the corner of his eye not taking his gaze off the monster

"You know Will? Where is he? Is he okay? Who are you?" Joyce rapidly asked wondering who this was

"My name is Naruto and yes he is safe for now. I have been protecting him and Barb. Look I need to get this beast back through the hole we came through so you need to get to safety. Find Eleven, Find the Breach!" Naruto said before charging at the beast and Joyce ran out of the house the last thing she saw was the blonde trying to force the monster back towards the hole they came out of.

(other world)

"C'mon you dick let me rip you apart." Naruto said as he and the monster thrashed around the house with the intention of ripping the other limb from limb.

(2 hours later)

Naruto looked at his left arm as he was bleeding heavily, he could feel it burn as the creatures blood heavily doused his arm's wounds 'this ain't gonna be good.' he thought to himself as he walked back to Will and Barb dragging something large behind him as it scraped along the ground.

(20 minutes later)

"How's my mom?" Will asked as Naruto despite his injuries he needed to know.

"She misses you kid." Naruto said to him as he could see the concern in her eyes

Barb then noticed his left arm bleeding heavily causing her eyes to widen "Your Hurt!" she yells causing Will's eyes to widen as well

"I'll be fine…probably." Naruto said as he still felt his arm inflame.

"You have a sword!" Will said in shock seeing the very large bloody knife.

"Yeah it was entrusted to me as its next wielder…." Naruto said as he flashed back to certain moments in his life and Zabuza and Haku was what came to mind most.

"How can you even lift that thing it looks insanely heavy" Barb asks as she came back from getting towels to wrap around Naruto's wound and upon seeing the sword the sheer size of it meant it had to weigh at least 200 pounds

"Mostly muscle." Naruto said to her

(few hours later)

Naruto was sweating profusely as he slept as he kept dreaming of…a monster something that made Kurama seem pleasant in emotion as this…entity was pure darkness.

(Will's 'house')

Unknown to Naruto the corpse of the monster he slew was also suffering from exposure to his blood and the vines within the home wrapped around the creature and…absorbed it's corpse into it the change it was going through now spreading

(few days later)

"There's an open portal here!" Naruto said seeing a corpse on the floor in an advanced suit "and probably something on the other side." he said in annoyance guessing it wasn't that easy.

To Naruto's surprise two adults came through the portal one he recognized the other not so much "gotta say I'm impressed not many parents would come here for their kid." he said impressed at the lengths the mother went to.

"You're that boy is Will ok?" Joyce asked him quickly.

"Alive and a pain in the ass." Naruto said with a smile before a scream was heard "Shit they must have found our hideout!" he yells before running off in the direction of the hideout a shocked Hopper and Joyce running behind him trying to keep up the best they could given Naruto's speed.

"Damn kid is faster than a pro athlete!" Hopper grunted out through labored breaths as they ran and Naruto increased his speed further pulling away from them "...Okay maybe he is as fast as a car" Hopper added.

After running for a bit Hoppe and Joyce came upon a scene of carnage as the bodies of monsters were strewn everywhere in pieces

"Jesus Christ looks like they ran into a giant blender" Hopper said not bothered by the carnage given his past in the Vietnam War.

"Glad to see you finally made it" Naruto said tiredly, covered in deep scratches that were bleeding and slowly staining his clothes, using his sword for support.

"Damn kid this is your handiwork?" Hopper asked.

"...The giant sword isn't just for show" Naruto said in a deadpan

"Where is Will and Barb!" Joyce yells not seeing them around and fearing the worst

"Inside the building haven't had a chance to save them yet as I got jumped by all these fuckers soon as I got near the building" Naruto says slowly walking towards the building followed closely by Hopper and Joyce.

(30 minutes later)

Naruto, Hopper, and Joyce had managed to save Barb and Will from their fleshy cocoon-like prisons in the building and were slowly making their way back to the breach given the tired states of Will and Barb and the injured state of Naruto.

"How are you alive by the way I thought this place was toxic?" Hopper asked Naruto curiously.

"To stubborn to die now can we please get out of here before the shit here gets a lucky shot and kills us all." Naruto said as Barb nodded eagerly.

They all got out of the motel and made a run for the portal…but something was waiting for them.

"What the fuck." Naruto said as he saw a giant creature even bigger than the ones from before, it had more muscle to go with it's agility and it's teeth seemed larger and more sharp.

"Blood…blood…BLOOD!" the beast said in anger.

"Those things can talk?" Hop asked in surprise.

"Not to my knowledge." Naruto said as he had seen many of those things…none spoke.

"I can smell you!" the creature said loudly.

"Oh come on." Naruto said as he looked at his bandaged arm "listen to me carefully when I give my signal you make a break for the portal." he said giving his signal before either of the adults could stop him.

"Hey buddy this is what you want." Naruto said cutting his right hand palm "my blood you want it come get it." he said to it, making a dash.

Everyone watched as the beast took charge and went after Naruto.

