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Penny walked over to the table after picking up her smoothie from the juice bar. She had come into the gym today to take a new yoga class specifically geared for pregnant women. She wasn't really showing much yet but she was starting to feel her clothes were tighter in the bust and abdominal areas.

She sat down with a sigh and took a long sip through the straw. The juice bar at this gym made the best smoothies with several different types of fruit and she had been thinking about one all day when she was at work before she came to the gym. She wondered if it was too early to think of it as a craving.

She started to open her purse to put her engagement and wedding rings back on. She had almost lost the engagement ring one day here at the gym when it slipped off her finger while in the shower. So she had started putting them in her purse and put the purse and gym bag in her locker and then would put them back on after showering.

She had just unzipped the top of the purse when she heard her name being called. She turned around and saw Kurt.

He swaggered over and turned a chair around sat in it backwards. Penny rolled her eyes and said, "I don't recall asking you to join me Kurt. What are you doing here? Am I going to have to change gyms so I don't run into you anymore"?

Kurt said, "Aw, come on Penny. Don't be like that. I'm here to sign up for a membership to use the weights. By the way, why didn't you call me back after we went out that one time? I know I kind of ruined the end of date by kicking my bumper and breaking my toe after I couldn't get the lug nut off".

Penny thought back to that night. She was already aggravated with him for the way he was treating the wait staff at the restaurant. She ended up leaving a good tip to make up for him when he refused to. When they were driving home the tire blew out. And he couldn't get the lug nut off and ended up kicking the bumper in a fit of 'roid rage. After they called for a tow for the car. She rode with him in the cab to the hospital to get his food X-rayed and ended up lying to him about receiving a call from a co-worker wanting to switch shifts with her the next day. She told him she had to take an early shift and then she left in a cab and told him to take a cab home as well.

She gave him a tight insincere smile and said, "I was pissed off with the way you were acting towards the wait staff that night and your 'roid rage when you were trying to change the tire. So I decided you were not worth the effort. I would probably always have to be apologizing for you because you don't even realize you're being an ass-hole. Why did you think I didn't call you back"?

He chuckled unpleasantly and said, "Oh I just thought maybe you finally found out that I wrote the IOU for 1,800 dollars on your pet nerd's forehead with a black marker when he came by telling me I needed to give you your money back. You always did have a soft spot for that little elf Lenny. Surely you saw it, didn't you?

Penny was absolutely shocked when she answered, "You wrote an IOU on his forehead?! How dare you! I never saw it, he wore some stupid cap for over a week. I thought he had lost a bet or something and had to wear it.

She pointed an accusing finger at him and said, "Now you listen and you listen good. His name is Leonard, not Lenny. And not nerd or elf or any other insulting thing you want to call him. He's a smart, sweet wonderful person. Did you even know he has a PhD in experimental physics and works at CalTech. He might even get tenure there soon. And here's another news flash for you. He's my husband".

She unzipped her purse and pulled her rings out and put them on and said, "I only took these off to shower. Now you get out of my sight. I never want to set eyes on you again".

Part 2

Penny put the finishing touches on the table settings. After she had run into Kurt at the gym and found out what he had done to Leonard that day long ago when he had went to Kurt to get her 1,800 dollars back, she just wanted her husband to know how much she loved him.

He was working very late tonight, helping a grad student with an important experiment. So she had time to buy and prepare what she needed for tonight's special meal. It would be past 7pm when he got home and the time had almost arrived.

Just then Leonard walked in the door and put his keys in the bowl and his computer bag on the end of the couch. Penny walked over and hugged and kissed him.

Leonard asked when he saw the table settings on the kitchen island, "Is this a special occasion? Something smells really good".

Penny answered, "It's a romantic dinner for us. And to celebrate our new addition. Actually the menu is what I wanted to use for a special dinner when I was going to tell you I was pregnant that weekend. But you noticed how nauseated I was that morning and I just blurted the news out. And I never got to the store that day because I still felt sick.

So today we are having what we would have had that night. It's a themed dinner. Boneless BBQ baby back ribs and assorted baby vegetables tossed with olive oil and spices then steamed".

Leonard smiled and said, "Ah, I get it. The theme is baby. Very clever".

Penny smirked and said, "Well, what can I say. I'm not just a pretty face. Oh, I also made a pitcher of that green peach tea we both like since I can't have wine".

Leonard remarked, "Well according to Mrs. Cooper, sweet tea is the wine of the South. So maybe this counts".

They were both laughing as they brought the food over to the kitchen island and started sharing their meal. Afterwards, they brought their glasses of tea over to coffee table in front of the couch and Penny started speaking, "Sweetie, I want to talk about something that happened at the gym today".

"OK", Leonard said, looking a bit concerned.

Penny started, "I had just sat down to drink my smoothie and put my rings back on after my shower and I heard someone calling my name. It was Kurt. He just invited himself to sit down and started talking. He asked me why I never called him back that time".

Leonard nodded and said, "You told Sheldon and I that he acted like a real ass that night and you decided he wasn't worth the effort".

Penny spoke again and said, "That's what I told him and then he started telling me he thought it was because I finally saw what he wrote on your forehead. Which I didn't because you were wearing that silly cap. Why did you never tell me? I never would have went out with him again if I had known".

Leonard looked down like he was embarrassed and said, "A few reasons. You seemed so happy that you thought he was being nice to you. I thought maybe you still loved him since you were with him for four years. I also thought maybe you didn't want me interfering in your life. Plus I was humiliated that he had got the best of me for the third time".

Penny looked quizzical and said, "Three times? What was the other"?

Leonard answered, "Your Halloween party. He picked me up completely off the floor. And it felt like he more or less threw me at Sheldon rather than just put me down".

Penny scooted closer and hugged him, "I'm sorry he did all that to you after all the bullying you went through in school. And I'm really sorry that I was the cause of it all three times. Why are you so good to me? I sometimes feel like all I do is cause you trouble or hurt you".

Leonard looked in her eyes and put his hand on her cheek and smiled and said, "Because I love you and you're my girl".

Penny smiled back and said, "I'll always be your girl and I love you too. So, so much".

Then she giggled and said, "Did we just paraphrase a scene from Forrest Gump"?

Leonard laughed and said, "I guess we did. I guess we're both a little geeky, right"?