"Damn kid everybody go!" Hop said chasing after him

Naruto really hated when someone followed his lead into his suicide moves which he always survived, he summoned his sword from his seal and luckily got a good shot in as sliced off one of the creatures mouth flaps and skinned his arm.

Hop was a little surprised by the sword, but took advantage and used his MP5 and shot it in its legs.

"Run back to the portal." Naruto said in urgency having to lag behind Hop as the man was a bit slow "how the fuck is that thing back up!" he said as the monster chased after him.

"Want BLOOD!" the creature screamed in bloodlust gaining ground on them.

"God damn it!" Naruto said as they were close to the portal, but he turned around and dashed towards the creature while swinging his sword. The blade made contact with the creatures legs and with a mighty yell from Naruto as he put all his strength into the swing he severed them. The creature began to tumble to the ground only to be met by Naruto's blade catching it the midsection and with another mighty swing, this one upward he severed the monster in half. Letting out a shriek the monster reached towards Naruto to claw at him only to be stabbed through the chest with such for it snapped the blade in half 'it repairs thankfully.' he thought remembering what Zabuza had said about the sword and wondering how the creature could still fight given it was stabbed to the ground "seriously fuck this place and I hope it all burns." he said to himself but Hop agreed with him.

They both went into the tear and made it to the otherside. However as they did so they were unaware that a small slug-like creature slithered out of the creature's severed torso and began slowly making its way off into the distance.

(2 hours later)

"Naruto Uzumaki correct? I am Sam Owens." Sam said as he introduced himself "I personally tested your blood and you have an incredible resistance to that dimension it's impressive and astounding…but I have some questions and something to show you." he said showing him some charts "I ran your biology and it matches the girl you mentioned seeing but you seem more physical than mental and I was told you said you were from a different dimension." he said as he ran all of Naruto's blood scans and he had no genetic matches in the US or anywhere else "I would like to work with you make a few dealings in exchange you get a life and more agreed." he said holding his hand out.

"Done." Naruto said as he did some paperwork with Owens.

(few days later)

Naruto had to admit he was amazed how much he got for the things he stole as he gathered up to $50,000, the official story was Will and Barb were kidnapped and Naruto who was in the process of coming here as a transfer student found them and saved them. He was seen as a hero especially by Joyce as she had seen the things he had protected Will from and Barb's parents who had all but demanded that he stayed with them and Barb until he was able to get a place of his own.

Despite this offer Naruto had been about to turn down the generous offer not wanting to impose but upon seeing the look on Barb's face he decided to accept on the condition that he would help make meals when able and pay rent. Barb's parents had agreed to this though had gotten one over on Naruto by only charging him 25 cents a month.

(next day)

"So this is the guy?" Mike Wheeler who was the younger brother of Barb's friend Nancey and one of Will's three friends consisting of Mike, Lucas Sinclair, and Dustin aka "Dusty" Henderson asked as Naruto was keeping an eye on Barb and Will as the parents were still on edge.

Will had told his friends about what Naruto could do and after what they all went through it was impossible not to believe.

"So you can use magic?" Dustin asked Naruto curiously.

'Eh may as well.' Naruto thought forming a rasengan for about a minute as with his low chakra he could only do it so many times a day but even then it wasn't able to do anything damage wise given how weak it was…oddly enough he had discovered it made for a great mixer in a pinch after he panicked when he burnt the pancakes he was making for Barb's family this morning and the hand mixer broke.

"I think I died and went to heaven." Dustin said in awe.

The nerds bombarded Naruto with questions and wanted to figure out what else he could do.

(A Few Weeks Later)

"Can you repeat that?" Naruto asked blinking at what Barb had just asked him.

"I asked you to train me. I am tired of being weak, of flinching at every sudden loud noise, of having to run to you and having you protect me from myself at those times. I want to be strong, strong enough so that I can protect myself, protect others if need be, and

Naruto could see how that world could have that effect on her, he nodded "I won't take it easy on you. You will be sore, you will likely curse my name and say you hate me, but if you power through I can assure that you will be stronger than you ever believed you could be. That being said last chance to back out and no shame in doing so" he said

(1 week later)

Barb had to admit…Naruto was pure evil as he did incredibly insane workouts as he did 7 Mile runs, 100 sit ups, push ups, and so on and barely broke a sweat and he made her keep up with him…Slowly at first but even then it was torture as she had to START by doing 20 Sit ups, push ups, and squats followed by another Half Mile run.

(4 months later)

Naruto learned quickly that he hated school no matter where he went, but the drama in this world was even worse, something Ino would've loved.

Naruto was helping out around school trying to be productive and active in the community and while he did do that he kept his circle of friends small namely only Barb, Nancey, Will's Brother Johnathan, Will and his 3 friends, and surprisingly Steve Harrington Nancy's boyfriend who had found out about the whole other world stuff when he got roped into when Johnathan and Nancey fought one of the creatures which the kids had apparently named Demogorgons in the Byer household while Joyce and Hopper were saving Naruto and the others. He made a recent friend named Robyn and to his delight she was not like everyone else she was more original. He also discovered she was a lesbian something she begged him not to tell anyone and he calmed her down and talked to her in private, to which she was grateful.

Robyn felt incredible relief as she could be open with someone and it gave her such relief, she confided in Naruto as a confidant as he was openly honest with her, she admired that about him as she never met anyone like that.

(next day)

Barb was feeling fantastic as Naruto's training truly did wonders, she admired herself in the mirror wearing a white revealing nightgown 'does this thing ever shrink?' she thought looking at her ass as she thought with all the training it'd shrink yet it looks the same, but it was more toned and longer flabby or sagging, her breasts did get larger as well becoming large DD-cups 'time to make my move.' she thought as she called Naruto to her room as her parents left moments ago to run errands.


Hearing a knock on her door Barb perked up "Come in" she said as she sat down on her bed

Naruto walked in shirtless as he had been working out prior as there was little else to do in town at the moment and was curious to what Barb wanted.

'God does he ever stop being hot.' Barb thought to herself as she could already feel her lower lips moisten at this sight.

"Hey Barb whats…up?" Naruto began only to trail off and his eyes to widen at seeing her sitting on her bed in the revealing nightgown.

Barb blushed as she had finally had his attention, something she desperately wanted as she wanted him to see her as more than a friend she wanted him to see her as a woman…his woman 'he's everything to me now, my friend and my hero.' she thought as while her fears had lessened over time she was still brought at ease by his presence and it made her want to be with him.

"So um what's up Barb?" Naruto asked nervously, repeating himself not sure what else to say at the moment as he wasn't expecting to see the girl dressed well…like she was when she asked him to come into her room.

"I want you to make love to me." Barb said shyly "I can't stop dreaming of you, I really can't stop thinking of you Naruto." she said to him confessing her feelings to him.

"Barb are you sure? This kind of sounds like you have some hero worship for me given how I saved you and that could be affecting your decision making and the last thing I want is for you to do something that you could regret" Naruto said.

"I know what I feel Naruto and yeah I can't stop thinking about what you did but I can't stop thinking of what you've been doing after and after everything I realized that while I do have some hero worship for you I have genuinely come to have feelings for you…I want you." Barb said blushing brightly.

Naruto blushed himself as he didn't have any words, but he did feel something for Barb and he proceeded to take his clothing off.

Barb felt scared when she saw him strip to his boxers and saw the outline of his member which seemed too weak of a word as Naruto was big for lack of a proper word 'that's gonna go in me!' she thought a little frightened by it now, she became more frightened when it was freed as Naruto erect and likely somewhere between 10-11 inches based on her estimates from just looking.

Naruto got on the bed and got closer to Barb deciding to start things slow as this was their first time together.

Barb eased into his touch loving each and everything he did to her and moaned as he reached into her panties with one hand and cupped one of her breasts with the other. Barb went to moan again as she felt his fingers glide against her clit on their way to her pussy only for the moan to be muffled as Naruto pressed his lips to hers…

Naruto could feel her pussy moisten as her hips lifted to meet his fingers, but he wanted her wet when he was going to enter her as given his size and her being a virgin it would be painful for her if she wasn't thoroughly prepared and thought that the perfect time was when her panties were soaked.

Barb moaned as Naruto doubled his efforts as he pulled down the top of her gown exposing her breasts and increased his speed with fingering her 'he's gonna make me cum!' she thought feeling embarrassed as it was basically a fact it was the woman who had to give the man mind blowing pleasure yet Naruto was making her mind turn to mush.

Naruto broke the kiss as he began trailing his kisses and licking her neck before reaching her shoulder, and then finally her chest where he began licking and suckling on her breasts and nipples.

Barb lost it when he sucked on her nipples as he did it so roughly it drove her wild she soon climaxed all over her bed leaving a very large and noticeable stain on her blanket. As a result she was unaware of Naruto removing his mouth from her breasts and slowly began kissing and licking his way down her stomach which now sported some toned abdominal muscles before he reached just above her panties.

Lifting her thin nightgown up so he could get better access to her panties and what lay beneath he slid her panties down a bit removing one of her legs from them and exposing her dripping and soaked pussy and the small mound of neatly trimmed pubic hair. Leaning down he gave her dripping core a lick causing her eyes to snap open as she let out a gasp and her back arched.

Naruto began licking Barb's pussy, running his tongue along the outer lips before plunging it in and doing the same to her inner lips and walls, sending tidal waves of pleasure shooting through her as she moaned and gripped the sheets tightly.

As Naruto worked his tongue around inside of Barb's pussy he made sure to take note of every spasm and moan whenever he hit certain spots and began focusing on those spots in particular increasing her pleasure even more as her legs began shaking before they wrapped around the back of Naruto's head as if to pull him deeper into her heavily leaking pussy.

Barb thrashed around on her bed running her hands through her hair as she gasped and moaned from the pleasure that Naruto was giving her. It felt as if her entire body was on fire as what felt like a knot built up in her lower abdomen "Naruto…something is coming!" Barb moans out breathlessly before she gasps and arches her back upward as her climax hits her and she sprays her juices once again.

Naruto pulled away his face dripping with Barb's juices and laid her back pulling her panties off her completely and placing them on the side of the bed.

Barb was nervous as she felt his dick rub between her lower lips spreading her apart "Make love to me." she said breathing heavily still from her climax, wanting him to make her a woman.

"Barb I want you, I really want you to be mine." Naruto said poking his tip at her entrance, getting a shiver from her.

"Do it Naruto I'm yours take me!" Barb begged as Naruto fully thrusted into her pussy, making her scream as he broke through her hymen, making her scream in pain and pleasure as she wrapped her legs around his waist.

Naruto kissed her as she cried and moaned as he waited for her to get adjusted to his size, simply holding her close to him as she shuddered and whimpered slightly as the pain began to pass.

"I'm ready Naruto" Barb said breaking their kiss.

"Okay I will start off slow just tell me if I am hurting you" Naruto said calmly as he began slowly working his hips back and forth slowly going in and out of her pussy which tightly grabbed at his dick as if it didn't want to let it go. Over and Over Naruto worked his hips in a rhythm while Barb gasped and moaned, feeling him stretch out her pussy to accommodate his member sending waves of pleasure crashing over her.

The pair of lovers panted from the exertion as a thin sheen of sweat started to cover their bodies "God your so tight Barb" Naruto grunted out as he continued thrusting into her feeling her walls pulsate around his cock.

"Ah! It's because you're so big!" Barb gasped out her eyes wide as she clawed at Naruto's back and wrapped her legs around his waist instinctively trying to pull him in deeper and letting out a loud gasp as she felt him hit against her cervix for a split second.

Barb let out a yelp as Naruto pulled her up and into his kneeling lap gripping her by her large ass as he used his muscles to work her up and down on his dick getting sharp loud gasps from her as she wrapped her arounds around his neck and pulled his lips to meet hers as she breasts squashed against his toned muscles which teased her sensitive and hard nipples.

Naruto smiled as they kissed before Barb broke the kiss and looked up at the ceiling "AHHH!" she screamed in pleasure as her whole body began to shake and trembled in Naruto's grip as she experienced a massive orgasm that dwarfed the others she had and proceeded to drench Naruto's crotch

'I want more!' Barb thought in her orgasmic bliss, pressing Naruto forward and had him laying on the bed and began to bounce on his dick 'It's going in even deeper.' she thought to herself as his dick was poking at her womb "Don't cum please I'm not on anything." she said in small terror as she was to excited and didn't want to use a condom and didn't have any birth control.

Naruto was a little put off as he really wanted to cum inside Barb and felt he was denied a great pleasure but also respected her wishes. He thrusted his hips up into her aggressively meeting her downward wanting to experience as much pleasure before he was forced to pull out "Barb I'm cumming" he grunted out before Barb quickly removed his twitching dick from her pussy which was spasming from her own orgasm moments before he began erupting seed coating her lower abdomen, chest, and even the bottom of her chin with his massive eruption.

Breathing heavily Barb crashed down beside Naruto as she slid off his hips and wrapped her arm over his chest "That was indescribable" she breathlessly says coming down from her orgasm but still exhausted.

Wrapping his arm around her Naruto began running his hand through Barb's sweaty matted hair "Yeah it was and I am glad you enjoyed it so much" he said with a smile

Barb felt bad as he made her climax a dozen times yet she couldn't take his load as she saw his member needing release again as it was still hard "I'm sorry you couldn't cum inside me" she said sounding a little disappointed in herself.

"Hey it's alright" Naruto said as Barb looked up at him despite him saying that he could see the disappointed look in her eyes "Well if it would make you feel better there is another place I could cum and it could go inside you?" he said rubbing his thumb across her lips indicating where he was talking about as Barb subconsciously opened her lips slightly and began licking Naruto's thumb.

Pulling away from Naruto's grip Barb began slowly kissing her way down Naruto's chiseled chest and rock hard six pack abs before she reached his throbbing cock.

She looked upon his length with awe and fascination finding it hard to believe that he had managed to fit it inside her mere moments ago. She took a light gulp as moved her hands taking hold of his manhood, she ran her fingers along the throbbing veins slightly shaking as she did feeling it lightly throb and twitch in her grip.

She brought the head of the cock up to her mouth and gave it a light lick, she lightly smacked her lips a bit feeling the odd taste in her mouth 'This must be what he and I taste like mixed together' she thought before focusing back on the task at hand. Her nimble hands moved up and down while her mouth took the the head up to her mouth causing her eyes to winded as lightly gag before pulling back, she was not ready to take that monster in her mouth whole, she instead lightly kissed the tip then started to run her tongue lightly over it as she moved her mouth downwards tenderly licking the hard sides of his cock her wet tongue brushing up and down alongside her hands jerking off below the tongue.

She gulped again before she slowly took the head inside her mouth running her tongue in circular motion around it as she slowly moved her mouth down, beginning to take his shaft into her mouth, wetting it more and more to smooth it inwards with her saliva.

Once she'd gotten it as wet as she could she slowly bobbed her head up and down taking care not to choke or gag on the meat in her mouth. Her hands taking care to stroke him off as well, her eyes closed, she started to get a feel of rhythm with her head as Naruto groaned at the feel of her hot breath and warm wet mouth blowing on his cock.

She felt Naruto's cock twitching slightly and her eyes widened in surprise as she suddenly felt something shoot up into her mouth, she grunted gag slightly as she felt a large amount of thick sticky liquid leaking down her throat. Barb calmed her breathing and took it in as it came, pulling her mouth back panting as she licked her lips from the experience she'd just undergone,

Her cheeks were flushed from the experience but her eyes were burning in excitement as she looked at Naruto's still hard cock and realization dawned on her "That wasn't him coming, that was just his Pre-Cum!" she thought in shock before she gripped the cock tightly once more and took it back into her mouth, her pace increasing compared to her previous one.

While her left hand moved down lightly taking hold of his testicles massaging them between her fingers, Barb moaned lightly as she continued to orally pleasure her lover. Naruto was surprised by Barb's sudden flare of excitement for her first time but he paid it no mind and simply enjoyed it.

Several minutes passed by of Naruto just lying back and watching Barb take his cock in her mouth and massage his balls while looking up at him the whole time with love and adoration in her eyes. Naruto could feel himself growing closer to his release and with a groan he said "Ah Barb I am about to cum"

Barb hearing this and feeling his testicles tighten and his cock throb began to speed up her pace wanted to bring her lover to his climax.

"I'm cumming Barb!" Naruto grunted out as his cum exploded once more. Barb pulled back to give her mouth more room keeping her lips latched to the mushroomhead as she felt hot white cream spilling down into her gullet as she stroked Naruto on wanting to get every last drop of his seed out of him to show him her love for him.

For several minutes Barb continued gulp down Naruto's release before she finally felt him stop cumming and his cock began to soften in her mouth causing her to release it with one last suck and a loud pop. Looking up at Naruto who was panting slightly from the combination of his release and Barb sucking out every last drop he had left she couldn't help but blush "Did I do well?" she asked, sounding shy and wanting to be sure she did well.

"Come here" Naruto said, gesturing for her to crawl up him, which she did until she was face to face with him and her body lying pressed against his. Naruto then pulled her into a deep kiss causing her eyes to widen before she moans into the kiss and he pulls away "You were amazing" he says with a smile causing her eyes to widen before she smiles herself and lays down resting her head on his chest and listening to his heartbeat as he runs his hands through her sweat soaked hair as the two basked in the afterglow of their lovemaking.

(End Lemon)

However the blissful afterglow the two were enjoying was broken when they heard the front door to the house open "Barb, Naruto were home!" Marsha's voice is heard yelling from downstairs causing their eyes to widen.

"Shit!" Naruto says not liking the idea of Barb's parents potentially walking in and seeing the both naked in bed post-sex.

"We need to clean up and get dressed!" Barb whispered quickly her eyes widening in panic.

"No time I can hear your mom coming upstairs…I got an idea" Naruto says causing Barb to look at him.

(Minute Later)

Marsha walked up to her daughter's closed door and knocked on it "Barbara are you in there honey?" she asked.

"Yeah Mom come on in" Barb's voice is heard before Marsha opens the door and walks into the room to see Barb laying under her blanket.

"Um honey, why are you under your blanket…and what's that smell?" Marsha asked after walking in and getting a whiff of something.

"Oh I was working out and got all sweaty so I decided to take a shower, and then got something to eat. However I think the milk has expired as my stomach is feeling a bit upset right now" Barb says nervously shifting a bit under her blanket.

"Oh dear that's not good, do you need me to get you anything dear?" Marhha asked, walking over to Barb's bedside and placing her on Barb's forehead to check its temp when a quiet yelp was heard "What was that?" Marsha asked, wondering what the noise was.

"That was me mom, I am still having a few muscle pains from my workout earlier" Barb said quickly making an excuse for the noise "And no I don't need anything as Naruto went out to get me some stuff a little while ago" she adds on.

"Oh that's sweet of him, though I have to ask dear…when are you going to tell him how you feel about him?" Marsha asks with a knowing look on her face.

"Mom!" Barb yelled in embarrassment while also thinking "A bit late for that Mom given what we just got done doing"

"It's the truth dear as you need to hurry before someone else snatches him up. A handsome young man like him who is also extremely kind hearted, not to mention his hero status in the town for saving you and young William. It's a surprise he hasn't been snagged up already" Marsha stated to her daughter.

Barb had to agree with that statement as many girls often tried to ambush Naruto….everywhere often in pairs or packs. Though Naruto would always politely turn them down which only seemed to excite them further, "I plan on telling him really soon…maybe even today" Barb said with a slight smile.

"Oh that's wonderful dear I am sure he will accept as he seems to like you the same way" Marsha says with a smile leaning down to kiss her daughter's forehead "Get some rest sweetie and I will check on you a bit later" she says before heading to the door and closing it behind her.

Barb let out a sigh of relief before a scurrying was heard and Naruto shimmied out from under her bed still naked. Barb then moved her blanket down to reveal that she was also still naked and their clothes were next to her on the bed.

"That sure was a close one" Naruto said with a little chuckle and grin.

"Yeah it sure was, and speaking of which, what was that yelp? It almost got us caught" Barb said a little annoyed as being caught by her mom was not something she wanted.

"Sorry about that, your mom stepped on my finger when she walked up to the bed." Naruto said as she pouted at his slip up almost getting them caught. Getting up out of her bed and turning around to grab their clothes she gave a yelp, unable to fight back a moaned as he gave her ass a spank.

"You're still in trouble for almost getting us caught." Barb said as she was eager for him to make it up to her.

"Oh and just what might you want me to do to make it up to you?" Naruto said with a grin pulling her over to him and giving her a quick kiss as he groped her ass getting a shiver from her.

"A date…a romantic one" Barb said after breaking the kiss and suppressing a moan from Naruto's ministrations of her ass.

"So you me dinner and sex." Naruto said teasingly.

"If you play your cards right and the date is romantic enough then yes we might have sex afterwards" Barb says with a coy smile deciding to tease him back.

"Well alright then don't make any plans for this weekend as I am going to sweep you off your feet figuratively with a romantic date, and then literally later on…Now we should probably get dressed before your Mom decides to pop back in and finds us standing here naked with my hands grabbing your sexy ass" Naruto said as while he liked excitement and danger he didn't want the mother to see what he was gonna do to her daughter

The pair quickly got dressed and Naruto went over to the window and opened it which Barb raised an eyebrow at "What are you doing?" she asked finding his action strange.

"Well you said I was out getting medicine for you so I can't very well come strolling down the stairs behind you can I?" Naruto said with a cheeky grin before jumping out the window much to Barb's shock. She ran over to the window and looked out to see him casually standing on the lawn and giving her a cheeky wave.

Seeing this Barb's eyebrow twitched in annoyance and despite the amazing sex he could be a little much times or just annoying. "This is the man or more like man-child I have fallen in love with…and I wouldn't change anything" She thought with a little smile and chuckle before going back into her room to head downstairs.

(1 month later)

Naruto was a little annoyed as he had an annoying headache once a day and he knew who was the cause, someone that should be gone or dead.

Naruto found his way to a cabin in the woods, easily picking the lock, one of his skills he never lost and soon found Eleven.

"The fuck?" Naruto asked raising an eyebrow before he heard a vehicle pull up and turned around to see Hopper pulling up in his sheriff's car.

(5 minutes later)

"I'm gonna laugh when Mike tries to take a swing at you." Naruto said as he ate an Eggo with El as she offered him one.

"Listen no one can find out about her, the kids are all being monitored." Hop said as it was easy to see as the government was widely interested in finding El and those kids were easy ways to discover her.

"Yeah they stopped monitoring me when I destroyed all their bugs and kept breaking eardrums." Naruto said as he fucked with the people who wanted to track him and Barb.

"Can you do that for Mike." El asked him in hope wanting to see or speak to Mike.

"Sorry kiddo doesn't work like that given how Mike is an easier target for them" Naruto says causing Eleven to sadden at hearing that "But I can come visit you…right Hopper?" Naruto said giving the man a pointed glare daring him to tell him no.

"Yeah alright kid no need to twist the knife so to speak. Heck I was actually planning on Deputizing you anyway to help around the station and help me with cases and such…especially any "Strange" ones if they pop up" Hopper says as Naruto was seen around town doing much for the community so not many would question his involvement with the police and he was under staffed and to top it off the government was the cause of some more recent activities in this town.

"Alright sounds like a deal especially if it gets me out of having to go to High School" Naruto said being all for becoming a deputy if it got him out of the nightmare that was school

"Nope sorry kid you still gotta go to High School to not only keep your cover but also save my ass as god help me if Joyce were to find out I let you drop out of school" Hopper said as he could just picture the woman's reaction if she were to find out Naruto quit school just to become his deputy.

"Ugh fine I guess I will still go to school" Naruto says in distaste at still having to go to the hell hole that was school. Naruto then spent the next hour or so hashing out details regarding his deputization by Hopper, and chatting with Eleven.

(1 Hour Later)

Naruto knocked on the door of the Byers house and waited for someone to answer it. He had decided to go visit Will and Johnathan to see how they were doing. Wait a moment or two the door finally opened to reveal an average slightly pudgy looking man who smiled widely at seeing him.

"Hey Naruto, great to see you, here to see Will or Jonathan?" the man asked in a friendly tone.

"Hi Bob and yeah are they home?" Naruto asks with a smile at the man who had started dating Joyce a couple months ago. The blonde was actually pretty fond of the man as he was one of the nicest people he had ever met, always going out of his way to help people who needed it and there wasn't a mean bone in his body it seemed.

"Bob, who's at the door?" Joyce's voice can be heard saying as she walks up behind Bob and her eyes widen at seeing it's Naruto. A wide smile forms on her face as she walks past Naruto and hugs him tightly "Naruto welcome!" she says happily before letting him go.

"Thanks Ms Byers" Naruto says warmly before gulping at seeing the look she is giving him "I mean Joyce" he says with a chuckle as Joyce had been adamant he call her by her name.

"That's better mister afterall you saved my son you're a hero and something as simple as calling me by my name is the least I can let you do in return" She said crossing her arms and grinning slightly.

"That's right you're a real life superhero Naruto I gotta admit kinda jealous buddy" Bob says excitedly always having been a fan of superheroes in comics and wanting to be one himself.

Hearing this Naruto chuckles "Well I don't know about that Bob but who knows you might get to be a superhero someday yourself" he says with a kind smile enjoying the man's enthusiasm.

"Oh I hope so it would be so cool to be a superhero. In fact if I could be a superhero for even a moment I could die happy!" the man jokes with a laugh

"BOB!" Joyce yells in a reprimanding tone not finding what he said funny at all.

"Sorry sorry it was just a joke" Bob says quickly trying to calm her down "Besides it's not like I will ever get a chance I mean this is Hawkins nothing exciting ever happens here, well I mean unless you count Will and Barbara getting kidnapped last year?" he added on.

"I am not sure I would call the kidnapping "Exciting" there Bob" Naruto says subtly, jabbing his head to the side.

The man could practically hear Joyce's eye twitching causing him to gulp "Right right not exciting at all horrible in fact" he says quickly trying to correct himself.

"Naruto why don't you head inside? I think I might need to have a little talk with Bob" Joyce says with a smile that was anything but sweet.

"Right right, well pardon me" Naruto says quickly squeezing past the two adults as he made his way inside the house not wanting to be anywhere near the discussion that was about to take place.

Walking through the house he made his way to Will's room and knocked on the door and waited a moment before it opened to reveal Will who smiled at seeing him "Naruto!" the boy said excitedly.

"Hey buddy figured I would stop by and see what's up and if you wanted to hang out for a bit so what are you up to?" Naruto said with a smile ruffling the boy's hair.

"Johnathan was helping me paint some new figures I got for Dungeons and Dragons. Do you wanna help?" Will asked cheerfully as Naruto looked in and saw Johnathan focusing on painting what looked like a elf character

"Sure thing sounds fun" Naruto says walking into the room and taking a seat next to Johnathan who looked up from the figure.

"Hey Naruto what's up?" he asked before returning to his painting.

"Not much had a pretty chill day and thought I would come over and maybe take Will out to the arcade or something but well figured it might be safer if we stay in here…at least for a bit" Naruto said with a slight shudder.

"Jesus what the hell happened to spook you that bad?" Johnathan asked in slight fear given it must have been something truly horrifying to scare Naruto given everything the blonde had told him he went through in the Upside Down.

"Well…." Naruto began before leaning in to whisper into John's ear not wanting to Will to hear and as he spoke the teen's eyes widened in shock

"Holy shit" Johnathan whispered.

"Yep so safe to say we should definitely stay in here until it cools down" Naruto says with a nod of his head. Just then Will came back with a few more figures and some paints and Naruto began helping paint them while chatting about various things with the two brothers.

(With Barb)

After Naruto had left earlier in the day Barb had decided that she would go hang out with Nancey as it had been a couple weeks since they had last done so mainly due to going on several romantic dates with Naruto….the sex afterward…and still keeping up with her training taking up most of her time outside of school.

Walking up the Wheeler house Barb knocked on the door and waited a moment before the door opened to reveal Nancy's mom "Hi Mrs. Wheeler is Nancey home?" Barb asked.

"Oh hello Barbara yes Nancey is home up in her room come on in and head on up" Mrs. Wheeler says letting Barb into the house.

Barb walked upstairs to Nancey's room and knocked on the door and upon hearing Nancey tell her to come in Barb opened the door "Hey Nance" she said with a smile.

"Heya Barb" Nancey said with a smile at her before Barb sat on Nancey's bed next to her and the two began to talk for a bit about various topics for a while .

"I have to say Barb, whatever this workout routine Naruto has you doing is really paying off you look amazing. I mean don't get me wrong you looked great before but now you look like a supermodel" Nancey said giving Barb a thorough once over taking in her new look.

"Thanks Nance and have to say the workout was and is hell…Like not even exaggerating there were points early on when I legitimately hated Naruto for how intense the workout was. Though I will admit I am very happy with the results especially if it means I can protect myself and others from stuff" Barb explains.

"Yeah all that stuff that happened last year was crazy." Nancey said even now finding it hard to believe everything that happened. Shaking those thoughts from her head she gained a sly smile and looked over at Barb "So…when are you going to ask Naruto out?" she asked teasingly.

"Well umm…we are already going out and have been for like 4 months" Barb says shyly with a slight blush.

Nancey's eyes widened in shock at hearing this "No way!" she said as a large grin formed on her face "Barb that's great!" she added excited and happy for her friend.

"Thanks Nancey" Barb says with a smile.

"So…What's he like?" Nancey asks with a cheeky grin wanting more details on how Naruto was with Barb.

"He is so romantic. He takes me out on all these romantic dates that he sets up himself like picnics or dinner under the stars. We cuddle all the time and just enjoy each others company, and well we have sex" Barb says explaining alot of the stuff Naruto and her did together.

Nancey's eyes widened upon hearing the last bit "Barb you and Naruto have had sex?!" she yelled/whispered in shock at hearing that as some as prim and proper as Barb had sex so soon into her relationship. Getting an interested look in her eye Nancey decided to press her friend "So…how was it?" she asks with a grin.

"Beyond amazing to say the least" Barb says with a grin before she goes on to regale Nancey with the tale of her first time with Naruto. She made sure to spare no detail from the attentive way Naruto had started off getting her nice and ready leading up to the actual penetration, the size of Naruto's member and his loads, being able to go more than once with no issue, even adding in how she also gave him a blowjob.

Throughout the whole story Nancey was in a state of shock at what she was hearing as it sounded like something out of one of the romance novels that her mother would read. By the end of the explanation Nancey was so shocked that all she could say was one word "...Wow".

"Yeah it was and still is pretty intense but feels so amazing" Barb said with a chuckle before the two began once more talking about various things for the next couple of hours.

(Timeskip 3 Months)

Naruto was getting real sick of these tests as while Owens was ok he hated the fact the man kept using needles and kept taking his blood more than any vampire would.

"If it weren't for the fact that I know what you are using my blood for I would think you were either a vampire or had a blood fetish with how much you take from me" Naruto said with a deadpan as the man pulled another vial of blood from him the third one of the day.

"Your blood is truly fascinating Naruto the cellular damage is immense, but it shows signs of healing and regeneartion at a slow pace." Owens said as he compared the blood samples each month and it was incredible, he wished to see Naruto truly healthy to see his cells in action.

"Yeah well don't go getting any ideas to try and make super soldiers like that Commander Country guy or we are going to have a serious issue…one that you won't walk away from" Naruto said hardening his gaze at the man as while he was fine with his blood being used as a possible way to fight "Upside Down Sickness" as the poisoning had been dubbed-Not the most creative name in Naruto's opinion- but the moment it tried to be weaponized in anyway is where he would draw the line. From everything he had read on the history of this world the LAST thing they needed to bring into warfare was chakra.

Owens laughed a little "It's Captain America that you are referring to and you have no need to be worried about your blood potentially being weaponized in any way Mr. Uzumaki as I am the only one with access to it and after each batch becomes unviable I make sure to thoroughly dispose of it" he said trying to assure Naruto that his blood was in safe hands.

"Honestly doc hope you live up to your word" Naruto said as he did like the fact he was healing as the doc didn't know his exact rate of healing but noticed he worked better on adrenaline 'cheap stuff.' he thought as Owens gave him an emergency shot of adrenaline in case he needed it for his healing or his powers 'better than nothing.' he thought not wanting to face anything from the 'Upside down' as Will's friends called it without more power.

"Would you like to see Will?" Owens asked as the government conducted these tests on both of them at the same time.

Naruto was not blind to see they wanted a reaction from either or both of them, but nodded just the same.

(Later that day)

Naruto walked out of the Hawkins DMV with a grin on his face to see Barb waiting in the parking lot for him.

"So…" Barb asks raising an eyebrow with a teasing grin on her face.

"Well they tried to just give it to me due to my "Hero Status"" Naruto begins causing Barb to roll her eyes jokingly "But I managed to convince them to give me the actual test and well, I passed" he ends by flashing his brand new driver's license.

"Congrats Mr. Hero, now hop in and we will head to the car dealership so you can get a car" Barb says with a grin as she gets back in the driver seat of her parents car that she borrowed so that Naruto could go take his test. After Naruto hopped in the passenger seat the two then drove off to the car dealership.

(30 Minutes Later)

"Boys." Barb said rolling her eyes as Naruto got a muscle car, a '67' Camaro to be precise.

"Don't be hating on my new ride babe…or we might not break it in later" Naruto says with a teasing grin causing Barb's face to flush.

"Get in the damn car." Barb said her angry face failing her.

"Sure…race ya!" Naruto said quickly getting in his new car and starting it before peeling out of the dealership in a burst of squealing tires and smoke causing Barb to just shake her head in amusement at his antics.

End Chapter 1